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If your knowledge of "Friends" is limited to stuff like Ross' propensity for divorce or the lyrics to "Smelly Cat," you might need to call in some pals to help you with this quiz. While so much of the "Friends" trivia out there sticks to things that even casual viewers would probably know, this quiz is for the seriously devoted fan who knows more about Joey than his work as an actor, or can describe some of Phoebe's more bizarre quirks.

Thanks to the show's 10-season run, which kept viewers tuning in every Thursday night from 1994 through 2004, there are plenty of small details and funny moments to make a second, third or tenth viewing of each episode worthwhile. There's the hilarious and poignant Thanksgiving episodes, the weddings, babies and breakups ... or breaks, if you're Ross and Rachel. Even better, there's the humor that this beloved cast manages to inject into the day-to-day moments, from obsessive cleanliness to jogging or even trying out a new garment, like a nice pair of leather pants. The show is so popular that it's even spawned its own lingo, with words like lobster, transponster and gleba all taking on meanings known only to "Friends" fans. Think you're familiar enough with the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey to ace any quiz? Prove it with this super detailed trivia!

If you need to move a couch up several sets of stairs to save on delivery costs, what's the best way to do it?

After buying a couch, Ross realizes that if he can just carry it the three blocks between the store and his apartment, he'll save big bucks on delivery fees. With Rachel and Chandler helping, the trio attempt to navigate their way up the stairs with the couch. If only they had listened when Ross told them to PIVOT!, things may have turned out just fine.


Think like Phoebe for a second ... what does it mean if someone is your lobster?

Fans learn Phoebe's theory about love in season two, when Ross and Rachel get together. Phoebe compares their relationship to that of lobsters, who fall in love and mate for life once they find their soulmate, then hang out in their senior years holding claws with their beloved.


Ross and Carol divorced because she was a lesbian. Can you name her partner?

Ross was sitting right around divorce #1 when viewers first met him back in season one. His wife Carol had revealed that she was a lesbian and was leaving him to be with her new partner Susan. Things got a whole lot more complicated when Carol found out she was pregnant with Ross' baby.


Which of these ingredients most definitely should not be included in a trifle (ahem ... Rachel)?

In one of those epic "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes, Rachel decides to bring a trifle for dessert. Unfortunately, the pages of her cookbook are stuck together, so she ends up layering sweet treats like jam, custard and cookies with savory bits of beef and onion.


Who plays a stripper named Roy Goodbody in a classic season 10 episode?

If you order a stripper from the Yellow Pages, you just might end up with Danny DeVito, like Rachel and Monica did when hosting Phoebe's bachelorette party. The "Taxi" star played the depressed dancer Roy "Goodbody," who dons a police uniform for his performance but has to stop his act when he can't stop crying.


What's the opposite of hiding someone's entire stash of underwear, according to Joey?

When Chandler hides all of Joey's underwear, Joey takes revenge by putting on all of Chandler's clothes at once. He then proceeds to do lunges while letting Chandler know that he is of course, still sans underwear.


You may have watched 10 entire seasons of "Friends" and think you know it all, but can you tell us what Rachel thinks a transponster is?

One running gag on "Friends" was the mystery of what exactly Chandler did for a living. At one point during a trivia match in season four, Rachel guesses that he is a transponster. Turns out, he is in IT, where he specializes in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. Later in the series, he quits to start over in advertising.


If you ask Monica, how many erogenous zones do women have?

When Chandler accepts a date with Joey's ex Kathy, he's nervous about being able to match Joey's level of skill in certain areas. To help him out, Monica walks him through the seven erogenous zones that women have, which gives him the confidence he needs to enjoy the date.


Some amazing "Friends" action goes down in Vegas, but can you remember who Joey met while in Sin City?

It was at a casino in Las Vegas that Joey met his hand twin, a blackjack dealer named Randall. With dreams of wealth and celebrity in mind, Joey starts making plans to take advantage of this miracle, but Randall wants nothing to do with it and has Joey booted back onto the street.


Which of these is NOT one of Phoebe's techniques for seducing Chandler so he will reveal his relationship with Monica?

When the gang finds out about Monica and Chandler in season five, Phoebe decides to pretend to seduce him to see if he will spill the beans. She heads to his apartment to drink wine and does a sexy dance for him, and lets him know that she'd like him to rub lotion on her. When she goes in for a kiss, he finally gives in and admits that he is in love with Monica.


Karate? Jujitsu? Nah. None of that means anything unless you possess perfect awareness. What does Ross call this skill?

When Phoebe and Rachel take self-defense classes in season six, Ross mocks them for missing the true trick to improving personal safety. It's not about being able to fight off an attacker ... it's about unagi. Ross describes unagi as a sense of complete awareness, while pretty much everyone he describes it to insists it's actually sushi.


Sure, Christmas has the whole Santa Claus thing, but if you celebrate Hanukkah "Friends" style, you can meet Santa's Tex-Mex pal. Name that critter.

Concerned that Ben isn't learning enough about his father's Jewish heritage, Ross introduces his son to Santa's Tex-Mex friend, the Holiday Armadillo. In true "Friends" style, the other guys try to help, with Chandler playing Santa and Joey dressing up as Superman.


The characters promised to never speak of it again, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Who peed on Monica's jellyfish wound?

When Monica is stung by a jellyfish on the beach, Joey decides to pee on her foot to relieve her pain. Turns out, he can't urinate on command, so Chandler is forced to do the dirty deed.


If you decide your New Year's resolution is to do one new thing every day, which of these might you want to think twice before trying?

In season five, Ross decides to start off the new year by doing one new thing every day. This includes wearing a pair of brand new leather pants on a date, which he soon discovers are awfully hot — and subject to shrinkage that can make them tough to put back on once you take them off!


"We were on a break" is arguably the most famous line from the show, but can you remember who Ross got busy with during the alleged break?

Rachel asks Ross to take "a break from us" in season three. The devastated Ross finds comfort in the arms of Chloe the copy girl, only for Rachel to change her mind and catch him in the act. He pretty much spends the entire remainder of the series arguing that it was totally fine to hook up with Chloe because he and Rachel were on a break.


Ross ends up dating his much-younger student in season six. Which famous actor played his date's dad?

Things are awkward enough when Ross begins dating his student, Elizabeth Stevens. It gets worse when he meets her dad, who is played by "Die Hard" star Bruce Willis. Mr. Stevens is not a Ross fan, but does end up dating Rachel.


There's only one song that makes baby Emma stop crying. Do you know what it is?

Rachel is horrified to learn that Ross sings Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" when he changes Emma's diaper. After trying to get her interested in more traditional tunes, Rachel gives in and sings the song for her daughter, saying, "Oh, you really do like big butts, don't you?"


Could it BE any darker in here? Where does Chandler end up trapped during the big blackout?

Way back in season one of "Friends," the cast experiences a major blackout (which was actually caused by an incident on "Mad About You"). Chandler is inside an ATM vestibule when the power fails, but is lucky enough to have a Victoria's Secret model by his side at the time. She ends up saving his life when he chokes, then kisses him goodbye when power is restored.


After his eviction and his divorce from Emily, Ross has only one thing left to look forward to in season five. Remember what it is?

After losing Emily and his apartment, Ross survives by knowing that at least he has his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, which he calls the Moist Maker, to look forward to. While Ross leaves a warning note in the form of a knock-knock joke on his lunch, it doesn't stop his boss from stealing and eating the last good thing in Ross' life.


While on a date with Monica's work friend Hillary in season six, what weird thing does Ross do to screw things up?

Monica's co-worker Hillary went on an especially weird date with Ross in season six. After whitening his teeth too much, Ross tried everything he could think of to keep his date from noticing the glow. He put on makeup before heading out, then kept his mouth shut while at dinner. What he didn't realize, however, was that his teeth would glow in the dark under a black light, which sent Hillary running off screaming when she saw them.


You know about her relationships with Chandler and Richard, but can you name the action star that Monica goes on a date with in season two?

The star of action flicks like "Bloodsport" and "Time Cop," actor Jean-Claude Van Damme appears as himself during the second season of "Friends." After meeting him on the set of "Outbreak 2," Monica ends up on a date with Van-Damme, who turns out to be less than a gentleman with the ladies.


Several of your favorite Friends owned pets over the years, but can you tell us the name of Ross' beloved monkey from season one?

When viewers first meet Ross, he has a white-headed capuchin monkey he calls Marcel. Realizing he can no longer keep him in an apartment once Marcel reaches maturity, Ross ends up donating him to the San Diego Zoo.


If you want to be friends with Joey, you'd better be able to finish this quote: "Joey doesn't share ..."

Thinking of swiping a fry from Joey's plate? Think again, because Joey doesn't share food! Viewers find this out in season 10 when Joey goes on a date with Phoebe's friend Sarah, but rejects her because she tries to share his meal. When he ends up giving her one more chance, he ends up eating her entire dessert, so what Joey means is that he doesn't share HIS food.


Remember what amazingly epic sculpture Chandler and Joey ride in on when they move into Monica and Rachel's apartment in season four?

After winning the girls' apartment in a trivia contest, Joey and Chandler are elated to switch pads with Rachel and Monica. Reveling in their glory, they ride a white ceramic greyhound statue over the threshold of their new place.


Phoebe has her quirks, but can you recall her favorite fake name to use throughout the series?

Whenever she's seeking a fake name for one of her schemes, Phoebe tends to fall back on her favorite alter ego, Regina Phalange. Oddly enough, she rarely uses the name of her own twin sister Ursula, but Ursula seems to have no problem impersonating Phoebe.


What single piece of clothing finally confirms to the characters on the show that Ross is the father of Rachel's unborn baby?

Phoebe is convinced that Tag is the father of Rachel's baby, thinking he left his red sweater at her apartment. When he reveals that he is wearing his red sweater, everyone is stumped once again about the father's identity. The truth is revealed when Ross spots the sweater in Monica's apartment and reveals he lost it a month ago, not realizing that he just outed himself as a soon-to-be father to Rachel's child.


Rachel describes it as a combination of "Kermit the Frog and the Six Million Dollar Man." Which of Phoebe's skills is she describing?

When Rachel and Phoebe go for a jog together, Rachel is embarrassed at her friend's unusual running style. Eventually, Rachel tries Phoebe's wild, flailing technique and keeps it up because it's just so much fun, regardless of how weird it looks to others.


Everyone stretches the truth on a resume, but which of these skills does Joey actually possess?

In "The One Where Joey Speaks French," we learn that despite what it says on his resume, Joey cannot actually speak French. He also can't tap dance, do archery, ride horses or do most of the other things he listed. What he can do is drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds, which he proves by demonstrating his skill to Phoebe.


When Joey wins a role on "Days of Our Lives" and moves out, Chandler is forced to find a new roommate. Remember his name?

Joey thinks he's too good for his small apartment once he lands a major role on "Days of Our Lives." Chandler finds a new roommate named Eddie Meneuk, who might just be weirder than Joey was. When Chandler realizes Eddie is watching him sleep at night, he is forced to take drastic measures to get rid of him.


When Rachel wants to fulfill Ross' greatest fantasy, what costume does she don?

After Ross reveals his Princess Leia fantasies to Rachel, she dons her own golden bikini in season three. Unfortunately, the idea falls flat for Ross, who can only see his mom's face in the Leia fantasy thanks to a conversation he had with Chandler.


Way back in season two, Joey and Chandler are left in charge of Ben for the day. They promptly lose him, but do you remember where?

After an allergic reaction to kiwi pie sends Ross to the ER, Chandler and Joey are left to care for baby Ben. They use him to attract women, but things get serious when they leave Ben on a bus by accident.


Emma utters her first word in "The One with the Lottery." What was it?

Baby says her first word to Rachel via phone while spending the night with her grandmother. While everyone is sure that gleba doesn't count as a word, they eventually discover that it means "sporagenous tissue found within certain types of fungi," leaving Ross convinced that his daughter will become a scientist.


When Brad Pitt made a guest appearance, what was his character's name?

Aniston's husband at the time made a hilarious appearance as Will Colbert in season eight. An old friend of Monica and Ross, he ends up being invited to dinner at the girls' apartment, where he reveals that not only has he lost a ton of weight since childhood, but that he still really, really, really hates Rachel Greene.


Thanksgiving is always a special time on "Friends," but can you tell us what made Monica put a turkey on her head?

The season five Thanksgiving episode of "Friends" offered viewers a flashback to the gang's early days, when a still-plump Monica "accidentally" cut off Chandler's toe. When Chandler learns the truth about the incident, he stops speaking to Monica, who puts a turkey on her head as a way to earn his forgiveness. It is while her head is stuck inside that bird that Chandler tells her he loves her for the first time.


Our favorite Friends see more than they want to of Ugly Naked Guy throughout the seasons, but do you remember which character gives him muffins?

Ugly Naked Guy is the apparent nudist who lives in the apartment opposite Monica and Rachel's window. For a long time, the gang has no interaction with him beyond poking him with a stick to make sure he is alive, but all that changes when Ross finds out he is moving and his apartment will be available to rent. To improve his odds of landing the lease, Ross brings muffins to the unclothed neighbor, and even ends up taking his clothes off to try to win the apartment.


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