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By: Amanda Monell

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When you first download Teamfight Tactics, if there is one word that you don't think of, it's easy. With its battle royale gameplay and very little time to come up with a strategy, TFT can cause pulses to race, even in a casual game. One of the more challenging aspects of TFT is wrapping your head around the vast number of champions that you have to choose from as well as their abilities, tier, and most importantly, class and origin. On top of this, each of these factors needs to work in concert to create that perfect team of champions to reign supreme on the battlefield.

But the question is, how do you get there? There's only one real way, and it isn't pretty — it takes practice and preparation. You need to know how the classes work and how grouping them will lead to victory. However, you may need to mix things up by adding champions you normally wouldn't think of just to get a boost for your squad's needs. And when you add items to the mix, you're going to be in for a rude awakening if you're clueless. 

So let's see if you can identify what class each of these champions belongs in. Sharpen those pencils; it's time to get schooled in TFT!

Graves, the epic pirate champion has arrived! What class is he?

Graves has a pretty sweet ability; he can attack multiple champions with only one shot. On top of this, if he lands a critical hit, all enemies in his cone of attack take a critical hit, which makes him an ideal champion for off-tanking.


As a modern-day themed champion, Jinx has a fun theme and an even funnier class. In which class does she belong?

If she's left to her own devices, Jinx can pack quite the punch! After her second kill shot, she will break out her rocket launcher, causing up to 300 magic damage to any enemy adjacent to her target.


Adorably lethal, Tristana the yordle can hold her own on the battlefield; can you tell us her class?

When she attacks, Tristana has a pretty nasty ability; she places a bomb on her intended target, and four seconds later, it detonates hurting any opposing champion on the board for up to 400 magic damage.


As a yordle/wild hybrid, Gnar is a monster on the field; which of these classes is he?

If you manage to get a Gnar in your draw, you better keep him! Why? Aside from being awesome, he can throw off the opposition by using his GNAR! ability, which makes him a Mega Gnar, stunning the opponent after throwing them towards his allies.


Do you know what class S tiered champion Pantheon is in?

In addition to giving his allies a little extra armor, Pantheon can level a playing field in a few moments. When he uses his Grand Starfall ability, he launches himself towards the enemy on the farthest side of the board, and any enemy in his way gets stunned, leaving room for his allies to strike.


Don't be fooled by her angel wings, Vayne is no angel on the field; can you recall what class is hers?

One of the perks of Vayne's silver bolts ability is that it gives her the chance to attack multiple champions at the same time. Why? Even if her focus is on a different target, her arrows are DOTs, so then the pain keeps on coming.


Can you tell us what class glacial gal Ashe is?

If you're looking to hit the opposition hard and fast, you're going to need to rethink your strategy if you have Ashe on the field; her enchanted crystal arrows stuns her enemies, slowing them down.


Swain, an imperial/demon hybrid is one of the best Teamfight Tactics champions to have on the field. What class is he?

When he is in his demonic form, Swain can be a total lifesuck, literally. In addition to regaining his health during the transformation, he can end up sucking the life out of any nearby enemies to help keep him up and fighting longer.


As a ninja, it would make sense that Akali could kick some major tail; can you tell us her class?

When Akali deploys her shurikens, the champion in front of her isn't the only one who should be nervous about taking damage; any champion two hexes over can get dinged by them as well.


Once Vi gets on the field with her massive mechanical fists, she can pack the punch, literally; what class is she?

If your opposition has any ranged forces, they may need to run for cover if Vi is on the field. She will charge to the back of the pack, not only damaging her target but also stunning not only it but anyone in her way.


If you need a little defense, Shen is your guy, but the question is which class does he belong in?

If the chips are down while you're in battle, you may want to consider putting Shen into your mix the next round (if there is one). When his Spirit's Refuge ability is active, Shen creates a cone of protection around his allies, making them dodge all attacks from enemies.


In which class does void creature Cho'Gath belong?

In addition to looking scary, Cho'Gath's Rupture ability can stun enemies for two seconds, which can make or break a battle. Perhaps it was that intimidating appearance that spooked the opposition?


Rebellious pirate Miss Fortune is on a quest for revenge against her foes; what class is she?

If you ever need someone to hit your opposition with a barrage of bullets, Miss Fortune is the perfect fit. Her Bullet Time ability causes her to fire multiple bullets into a cone, damaging anyone in its path.


Arachnophobes should stay away from Elise, the spider demon; can you remember what class is she in?

If you ever want to add a few extra troops to your field, consider employing Elise. When she transforms, she will shoot a cocoon at a target summoning spiderlings to help aid the fight. As her level increases, the number of spiderlings increases.


Yar! Gangplank has been added to the party! In which class does he belong?

With a name like this, it should come as no surprise that Gangplank is of pirate origin. And with his Powder Keg ability, he definitely leaves his mark on the field by creating a dangerous AOE.


Any sci-fi buff will tell you that a robot fight is where it's at. With that being said, which class does the robot Blitzcrank belong to?

What do Scorpion from "Mortal Kombat" and Blitzcrank have in common? They both utilize chains to bring faraway targets to their sides. And by using this method, any enemy that comes in Blitzcrank's path can end up meeting their demise.


If you were to face off against Evelynn in a one on one fistfight, you may say she was a cheater; what class is she in?

When it comes to fighting Evelynn, the only way to possibly get a leg up on her is to fight surrounded by allies. Her ability stings the three closest champions closest to her, and before they could get their swings in, she disappears.


As one of the three dragons in TFT, Aurelion Sol probably won't be part of an origin synergy; however, he could create a class synergy with Morgana. Do you recall his class?

If you want a DPS machine, you want to create a squad of sorcerers. Even if you only get three sorcerers on the field it makes a difference; they get a 40% power boost to their abilities.


Do you recall what class Kai'Sa, a void origin champion belongs to?

Even though we listed her as a ranger, if we had put assassin down as an answer option, it would have been correct as well. As one of the few champions that are dual classed, Kai'Sa is capable of making three synergies when she arrives on the field.


BRR! What class is Anivia, a creature of glacial origin?

Just like driving during a snowy day, Anivia's Glacial Storm ability can be a bear to navigate! Any opposition caught in its path not only gets slowed, but it takes damage as well.


Being of a phantom origin, Mordekaiser guarantees that enemies don't stand a ghost of a chance when he starts to fight, but do you remember his class?

Even though he is only one of three phantoms in the game, Mordekeiser does his origin good. In addition to being able to block damage by being a knight, he devastates one of the opposing champions when he enters the field, cursing them and reducing their HP to 100.


When it comes to protection, you definitely can count on Braum to keep his eye on your six; what class is this tank?

As the name implies, members of the guardian class help protect their allies. In Braum's case, he channels his glacial ties and creates a wall of ice using his Unbreakable ability. On top of this, when he enters the field, any adjacent ally gets additional armor.


Looking for a champion to bring some heat to the field? Better grab Brand! Do you know what class he's on?

Adding chaos to the field is Brand's specialty! With his Pyroclasm ability, he sends fireballs out into battle bouncing into opposition, potentially bowling them over in waves of flame.


With an ability called Decimate, Darius sets the bar high for player expectations; what class is he?

As an A tiered champion, Darius is a solid fighter who can bring a lot to the field. As one of the cheaper heroes (he has a 1 coin cost), he is easy to upgrade and can destroy the field while the opposition is still working on building their armies.


Even though she is of wild origin, Ahri's attacks are a little more controlled because they are ranged; can you tell us what class she is?

If you like to bowl, Ahri would be the perfect pin pal. Why? Because when she sends her Spirit Orbs out onto the field, she aims them at the opposition, knocking them over like bowling pins.


In which class does the demon Aatrox belong?

If you've seen the word "darkin" before in TFT, it may not be in reference to Aatrox's Darkin Blade ability. Some players will use an item called a darkin to add the demon origin to their champion of choice.


While she may not be one of the most powerful fighters, Camille is a champion you meet at the beginning of the game; what class is she in?

Even though she's a C tiered fighter, Camille has one thing that many of the other champions don't; a built-in target system! With her Hextech Ultimatum ability, when she chooses a target, her allies tag team them as well.


When you break out Draven, you know there's a party about to begin; do you know what class this S tiered champion is?

With 700 health and a pair of axes, Draven is a formidable foe on the field. When his Spinning Axes ability kicks in, he gets extra damage and speed, coupling that with his imperial origin perk of giving double damage, it spells trouble.


Do you recall what class Fiora, a champion of noble origin belongs to?

If you're looking for someone who will fight with finesse, check out Fiora's fancy footwork. In addition to her razor-sharp swordsmanship, when her Riposte ability is active, she is immune to spells and damage.


Better bundle up! Glacial guy Sejuani is about to hit the field; what class is he?

As a knight and a glacial champion, Sejuani is a contender to watch for when he makes his entrance. Not only does he have the ability to block damage from multiple sources, but he also can stun the opposition with his Glacial Prison ability.


Can you tell us what class Kindred is?

Just like any other champion of phantom origin, Kindred curses a random champion and reducing their hit points to 100 when she enters the field. However, unlike her other two relatives, her Lamb's Respite ability doesn't deal damage; it protects herself and allies from dying.


Don't let the cuteness get you, Kennen the yordle can weaken the enemies with ease; which class does he belong in?

There are only a handful of champions that belong to more than one origin, but Kennen's two origins (yordle and ninja) make a perfect recipe for victory. Yordles can dodge attacks, and ninjas can deal extra damage when placed on the field.


Even though he's of noble origin, don't expect Garen to be a gentleman on the field. Can you tell us his class?

If you're placing Garen on the field, he may end up being your knight in shining armor. Why? Because when he releases his Judgement ability, he becomes immune to magic and attacks while still dealing damage to those who oppose him.


Hold onto your hats! Leona is about to take off onto the field; what class is she?

Being the only female guardian in the bunch, Leona is a middle-ranked champion with a pretty sweet AoE; her Solar Flare ability creates a bullseye in the middle of the field, damaging and stunning the opposition within it.


As far as casters go, you really don't want to mess with Karthus, but which of these classes does he belong in?

Do you want to throw your opponent off their game? If so, check out Karthus's Requiem ability. With this ability, Karthus targets enemies at random and attacks, which can make or break a defense.


What class is wild child Nidalee?

Shapeshifters can be nasty opponents to face off against because once you think you have them down, they transform and get their HP back! And if you have Nidalee on the field, it can spell trouble when she transforms; her Primal Surge ability heals the weakest ally as well as herself.


Every ninja has their favorite weapon, so it would make sense that Zed uses his shuriken in his ability. But which of these classes does he belong to?

When Zed employs his Razor Shuriken ability, he doesn't just hit a single target unless they are separated from the pack; it also enables Zed to attack enemies standing in clumps by firing shuriken in a line.


If you need to get your opposition to chill, you may want to enlist the help of Lissandra, a champion of glacial origin. What class is she?

If you are claustrophobic, you may want to avoid Lissandra because her Frozen Tomb ability could scare anyone to death: she encases her enemies in ice, freezing them and damaging their allies at the same time.


In which class does Twisted Fate the pirate belong?

When you see Twisted Fate pulling out a deck of cards, it isn't to play poker. His Pick a Card ability can either grant him the ability to recharge the mana of him and his allies or damage his enemies. Either way, you may want to get out of his way!


Need to quiet a chaotic field? If so, you should enlist the demon Morgana; do you know what class she belongs to?

If you need to slow your enemies down for a spell (pun intended), enlisting Morgana may do the trick. Her Soul Shackles ability can deal damage while stunning a target, and if they can't move, then it makes it open season on the field.


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