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Is there anything in this world that's as satisfyingly sweet as a piece of chocolate? Whether it's a once-in-a-while special indulgence or a regular part of your diet (because, why not?), the experience of enjoying chocolate is nothing short of sheer heaven. Maybe you crave the creamy mouthfeel of milk chocolate or perhaps you're drawn to the complex fruit flavour of good quality chocolate — when it comes to this cocoa-based confection there's no right or wrong answer. Except, of course, in the case of this chocolate-filled quiz!

Can you remember the difference between an Oh Henry! bar and a Rally bar? Do you know your Quality Street from your Laura Secord? What about the subtle discrepancies between an Almond Joy and a Bounty? If you're already nodding your head, then you have an excellent chance of identifying the following images correctly. If not, don't despair — this sweetly appealing set of questions is the perfect way to get introduced to some of the best chocolate Canada has to offer. 

These questions will have a strong focus on Canadian chocolates but will also include a selection of imported favourites from the United States and the United Kingdom. Don't say we didn't warn you, there's a strong likelihood you'll finish this quiz with visions of chocolate bars dancing in your head. 

This Canadian chocolate bar is well-known for its unique, flakey appearance. Do you know what it's called?

We have an inspired Cadbury factory worker from the early 1920s to thank for the invention of the original Flake bar. After witnessing extra milk chocolate dripping from the candy moulds and watching it cool, the idea for Cadbury Flake bars was born.


If you like air bubbles in your chocolate, you'll be able to identify the chocolate bar seen above. What is its name?

The best part about being a fan of Aero bars? The long list of special-edition flavours that can be hunted down for sampling purposes! In addition to traditional milk chocolate, Aero bars come in dark, orange, mint, white and coffee-flavoured chocolate.


For lovers of chocolate and sponge toffee only! Which Canadian confection can be seen in the image above?

Made by Cadbury, the essence of the Crunchie bar lies in its milk chocolate-covered honeycomb sponge toffee base. Originally invented during the 1920s in the United Kingdom, Canadians have been enjoying the sweet taste of Crunchie bars since the 1960s.


What kind of Canadian chocolate bar features a flakey peanut butter interior?

Made from a combination of flakey peanut butter and rich milk chocolate, Crispy Crunch bars are a memorable treat for anyone with a love for sweet and salty candy. The bar was first invented by Harold Oswin in 1930 — he submitted his idea to a contest held by Neilson's and won $5 for his efforts.


This peanut-filled chocolate bar is called a Starbar instead of a _____ everywhere except Canada and one other country. Can you fill in the blank?

Made from caramel, peanuts and milk chocolate, there's nothing like a Wunderbar to satisfy a sweet tooth. With the exception of Canada and Germany, the Wunderbar is known worldwide as a Starbar (during the '80s it was briefly called a Peanut Boost bar.)


It's difficult to eat only one of these chocolate-dipped malted balls — what are they called?

The ultimate treat for movie-watching marathons, Maltesers are a product of the United Kingdom and are best enjoyed in large handfuls straight out of the box (guilt-free, since Maltesers were at one point marketed as a "slimming treat.")


Ooey, gooey caramel meets milk chocolate squares: when these ingredients meet, what is the end result?

Is there a chocolate bar as instantly recognizable as a Caramilk? With milk chocolate pockets filled with liquid caramel, the makers of Caramilk bars enjoyed an especially profitable marketing run with their almost as recognizable "Caramilk Secret" ad campaign.


This treat is a well-known chocolate and an ice cream flavour. Out of the following options, which one meets this criteria?

Rolo, the chocolate caramel that comes wrapped in a rolled piece of foil, is made by Nestlé — the company bought out Mackintosh, which also made the Canada's beloved Mackintosh's cream toffee, in 1998.


Fans of chocolate and Turkish delight can get the best of both worlds if they choose what kind of chewy chocolate bar?

If the thought of rosewater-flavoured jelly coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate sounds appetizing, then the Big Turk bar is for you! Because the bar is mostly made from Turkish delight, it's significantly lower in fat than a regular chocolate bar — just one more reason to enjoy!


The cherry filling in this chocolate is the big reveal. What is this nostalgic candy called?

One of the oldest chocolate treats in Canada, the liquid filling in Cherry Blossoms is achieved by dipping an enzyme-injected cherry candy in chocolate. After a period of one to two weeks, the solid candy disintegrates into an intensely cherry-flavoured filling.


This formally titled chocolate bar is known for its impressive size. Which expansive option fits the bill?

At 8 inches long, Mr. Big bars are the preferred chocolate bar-choice of extra-hungry snackers everywhere. Mr. Big has something for everyone, it's made from vanilla wafers that have been generously coated in peanuts, caramel, rice crisps and milk chocolate.


If you've scored yourself one of these super-thin chocolate bars, consider yourself lucky. What's the name of this crunchy chocolate confection?

Skor chocolate bars are aptly named: the word "skör" means "brittle" in Swedish, a perfect fit for the Canadian favourite made from milk chocolate and delightfully crunchy toffee bits.


Which chocolate bar encourages you to truly revel in its chewy deliciousness?

A Canadian chocolate bar through and through, Eat-More bars were invented by the Lowney Company in the early 1930s. Eat-More bars are a must-have for anyone who loves a chewy texture — the bar is made from peanuts, stretchy toffee and milk chocolate.


Canada adds a "Nestlé" prefix to this chocolate bar but in the United States this crunchy treat has a one-word name. What is this crispy bar called?

Crunch bars, which are known as Nestle Crunch bars worldwide, are made of chocolate-coated crisped rice. In the United States, Crunch bars are manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company instead of Nestlé (hence the change in name.)


This chocolate bar will give you the double the pleasure — but first you'll need to know what you're looking for. Do you know what it's called?

Made by Mars Canada, Twix bars include two chocolate-dipped cookies topped with a layer of thick caramel. The name Twix, originally a British creation, comes from a linguistic combination of sounds that come from the phrase "twin biscuit sticks."


The chocolate bar pictured above is basic milk chocolate at its best. What kind of cows' milk gives it its name?

Pure satisfaction for anyone in need of unadulterated chocolate joy, Jersey Milk bars have been the preferred bar for Canadian chocolate lovers since 1924. Although the bar is now made by Cadbury, its label stays true to its dairy farm roots — it's sold as Neilson Dairy Milk to this day.


What kind of chocolate bar makes you feel like you're on a tropical vacation?

Considering the fact that many of the advertisements for Bounty bars feature lush coconut palms in the background, it's no surprise if you feel transported to the tropics after a bite (or two) of this luscious coconut-filled and chocolate-covered set of snacks.


Similar in texture to an Aero bar, the chocolate bar in the photo above is called something different — do you know what it is?

Thicker than a typical Aero bar, the Mirage bar features the same bubbly chocolatey interior (just more of it.) Mirage bars are currently specific to Canada although they may be available in specialty candy shops internationally.


Lovers of this chocolate bar (and its long list of ingredient variations) will instantly recognize it by its bright purple wrapper. Do you recognize this Cadbury classic?

Cadbury Dairy Milk bars go way back. The milk chocolate bars were first introduced to the British market in 1905. The original Dairy Milk bar stands on its own, but thrill-seekers can also find caramel, fruit and nut, Turkish delight and hazelnut versions of the chocolate bar.


Can you guess which Canadian heroine inspired the name for this long-running chocolate company?

Famous for chocolate and an impressive ice cream selection, Laura Secord Chocolates got its name from real-life Canadian war hero Laura Secord. During the war of 1812, Laura Secord walked 32 kilometres to warn British troops that American soldiers were planning an attack.


Coffee in the form of chocolate? Yes, please! Which chocolate bar are you going to enjoy?

The ultimate pick-me-up with a cup of coffee or tea, Coffee Crisp bars are made from milk chocolate-covered soft coffee-flavoured candy that has been sandwiched between thin vanilla wafers.


Most Canadians would agree: It's not the holiday season without a tin of these chocolates. Do you know what these brightly wrapped candies are called?

For Canadian chocolate connoisseurs, there's nothing better than a big purple tin of Quality Street during the holiday season. Named after J.M. Barrie's play of the same name, the chocolates were first invented and manufactured in Halifax, England in 1936.


The long-running slogan for this chocolate bar urges its fans to have a break — what kind of chocolate meets this criteria?

The Kit Kat bar has always been marketed toward those on a break (hence its memorable tagline, "Have a break ... have a Kit Kat.") When the bar was invented in 1935, it was with the intention of providing working men a chocolate treat they could pack in their lunch boxes.


Do you know which of these chocolate bars is a favourite of Bart Simpson's?

From the first airing of "The Simpsons" on FOX in 1989, Bart Simpson has been the Butterfinger bar's biggest fan. Since then, the chocolate-covered peanut butter bar has starred in over 150 commercials with the Simpson family.


This chocolate is for peanut butter lovers only (and it's available in sizes extra-small to extra-large.) Do you recognize this super-sweet treat?

If a regular-sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup isn't what you're looking for, the chocolate cup can also be found in limited edition sizes which include a half-pound cup, mini cups, thin cups and a big cup with Reese's Pieces mixed into the creamy peanut butter centre.


The chocolate bar seen above is meant for gleeful nut-devotees, what is it?

Made by Hershey's in the United States, Almond Joy bars prove that the simplest things in life — in this case, whole almonds, coconut and chocolate — are often the ones that make people the happiest.


After an infamous appearance in "Caddyshack", this chocolate bar may leave you feeling star-struck. Which chocolate should get the acting credit?

Featuring caramel, crunchy peanuts and chocolate-flavoured nougat enrobed in a layer of chocolate, the Baby Ruth bar made its acting debut terrorizing swimmers in the pool during the Rodney Dangerfield classic "Caddyshack".


Do you know what the chocolate bar in the picture above is called? Oh really? Prove it!

Canadian Oh Henry! bars are a hot commodity in the United States. In Canada, the peanut and fudge-based bar is manufactured by Hershey and has a different ingredient distribution than that of its American counterpart — when this version of the bar is sold in the US, it's called a Rally bar.


You might have read that this chocolate bar is loved by d'Artagnan and company. Can you think of what this question might be referring to?

How did the 3 Musketeers bar get its name? (Hint: it has nothing to do with Alexander Dumas' story of the same name.) When the bar was first invented in 1932 it consisted of three separate bars — strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.


When white chocolate and cookie crumbles are combined, which chocolate bar do they form?

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream bars are still sold with the chocolate bars, but sadly are technically no longer a chocolate bar. When the decision was made to substitute cocoa butter with cheaper oil-based ingredients, the company was no longer allowed to advertise the bar as containing white chocolate.


These button-shaped chocolates come in a variety of crowd-pleasing flavours. What are they?

The original line of M&M's, which are now known as "plain" M&M's, were first manufactured in 1941. The candy-covered semi-sweet chocolate buttons proved highly profitable, resulting in the invention of peanut M&M's — which are still enjoyed to this day.


Like a real egg — but so much better! Do you know what kind of egg-shaped chocolate is pictured above?

It isn't Easter without a Cadbury Creme Egg! The thick chocolate egg is filled with a white and yellow fondant that is made from an inverted sugar syrup (a common ingredient when making filled chocolate.)


A corkscrew coif is not a prerequisite for enjoying this bar of chocolate-covered caramel — but you'll need to know what it's called. Can you recognize its name?

First invented by Cadbury in 1970, the Curly Wurly bar lives up to its name. The chocolate-covered hard caramel is arranged in a series of overlapping, flat loops and its inception occurred when a food scientist was playing with extra toffee from another bar.


What type of retro chocolate bar can still be found in specialty shops across North America?

Enriched with the intense flavour of molasses and toffee, 5th Avenue bars are composed of chocolate-dipped layers of toffee and peanut butter. You might have to search for this chocolate bar — it hasn't been advertised in almost 30 years (but can be found online and in candy shops.)


Finally, a form of affection everyone can get behind! Which chocolate should you give someone you love?

It may seem hard to believe, but between the years of 1907 and 1921 all Hershey's Kisses were foil-wrapped by hand. This would be an impossible feat today, as an estimated 60 million Hershey's Kisses are manufactured every single day.


If you haven't eaten this chocolate in the form of a bar, there's a good chance you might have enjoyed it in a bowl of ice cream. Do you know what its name is?

By itself, a Heath bar is a delicious chocolaty treat. Mixed into a bowl of ice cream? Even better! Hershey's sells special pre-crumbled Heath bars to ice cream shops (although ice cream shop employees swear that hand-crumbled Heath bars are the superior choice!)


Mint chocolate is a love-it-or-hate-it experience. If you love it, can you tell us what this kind is called?

There's nothing like a York Peppermint Pattie when you're craving mint chocolate! An intense mint filling is coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate; the crisp texture is what makes the York Peppermint Pattie a standout among its competitors.


What do you call a chewy chocolate bar named after a popular dance?

The Charleston Chew bar (made from nougat dipped in milk chocolate) is used in university classes pertaining to rheology — the study of deformation and flow of solids and liquids after being subjected to an applied force.


This hazelnut-based chocolate is largely associated with the holiday season, but it can be purchased any time of the year. Can you guess what's inside its golden wrapper?

If you buy Ferrero Rocher for Christmas and New Year's, you're not alone — two-thirds of these hazelnut chocolates are sold during this time period. The recipe for Ferrero Rocher chocolates is a closely guarded secret; journalists must be invited to witness the production of these special treats.


If you're a regular holiday season-customer of Swiss Chalet, you'll know the name of this chocolate treat. Do you know which option is correct?

Historically, Canadian rotisserie chicken-chain Swiss Chalet offered a small Toblerone bar as part of its annual Festive Special. Made in the city of Bern, Switzerland's capital, Toblerone bars are flecked with chewy pieces of nougat.


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