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With a multitude of adventures, "Pokemon" has been entertaining fans for over two decades, which means there's plenty of information to remember about the franchise that has spawned dozens of games and a long-running anime. How much do you know about this franchise that's been one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the 21st century? This truth or lie quiz will help you find out just that. 

If you watched "Pokemon" growing up, you undoubtedly wanted to join Ash and his friends on their many adventures across the different regions in the Pokemon world. Sure, there were plenty of heartbreaks and disappointments, but that never halted Ash on his ultimate goal of becoming a Pokemon master. After a defeat, Ash was always willing to pick himself up and set out on the next big adventure.

The fear of failure shouldn't slow you down, either. Whether it's facts about Pokemon or statements about how battles played out, you'll find plenty of challenging information in this quiz. The task of sorting through it all might seem daunting, but it will be well worth it when you see that score at the end. 

When you're ready to start your own Pokemon challenge, get started and show the world that you're a Pokemon master.

Ash sets out an adventure to become a Pokemon master, but what's not true about the main protagonist of the anime?

Ash's red hat is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in the anime, and any Halloween costume depicting Ash won't be complete without it. The hat has changed somewhat throughout the series, but the primary color is always the same.


Pikachu becomes the face of the "Pokemon" franchise after it's selected as Ash's first Pokemon. Do you know the false fact about it, though?

Ash's Pikachu is different than other versions of the Pokemon in the anime because of its unique power level despite not evolving. Pikachu was somewhat rebellious to Ash at the beginning, but the two formed a bond after Ash saved Pikachu from a group of Spearow.


The adventure starts in Pallet Town. How much do you know about this small community?

Most of the "Pokemon" adventure takes place outside Pallet Town, as Ash travels from town to town collecting badges. However, Ash usually returns to his home whenever his adventures in a region end and he starts to prepare for what comes next.


Are you familiar with Ash's chief rival, Gary, and his role in the anime?

Gary's starter Pokemon is actually Squirtle, the same Pokemon Ash wanted before he received Pikachu. Over the course of the show, Gary evolves his Squirtle into a Blastoise sometime between the opening of the show and the Johto League Silver Conference.


Charizard proves it's one of Ash's strongest Pokemon despite its attitude. Can you identify the false fact about it?

Charizard was a tough Pokemon for Ash to deal with because it wasn't often motivated. However, once it sees Blaine's Magmar, Charizard is inspired to test its own strength against that of Magmar, coming out victorious after a tough battle.


Select the lie about Brock, the rock-type Pokemon user and a close friend to Ash.

Brock is the first gym leader Ash comes across when he starts his journey from Pallet Town. After Ash defeats him and earns the Boulder Badge, Brock reveals that he never wanted to be a gym leader but believed it was his responsibility.


Two of these facts about the Kanto region are true. Which one is not?

Jasmine is the first steel-type gym leader that a trainer will face, but she doesn't show up until the Johto region. She reigns as the gym leader over Olivine City, handing out the Mineral Badge to any trainer who can defeat her.


Legendary Pokemon are a prized possession of any trainer. Pick the Pokemon that isn't a legendary.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, there are three legendary bird Pokemon, which includes both Articuno and Zaptos. While the third legendary bird is a fire-type, it's not Rapidash but is actually Moltres.


Do you know which of these statements about Misty is a lie?

The leader of the Cerulean Gym, Misty prefers to use water-type Pokemon and has several extremely powerful Pokemon that use water-type attacks. However, one of her strongest Pokemon, when it's not confused, is Psyduck, which also uses psychic-type attacks.


Prepare for trouble if Team Rocket's around. What's not true about their troublesome ways?

Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, is a gym leader like Lt. Surge, but he's the leader at a different gym. He's the last gym leader a trainer faces in the Kanto region, residing over the Viridian City Gym.


One of the most recognized Pokemon in the anime, which statement isn't being told truthfully about Team Rocket's Meowth?

Meowth learned to talk after falling in love with another Meowth named Meowzie. Despite showing great affection toward Meowzie, Meowth was turned down because Meowzie preferred humans. After learning to talk like a human, Meowth again approached Meowzie, but the results were the same.


You might easily recognize Mewtwo, but will you be able to pick out the lie about the Pokemon?

Cinnabar Island was destroyed, but Mewtwo was not the one who caused the destruction. Instead, the island succumbed to a volcanic eruption, which occurred sometime between Generation I and Generation II and left the island completely wrecked.


Can you identify the Pokemon that's not a starter in the Johto region?

The third starter Pokemon in the Johto region is actually Chikorita, a grass-type Pokemon that evolves into Bayleef and later into Meganium. Ash obtains his own Chikorita in the anime, which later evolves into Bayleef.


Sabrina is a tough gym leader for any trainer to face. How much do you really know about the mysteries that surround her?

After losing to Sabrina the first time in Saffron City, Ash travels to Lavendar Town to get a ghost-type Pokemon to combat Sabrina's psychic-type Pokemon. Ash ended up with a Haunter during his trip to Lavendar Town, but it takes a strange turn of events for Haunter to come through for Ash.


Professor Oak can provide a wealth of knowledge and useful items on your Pokemon journey, but what doesn't he do?

Typically, there is no way to battle Professor Oak in Pokemon Red and Blue, as he isn't a Pokemon trainer during the events of the game. However, there's a glitch that can be used to enter a battle with him. His Pokemon are extremely powerful, though, so a trainer has to be careful.


Have you been training Pokemon long enough to select the false fact about Gyarados?

There's not an orange version of Gyarados, but there is a red version of the typically blue Pokemon. In the anime, Gyarados is red because it was forced to evolve from Magikarp before it was ready, keeping Magikarp's color when it evolved.


Few places in the world of Pokemon are as sacred as Bell Tower. Are you familiar with the tower and its significance?

Located in Ecruteak City, Bell Tower consists of 10 stories with four bells located on each story. The bells on every story, including the crystal bells on the top story, will ring whenever the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh is coming.


Pick out the false fact about the three legendary beasts: Suicune, Raikou and Entei.

The three legendary beasts Pokemon were resurrected by Ho-Oh to embody the events that occurred at Bell Tower. Raiku represents the lightening that struck the tower, Entie the fire that burned the tower and Suicune the rain that put out the fire.


Can you separate the truths from the lie when it comes to Tracey, a Pokemon watcher who joined Ash's group for a while?

During the episode "Tracey Gets Bugged," it's revealed that Tracey's favorite Pokemon type is bug-type Pokemon. In the episode, Tracey helps an injured Scyther before adding the Scyther to his own Pokemon team.


Stopping by the Goldenrod Department Store is a must for any trainer. Select the service that isn't offered, though.

In Pokemon Gold and Silver, you can't breed Pokemon at the Goldenrod Department Store, but just south of Goldenrod City, there is a Day Care Center where you can leave Pokemon of the same species. When you come back, there's a chance you will receive an egg from the Pokemon breeding.


Bulbasaur is at the top of any trainer's catch list, but not for which reason?

Bulbasaur is a combination of grass-type and poison-type. One unique aspect of Bulbasaur that separates it from other starters in Generation I is that it evolves into its final form at level 32.


Always putting her well being on the line to protect Pokemon, identify the false fact about Officer Jenny.

Every police officer encountered in the anime is named Officer Jenny, and they all look the same despite not being the same person. They carry a variety of Pokemon, but in the first few Generations, Growlithe is the main Pokemon carried by Officer Jenny.


From water blast to shell attacks, how well do you know the Squirtle Squad?

The Squirtle Squad were a group of hoodlums before they changed their ways to form a firefighting force. Once Ash and the gang meet the Squirtle Squad, their leader, a Squirtle itself, decides to depart with Ash on his journey.


When it comes to the ultimate task of taking on the Elite Four, everything is true except what?

Though there are only four actual members of the Elite Four, a trainer has to battle a champion at the end to officially complete the challenge, meaning five battles have to be completed in a row. If any of the battles are lost, the trainer has to restart the challenge.


The Pokemon Center has many valuable services. Are you familiar with them?

From the basic Poke Ball to Ultra Balls, there are a variety Poke Balls that can be purchased for a trainer to use as they try to catch all of the Pokemon they can. However, none of these Poke Balls can be purchased at the Pokemon Center but are instead found at the Poke Mart.


Do you know everything there is to know about May and her adventures through the Hoenn Region?

Professor Birch gives May a Torchic when she sets out on her Pokemon journey in the Hoenn region. The Pokemon eventually reaches its top evolve form, Blaziken, when it attempts to save Pikachu from Team Rocket.


Can you spot the lie being told about the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh?

Ho-Oh is actually the guardian of the sky, and its counterpart, Lugia, is the guardian of the sea. Together, they are the cover Pokemon for Pokemon Gold and Silver, while also being two of the strongest Pokemon in the games.


Lance is one of the toughest members of the Elite Four, but what's not true about him from the anime?

Lance's official debut in the anime was in the episode "Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution." In the episode, he manages to save Ash and the others from Team Rocket while on a mission to uncover Team Rocket's plans at the Lake of Rage, where he discovers Red Gyarados.


"The Scuffle of Legends" pits Groudon against Kyogre in an intense battle. Select the false statement about their encounter.

In the anime, it's revealed that the Red Orb and the Blue Orb can be used to control Kyogre and Groudon. When their battle concludes, both of the orbs are destroyed to keep future villains from gaining influence over the two powerful Pokemon.


Which of these starters does not come from the Hoenn region?

The final starter in the Hoenn region is Mudkip, a water-type Pokemon that evolves into Marshtomp and finally into Swampert. In the anime, Brock attains a Mudkip in the episode "A Mudkip Mission" after he saves it from water flooding through a dam.


HMs are extremely handy for a trainer. Select the attack that's not actually an HM.

Rage might not be an HM, but it is a powerful move that increases the user's attack with each passing turn. Once the move is engaged, though, it cannot be stopped until the battle is over.


Ash and Harrison go back and forth during their battle in the Johto League Conference. Will you be able to identify the false statement about their encounter?

Charizard is the final Pokemon Ash uses in his battle against Harrison, going toe to toe with Harrison's Blaziken. This is the first time in the anime that a Blaziken is revealed, and its powerful attacks prove to be too much for Charizard and Ash to overcome.


A group with a villainous intent, identify the lie being told about Team Magma.

The leader of Team Magma was Maxie, whose goal was to expand the landmass because he believed it would bring peace. However, after witnessing the battle between Kyogre and Groudon, Maxie turned a new leaf, realizing that it was best to keep things the way they were.


How familiar are you with Norman, a top-ranked gym leader in the Hoenn region?

Norman uses normal-type Pokemon in battle, making him the second gym leader revealed to have mastered such Pokemon. In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, he uses one Vigoroth and two Slaking, with his strongest Pokemon being level 31.


If you have to battle an ice-type Pokemon, all of these facts are true except which one?

Fire-type Pokemon blast through ice-type Pokemon with ease. Luckily, most ice-types can learn water-type moves as well, which helps counteract the type mismatch, especially if the ice-type user gets the first move.


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