“Star Wars” Experts Know if These Characters Are Real or Fake

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With the launch of "Star Wars," George Lucas created a universe that would take on a life of its own, even outside of his original story. Becoming one of the most successful media franchises in history, "Star Wars" reshaped the sci-fi genre with its crazy lightsaber duels, heroic journeys and a cast of characters that has made the "Star Wars" universe what it is today.

Characters in "Star Wars" come in many varieties, and not just because they hail from a range of planets across the galaxy, making up different species and races. Though that does increase their intrigue, there's so much more that makes them easy to identify with. Adding to their relatability, "Star Wars" characters are shaped by their trials and tribulations. These struggles result in various personalities, as ideologies and relationships form to make the characters multidimensional.

Are you well versed when it comes to "Star Wars" characters? Can you prove your expertise by determining if these characters are actually from the series? From Jedi Knights to powerful Sith Lords to commoners, this quiz throws a multitude of names at you to test your knowledge. If you think you're up to the task, dive in and see if you have to rely on the power of the Force to get a high score.

After receiving plans to the Death Star, Princess Leia calls upon Rick Windu to help her when she's captured by the Galactic Empire. Is Rick Windu a real or fake character?

Obi-Wan Kenobi, under the alias Ben Kenobi, is the one who answers the pleas of Princess Leia after she is captured by the Galactic Empire. Kenobi is one of the last Jedi left after the fall of the Jedi Order at the end of the Galactic Republic.


Do you know if Anakin Skywalker is a real character who's destined to save the galaxy or is he a fake?

In his childhood, Anakin Skywalker was raised as a slave on Tatooine by his mother, Shmi Skywalker. The fact that Anakin had no father and a strong connection to the Force led to the belief that he was the Chosen One.


Is Yoda really the Jedi Master who watches the Jedi Order fall as the Galactic Republic comes to an end, or is that a fake name?

Yoda is extremely old in the "Star Wars" series, reaching 900 years old at the time of his death. Little is known about Yoda's species or why they live so long, but despite his mysterious past, he became one of the most powerful and wise Jedi in the galaxy.


Did "Star Wars" have a real character named Neo Kenobi who turned to the dark side of the Force after his anger and suspicion of the Jedi Order clouded his mind?

Darth Vader, previously Anakin Skywalker, is one of the lead antagonists in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. His powers are immense, and he's ruthless in his use of them, showing little remorse to those who stand in his way.


Lance Solo was the captain of the Millennium Falcon. Is this character real or fake?

Han Solo is no Jedi, but he's still one of the greatest heroes the galaxy has ever seen. Initially working as a smuggler and captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han is drawn into the struggle against the Galactic Empire during a transport mission from Tatooine to Alderaan.


Are you familiar with Mon Mathma, or should the name be listed as a fake?

While many senators stood against the Jedi following the Clone Wars, not realizing their actions would destroy the Galactic Republic, Mon Mathma abandoned the Senate. Understanding the depth of the crisis, she immediately started working to start the Rebel Alliance.


Can you recall the name Beru Lars, or does the name fall under the fake category of characters?

Beru Lars lived with her husband, Owen, on the planet Tatooine, where they were farmers. However, the two were killed by stormtroopers after they came across two droids carrying plans to the Death Star.


With the galaxy in peril, Sam Skywalker stepped up to the plate to bring down the Galactic Empire. Do you know if this name is real or fake?

Luke Skywalker began his journey to become a Jedi Master after leaving Tatooine, where he was raised by his aunt and uncle. However, he was reluctant to start that journey at first until he realized the devastation the Galactic Empire could cause.


Have you seen enough of the "Star Wars" series to know if Emperor Pilaf was a real or fake villain?

Emperor Palpatine was very methodical in his rise to power, not revealing that he was a Sith Lord until he held absolute control. As the ruler of the Galactic Empire, Palpatine went by his Sith name, Darth Sidious.


Does Chewbacca's name ring a bell as a real character in the Rebel Alliance, or should he be classified as a fake?

One of the fiercest warriors in the Rebel Alliance, Chewbacca was born on the planet Kashyyyk. In his exploits, Chewbacca was involved in several important battles, where his role as the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon proved to be invaluable.


Will you be able to label the character in this statement as real or fake: Luka the Hutt was one of the leaders of the criminal underworld with a vast influence on the galaxy?

There was no gangster more notorious in the galaxy than Jabba the Hutt, who ran his enterprises from Tatooine. Jabba was primarily involved in trafficking illegal goods including slaves, and his iron fist over those under him made him a threat to even the Jedi.


Was Rey a real hero who overcame her tough life on a brutal desert planet, or does she need to be grouped with the fake characters?

The granddaughter of a former Sith Lord, Rey obtained her Force powers from the dark side of the Force. However, she choose to use those powers to ensure the Sith would not return to power.


Kylo Ren carries around a unique lightsaber that he wields against the Jedi. Is this character real or fake?

Trained to be a Jedi, Kylo Ren eventually gave in to the dark side of the Force as he sought to continue the legacy of Darth Vader. To accomplish this, he rose to the top of the First Order, leading a group of warriors known as the Knights of Ren.


Do you know if Pamela Amidala is a real name in the "Star Wars" universe or a fake?

Before becoming a senator, Padme Amidala was named the Queen of Naboo while only a teenager. One of her first responsibilities as queen was to end the Trade Federation's control over her planet and its people, which she accomplished with the help of the Jedi.


Was Robo Fett recognized as one of the most lethal bounty hunters in the galaxy, or should he be designated a fake character?

A clone himself, Boba Fett's genetics were used to create the clone troopers who eventually brought down the Galactic Republic. However, none of the clones matched up to him in terms of skill, as he was one of the best-trained warriors in the empire.


Does Jyn Erso's name ring a bell as the heroic soldier who sacrificed her life for the greater good, or would this name be considered a fake?

After the death of her mother, Jyn Erso turned to a life of crime in order to survive during the reign of the Galactic Empire. However, when duty called, she turned her life around and led a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star.


Are you knowledgable enough about "Star Wars" to place Captain Plasma's name into the real or fake category?

A gifted soldier, Captain Phasma was put in charge of the stormtroopers who carried out the will of the First Order. She was involved in some of the most wicked acts carried out by the order, including the massacre on Jakku.


Darth Maul serves the dark side of the Force with his double-bladed lightsaber. Is this a real character or a fake one?

Darth Maul was seemingly killed by the Jedi Order during the Naboo Crisis when his body was cut in half by a lightsaber. However, he somehow survived the ordeal by constructing himself into a cyborg and sought revenge against those he thought wronged him.


Can you recall if the name Jar Jar Binks is a real or fake character from the "Star Wars" universe?

Jar Jar Binks was instrumental in bringing an end to the Trade Federation's hold over his home planet of Naboo. He accomplished this by helping form an alliance between his people, the Gungans, and the Monarch of Naboo.


Do you remember the name Riley Tico from "Star Wars," or should the character be classified as a fake?

Born into a mining family on Hays Minor, Rose Tico came to despise the First Order after they took control of the mines on her planet. To combat the First Order's grip over her homeworld, Rose joined the Resistance beside her sister, Paige.


R6-D6 is one of the most important droids in the entire series. Do you know if this character is real or fake?

Despite not being a weaponized droid, R2-D2 was one of the most valuable and courageous heroes in "Star Wars." He was particularly helpful when it came to knowledge, as he held information that was pivotal in bringing down the Galactic Empire.


Abigail Secura is one of the most gifted Jedi in the entire order thanks to her mastery of lightsaber combat. Would you label this character as real or fake?

A general in the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, Aayla Secura played an important role in several battles, including the First Battle of Geonosis. The battle marked the beginning of the Clone Wars as the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched their assault against the Galactic Republic.


Does the character in this statement have a real or fake name: Maz Kanata has gained immense knowledge of the galaxy after living for over a thousand years?

Known as the "pirate queen," Maz Kanata worked with smugglers who passed through her home, where she would gift them with her wisdom. Prior to that, she had traveled the galaxy, gaining knowledge as well as valuable antiques.


Have you seen enough of the "Star Wars" movies to know if General Grievous is a real or fake character from the series?

Born on the planet Kalee, General Grievous had to undergo an operation that transformed his body into a cybernetic weapon of destruction after he was nearly killed in an accident. Grievous didn't mind, however, as he saw his new body as an enhancement.


Ri'ra lived a difficult childhood, growing up in the streets of Corellia. Is she really a character in "Star Wars" or a fake?

After betraying the White Worms, Qi'ra was sold into slavery, initially purchased by Sarkin Enneb. She was later sold to the leader of Crimson Dawn, eventually joining the group after proving to be a valuable asset.


Would it be more accurate to list Count Baku as a real Sith Lord or a fake character?

Once an orphan, Count Dooku was taken in by the Jedi Order, who trained him in the ways of the Force. However, he abandoned the order because of views that didn't align with the Jedi and later turned to the dark side of the Force.


Do you know if Mace Windu was a real character on the Jedi High Council, or should he be branded a fake?

After discovering the identity of Darth Sidious, Mace Windu went to confront the Sith Lord. A battle ensued with Windu getting the upper hand until he was betrayed by a Jedi Knight and thrown to his death.


Are you familiar enough with "Star Wars" to know if the character in this statement is real or fake: Amilyn Holdo was a brilliant strategist from Gatalenta?

Amilyn Holdo was willing to sacrifice everything in the Resistance's struggle against the First Order, and she did just that when she drove her ship into the Star Destroyer Supremacy to save transport evacuees. The maneuver took her life but saved the Resistance.


Glenn was a stormtrooper who defected from the First Order. Does this character really appear in "Star Wars," or does he need to be labeled a fake?

After leaving the First Order, Finn tried to separate himself from the conflict. There was no escape, however, as the war between the First Order and the Resistance swept across the galaxy, forcing Finn to side with the Resistance.


Can you recall the characters in "Star Wars" well enough to know if C-3PO was a real droid or a fake name?

Even though he had a worrisome nature, C-3PO often found himself in the middle of major conflicts between the Jedi and the Sith. He was present during the mission to save Princess Leia from Darth Vader and continued to help the Rebel Alliance until the Galactic Empire was brought down.


Kathryn Ko Konnix was a communications coordinator for the Resistance. Is this character real or fake?

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, Kaydel Ko Connix was promoted to lieutenant in the Resistance. Her new position put her in charge of the evacuation of D'Qar Base, a mission that almost resulted in her death when the base was finally destroyed.


Does Lando Calrissian have a place in the "Star Wars" universe, or does he need to be classified as a fake?

Lando Calrissian once owned the Millennium Falcon, but his gambling habit got the best of him as he lost the spacecraft in a game of sabacc. The loss of the Millennium Falcon brought an end to Lando's smuggling years, and he turned to mining as a new career.


How familiar are you with your Jedi? Is it enough to know if Sai-Son Jinn is a real or fake member?

All Jedi recognized Qui-Gon Jinn's wisdom and skill, and he was even offered a place on the Jedi High Council. He turned the offer down, though, as he believed his connection with the Force would put him in conflict with other members of the council.


Was Jocasta Nu the character Jedi would go to if they needed to access the Jedi Archives, or should she be designated a fake character?

Though Jocasta Nu was the Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives, she was also a well-trained Jedi Master herself. She managed to survive the massacre of the Jedi at the end of the Galactic Republic and worked afterwards to keep the Jedi's history alive.


Is the character in this statement real or fake: Jamillia became the Queen of Naboo?

After losing in her first attempt to become Queen of Naboo, Jamillia ran again right around the time the Clone Wars got underway. Winning that election, she stayed in power until the Galactic Republic fell to the Sith.


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