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With there being more than 350 definable horse breeds around the globe, even knowing a handful of them by name is impressive. Horses come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns, making identifying them correctly extremely difficult. 

Each individual horse is unique in appearance, so how is someone supposed to know what breed group they belong to? However hard it is, there are people who are able to recognize a horse breed, seemingly with ease. If you are one of those people, then this quiz is for you! Do you know the difference between a Paint and a Pinto without even thinking about it? When you see a draft horse, are you able to tell if it's a Clydesdale, Andalusian, Friesian or something else entirely? Whether you took riding lessons in your childhood or own a fully functioning stable as an adult, if you consider yourself to be a bit of an expert on horses and what makes each breed unique, take this quiz.  

These questions will determine how much you really know, and whether or not you deserve the title of "Horse Breed Master." So giddy up, buckle down and rein things in, it's time to prove yourself and your horse breed knowledge!

What is the most popular breed in the world?

The American Quarter horse is the most popular breed of horse in the world. They are an extremely adaptable breed and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as a horse for a beginner rider or driving cattle.


Which breed has a different skeletal system than other breeds?

Arabian horses have a different skeletal system that other breeds. This is because they have fewer bones compared to other horses! The bones Arabians lack are a tail bone, rib and a vertebra.


The famous Secretariat was what kind of horse?

Known for winning the Triple Crown in 1973, Secretariat was an American Thoroughbred. While Thoroughbreds are a popular racing breed, there are instances of Arabians, Standardbreds and American Quarter horses found in equine racing sports.


The Netherlands only has one native horse breed to claim. Which breed is it?

The Friesian breed is the only horse to come from the Netherlands. This notably black draft breed has been endangered over the years but is seeing a revival thanks to their popularity in dressage.


Which type of horse did Meriwether Lewis see on his travels?

Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clark, was exposed to the Appaloosa on his travels across America. They were raised and used by Nez Perce Native Americans for hunting and long-distance travel.


This equine used to roam freely near the Mongolian-China border. Which breed was it?

The Przewalski's Horse was known to populate the area near the Mongolian-China border in the 19th century. They have since become extinct in the wild with breeding programs working to increase population numbers in captivity.


Which horse species has the highest population in Croatia?

The Croatian Warmblood is the most plentiful breed in Croatia, both among draft horse populations and overall. Outside of the country, they have extremely low numbers and are not well known.


One particular equine is known for its notably curly coat. Which one is it?

The Bashkir Curly horse's most identifying feature is the curly-haired appearance of its coat. Not much is known about their ancestral roots, but there has been evidence that they existed as early as 161 AD.


What breed that prospered in South America is thought to have bloodlines shared with Andalusians?

The Criollo breed is said to have ancestral roots that trace back to Spanish Andalusians. The Andalusian of the time was also bred with Friesians and Danish breeds, leading to the basis for the Criollo breed to form.


Which high-stepping horse species is a popular choice for carriage driving?

The Hackney is a popular choice for carriage driving, while it also does well in dressage, English pleasure and trail riding. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its high-stepping gait.


Which equine line originated in the Soviet Union and was named after a river?

The Russian Don was bred in the Soviet Union and named after a river that flowed nearby to their ancestral breeding grounds. They are said to have links to the Persian Arab and Thoroughbred breeds.


This species of horse can trace every member back to a single stallion, named Folie. Which breed is it?

The Haflinger breed can be traced back to a single stallion, Folie, that was bred in the Tyrolean village, Hafling. Each descendant can trace their lineage among seven possible lines back to him.


What horse breed can thank Genghis Khan's grandson for its existence?

The Jeju horse's ancestors came from a shipload of nearly 160 horses that were released on Jeju Island by Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan's grandson. They then bred with Mongolian horses and created the Jeju breed.


Which type of horse is among one of the smallest in the world?

The Falabella is among the smallest horse breeds in the world. This miniature horse is rarely taller than 32 inches in height. Though small in stature, they are incredibly intelligent.


Which Scandinavian breed is always dun in color?

Also called the Norwegian Fjord horse, this breed's coat only comes in a dun color. The coat can be one of five dun colors but does not exist in any other shades besides those listed by the breed standard.


Which breed was historically used by the Carlsberg brewery to haul wagons?

The Jutland horse, who hails from Denmark, was used by the Carlsberg brewery to power their beer wagons. During their peak, there were 210 Jutland horses that hauled wagons for the brewery.


Based on naming nomenclature, which horse breed can only be captured, and not bred in-captivity?

Breed standards say that the Kiger Mustang cannot be bred into existence by captive horses. The only way to have one is to capture it as a feral horse. All other iterations are known as Kiger Horses.


What feathered breed is seen in the picture?

The horse breed pictured is the Gypsy Vanner. They are recognizable through their lengthy feathers that flow from their knees and hocks, as well as their majestically flowing tail and mane.


What horse species is known as "The Purest Breed of Horse in the World"?

The Icelandic Horse is known as the "Purest Breed of Horse in the World." When their ancestors were brought to Iceland by the Vikings, they became geographically isolated. This resulted in one of the purest bloodlines in the world.


This equine lineage lost its pure bloodlines when the government called for all the stallions to be castrated. Which breed was it?

During WWII, the Japanese government called for nearly all Kiso stallions to be castrated. This was because the breed was smaller than their enemy's military horses. They wanted to encourage crossbreeding to get larger horses that still had the qualities that made the original Kiso stock a good military horse.


Which kind of horse is popularly used for mounted bullfighting?

Originating in Portugal, the Lusitano horse is commonly used for mounted bullfighting. This is because they are known for being able to remain calm and move quickly, all while avoiding the bull's horns.


What horse type has been used in Anheuser-Busch advertisements?

The Budweiser Clydesdales have become a popular sight to see in Budweiser commercials and ad campaigns. They first appeared on April 7, 1933, as a way to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition.


What rare breed is used for ballet-like performances at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria?

The rare Lipizzaner is used at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. They are famous for their "Airs Above the Ground," where the horse is seen leaving the ground entirely and gliding through the air.


One breed is said to have three gaits: Classic Fino, Paso Corto and Paso Largo. Which type of horse do these gaits belong to?

The Paso Fino has three defined gaits. Classic Fino is the slowest, followed by Paso Corto, with the fastest being Paso Largo. They are known for their adaptable gait and can go other speeds as well.


A popular sight at Disney parks, what breed is most commonly used to entertain the masses?

Percherons are a common sight to see when traveling to Disney Parks. The large draft horse is primarily used to pull the horse-drawn carriages around the park and entertaining guests.


Although a large amount of the population is considered semi-feral, which breed is easily domesticated?

The Pottok breed can easily adapt to domestic life, despite its semi-feral nature. This makes it a good choice for children. In the past, they've been used as circus horses in Great Britain and France.


The creation of Theodore Roosevelt National Park helped preserve which breed?

The Nokota breed predominantly occupies the Badlands of North Dakota, where their feral populations roam. When ranchers started using the area for cattle and other livestock, Nokota numbers decreased. The breed was inadvertently preserved when Theodore Roosevelt National Park was formed, where some of the horses called home.


Which horse breed developed from a single stallion, named Figure?

Figure was a Morgan stallion, own by Justin Morgan in the late 1700s. As his owner's surname suggests, the breed took the name of Justin Morgan and became known as the Morgan horse.


Despite its name, the Rocky Mountain Horse is actually popular in what region?

Even though it has Rocky Mountain in its name, the Rocky Mountain Horse is actually popular in the Appalachian Mountain area. They are agile and sure-footed, making them reliable mounts in the treacherous terrain.


What kind of horse was Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron?

Spirit was a Kiger Mustang who inspired the movie, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron," as well as an animated Netflix series. The real-life Spirit serves as an ambassador for Kiger Mustangs and lives at the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary.


Sampson, the tallest and heaviest horse ever measured, was what breed?

Sampson was a Shire draught horse that lived in England. He was over 86 inches tall and weighed 3,360 pounds. His large stature earned him the new name, Mammoth when he was four years old.


The National Show Horse is a mix of which two breeds?

The National Show Horse breed is a mix of the Arabian and American Saddlebred bloodlines. The breed does well in shows because it has the elegance of an Arabian and the mannerisms of the American Saddlebred.


Which breed is said to be the oldest documented German saddle-horse?

The Senner is listed in historical documents that date all the way back to 1160. The breed is critically endangered, as there are only forty breeding adults listed in the official Senner registry.


Which horse comes in Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian iterations?

The Barb horse comes in the varieties listed. The breed is known for its speed and stamina and its ancestors even contributed to the various racing breeds. like the American Quarter Horse, we see today.


"King of the Wind" by Marguerite Henry is a story about what kind of horse?

Henry's novel, "King of the Wind" focuses on an Arabian horse. The story itself is loosely based on the Godolphin Arabian, who is believed to be one of the foundation stallions of the Thoroughbred bloodline.


This particular herd is rounded up every year for auction and driven from the island they call home. What breed are the herd's members?

The Chincoteague Pony population is controlled through an annual auction that takes place on the mainland near Assateague Island. There are typically no more than 300 ponies on the island at any time.


What makes a Walkaloosa different from an Appaloosa?

Walkaloosas are known for the unique movement speed that they have, which lies somewhere between a walk and a trot. They still have the same coloring as Appaloosas, but are considered a gaited horse.


Which of the following is not considered a type of horse?

Each horse breed can be put into one of five categories: Draft horses, Light horses, Gaited horses, Ponies and Warmbloods. "Dark horses" are not a defined type of horse. There is an outlier category for Non-horse Equines.


What kind of horse was used in Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" music video?

The large horse in Beyonce's music video, "Run the World (Girls)," is a Friesian. The iconic scene shows Beyonce on the back of a beautiful, black horse as it rears over a setting sun.


The title of the longest living horse belonged to which type of horse?

Old Billy lived in England where he lived to be 62 years old. It was believed he was a mixture of a Cob and Shire, making him a Draft horse. Old Billy was born in 1760 and passed away in 1822.


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