There Are Hundreds of Disney Characters—We'll Be Impressed If You Can Name 40!


By: Beth Hendricks

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Animation Studios

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You know Mickey and Minnie and Snow White and Belle, but do you recall Scuttle and Pua and Sgt. Tibbs, too? It's hard to keep track of all of these guys, isn't it? There are more than one hundred Disney movies out there, which makes for a pretty lengthy tally of characters. 

Sure, we recognize Elsa and Anna when we see them. We can probably differentiate between Goofy and Pluto. We even buy merchandise emblazoned with the faces of Ariel, Cinderella, Woody and Simba. Disney has given us a slew of great personalities in its films over the years, so it's no wonder we're drawn to this one or that one as a favorite.

But, let's not forget the little guys either! There are plenty of Disney characters outside of the most popular ones that we might not think of — or give the love they're due. We're talking about the Chips, Zazus and Esmereldas of the Disneyverse. So, we've assembled a quiz to pay homage to them! Don't worry: We've included some of your faves, too. See how many of the several hundred Disney characters out there you can identify from a photo and a clue. Don't be Bashful or Dopey; show us what you've got!

"Do you want to build a snowman?" ⛄️ Or, can you at least guess this Disney snowman's name?

Olaf is everyone's favorite Disney snowman, it appears! A character in "Frozen," Olaf's roots begin as a snowman built by sisters Anna and Elsa. He shows back up later to assist Anna is helping find her prodigal sister, Elsa.


He's a young boy trapped in the "body" of a teacup, but what was his name?

It's Chip Potts, who ironically inhabits the body of a chipped teacup as part of a curse placed on the staff of the prince's castle in "Beauty and the Beast." Chip is the son of Mrs. Potts, who's a teapot, of course.


She's the only Disney Princess whose story isn't based on a historical figure or a literary work. Who is she?

Princess Merida from "Brave" is a true pioneer, the only princess who doesn't have a literary work or historical figure backing her story. She sure knows how to handle a bow and arrow, though.


Did you know her name is actually Mary Gibbs? But what is she better known by?

We didn't even remember that "Boo" from "Monsters, Inc." HAD a real name! Turns out, it's "Mary Gibbs." She's named after the real girl who voiced her in the movie. This little gal gives Sully and Mike a run for their money when she leaves her room and has to be returned.


This guy fathered 15 children ... and adopted 84 others! What is his name?

Pongo earns "Father of the Year" accolades for tending to several dozen children, even if they are Dalmatian puppies. In "101 Dalmatians," Pongo's eventual mate is Perdita, and they live with Roger and Anita.


Who would've thought this cantankerous senior would deliver one of the most heart-warming performances of 2009! What's his name?

Poor, sweet Carl Fredricksen is widowed and a wee bit cranky when we first meet him in "Up," but he changes his tune as the movie progresses. That's due, in part, to his unlikely friendship with a young man named Russell.


This character is represented by the color yellow, but lives inside the head of another character named Riley Andersen. Who are we talking about?

In "Inside Out," "Joy" is an emotion experienced by Riley Andersen, but she is her own character unto herself. Characterized by her blue hair and yellow body, she shares "headspace" with other emotions like Anger, Sadness and Fear.


You know all about Buzz and Woody, but do you remember the name of their owner?

If you have a Woody doll lying around somewhere, this question was an easy one for you. Why? Because the name, "Andy," is scrawled on the bottom of Woody's boot.


A lot of teenagers probably shouldn't be trusted to lead an ocean voyage, but not this one from a 2016 Disney hit. Who is it?

Moana, the title character from the 2016 film of the same name, is the headstrong, but capable teenager who sets sail on an ocean voyage in an attempt to save her people and her island.


When this character made his film debut, he appeared in duplicate. Who are we talking about?

Pluto first appeared in a 1930 film titled, "The Chain Gang," where a bloodhound was needed to track down their suspect (Mickey Mouse). They liked Pluto so much when he was created, they doubled his character!


Famously voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, this "fishy" character suffers from short-term memory loss. What is its name?

Dory was such a beloved character in "Finding Nemo" that she earned her own sequel, dubbed "Finding Dory." Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres lended her voice to the forgetful fish in both movies.


She's one-half of the duo who bonds over a plate of spaghetti. (We're not mad at you, girl.) What is her name?

Lady is a cartoon cocker spaniel who falls for a guy, Tramp, from the other side of the tracks. After some challenges, the pair welcome puppies at the end of the movie.


She's the Disney villain probably most concerned about her wardrobe. Who is she?

Cruella de Vil, the "cruel devil" who serves as the villain in "101 Dalmatians," has a thing for fur ... Dalmatian puppy fur, that is! She kidnaps a litter of puppies in the movie, but has her plans for a new coat thwarted.


She's not an official Disney Princess, but that doesn't stop her from doing royally good deeds. What is her name?

Esmeralda never made the Disney Princess list (because, for starters, she's a gypsy, not a princess), but she had a kind heart and cared for Quasimodo in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."


This guitar-playing hero of "Coco" finds himself trapped between the Land of the Dead and the Land of this Living. What character is it?

Miguel is a would-be musician (in a family who hates music) at the center of 2017's Disney flick, "Coco." Miguel must battle back from the Land of the Dead to the Land of the Living in this film, while uncovering his family's past along the way.


This little guy on the right is transformed into a horse by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. What is his name?

Gus and Jaq are rescued by Cinderella early on in the movie and prove to be loyal and true friends, helping her throughout the remainder of the movie, including being transformed into horses to transport her to the ball.


This "Bambi" character earns its name for where its discovered. Who is it?

Despite being a skunk, "Flower" earned his name because that is where he was found when Bambi discovered him — sleeping among flowers. We're sure glad he wasn't sleeping among something smellier!


This sweet character never refers to Ralph as "Wreck-It." What is her name?

Vanellope von Schweetz was bound to be sweet with a last name that sounds like "sweets." She is a character from the game "Sugar Rush" and only refers to Ralph by names like "Admiral Underpants." Charming.


This character tries her best to emulate her mother's ladylike characteristics. What is her name?

Marie is a central character and the only daughter of Duchess in the 1970 film, "The Aristocats." As a young lady, she tries her best to emulate the ladylike qualities of her mother. The whole crew lives with Madame Bonfamille.


You might call this guy, with his rebellious streak and sarcastic wit, the "anti-prince." Who is it?

Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's love interest in "Tangled," isn't your typical princely character. He's a thief, in fact. Producers of the film were aiming to make him a bit more edgy and a bit less stuffy. Mission accomplished.


If one Disney character walked around with a dark cloud over his head, it would be this one. What's his name?

Eeyore is the down and pessimistic member of Winnie the Pooh's gang in the various movies of the franchise, including the live-action "Christopher Robin." He is illustrated as a stuffed donkey with a pinned-on tail.


He might look like a little green eyeball, but he's got a great big name. Who is it?

Mike Wazowski is a pretty big name for a monster tasked with scaring small children. Alongside his buddy, James P. Sullivan, Mike shows he's got a softer side when the pair work to get a little girl back to her bed.


He's bulletproof, fireproof and even shockproof. But, who is he?

Stitch becomes the friend of a little girl named Lilo in the movie named, you guessed it, "Lilo & Stitch." Stitch himself is actually a type of alien creature who was created as "Experiment 626" by Dr. Jumba Jookiba.


A Porsche with a pinstripe tattoo who's also the town attorney? We dig it! Who are we talking about?

Sally Carrera (that's a 911 Porsche Carrera, thank you very much) is a character in Disney's "Cars" franchise. It's true that she's tattooed (with a chic pinstripe, of course) and she's also the love interest of the movie's main character, Lightning McQueen.


He's Captain Hook's right-hand man, although a left hand might be more helpful. Who is he?

As Captain Hook's first mate, Mr. Smee is tasked with helping to carry out all of the villainous character's evil plots. Luckily for Hook's enemies, Mr. Smee is a bit of a bumbling stooge, which makes it harder to see him as a bad guy.


Who ever heard of a bird being a "bad guy?" Who's the villainous sidekick in "Aladdin?"

He's not all bad. It's true that Iago starts off as Jafar's evil sidekick, but he does eventually see the error of his ways and crosses over to the side of the good guys, befriending Aladdin himself.


As the only Disney Princess with brothers, Merida is blessed with three — triplets! This is one of their names. Which is it?

Merida's triplet brothers are Hamish, Hubert and Harris. They all boast the same beautiful red hair that Merida does. They are her younger brothers, and as brothers tend to be, are a bit mischievous.


He dresses up as a fortune teller, a duke called Sir Reginald and the Sheriff of Nottingham. But, what is his actual name?

You can count on Robin Hood's best friend and sidekick, Little John, to always have his back — even if that means dressing up as the sheriff. The pair rob from the rich in the Disney version of "Robin Hood."


This guy isn't someone you'd typically want to see hanging around a kitchen. Which character is it?

Remy is the cooking-obsessed rat from the 2007 Disney movie, "Ratatouille." Of course, we've always known that rats had a small obsession with food, but this one has big, big dreams. You go, Remy!


This character shares its name with a motion you might make if you saw him crawling around. What's its name?

Flik (or "flick," if he were crawling up your leg) uses his smarts in "A Bug's Life" to not only create interesting inventions, but also to help save his colony when the going gets tough.


This character has the superpower we'd want for sure: invisibility. What is her name?

Violet Parr is the only daughter of "The Incredibles" — that's Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl to you. Not only can she become invisible, which would be really handy, but she can cook up a mean force-field if necessary.


He has the ears that started it all. Which Disney character has been around since 1928?

Created in 1928, Mickey Mouse is the iconic representation of everything Walt Disney, Walt Disney World and Disneyland. He wears small, red shorts and has big round ears that people all over the world recognize.


Everybody loves sloths, but what about a sloth bear who has a human best friend. Do you know who we're talking about?

Baloo is the man-cub, Mowgli's, friend in "The Jungle Book." He is probably best known for singing one of the movie's most popular songs, "The Bare Necessities." Bear/Bare ... get it?


He's a woodcarver whose wish brings Pinocchio to life. But, can you remember his name?

Geppetto is the lonely woodcarver in "Pinocchio," who wishes for his carving to become a real boy. "Pinocchio" generated one of the most popular Disney songs of all time, "When You Wish Upon a Star."


Which of the dwarfs in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is the youngest and has the biggest ears?

Dopey is the youngest dwarf in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and also the one with the biggest ears. Of all seven of the dwarfs in the movie, he's the only one who never speaks a single word.


This pair of brothers can be told apart by their teeth (one with protruding front teeth, one with a gap between his). Who is this duo?

Chip and Dale were first introduced by Disney in 1943 and are as much a duo as a pair of brothers can be, typically appearing together on-screen. They look similar but do have some unique characteristics, including their teeth and noses.


A monkey on a mission: He holds up Simba early in "The Lion King," but do you know his name?

Rafiki is a wise old mandrill (that's a type of monkey), who uses both his smarts, religious capabilities and physical attributes in defense of Mufasa and the Pride Lands in "The Lion King."


We can't all pull off an oversized green cap like this character from "Alice in Wonderland." What is his name?

Appropriately named "Mad Hatter," this character does wear a giant green hat and is always down for a party. In fact, he's particularly a fan of unbirthday parties because, after all, you only have one birthday, but 364 unbirthdays. We like that logic.


He sings! He dances! He's a little bit "crabby!" Who is he?

Who wouldn't love having a singing, dancing crab with a Jamaican accent as a faithful sidekick?! Fun fact: Sebastian's full name is Horatio Felonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian.


Who wouldn't like to have an inflatable robot around who can diagnose your health problems? Which character are we referencing?

Baymax is the, shall we say, "plump" inflatable robot who steals the show in "Big Hero 6." The best friend of Hiro, Baymax is equipped with multiple abilities including healthcare capabilities which can only be shut off when a patient says, "I am satisfied with my care."


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