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Whether it's a bag of uniquely flavoured chips or a decadent bar of milk chocolate, Canadians take their snack food very seriously. As the inventors of ketchup chips, Hickory Sticks and Dare maple leaf cookies, we know there's a lot at stake when it comes to protecting the integrity of our snacks. Unsurprisingly, many of the snacks we enjoy in Canada regularly come from the United Kingdom — sometimes, the original product names are kept, and sometimes the snack's name is reinvented for a Canadian audience. 

Is it a Glosette or a Raisinet? A Weetabix or an Oatibix? A Caramilk or a Caramello? Is Canada famous for all-dressed or everything chips? If you're a true Canadian snack food aficionado, these questions will be easy peasy. On the other hand, if you're unfamiliar with these treats, you'll come out of this quiz with a long list of new foods to try — especially if you're visiting Canada for the first time (in which case, bring an extra suitcase so you can share your newfound culinary obsession with your friend and family.) 

To get into the right mood, we wholeheartedly encourage the enjoyment of several President's Choice chocolate chip cookies as a means to help you guess the correct answers (a big glass of bright pink soda pop wouldn't be remiss in this situation, either.) 

You don't have to be a smarty pants to know what the sweet Canadian treat in the picture above is called. What is the name of this shareable snack?

"When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last?" If you grew up watching cartoons in the '90s, these words would immediately put the Smarties jingle in your head. Unlike American Smarties (which are made from hard candy), Canadian Smarties are made from candy-covered milk chocolate.


These smoky snacks are named after a tree; can you guess what they're called?

Hickory Sticks are known for their deeply smoky flavour and stick-like shape, which makes them an ideal snack for sharing. Although Hickory Sticks are cut into matchsticks, they still offer plenty of chip for their size — the chips are double-cut, resulting in an extra-thick hickory-flavoured experience.


This snack cake in dessert form is pillowy chocolate perfection — do you know which name is the right one?

What do you call two pieces of chocolate cake filled with a creamy white filling and then dipped in milk chocolate? A Jos Louis, of course! Invented in 1932, Jos Louis snack cakes were named after Joseph and Louis, the sons of the original inventors, Arcade and Rose-Anna Giroux Vachon.


Canada's most famous chip flavour is based on its most popular condiment. Which condiment is it?

It might be hard to believe, but ketchup chips were invented in the 1970s after an effort to marry the unlikely combination of fruit flavouring and potato chips (in addition to ketchup, orange and grape flavours were also tested.) The ketchup chips were a hit, but the other flavours? Not so much.


These chips are generously seasoned with something for everyone — but not everyone knows that they're called. Do you know what name they go by?

Ruffles all-dressed chips are partly sweet, partly salty, with just the right amount of vinegar flavour. The secret to this uniquely Canadian flavour experience? A perfect blend of ketchup, salt and vinegar, barbecue and sour cream and onion chip seasoning.


You won't find yourself in a pickle if you eat these mouth-puckering chips. Can you figure out the flavour?

While the concept of dill pickle chips might seem unusual, this popular flavour is adored by Canadians across the country. Chips aren't the only kind of snack food to come in a dill pickle flavour — Doritos and popcorn can also be found covered in the tangy seasoning.


Can you guess which two uniquely Canadian ingredients are used to flavour these sweet and salty chips?

Although they're a relatively new invention, Kettle Brand maple bacon potato chips are quickly becoming a permanent addition to the Canadian snack scene. The super-crunchy chips combine the smokiness of thick-cut bacon with the distinct sweetness of maple syrup.


Which treat for children also comes with a tiny toy?

Kinder Surprise is a fun treat for young children and the young at heart (the word "kinder" means "children" in German.) The milk chocolate egg comes with a small plastic capsule inside; open the capsule, and you'll discover a small toy to play with while you finish eating the chocolate.


If you've tried this gum, you either love it (or really, really hate it.) What is the name of this polarizing product?

The marketing team behind Thrills gum makes no pretence about hiding the gum's infamous flavour — its tagline is, "It still tastes like soap!" First invented in London, Ontario, Thrills gum is heavily flavoured with rosewater, giving the gum its signature dish soap and potpourri flavour.


If Canada had a national cookie, this would be it! Which patriotic symbol also comes in cookie format?

Dare's Maple Leaf Crème cookies are made in the shape of a maple leaf, covered in a thick layer of creamy maple frosting and then sandwiched together to create the ultimate patriotic cookie (who knew Canada would taste so good in cookie form?)


A coffee break isn't a coffee break until it involves one of these — which caffeinated confection is this question referring to?

Coffee Crisp bars have a surprisingly long history as a break-time snack; they were first made in the UK in the 1930's under the name Rowntree's Wafer Crisp. The chocolate bar eventually received a boost from the addition of coffee and in 1988 it officially became known as a Coffee Crisp bar.


Chocolate? Check. Crunchy peanut butter? Also check. Which chocolate bar should you choose if you want a little of both?

"The only thing better than your Crispy Crunch is someone else's" — this slogan was written in the late '80s by Martin Shewchuck while working at the ad agency Leo Burnett Canada. The slogan was responsible for carrying the brand from 10th place to 1st in terms of sales and growth by volume.


Which sweet snack features pockets of molten caramel tucked into squares of chocolate?

If given a survey, most Canadians would agree a Caramilk bar is a type of chocolate bar. Still, according to food labelling laws, Caramilks must be labelled as "candy bars" because they aren't legally considered solid chocolate bars.


What kind of chocolate bar closely resembles Turkish delight?

Big Turk bars fall under the category of "love it or hate it" thanks to their distinctive dark pink centre made from Turkish delight. Made by Nestlé, Big Turk bars are a favourite for people who are trying to eat less fat in their diet — the bar contains 60% less fat than other chocolate bars.


Canadian fans of sponge toffee will know the name of this chocolate bar — do you?

Crunchie bars are manufactured by Cadbury in several different countries. A fine stream of very hot oil is used to slice the sponge toffee in every country except for in Canada, where the cutting is done by rotary saws.


This fried pastry is named after a certain anatomical part of an iconic Canadian animal. Where does this delicious snack get its name?

Official BeaverTails are made by BeaverTails food stands, although there are plenty of regional recipes for making this fried treat at home. Favourite toppings include — but aren't limited to — sugar, cinnamon, whipped cream and Nutella.


When you combine chocolate, butter and coconut, what kind of distinctly Canadian dessert do you get?

Nanaimo bars have been considered a national treasure in Canada for over 60 years — the first known recipe was published in 1953 in one of two places (food historians disagree on this detail): Edith Adams' prize cookbook or the Vancouver Sun, where it was called a "London Fog Bar."


This aerated snack comes in milk chocolate, orange or mint chocolate flavours. What is the name of this bubbly bar?

Aero bars are manufactured and distributed all over the world, with one notable exception: the United States. Aero bars were briefly sold in the States during the 1980s, but the product failed to attract a following, and sales were discontinued.


This cheesy product is much saltier than its main competitor and can be found on the shelves of Shoppers Drugmart and Loblaws — can you identify this Canadian snack?

President's Choice Deluxe White Cheddar Mac and Cheese can be found in any store operating under the Loblaw Companies Limited banner. Canadians love the PC version of macaroni and cheese for its extra creamy sauce and sharp cheddar taste.


Canadians eat more of this product than any other country. Do you know the name of Canada's most beloved pantry staple?

Approximately 7 million boxes of Kraft Dinner are sold around the world every week, and Canadians are responsible for purchasing roughly 1.7 million of those boxes. The bright orange macaroni and cheese mix is so popular it now has a permanent home on the shelves of Canadian pantries everywhere.


What kind of dairy product is this Canadian dessert named after?

Gooey, syrup-like filling, the satisfying crunch of crisp sugar — these are the traits that make butter tarts such a satisfying snack. When it comes to butter tart specifics, all Canadians know they must pick a side in the never-ending debate about whether raisins should be included in the recipe.


Many Canadian children get a head-start on the letters of the alphabet by eating this comfort food — what is it called?

Alpha-Getti is best enjoyed after spending several hours outdoors on a blustery winter day. Manufactured by Heinz, Alphaghetti features alphabet-shaped pasta in a savoury yet pleasantly sweet tomato sauce.


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Which made-in-Canada canned treat features an entire menagerie of animals?

While the rest of the world has come to think of zoodles as spiralized zucchini noodles, Canadians know that actual Zoodles are an easy snack or lunch consisting of animal-shaped pasta and tomato sauce — all that stands between you and a hot bowl of Zoodles is a can opener and a microwave.


You don't have to be shredded to enjoy the breakfast cereal in the image above; you just need to be hungry. What is the name of this popular cereal?

Made from wholegrain wheat, Shreddies are a classic breakfast cereal for both children and adults in Canada. Plain Shreddies are only lightly sweetened, although the manufacturer, Post, has gone on to offer limited edition flavours such as frosted or honey-glazed.


Which type of Canadian pop is known for its shocking pink colour?

Except for the cream soda sold in Quebec and Newfoundland, Canadian cream soda is bright pink. Popular brands include Crush, Dad's, Fanta, Jones Soda, The Pop Shoppe and President's Choice.


This dipping sauce pairs well with almost anything, especially chicken. Can you identify this classic Canadian condiment?

Swiss Chalet is a popular fast-casual restaurant specializing in rotisserie chicken. While the chicken is undeniably delicious, the best part of the meal is the dipping sauce — it can even be purchased in powder or canned form from the grocery store.


Sweet but not cloying, which of the following treats are advertised as "a lighter way to enjoy chocolate"?

When Maltesers were first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1937, they were marketed towards women who were looking to maintain a svelte figure. Decades later, the chocolate-covered malted balls are still advertised as being lower in fat but still full of flavour.


Where is the best place in Canada to buy fresh bagels?

Montreal-style bagels are sold all over Canada, but to experience the best bagel possible, you'll need to travel to the city of Montreal. This type of bagel is instantly recognizable by its small, dense shape and large hole — flavour-wise, Montreal-style bagels are known for their sweet taste.


What kind of meat is Montreal most famous for?

Montreal-style smoked meat is made from cured beef brisket that has been salted and flavoured with herbs. The brisket is cured for one week, at which point it's smoked and steamed until ready to be eaten. Sandwiches and poutine are both popular vehicles for eating Montreal-style smoked meat.


Donair is loved by Canadians everywhere; where is the best place to get donair in the country?

The signature dish of Halifax, Nova Scotia, might surprise you — it's not a lobster roll, but a donair! With its origins in traditional Greek food, a donair sandwich or wrap features mounds of thinly shaved beef, diced tomatoes, onions and garlicky donair sauce.


Instantly recognizable by its purple packaging, which candy bar do Canadians choose when they're looking for the ultimate chocolate experience?

This iconic chocolate bar has been around for well over a century! First manufactured in 1905 in the United Kingdom, Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar has gone from chocolate at its most basic (which it still is) to several newer bars containing fruit, nuts and caramel.


When Canadians have a hankering for ginger ale, they reach for which of the following brands?

Using the same terminology employed by wine tasters, Canada Dry ginger ale's inventor John McLaughlin named the beverage for its less-sweet flavour (fair warning, Canada Dry ginger ale has increased in sweetness over the years.)


This breakfast cereal is considered a complete meal in a bowl. Do you know what you should be looking for in the cereal aisle?

Unlike other breakfast cereals, Vector cereal is heavily advertised as a meal replacement (especially for athletes.) The cereal contains a higher-than-average amount of protein per serving as well as significant quantities of dietary fibre and iron.


These cookies are so prolific you get a free bag when you sign up for a bank account with President's Choice. What kind of cookies are they?

If you've ever had the pleasure of eating a President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie, you can understand why the product is so popular! 39% of cookies' weight consists entirely of chocolate chips — about double the weight of the chocolate in cookies made by PC's main competitors.


Which brand of decadent yogurt includes flavours such as dulce de leche and mocha?

Liberté Méditerranée is a treat for anyone who loves yogurt. Made from a combination of milk and cream, this line of ultra-rich dessert yogurt is an indulgent dairy product that comes in many flavours, including black cherry, coconut, caramel and lemon.


Technically they're donut holes, but Canadians call them something else. What is this statement referring to?

Timbits are a play on the word "tidbits," and if you're a fan of Tim Hortons, you know that it's impossible to leave the restaurant without snacking on at least one (or several) of these fried donut holes.


The candy in the image above features individual chocolates filled with caramel. Do you know the name of this product?

Is there anything better than a tube of Rolo chocolates? In Canada, Nestlé manufactures the caramel-filled treat. Rolo superfans can also find the candy mixed into ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes.


Can you guess which wheat-based breakfast cereal can be served hot or cold?

Weetabix is a biscuit-shaped breakfast cereal that comes in packets of two. The cereal is especially popular in the United Kingdom but remains a hit in Canada where it's enjoyed with milk — hot or cold — and a light dusting of brown sugar.


Are you able to identify the dried fruit-filled movie snack shown above?

It doesn't feel like a trip to the movies unless a purple box of glossy Glosette chocolate-covered raisins is involved! If you hate raisins, don't despair, the Glosette brand also includes chocolate-covered almonds and peanuts.


Do you know the name of Canada's official dish (and late-night snack food)?

Is there anything better than hand-cut fries, cheese curds (preferably from Quebec), and a heavy drizzle of brown gravy? Not in Canada, anyway. The best gravy is made from a combination of beef and chicken stock and a generous amount of salt and pepper.


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