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What's your job title? Whether you shuffle papers, work on cars or deliver packages for a living, there's a job title that matches what you do day-to-day. You might be a janitor who serves as the caretaker of a school or office building. Perhaps you're an accountant who crunches numbers and works in spreadsheets. Hey, maybe you're still a student trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. That's still a job!

The National Football League has plenty of its own jobs. From ticket sales to video editors to head coaches, there are a host of ways to get involved in one of America's favorite pastimes. Oh, those weren't the jobs you were thinking of when we mentioned the NFL? You were probably thinking about the on-field talent, huh? The quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, the speedsters like wide receiver Tyreek Hill or the linebackers like Luke Kuechly, who can disrupt an offense in a flash.

Can you identify some of the NFL's top players by the position they play? We won't stump you with any two-way players or hidden special teams stars. We want to see if you can name that tune ... er, position, based on the athlete who occupies the role. Is he a quarterback, wide receiver or defensive end? You tell us!

Mason Crosby was the NFL's leading scorer in 2007 in this position for the Green Bay Packers. Which is it?

Hey, kickers are people, too! Mason Crosby has been a long-standing member of the Green Bay Packers, after being drafted in 2007 out of the University of Colorado. He was the league's leading scorer the same year.


Dwayne Haskins saw his first in-game action with the Redskins in week 4 in which of these roles?

Drafted in 2019, there was considerable chatter before the season started about whether Haskins would be asked to step in as the Redskins' starter. In week 4, Haskins got his answer, entering the game at QB to replace the struggling Case Keenum.


Travis Kelce was a three-sport athlete in high school, but now he plays only this position for the Kansas City Chiefs. What is it?

As a tight end, Travis Kelce has enjoyed success with the Kansas City Chiefs, who drafted him in 2013. He has achieved Pro Bowl status each season since 2015 and has garnered more than 1,000 yards receiving each season since 2016.


Christian McCaffrey's dad, Ed, was a wide receiver, but Christian plays which of these positions?

Ed McCaffrey is a former wide receiver who played the longest stretch of his career with the Denver Broncos. His son, Christian, however, has earned acclaim as a talented running back for the Carolina Panthers.


DeAndre Hopkins is a _____________ who plays for the Houston Texans. What position fills the blank?

DeAndre Hopkins has been a wide receiver for the Houston Texans since he was drafted out of Clemson University in 2013. He doesn't just have receiving talents, though; Hopkins threw a touchdown in a game against the Patriots in 2019.


Just in his third season, it seems like we've been hearing about ____________ Patrick Mahomes for a lot longer. What position does he play?

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is responsible for leading the offense for the Kansas City Chiefs, a position he has held for just three seasons. Seems like a lot longer, doesn't it? We thought so, too!


The Philadelphia Eagles count on Lane Johnson to hold down this position. Which of these is it?

Lane Johnson is an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, a role he has held since he was drafted in the No. 4 slot of the 2013 NFL Draft. Johnson's recently signed contract made him the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history.


Zach Ertz scored the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl LII. What position does he play?

Zach Ertz scored the game-winning touchdown for the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl LII. Ertz is a tight end who has played with the Eagles since the 2013 season, when he was drafted.


Ezekiel Elliott was born to two college athletes, which may have impacted his abilities in this NFL role. What is it?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably knew that Ezekiel (or Zeke, for short) Elliott is the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys. It didn't come without some drama, though; Elliott's contract hold-out before the 2019 season was epic.


Let's start with an easy one. Some people call him the GOAT. The New England Patriots just call Tom Brady their _________. What fills the blank?

Now in his 20th NFL season, Tom Brady holds the record for the most football seasons playing quarterback for one team. Brady has been QB for all six of the Patriots' Super Bowl wins.


Fletcher Cox is a five-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion, playing in this role on the roster. Which is it?

Cox has been a successful defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles since entering the league in 2012. He has earned five Pro Bowls nominations (from the 2015 to 2019 seasons) and won a Super Bowl with his team in February 2018.


He's been with the Atlanta Falcons since 2008. What position does Matt Ryan play?

Don't confuse quarterback Matt Ryan with the Falcons' "Matty Ice." Oh wait, you mean that's the same person? Well, in that case, never mind. Ryan's nickname is said to have originated during his high school days, an homage to his "cold as ice" demeanor on the field.


Adam Thielen holds an NFL record for a position-particular accomplishment in eight straight games. What role does he play?

The Minnesota Vikings wide receiver holds an NFL record for his receiving abilities: Achieving more than 100 receiving yards in eight straight games. Thielen is a two-time Pro Bowler who played high school and college football in his home state of Minnesota.


Aaron Donald's athletic performance has had many people calling him one of the best _________________ ever to play the game. What role fills the blank?

Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams has twice been the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year and for good reason. His athletic abilities and prowess on the football field have earned him the respect of his fellow players and members of the media.


J.J. Watt terrorizes other teams in his role as a _____________. What position does he play?

Defensive end J. J. Watt has been tormenting opposing NFL offenses since he was drafted out of the University of Wisconsin in 2011. He has played the entirety of his career with the Houston Texans.


A former Ohio State athlete, Michael Thomas played in which position both collegiately and professionally?

Hailed by many as one of the most prolific current wide receivers in the league, Michael Thomas left Ohio State University for the New Orleans Saints in 2016. He was drafted in the second round and has been making NFL waves ever since.


Jalen Ramsey is known as much for his trash talk as he is for his play in which of these positions?

His career as a cornerback started with the Jacksonville Jaguars until reports surfaced that he was demanding a trade. Whatever the culprit, Ramsey is now with the Los Angeles Rams but still a cornerback.


James Conner replaced an embattled starter for the Steelers in 2018. What position does he play?

When the Pittsburgh Steelers started having problems with embattled running back Le'Veon Bell (who later went to the Jets), James Conner got the starting nod. He earned a Pro Bowl nomination in his first season as starter.


Justin Tucker has been called one of the most accurate one of these in NFL history. What do you think it is?

Justin Tucker is the uber-accurate kicked for the AFC's Baltimore Ravens, a gig he has held since 2012. Through week 15 of the 2019 season, Tucker has made nearly 91 percent of his attempted field goals – for his entire career. Wow!


The Dallas Cowboys employ Zach Martin to play which of these positions?

Zach Martin is a guard for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a first-round draft pick out of the University of Notre Dame. He has been named to six Pro Bowls and has started in 91 games in his current role.


Derrick Henry set records at the University of Alabama and hasn't let up in the same role for the Titans. But what is it?

Derrick Henry is a force to the reckoned with, but of course you knew that if you followed the athlete during his college days. Now he's a running back for the Tennessee Titans. He finished his collegiate career with nearly 3,600 yards.


Eddie Jackson was recently named a starter for the 2020 Pro Bowl. What position will he be playing?

Unless they just decide to let Jackson play quarterback (which maybe we can do, we don't know!), he'll be the starting safety for one of the 2020 Pro Bowl teams. Jackson played collegiately at the University of Alabama.


Patrick Peterson won the Chuck Bednarik Award in college and continues to excel in his position with the Cardinals. What is it?

Peterson is a cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and a good one at that. It's a continuation of his work as a defender in college, where he won the Chuck Bednarik Award given to the nation's best defensive player.


You know him as Myles Garrett, but we know him by this on-field position on Sundays. What is it?

Myles Garrett is a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, now in his third season after being the overall No. 1 draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Garrett is currently serving a suspension for an altercation during a game against the Steelers. Maybe you heard about it?


Cameron Jordan is the son of a tight end, but he himself is a _____________. What position does he play?

Cameron Jordan may have been born to a former Minnesota Vikings tight end, but he has proved himself as a defensive end playing for the New Orleans Saints. As a high school student, he also excelled at track and field.


Julio Jones is a star _____________ for the Atlanta Falcons. What is his position?

Julio Jones is a wide receiver for the Falcons and a freakishly talented one at that. During the 2019 season, he achieved the all-time career receiving yard mark for the Atlanta franchise.


Bobby Wagner recorded a sack and recovered a fumble in week 8 of the 2019 season as a player in this position. What is it?

Bobby Wagner has been a linebacker, specifically an outside linebacker, for the Seattle Seahawks since 2012. Wagner has a particularly productive week 8 in 2019, notching a fumble recovery and a sack.


He's only been in the league since 2017, but George Kittle is already making a name for himself in which of these roles?

Healthy 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo might have something to do with Kittle's newfound fame as a respected NFL tight end. Kittle was recently named to his second Pro Bowl.


Von Miller won MVP for Super Bowl 50, dominating in his role as a ________________. What fills in the blank?

Von Miller has only ever played for the Denver Broncos in the NFL, having been drafted in 2011. In 2016, Miller earned Super Bowl MVP honors for his performance against the Carolina Panthers.


Joe Mixon has been a bright spot in the Cincinnati Bengals' season playing which of these roles?

In his third season in the NFL out of the University of Oklahoma, Joe Mixon is tearing up the field as a running back, amassing multiple games with more than 100 yards rushing. He was the No. 1 rusher in the AFC during the 2018 season.


Earl Thomas was once a member of the "Legion of Boom." Now he plays which position for the Baltimore Ravens?

A member of the Seahawk's so-called "Legion of Boom," Earl Thomas joined the Ravens before their 2019 campaign began. Thomas is a part of a unit that has given up only 1.2 points per drive since the 2019 season's seventh week.


Khalil Mack was the subject of a controversial trade in 2018, but he played this position for both teams. What role does he fill?

Khalil Mack's brutish skills at the linebacker position had many Raiders fans scratching their heads when new coach Jon Gruden traded him away early in the 2018 season. Mack is a five-time Pro Bowler now with the Bears.


Now a Chicago Bear, Akiem Hicks was drafted by the Saints to play which of these roles?

Akiem Hicks' journey to becoming a defensive end in the NFL was an interesting one, beginning his career at Sacramento City College and playing for the Regina Rams (of the Canada West Universities Athletic Association) before being drafted in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft by New Orleans.


Many associated with the NFL regard Stephon Gilmore as the best one of these in the league. What is it?

Stephon Gilmore's role as a cornerback with the New England Patriots earns him massive respect from both other players and sports pundits. Gilmore's career began with the Buffalo Bills, who drafted him in 2012.


Alejandro Villanueva is a former Army Ranger who plays which of these positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

At 6-ft., 7-in. tall and 320 pounds, Alejandro Villanueva made a massive impression both as an Army Ranger who was awarded a Bronze Star and as an offensive tackle protecting the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback.


He hasn't played during the 2019 season, but when he's active, Trent Williams is a ____________. What position is it?

Offensive tackle Trent Williams had a tumultuous early 2019 with the Washington Redskins. He first failed to report and was later reinstated, only to suffer a medical problem and be placed on the non-football injury list.


Thirteen seasons in, Joe Staley has held down this position for the 49ers year after year. Which of these is it?

Joe Staley is an offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, a role he has held since his first season in 2007. Staley has done a bit of everything, playing both left and right tackle and even catching a TD during his career.


You'll find Marshal Yanda playing in this position for the Baltimore Ravens. What of these are we talking about?

Marshal Yanda has been a guard with the Baltimore Ravens since he was drafted out of the University of Iowa. Yanda is well-decorated at his position, too, earning eight Pro Bowl nominations.


Don't get Devin McCourty confused with his brother, Jason. Jason is a cornerback, but Devin is a ... what?

Devin and Jason work well together in the secondary, with Devin serving as a free safety and Jason working as a cornerback. The twin brothers both currently sit on the roster of the New England Patriots.


David Bakhtiari has been with the Green Bay Packers since getting drafted in 2013. Which of these positions does he play?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may be able to attribute some of his success to his offensive tackle for the past seven seasons. Bakhtiari's older brother, Eric, also played in the NFL but on the other side of the ball.


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