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When you think of the most popular bands in the history of the world, The Beatles are probably at the top of your list. Not only did they bring a new sound to a generation begging for bigger beats, they attacked some of the biggest, most controversial topics of their time. They didn't care what others thought, and they weren't going to bend or break for anyone ... except for Yoko. Theirs was the first music to move people to the point of utter fanaticism and changed the way people thought about life, love, family and politics. 

What makes their songs so great is a stellar use of instruments, the visible way the band had fun recording and the near-perfect lyrics that were delivered on every album. Although, sometimes, these lyrics were a little bit hard to understand, especially without the Internet there to tell you exactly what they were singing. 

That's where this quiz comes in. We've messed up the lyrics to 35 popular Beatles songs, and we need your help fixing them. You're obviously a huge Beatles fan, and you're probably a little protective of the words they sang, be a good friend and help us get by with a little help. 

What are the actual lyrics to this part of "Hey Jude": "Take a mad log and crack it open"?

"Hey Jude" ended up on the B-Side of the "Revolution" album, but it is considered one of the Beatles' most popular ballads of all time. The song was written by Paul McCartney for John Lennon's son.


We know this isn't a Beatles song, but in John Lennon's iconic song "Imagine," what are the actual lyrics to this line: "Imagine all the people living in South Greece"?

John Lennon's "Imagine" was an attempt at using music to change the world. While it was and still is a possibility, some fans thought it was too controversial. It discussed removing religion and heaven and everything that causes war in order to get peace restored.


Can you guess the actual lyrics to the song we're trying to sing here: "I don't care about your money, it isn't your big time love"?

While there are many interpretations of "Can't Buy Me Love," songwriter Paul McCartney vehemently denies the fact that it is about a sex worker or sex work in general. It's more about how natural love doesn't have a price tag.


The correct line in this song is also a part of the title of the song. What is it? "Baby, you can shine my star"

Very few lyrics from Beatles songs can be taken at face value. All of the lyrics in "Drive My Car" are dripping with innuendo, as the song is about an aspiring actress who may or may not be interested in the singer.


This song definitely DOESN'T go like this: "I get to fly to Morocco with my friends." What are the actual lyrics?

Although "With A Little Help From My Friends" was remade several times by several different bands, whenever you hear a rendition of it, it's hard not to hear the Beatles all over the song itself.


"And when the brokenhearted people living in the world agree there will be a wasp here, leaded bee" are the wrong lyrics, but can you tell us the right ones?

Released in 1968, "Let It Be" is one of those songs that you can listen to after a breakup or on a road trip. It's so versatile that there's no wonder why it was one of the Beatles' number one hits.


In "Eleanor Rigby", you won't hear these lyrics: "Ah, look at all the ugly people". What lyrics will you hear?

While many think that every single Beatles song has a specific meaning to the writers and musicians, "Eleanor Rigby" is a little different. The song mostly came from Paul McCartney's imagination, and it's just a song.


Do you recognize the lyrics to the song that goes kinda like this: "Something in the groove she gives"?

"Something" is one of those songs you listen to hoping that someone is out there singing it specifically for you. It was another kind of song that connected to the Beatles fandom on a personal level.


The song "The End" has this important line in it: "And in the end the times you fake has equal distance from the roads you rake" ... wait, no it doesn't. What line are we thinking of?

This bouncy tune from the Beatles was delivered on the album "Abbey Road." It's a poppy, happy song that will get your toes tapping as soon as the first cord hits, bringing out the hot sound they were creating at the time.


In the song "Come Together," what are the actual lyrics to the line that goes a little like this: "One thing I have for you is a coupon that's free"?

This song from 1969 gives us interesting words to unpack ... if we are lucky enough to understand what they're saying. That didn't stop Aerosmith from covering "Come Together" in 1978. Even if we don't totally get it, we love how it captures the rock sounds of the era.


Can you fix these lyrics for us: "I ain't got nothing but time, babe, throughout the week"?

Although there are different versions of how this song came to be, "Eight Days A Week" is a phrase that caught on rather quickly, and shows that love is work, and work requires a lot from you.


"I Want To Hold Your Hand" starts off kind of like this: "Oh yeah, I have something to tell you about your current man." How does it really start?

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" was written specifically for the American audiences. As Beatlemania was growing, it was important to have the band show interest in the screaming and out of control fans. This song took it over the top.


"We Can Work It Out" kinda starts like this: "Try to see me today." How does the song really begin?

Every band who creates songs about falling in love creates songs about heartache and trying to rekindle old flames. That's what "We Can Work It Out" is all about. It's a song that lives on as one of their most beloved.


What are the actual lyrics to the song that kinda goes like this: "All I need is hugs"?

There are few other lyrics in the song "All You Need Is Love" apart from the title lyrics. However, the power of the voices singing makes it a timeless hit. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the song was released in 1967.


In one of their most famous songs, the Beatles sing something like "I am we and you are he and she is here to get her." What are the actual lyrics?

Other lyrics to "I Am The Walrus" include: "Sitting on a cornflake," "Yellow matter custard" and "Semolina Pilchard climbing up the Eiffel tower." You can't blame anyone who gets the words to this song wrong.


"We wouldn't dance in another way" are NOT the correct lyrics in "I Saw Her Standing There." What are the right words?

With all of the different songs the Beatles released, it only made sense to include some dance music in the mix. "I Saw Her Standing There" is the kind of song you hear and grab a partner and get dancing.


Do you know the actual lyrics to this song: "We all live in a big mean green"?

While a lot of Beatles songs can be played for children without offense, "Yellow Submarine" seems to have been written specifically for them. It was an attempt at drawing in more audiences with fun and playful lyrics and sounds.


"I found out that love was more than just slipping sands" are the wrong lyrics to "If I fell." What are the real lyrics"

"If I Fell" is one of the Beatles' slower songs. It's definitely directed more toward their younger female fans, as it talks about deciding whether or not to fall in love. It talks about previous heartache and a want for more.


In one of the Beatles' sadder songs, "A Day In The Life," you might hear lyrics a little bit like this: "I read a review today, oh boy." Do you know the actual lyrics?

Accompanied by a 41-piece orchestra, "A Day In The Life" is a song with several emotional swings. It's dark and then bouncy and then back to dark, and it is one of those songs that can turn your mood several times before it ends.


In "Don't Let Me Down," the Beatles sing something like "Nobody found a hug for the way I was." Do you know the real lyrics?

Everyone believes that John Lennon's love for Yoko Ono was the reason that the Beatles broke up. Despite those thoughts, "Don't Let Me Down" was written specifically for her, and it was the first song recorded for Lennon's wife.


The lyrics to "Blackbird" are a little tricky. Can you help us with this line: "Blackbird singing on a bed of rice"?

Inspired by the racial temperature of the decade, "Blackbird" is one of those songs that will live on forever. Paul McCartney noted that the song could also be called "Black Girl" because "bird" is slang for "girl."


Can you fix these messed up lyrics to "Penny Lane"? "On the order of a banker with a red and blue car"

Inspiration comes from pretty much everywhere. Paul McCartney started jotting the lyrics to "Penny Lane" while waiting at a bus stop for John Lennon. He observed the areas around him and suddenly, the song came to life.


Can you tell us the actual lyrics to "A Hard Day's Night"? "It's been a hard day's night, and I haven't found my frog"

While the phrase "it's been a hard day's night" doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, everyone can universally understand what it means: you've been working from morning to night to complete something ... and that's hard.


"Yesterday" begins with lyrics that sound like this: "The other day, all my troubles came to sit and stay." Can you tell us the actual lyrics?

Paul McCartney wrote this song, thinking that it wasn't going to make it very far. However, the ballad has been re-recorded by artists throughout history and its popularity isn't going anywhere.


"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" DOESN'T begin with these lyrics: "Here I am in the land where I find a lot of walls." What are the actual opening lyrics?

A rumor has been floating around that "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was written specifically for Brian Epstein, the Beatles's manager who was a homosexual. If this is true, it is considered the first gay rock song.


These lyrics were really tough, but do you think you can help us? "Will you still heed me, will you still high-five me, when I'm twenty-three?"

The lyrics and sound of "When I'm Sixty-Four" call back to the early days of the Beatles. It's a poppy song that brings in the theme of love and questioning and longing ... which is what a lot of Beatles fans were looking for.


"Little darlin', it's been an old, long, fine, snowy winter" are not lyrics in "Here Comes the Sun." Can you tell us the actual lyrics?

Inspired by England's long winters, George Harrison wrote "Here Comes The Sun" in Eric Clapton's garden. He even used one of Clapton's acoustic guitars to get it just right ... and of course, he did get it just right.


"Strawberry Fields Forever" has a line that goes a little like this: "Driving ain't easy with roads closed." How does that line really go?

Another hit from "Magical Mystery Tour," "Strawberry Fields Forever" is one of those songs that people love to listen to when they're laying back, relaxing and decompressing from a long day.


"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" starts with lyrics that sound a little like this: "Pictures can melt with boats in the river." How does the song really begin?

Of all the places musicians get inspiration, Lennon's inspiration for this song is probably the sweetest. The song is about his son's school friend, Lucy. Julian Lennon drew a picture of her with stars around her and told his dad that she was "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."


What are the actual lyrics to this part of "Across the Universe"? "Words are growing inside this big white truck"

The Beatles were well-known for writing songs about what was happening in their lives and changing them just enough to be vague. John Lennon wrote "Across The Universe" after a harsh argument with his first wife.


The lyrics in "Helter Skelter" may be a little weird, but this line should be easy. Can you help us out? "You may be a brother, but you have a glancer."

Although "Helter Skelter" has a lot of bad publicity after the Manson Family murders, the song itself stands the test of time. Unfortunately, it was one of the first songs to associate music with violence.


"Baby would give me love, you see" is NOT how "I Feel Fine" begins. Do you know the actual beginning lyrics?

"I Feel Fine" is an upbeat song about how nothing can touch you when you fall in love. The lyrics speak to a feeling that comes over you when you can only focus on the way another person makes you feel.


"The Ballad of John and Yoko" was a clear sign that John Lennon was done with the public. Do you know the actual lyrics to this part of the song: "The way she's going, she's gonna lose me"?

After marrying Yoko Ono, John Lennon realized that he faced adversity across the board. He wrote this song as a way to lash out against the public, the authorities and anyone who had anything to say about his relationship.


"Life goes on while you're miles away and I need you" are NOT the correct lyrics to which line in "Within You Without You"?

From "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "Within You Without You" brings on a new sound from the Beatles. It's spacey with Indian influences. Many considered it an odd sound, but others think that it was ahead of its time.


"Despot found a jolly little pretty face" is not a line in "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da". Do you know the actually lyrics?

The title of "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" is a little weird, but the story that it portrays is a common one, for sure. It is almost a post-love song, where it discusses a relationship rather than a wanting or a heartbreak.


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