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We didn't know it at the time, but 1994 was about to give us a gift: Ross and Rachel. Monica and Chandler. Joey. Phoebe. "Smelly Cat." Running for 10 years, it was hard to imagine that any show could ever usurp "Friends" in our minds and hearts as a sneak peek into the careers and romances of six friends navigating their 20s and 30s. It was funny. It was real. It was endearing. 

Then along came "New Girl," albeit seven years after "Friends" made its departure. 2011 gave us the show that followed Jess and her three (count 'em, three!) male roommates: Nick, Schmidt and Winston. "New Girl" gave us a return to our "Friends' glory days, following the teacher and her friends, navigating their 30s in — this time — Los Angeles.

That brings us to this proverbial sitcom versus sitcom crossroads. Do you know which show gave us this gem: "Where do you even buy sheets like this? They have the thread count of a paper towel?" What about, "That's right, I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help. If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you!" Can you match these quotes to either the "Friends" six or the "New Girl" five (don't forget Jess' BFF Cece!)? 

If you don't know the answer, you can always "pivot!" Hey, "Schmidt happens." Let's see what you've got!

We question your allegiance to this show unless you've said "How you doin'?!" at least once in your life. Which program is it from?

The lovable Joey is credited with the greatest usage of this short, but memorable quote from "Friends." He most frequently used it as a type of pick-up line when talking to a member of the opposite sex.


Which of these shows gave us the iconic, "We were on a break!" quote?

"Friends" gave us this iconic quote, with both Rachel and Ross reciting this line at various times during the series. The quote initially stemmed from an argument between the couple.


If you don't read this quote in *that* voice, you're doing it wrong. Which show gave us, "Oh. My. God?"

Janice, played by Maggie Wheeler, was Chandler's ex on the show and her nasally, "Oh. My. God," exclamation was a hallmark of her character's appearance on the show. Often, you could hear Janice coming before you saw her!


"If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?" (Don't answer that.) Do you know which show gave us this one?

It's another classic from Winston, who said, "If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?" Hey, we aren't judging, but does the same apply to dogs? Asking for a friend.


"Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot. Pivot. Pivot." Where does this one-word quote go?

This quote concludes Ross' instructions to Chandler and Rachel, who are trying to help him get up the stairs with a couch. Chandler's response? "Shut up. Shut up! Shut UP!" Tell us how you really feel, Chandler!


Which show gave us, "We are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet?"

This quote is attributed to Jess from "New Girl," who delivered it during the "Kids" episode in the series' first season. "New Girl" was named one of the best new comedies on TV when it first started.


In the "Probably Not True" category: "'Eye of the Tiger' ended the cold war." Which show did it come from?

Winston on "New Girl" uttered this funny saying during the show's first season. His roommate, Jess, responded by saying, "That's not even a little bit true." Sadly, she's right, but it's fun to think about.


Which show gave us, "If you hate my mustache, sir, then you hate me?"

Schmidt said this one during "New Girl's" seventh season. In the clip, Nick is visibly disgusted by Schmidt's mustache and finally tells him so. This quote is Schmidt's clever retort.


This quote was actually song lyrics: "Smelly cat, smel-ly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smel-ly cat, it's not your fault." What show are they from?

It's one of Phoebe's greatest hits, a song called "Smelly Cat" that she sang at Central Perk. Phoebe had a, shall we say, interesting take on music, but we miss her particular brand of song!


A character on this show said, "Can we just take a minute to celebrate me?" Which one was it?

On "New Girl," Schmidt delivers this line after his roommate, Jess, finds out that he is sleeping with her best friend, Cece. He first apologizes for how she found out, but then adds this gem.


"My sister's gonna have my baby!" Hey, it wasn't awkward if you knew the story behind it. Which show is it from?

Phoebe's brother, Frank Jr. uttered this exclamation after his sister found out she was officially pregnant as Frank and his wife's surrogate. Sure, it sounds weird if you don't know the backstory. (They ended up with triplets!)


Do you know which show this one is from: "I'll take the strongest drink you have, and also a wine spritzer on the side in case I don't like it?"

Jess from "New Girl" had this to say and we have to admit, we kind of agree with her. Sometimes we need a strong drink ourselves, but we don't really want the taste of a strong drink. Wine spritzer, please!


"The economy stinks, bees are dying and movies are pretty much all sequels now." Which sitcom is this one from?

Schmidt from "New Girl" gives us this bleak outlook on life in season 1. This quote is so popular that some have taken to putting it on T-shirts and selling them. (Don't believe us? Google it.)


Can you identify the show that matches this quote: "But they don't know that we know they know we know?"

Rachel and Phoebe are concocting a scheme to trap Chandler and Monica into admitting they are in a relationship, and this quote is part of several that are similarL "They don't know that we know they know!" Clear as mud?


"I'm so nervous to meet your mom. I'm bad with women and family. I wish she was a male stranger." What show includes this quote?

Aly Nelson, portrayed by Nasim Pedrad, delivers this quote in "New Girl's" sixth season. She is preparing to meet Winston's mom for the first time as his girlfriend. That's enough to make anyone nervous!


"She's your lobster!" Can you identify the show that gave us that quote?

Phoebe gives a very detailed explanation behind her, "She's your lobster," statement on "Friends." She is referring to Ross and Rachel, but using the analogy of lobster "couples" holding hands, er, claws.


Which show is this from: "Look at that font! What is this? Amateur hour? At least use Palatino?"

Nick is explaining the ins and outs of writing in a scene from season 2 of "New Girl." Jess hands him a paper and his first critique is what type of font is used. Hey, we hold a grudge against Comic Sans.


"That's right, I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help. If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you!" Do you know which sitcom it's from?

The gang from "Friends" had been on the beach when Monica got stung by a jellyfish. Joey, being a good friend, peed on the sting. Fun fact: It's urban legend that urinating on a jellyfish sting helps, so don't try that at home.


Where does this quote belong: "This is a horrible neighborhood. There are youths everywhere?"

Throughout the "New Girl" series, Schmidt refers to children or young people as "youths," including in this quote. In another, he simply exclaims, "Youths!" It's not inaccurate, but it's definitely quirky!


Which show included the following: "I'm the squirrel and you're my nut. Winter is coming and I'm gonna store you in my cheek, girl?"

It's another one from Schmidt on "New Girl," this time from season 2. What could possibly be more romantic than a man telling you he's going to store you in his cheek for the winter? Try topping that this Valentine's Day!


"Damn it! I can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere!" We hate when that happens. What show does this quote come from?

In season 1 of "New Girl," Schmidt tells us all that he's lost his driving moccasins, which begs the question: What are driving moccasins and are they better for driving than regular shoes?


"Seven!" It's short, but sweet. What show is it from?

This one is slightly NSFW, a condensed quote version of an entire scene of "Friends," where Monica is schooling the crew on the body's erogenous zones. You owe it to yourself to Google and watch this one!


"I don’t celebrate Christmas. Or, as I like to call it, ‘White Anglo Saxon Winter Privilege Night.'" Do you know what sitcom it came from?

Now that's funny, we don't care who you are! It's a quote from an episode of "New Girl," contributed once again by Schmidt's character. Every time we think of Christmas now, we think of Schmidt!


"Nestlé Toulouse." It's a quote and a new pronunciation all in one! What show is it from?

Nestlé Toll House has a whole new meaning thanks to Phoebe and "Friends." Phoebe claims her secret cookie recipe came from her French grandmother, "Nestlé Toulouse," when it was — in fact — from a Nestlé Toll House bag.


"Could I be wearing any more clothes?" This question comes from which of these shows?

This one is from Joey in a scene from "Friends," when he is trolling Chandler by putting on — literally — all of Chandler's clothes at one time. Of course, he also told Chandler he was going "commando." (If you don't know what that means, look it up!)


"What's not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Good!" is a classic from a character on which of these sitcoms?

The episode that gave us this quote saw Rachel trying to make a trifle, a traditional English dessert. Instead of making it sweet, however, Rachel got her recipes mixed up and ended up with a concoction of jam, custard, beef, peas and carrots. Hey, Joey still liked it.


Do you know in which show this was said: "Yeah, I'd trust Beyoncé with my life?"

In season five of "New Girl," Nick told all of us how he felt about Beyoncé and, to be frank, we have to agree with him. Queen Bey seems to have it all together: A strong marriage, cute kids, a killer career. Can we get Beyoncé to be our life coach?


"You’re over me? When you were … under me?" What show does this quote come from?

Ross finds out Rachel had feelings for him in the "Friends" episode, "The One Where Ross Finds Out." Rachel says she is "over" Ross, and the quote above is Ross' flabbergasted response.


"If he doesn't like you this is all a 'moo point' ... Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo." Can you guess which show this belongs to?

God bless Joey Tribbiani's heart. This "Friends" character was solid gold for crazy quotes, including the one above. Of course, he meant it's a "moot point," but that a "moo point" at this stage of the quiz.


Which show is this quote from: "Please take that thing off. You look like a homeless pencil?"

In season 2 of "New Girl," this quote is included in the episode titled, "Bachelorette Party." Nick delivers that quote directly to Schmidt because he hates what he's wearing. "Homeless pencil" is unique!


"The most sexy holidays are the 4th of July — Independence Day, obviously. Women’s History Month. Christmas." Can you identify the sitcom here?

Ask and you shall be answered in this episode of "New Girl." Jess inquires of Schmidt what his idea of the sexiest holidays in America are. This quote above gives us his reply. We like all holidays equally, thank you very much.


Dawww! Which show included this quote, "Being a parent is like wearing your heart outside your body?"

Charmaine gave us this quote and it couldn't be truer. (If you're a parent, you'll understand.) Multiple versions of these quote float around in the universe, but this one came from "New Girl" season 6.


A character in which show said this, "Gum would be perfection?"

Hey, you'd have to know Chandler's semi-neurotic personality to understand how a quote like this could be delivered ... and be funny. He was trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre at the time this was said.


"I wish I could, but I don’t want to." We feel you, girl. What show is this one from?

Phoebe makes it absolutely clear how she feels about helping people with "favors," such as putting together furniture, with this quote from "Friends." Wonder if we could use this tactic at work?


"Tell him to email me at www-dot-haha-not-so-much-dot-com!" Do you know which sitcom this belongs to?

In classic Chandler fashion, he lashes out with this funny quote when he develops jealousy toward a new colleague in the workplace. This quote came from the ninth season of "Friends."


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