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Taylor Swift has been making hits since she first hit the scene in 2006. She has released seven albums so far throughout her career and has topped the charts with countless singles that have become the soundtracks to so many people's lives. From love songs to break-up songs and all the joyous songs in between, everyone has heard a hit from Taylor at one point in their life! Are you ready to prove that you're a true Swiftie?

If you are a Swiftie, you can probably sing every Taylor song word for word with no mistakes. You could also probably name her songs from a lyric or two. But what if those lyrics were broken down to just three words? Many of Taylor's songs share a few select words, but they often don't come in the same series. If you've got a great ear and you've listened to Taylor's songs enough, there's no doubt that you'll have no trouble killing it on this quiz.

So, you've got all of Taylor's albums, and you know all of the words to her songs. Would you say that you're "...Ready For It"? If you answered "yes," then it's time to prove that you're the ultimate Swiftie on this quiz!

Whether or not it's a "typical Tuesday night," what tune are these lyrics from?

One of the singles released from the "Fearless" album, this song dealt with a situation that happened to Taylor in real life. The concept was that the character was in love with a boy who already had a girlfriend, yet she wasn't good for him.


In Taylor's world, there's nothing better than "breakfast at midnight." Where would you hear these three words?

"22" is a fun song all about enjoying life and being carefree. Released as a single from her album, "Red," Taylor has said that she loved being 22 years old, writing this song when she was that age, but releasing it when she was 23.


Someone made a "really deep cut" in which of the following?

"Bad Blood" is a catchy song that is about another musician who made enemies with Taylor at one point due to some behind-the-scenes action. Taylor let out her frustrations in this song, but it is said that the feud that inspired it has been resolved.


Describing someone as a "James Dean daydream" is something that Taylor does in which song?

One of the biggest hits from Taylor's album, "1989," "Style" is a song which is definitely about style, but it's also about love. Despite being something that both individuals in the song want, it's clear that their hearts may be in different places.


Receiving "a scarlet letter" might worry some, but others would be thrilled. In which song did Taylor sing this?

"Love Story" is a song that describes a time when Taylor felt like she could relate to Shakespeare's famous play, "Romeo and Juliet." With many elements in the song sticking true to Shakespeare's play, Taylor switched up the ending to a happy one.


When Taylor says "players gonna play," she means it. Can you guess which track it's from?

Released on her album "1989," this became a huge single for Taylor in her career. Being a fun song with a deeper meaning behind it, the music video was just as fun to watch. The song also helped Taylor make her big album reveal.


If you've got "a nasty scar," which of Taylor's songs might cure you with one listen?

While "Blank Space" has many elements of truth to it, Taylor also describes it as a satirical song in its exaggerated nature. It's easy to see the fun in it when you watch the music video! The song was also striking back at the media, which has portrayed Taylor in a light that is not true to who she is in real life.


Taylor said, "I'm highly suspicious" in which song about being madly in love?

"Lover" is a light song with so many strong emotions. Taylor wrote this song alone at home, later having it produced and released as a single for her album of the same name. Dreamy and fun, it's all about being in love.


Everyone who knows this song will recognize the lyrics, "he's the reason." Can you name it?

The second single ever released by Taylor, "Teardrops On My Guitar" is a song covering the subjects of both music and love. The two often go hand-in-hand, especially for a creative artist like Taylor who draws inspiration from life.


Taylor disses "some indie record" in whch track?

A song that Taylor had a great time recording, she also got a little bit of revenge on the person that she wrote it about. In fact, it even had to do with the fact that he preferred indie records over her greatest hits.


For this song, "heaven can't help." Do you know the song in which you'd find these lyrics?

This dreamy song was released on Taylor's album, "1989," and it's all about those beautiful moments that you share with a partner when you're in a relationship. It is also told from the point after the relationship ended, with Taylor asking that her ex-partner remember all of those happy moments.


In what song did Taylor sing the words "shame on me" to indicate that she should have known better?

Taylor knows trouble the second she sees it as she describes in this catchy song! The song captures the feeling of knowing that something may not turn out perfect but going for it anyway. It was one of the singles from her album titled, "Red."


It was a nice time for Taylor on "That September night," but can you name the tune in which you can hear these words?

"Back to December" is a song filled with bittersweet feelings where Taylor feels remorse. Released as a single on "Speak Now," it became a big hit for her. She filmed a music video for the single which added to emotions she expressed within the song. It took place in a dark and solemn house.


In life, there are many situations where you can "count to 10" to relax. Which tune also tells you to do this?

High school is hard, without a doubt, from dealing with friends and relationships, down to the work in classes. Taylor's song explores all of these experiences from the perspective of her 15-year-old friend Abigail as well as her 15-year-old self.


Nothing will "hurt you now" when you listen to which of the following?

Taylor is no stranger to writing a tune for a movie, as this one was written for "The Hunger Games." Hauntingly beautiful, it also features The Civil Wars who all together make a gorgeous song.


After you've done wrong to Taylor, it's not wise to start "begging for forgiveness." Which tune are these words from?

In a world full of "yeses," the subject should have said "no." Taylor was done wrong by the person cheating on her, which she realizes could have been easily avoided by just saying the simple word, "no."


"Were the prince" are lyrics from which classic Taylor tune?

Taylor acted in a movie called "Valentine's Day," and this song was also included on the soundtrack for the movie. Before taking the role in the movie, she wrote this song, but never did anything with it.


You might feel "like a rainbow" when listening to which song?

One of the most famous lines in this song is "Spelling is fun!" This line was removed from most releases of the song with the exception of the music video. Brendon Urie was also a featured artist on the song!


In Taylor's eyes, people seem like "they care less" in which of the following tracks?

Written about John Mayer, Taylor felt out of place while being near him at a function years ago. This is where the song started, and she released it on her album, "Speak Now," in 2011. Did you know that the music video was filmed at a university?


Taylor describes things in this song to be "in screaming color." Do you know which track it is?

Taylor says this song has a lot to do with experiencing anxiety and fear in a relationship, and you can feel it when she sings the lyrics, "In the clear yet? Good." Released on her album "1989," she also mentioned that this was a relationship that had enjoyable moments as well.


New York is known for many things, and "girls and girls" are just one of them. Can you guess the song?

One of the singles on Taylor's album, "1989," it is quite literally about the city. In her life, Taylor has spent a lot of time in New York City, especially in her career as a recording artist. She even participated in a talent show there.


When Taylor tells you to "drop everything now," what tune does she do it in?

This was another song that Taylor wrote before starting her career in music. However, she didn't release the song officially until her third album, "Speak Now," which was released in 2011. Catchy and beautiful, once this song hit the radio, she had more and more fans coming her way.


When you meet someone's family, you usually don't describe them as a "snotty little family." Can you guess which song it's from?

If you've ever been to a wedding, you know the line, "speak now or forever hold your peace." That's the whole concept of this song where a boy is getting married to a girl who is bad for him, while the main character is in love with him.


The words "me for me" are found in which if the following tunes?

A vulnerable and beautiful song, Taylor struggles with her reputation as well as someone who she is really interested in. Being in the spotlight is something that can change people's perception of you, which is one of the major themes of this song.


After a party, you might find yourself "cleaning up bottles." Do you know what the name of the tune is?

Taylor drew inspiration for this song from New Year's celebrations, of course, but this song focuses on the following morning when the partying is through. If the love is still present when you're cleaning up and helping each other, it must be true!


If there's one thing that Taylor doesn't want, it's "to hide anymore." What is the name of this song?

This is a song that Taylor performed for "Hannah Montana: The Movie," which also gave the song its music video. The video for the song shows Taylor performing for everyone in Miley's small Tennessee town as well as little clips from the movie.


In this darker song, Taylor "threw a feast." Can you name the song that you'd hear this in?

While Taylor's songs more commonly sway towards happiness or heartbreak, "Look What You Made Me Do" shows a completely different side to her. Darker and a little bit morbid, Taylor fights back and uses elements from another popular song, "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, in her delivery.


Taylor mentions "every single Christmas" in this song that goes by which name?

One of the calmer songs released on Taylor's album, "Red," "Begin Again" was also released as a single to promote the album. The music video for the single features Taylor walking around and doing activities throughout the city.


In which of the following songs does Taylor say "my parents' mistakes"?

"Mine" is a song about being in love with no regrets or anything to hold you back. The character that Taylor portrays here was given a negative outlook on love due to seeing her parents' marriage and how it failed.


Some just have a "big loud opinion," according to Taylor. Can you guess the song that she says this in?

Hitting back at the media and those who love to express hate towards her, Taylor speaks on what she really thinks of them in this song. It was one of the singles from her album titled "Speak Now," and even got a music video to accompany it.


There's nothing "like a vendetta" in this track known to be which of the following?

Intense during the verses and pre-chorus, this is a song that transforms into a beautiful melody when the chorus kicks in. The hard-hitting song was released as one of the singles for her album, "Reputation."


Many things can be used to make a song if you're creative enough, even a "slamming screen door." Do you know which hit this is from?

Did you know that this song was never meant to become a single for Taylor? She wrote it before her fame in order to sing it for her school talent show. As it turns out, it makes a great single for the rest of the world to hear too!


"I hate that" are words that Taylor says in which song to express her anger and frustration?

A song that was inspired by her time in high school when Taylor briefly dated a guy that later went on to date another girl, "Picture to Burn" became a big hit for her. Released in 2008, the song was part of her self-titled album.


During this song, Taylor mentions a"little black dress," but can you name the tune?

"Tim McGraw" was Taylor's breakout single and the one that really shot her to stardom. The song meant a lot to Taylor, as it was her first single ever and the first track of her self-titled debut album.


Taylor shows that she's very much in love with someone by speaking of their "pretty little mind," but which track does she say this in?

Written about love that was judged by everyone around her, Taylor sang about how she didn't care what people thought of her partner. Instead, what she really cared about was the love the two shared.


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