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For six seasons, "The Bob Newhart Show" follows Dr. Bob Hartley as he spends his days at his psychology practice and evenings at home with his wife. The series has held a special place in our "harts" since it premiered in 1972. Take this quiz to find out if you remember it as well as you think you do!

How do the opening credits begin?

For the first two seasons, the opening credits begin with a phone ringing and Bob answering with a "Hello." One-sided telephone conversations were a staple of Newhart's stand-up comedy routine.


Bob and Jerry work on the same floor. What's Jerry's profession?

Not only do they share a floor, they also share a receptionist — Carol. Bob's office is right by her desk, so she is often mistaken as only his receptionist. Jerry is the more demanding boss, though. He fires her after one of their fights. Of course, running the office without her isn't easy, and the doctors rehire her.


What does Mrs. Lillian Bakerman do during most of her sessions?

Bob's patients are a colorful assortment of supporting characters: The cynical Mr. Carlin, milquetoast Mr. Peterson and reserved Mrs. Bakerman.


Which of these happen in the finale?

To wrap up "The Bob Newhart Show," Bob leaves his practice to teach psychology at a small college in Oregon. When it came time for his next sitcom to end, they came up with one of the most iconic finales in TV history. "Newhart" ends with his character waking up in bed as Bob Hartley once again. He then tells Emily all about the crazy dream he had.


When Bob celebrates Thanksgiving without Emily, what does he order for dinner?

With Emily visiting family, Bob celebrates Thanksgiving with Jerry, Howard and Mr. Carlin. The guys are feeling down and end up drinking too much. This poses a problem when an inebriated Bob tries to order takeout. Moo Goo Gai Pan becomes Moo Goo Goo Goo. "Maybe I'm ordering Chinese baby food," he says when the others make fun of him.


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