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HGTV struck television gold when it came up with "House Hunters," and regardless of how many episodes we watch, we (and pretty much everyone we know) can't get enough of it.

In our experience, house hunting was super stressful. Even looking for a new place to rent can be anxiety-inducing! However, there's something so relaxing about kicking back and watching other people argue about whether or not they can stretch their budget to cover granite counters AND hardwood floors.

"House Hunters" has been on the air for what feels like forever. We've seen episodes set everywhere from San Francisco to New York City to Sydney, Australia. We're a little hard-pressed to think of a place in which "House Hunters" hasn't shot an episode. Antarctica, maybe?

Over the years, "House Hunters" has caught some flack for being less-than-truthful about their process. However, looking at the show's numbers and all the spinoffs in production, those revelations haven't hurt the show.

If you consider yourself a superfan of HGTV's most popular show, take our trivia quiz to prove it. Then, share your results with your friends, and challenge them to take it too. Find out which reality show lover knows the most about "House Hunters."  

What television network produces and broadcasts "House Hunters"?

HGTV is the network behind "House Hunters" and its many spinoffs. The series is the most popular show on the network, and as news outlets like The Washington Post will tell you, one of the most popular shows on all of television.


It's the TV home of "House Hunters." But what does HGTV stand for?

Owned by Discovery, Inc., HGTV stands for Home and Garden Television. As you can probably imagine, the network focuses on programming related to home improvement and real estate. "House Hunters" is the perfect fit!


What's the name of the "House Hunters" spinoff series that revisits people who have previously been on the show?

"House Hunters: Where Are They Now?" takes viewers back to check in with people who have previously purchased homes on "House Hunters." These episodes are usually filmed six months to one year after the original filming to show how the new homeowners have settled in.


On each episode of "House Hunters," how many homes do the buyers or renters see?

We're willing to bet you've seen more than a few episodes of HGTV's most popular show, "House Hunters." In each 30-minute episode, buyers or renters see three different properties before deciding on "the one."


In "House Hunters: RV," what does "RV" stand for?

If you've ever camped or driven cross country, we're guessing you totally knew "RV" stands for "recreational vehicle." In this "House Hunters" spinoff, people are looking to buy an RV as either a primary residence or for vacation use.


If you're planning on moving to a tropical island, on which "House Hunters" spinoff would you be most likely to appear?

In 2013, "Island Hunters" premiered on HGTV with a particular focus on people looking for homes on tropical islands. The show, which takes interested homebuyers to three distinct islands in each episode, is hosted by Chris Krolow.


If you were looking for a house that floats, which of these "Houses Hunters" spinoffs might you appear on?

What's better than "on-the-water living?" How about literally living on the water? On "Houseboat Hunters," people are searching for a houseboat to call their own. The Netherlands has seen its fair share of episodes.


A more recent addition to the "House Hunters" family, which of these spinoffs showcases people looking for nontraditional homes?

On "House Hunters Outside the Box," home buyers look at properties ranging from movie theaters to lighthouses. While these buildings weren't traditionally used as homes, their new owners are hoping to turn them into something extra special.


How long is an episode of "House Hunters Renovation"?

Unlike a normal episode of "House Hunters," which is just 30 minutes long, "House Hunters Renovation" takes one hour. The first 30 minutes run like a standard episode, but the second half follows the new homeowners' renovations.


What is the name of the "House Hunters" spinoff that features people looking for homes in remote or secluded areas?

Interested in some extreme house hunting? "House Hunters Off the Grid" showcases home buyers looking for properties well off the beaten path. In one of our favorite episodes, the home buyer purchased a private island in Belize!


How do most people watch "House Hunters"?

AdWeek reported 90 percent of viewers watch "House Hunters" live on television. That's pretty amazing in an age when most people consume their media either online or from their DVRs. No wonder advertisers love "House Hunters" so much!


Who are the creators of "House Hunters"?

Tara Sandler and Jennifer Davidson came up with the idea for "House Hunters" when the couple was house hunting themselves. They thought the stress of looking for a new home would make for great reality TV, and they were right!


Minus commercials, how long is an episode of "House Hunters?

When you take out the commercials (OOF, if only we could), each episode of "House Hunters" is just 22 minutes long. Somehow, that's enough time for home buyers to see three properties and make a huge life decision!


Which show was the first "House Hunters" spinoff series?

"House Hunters International" was the first spinoff. It has the same narrator but, of course, centers on properties outside of the U.S. The show features people moving to another country from the U.S. or Canada.


Kind of like VH1's "Pop-Up Video," which of these "House Hunters" spinoffs features trivia questions and facts?

In November 2014, VH1 met HGTV in the "House Hunters" spinoff, "House Hunters Pop'd." While home buyers check out different properties, fun trivia questions and facts pop up on the screen.


On average, how many people watch "House Hunters" per month?

Each month, approximately 25 million people tune in to "House Hunters." It's popular among advertisers because it's a safe way for them to spend their advertising budget. People always watch!


To date, how many seasons of "House Hunters" has HGTV made?

As of September 2019, HGTV has made a whopping 175 season of "House Hunters." That's more than 1,770 episodes since "House Hunters" started in October 1999. Do you think HGTV has another 175 seasons in them?


In all the years "House Hunters" has been on the air, how many narrators has the show had?

You may not remember them all by ear, but the series has had three different narrators. When "House Hunter" first started, Suzanne Whang was the on-screen host. Colette Whitaker took over in 2008. Today, Andromeda Dunker voices the show but doesn't appear in front of the camera.


In what year did "House Hunters" premiere?

Wow, "House Hunters" has been helping people find their dream homes for 20 years! The show debuted in 1999, and since then, there have been more than 175 seasons of all the house hunting drama you love.


Which of the following shows is NOT a real "House Hunters" spinoff series?

The "House Hunters" family doesn't have a spinoff called "House Hunters New Construction" (for now). However, all the other titles above are actual spinoff series. You really can hunt for a houseboat!


In the early seasons of "House Hunters," which of the following did viewers NOT know?

When "House Hunters" first started out, the show didn't provide the prices of the homes they were featuring. Additionally, the audience didn't know where the properties were located. OOF, we're glad that has since changed!


Around the world, how many teams are filming episodes of "House Hunters International" at any given time?

To keep up with the demand for new "House Hunters International" episodes, there are 25 teams filming at all times. You can find them in countries around the world, including Mexico, Colombia, Spain, India and Australia.


To qualify for "Tiny House Hunters," how small must the properties be?

Even small homes deserve some love! On "Tiny House Hunters," home buyers must be looking for a property that measures less than 600 square feet in order to qualify for the show. It's a significant downsize for most people.


Clever marketing! Which automobile brand made a "House Hunters" inspired advertising campaign in 2010?

In 2010, Chevrolet created its own little "House Hunters" spinoff with an advertising campaign called "Car Hunters." People had to choose their favorite car from among a Chevy and two other vehicles.


How many days does it take to film an average episode of "House Hunters"?

Now, that's a quick turnaround! It takes just three days for a team to film a standard episode of "House Hunters." The crew certainly has filming down to a science after so many episodes.


In "House Hunters on Vacation," how long do families stay in their vacation home?

This special HGTV spinoff gives families the opportunity to stay in a vacation home of their own choosing for one week. Not only do they get to vacation in an incredible home, but HGTV foots the bill for whatever location they choose!


Which of the following is NOT true about an episode of "House Hunters"?

The families on "House Hunters" are most definitely real! Here and there, showrunners might try to insert some conflict, but the people on the show aren't paid actors. Everything else above is true.


To film an episode of "House Hunters," how many people are on the camera crew?

Believe it or not, there are only three people behind the scenes filming each episode of "House Hunters." The small yet effective team includes a camera operator, an audio engineer and a director.


While it may seem like "House Hunters" is done in real time, which of the following real estate steps are buyers usually in?

When people appear on "House Hunters," they're usually past the point of searching for a home and have a down payment in escrow. In real estate, an escrow account is a secure holding area where the money is held until the deal is closed and the house officially changes hands.


How many episodes of "House Hunters" does narrator Andromeda Dunker voice every week?

She must take good care of her vocal cords because Dunker voices anywhere between 10 to 20 episodes of "House Hunters" each week. She records the "House Hunters International" episodes in her home studio.


How much are home buyers paid to appear on "House Hunters"?

You only get $500 for appearing on an episode of "House Hunters." However, the director also treats you to meals and on-set snacks, according to one person who was featured on the show with her family.


How much money do people on "House Hunters International" receive?

On a domestic episode of "House Hunters," home buyers receive $500 as compensation. However, for appearing on an episode of "House Hunters International," you get a check for $1,500. Plus, you get to be on TV!


How many "House Hunters" spinoff series have been made?

Props if you've seen them all! There have been around 20 specials and spin-offs made from the original "House Hunters.” Some of our favorites include "Tiny House Hunters" and "Island Hunters."


In the United States, what is the minimum number of teams filming episodes of "House Hunters" at any given time?

At any given time, at least 15 teams are filming "House Hunters" episodes in the United States. You can find them all across the country. With that type of filming schedule, no wonder there are so many episodes.


Many people want to be on "House Hunters." How many people apply to the show every week?

If it's your dream to be on "House Hunters," good luck! Between 100 and 200 people apply to the show every week. To give it a shot yourself, check out the application on HGTV's website.


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