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Could you ever honestly get tired of watching Disney movies? If you're anything like us, you've been a fan since you were a little kid and will be for the rest of your life. Yaas, we stan Disney. There are many reasons Disney has stood the test of time, and one of those is that there's something for everyone. Personally, Disney Princesses are a big fave.

From watching the OG princesses on VHS to now being able to stream our faves on Netflix, it's been wild to witness the evolution of Disney Princesses. We know they, like, don't know about each other's existence or whatever, but we've always wondered if the Disney Princesses would be besties IRL. Some of them are so different!

But it's those differences that make them so relatable. We're particularly living for this latest generation of woke Disney Princesses. Since we know you are too, we made a whole quiz focusing on them. Do you slay Disney trivia? We challenge you to take our ultimate Disney quiz!

With tough questions (which Disney Princess has dimples??), we'll separate the fake fans from the true stans. Do you think you've got what it takes? 

Which Disney movie takes place on the Polynesian island of Motunui?

In 2016, Disney gave us "Moana" and the Disney Princess we didn't even know we needed. The movie tells the story of the strong-willed daughter of the chief of a Polynesian village.


Which Disney Princess have we yet to see in a live-action remake?

OMG, how lit will a live-action remake of "Moana" be when we finally get it? For now, we'll have to settle for "Cinderella," Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin." Up next, we can expect "The Little Mermaid" and "Mulan."


Aw, adorable! Can you name the only Disney Princess with dimples?

Disney's animation team has come along from the days of Snow White's limited facial expressions. In the "Princess and the Frog," Tiana flashes smiles left and right that show off her adorable dimples.


Um, her hair is #GOALS. Who is the main character in Disney's "Tangled"?

For its 50th animated feature film, Disney put its own spin on a classic fairy tale. Fans loved Rapunzel in "Tangled" so much that the movie even got a sequel ("Tangled Ever After") and a television spin-off.


Which character most recently joined the ranks of Disney Princesses?

It had been a minute since a new Disney Princess, and the world was ready for another. In 2016, "Moana" debuted and went on to gross over $643 million worldwide. The latest Disney Princess really earned her crown!


Who is the only Disney Princess not to be a main character in her film?

Jasmine is just a unique Disney Princess, and we're living for it. She's the only princess not to wear a gown or a dress. Pants are a lot more practical for magic-carpet riding. Even though she's not the main character in "Aladdin," she totally carried the movie.


Ribbit ribbit! What's the name of the main character in "The Princess and the Frog"?

Yes, the princess in "The Princess and the Frog" is none other than the lovely Tiana. This particular movie was Disney's 49th animated feature film. We just couldn't get enough of Tiana and Prince Naveen.


In addition to Aurora, what other Disney Princess has a (non-American) accent?

You might not have remembered that Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" has an English accent. After all, she only has 18 lines of dialogue in the film (probably because she's sleeping almost the whole time). But surely you remember spunky Merida's Scottish accent in "Brave."


Get it, girl! What sport is Merida from "Brave" trained in?

There is so much to love about Merida, including that she's big athletic. Like her fellow Disney Princess Mulan, Merida is all about archery. This girl took your princess stereotypes and shot an arrow through them!


In addition to Mulan, what other Disney Princess is left-handed?

If you've never given any thought to what hand the Disney Princesses tend to use, then this question might have tripped you up. While she's busy working her two jobs, Tiana relies on her left hand.


Throwing it way back. Who was the first Disney Princess?

This seems like, basically, a billion years ago. Back in 1937, Snow White became the first Disney Princess with the debut of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The world didn't get another Disney Princess until Cinderella came on the scene in 1950.


Now, this is woke. Which of these Disney Princesses does not to have a love interest in her film?

Unlike earlier generations of Disney Princesses, the newer Disney Princesses don't need a prince. Merida, our fave warrior princess, was the first. Most recently, Moana didn't have a love interest either.


We love her anyway. Which Disney character unofficially belongs to the Modern Era of Princesses?

Along with her sister, Anna, Elsa is unofficially considered part of the Modern Era of Princesses. Unlike the Golden Era or Renaissance Era, characters in the Modern Era aren't thirsty for love.


Yaas, princess ink. Which of these Disney characters is the only one to rock a tattoo?

Even though lots of characters in "Moana" are inked, the title character isn't. That makes Pocahontas the only Disney Princess with tats. In the film, Pocahontas is supposed to be 18 years old.


Tbh, he might be our fave Disney Prince. Who's the leading dude in "Tangled"?

Yaas, talk about a breath of fresh air! Just when all the Disney Princes were starting to feel the same, we got Flynn Rider in "Tangled." Some critics thought he was obnoxious, but personally, we loved his humor and sarcasm.


Which is the only Disney Princess to be based on a real person?

While several Disney Princesses are based on stories or legends, Pocahontas is the only one to be based on a real person. The real Pocahontas, the daughter of Powhatan, was born in the late 1500s.


Of all the Disney Princesses, which one has the biggest eyes?

Tbh, they kind of all have big eyes (the whole animated thing). But the biggest of the big belong to Rapunzel. Between her big, beautiful eyes and long-AF hair, no wonder she's a Disney Princess!


What Disney Princess did both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, the voices of Anna and Elsa, audition for?

Wow, this Disney fact totally blew our minds. Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna, and Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa, both auditioned to play Rapunzel in "Tangled." We're so glad neither of them scored the role because we can't imagine "Frozen" without them!


Think siblings. Which of the Disney Princesses is the only character to have brothers?

We really had to think about this one. Merida is the only Disney Princess with brothers. After all the sisters and stepsisters, Princes Harris, Hubert and Hamish were a welcomed breath of fresh Highland air.


No songs for her. Which Disney Princess is the only one NOT to sing in her movie?

Yaas, Merida just marches to the beat of her own drum. Unlike all of the other Disney Princesses, she doesn't sing her own song or duet with another character. As much as we like Disney soundtracks, this departure from the norm didn't bother us in the slightest.


Like Rapunzel, what OG Disney Princess is from Bavaria?

Wow, this one takes us way back. Turns out, Rapunzel wasn't the first Disney Princess to hail from Bavaria. Snow White also called Southeastern Germany home. We bet the two both have a thing for pretzels!


Which of the following Disney Princesses did NOT marry into royalty?

This is kind of neat: All the Disney Princesses to marry into royalty wear opera gloves (Belle, Cinderella and Tiana). The ones born into royalty, like Ariel, don't. Tbh, the daughter of King Triton doesn't wear much of anything.


Which Disney movie features the song "Let It Go"?

OMG, this song used to be everywhere! You couldn't go a single place without hearing it, and if we're being honest, it kind of got annoying after a while. But we could still rock out to Demi Lovato's rendition.


Hello, royalty. Who was the first Pixar character to be named a Disney Princess?

In 2013, Merida from "Brave" became the first Pixar character to receive this prestigious honor. The daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor was the 11th character added to the Disney Princess lineup.


Calling all bookworms. What Brothers Grimm fairy tale is "The Princess and the Frog" based on?

Okay, even if you didn't know for sure, the similar titles probably gave you a hint. The main character, Tiana, was also inspired by Princess Emma from E.D. Baker's novel "The Frog Princess."


She's the oldest Disney Princess to date, but precisely how old is Tiana?

Um, this kind of makes us feel ancient, but whatever. Tiana, from "The Princess and the Frog," is the oldest Disney Princess at 19 years old. The youngest Disney Princess is Snow White at 14 years old.


He's a man of many names (okay, two). What was Flynn Rider's real name?

After growing up a poor orphan, Eugene Fitzherbert became a thief under the name "Flynn Rider." Flynn got the idea for his alter ego from a book called "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider." He wanted to be rich like the main character.


Which "Little Mermaid" character makes an appearance in "Moana"?

OMG, we love a good cameo. In "Moana," we catch a 2D shot of Flounder during the scene where Maui uses his magic to show sea creatures swimming. Also in the movie, we're treated to an appearance by Olaf from "Frozen."


Can you name the princess in "Brave"? She's one of the most recent leading ladies to join the Disney lineup.

In 2012, Disney released the Pixar film "Brave." Princess Merida of DunBroch was a huge mood from the start. From her fiery red hair to her adorable Clydesdale, Angus, Disney fans adored her.


What country is "Brave" supposedly set in? (It's across the pond or something.)

In the film "Brave," Merida and her royal family live in a mythical Scottish kingdom. While DunBroch itself isn't a real place, the actual Scottish Highlands were very much an inspiration for the story.


OMG, which celebrity nearly voiced Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog"?

Beyoncé had the opportunity to voice Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog," but apparently, she refused to audition. The role went to her "Dreamgirls" co-star Anika Noni Rose, who totally slayed.


We can't even. Approximately how long is Rapunzel's hair in "Tangled"?

Rapunzel's hair in "Tangled" is extra AF. It took more than 30 animators and engineers to bring her more than 70 feet of hair to life. How long do you think it took her to blow dry it?


Which actress voiced Moana?

The talented voice behind Moana is Auli'i Cravolho. One of the youngest actresses to play a Disney Princess, she celebrated her 16th birthday on the day "Moana" debuted in theaters.


After two other actresses backed out, who ended up voicing Rapunzel?

In the beginning, Kristin Chenoweth was set to voice Rapunzel. When she backed out, the gig went to Reese Witherspoon. But she ended up dipping too. Finally, the role went to Mandy Moore, and she was perf.


That could have been interesting. Which actress was originally supposed to voice Merida in "Brave"?

As much as we love Reese Witherspoon, we can't imagine any other voice than Kelly Macdonald for Merida. The Universe has a way of getting what it wants, and in the end, we love that Macdonald is a Scottish actress.


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