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With over 195 countries in the world, you'd need a good memory to be able to name them all on command! What you might find even harder, though, is naming all of the cities in the world. There are thousands! Often, you'll even find cities with the same names that exist within different countries. One example is Memphis, which exists in both Egypt and America. This can make identifying the country that much harder. Unless there are a few others to help identify, of course!

Did you know that the biggest city in the world is Shanghai? Twenty-four million people can make for a crowded environment! Using some big cities and even some smaller ones, it should be easier to narrow down the country that they're located in. You might know cities like Paris and Rome, but Nakaru and Lae may be harder to recognize. If you paid attention in geography class and aced all of those tests in school, all of this knowledge will be sure to help you out here!

If you've studied up on your geography or you've visited many places around the world, then it's time to see how well you remember it all. Find out if you have the knowledge to match three cities to their countries by taking this quiz!

Artists used to be inspired by the beauty of Florence, Rome and Venice. Do you know where they are located?

When you think of Italy, you probably think of the great artists that have called it home. Leonardo da Vinci is just one of the artists that took inspiration from the beautiful cities. Tourists can still get a taste of the history behind the country by visiting it today.


Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver may be in the same country, but they're extremely far apart. Can you name the place that they're located in?

When you think of Canada, Toronto is probably the city that first comes to mind! It is the largest city in the country, after all. Despite that, many other cities serve as capitals of each of the provinces and territories, like Vancouver, British Columbia.


Konya may be a lesser-known city, but you've probably heard of Istanbul or Ankara. Where are they?

Turkey is filled with all kinds of nature, being abundant in all areas of biodiversity. There's really no better place to experience a wide variety of wildlife, but there's also variety in climate. You can hit the slopes in the mountains or bask in the sun of the cities.


If you start in Saint Petersburg and make your way down to Moscow, then you'll be able to also visit Samara. Which country would you be in?

Russia is the largest country in the world, so there's no doubt that making a trip to these cities would take more than 30 hours! But making a full trek across the entire country would take you a full week.


Some of the largest cities here are Lyon, Nice and Paris. Can you name it?

Paris may be the city that most associate with France, but the country has to offer so much more than that. Some breathtaking architecture can be found throughout Lyon, while Nice sits along the water.


Start in Odense, then visit Aalborg and make your way back down to visit Copenhagen. Which of the following would you be in?

Denmark is home to all three of these cities, which range from the northern part to the southeastern part of the country. Mostly surrounded by the North Sea, the country is narrowly connected to Germany and Sweden by a bridge.


If you start in Thessaloniki, you can hit Volos and later Athens by traveling south. Which of the following would you be in?

With so much history and beauty to it, Greece is a destination that so many choose to experience in their lives. Those who want to learn more about the country's past can visit historical sites, while those who prefer a relaxing vacation would love the area of Mykonos.


If you visit this country, it would be best for you to visit Manaus, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Where would you be going to find them?

Brazil is known for many things, with one of them being the famous Amazon River that flows through the country. One thing that you may not know about the country is that there are three time zones across it. Get lots of rest if you're traveling!


Kisumu, Nakuru and Nairobi are all large cities in what country?

Kenya is a popular place to visit if you're looking to go on a safari. Many wildlife reserves are filled with some of the most incredible animals on the planet. When you're done there, a visit to one of the big cities like Nairobi can be just as beautiful!


The cities Sliema and Senglea border Valletta on both sides, with all of them being along the water. Can you guess where they are?

Valletta serves as Malta's capital city, where you're never far from the waterfront. One thing you'll want to watch out for if you ever travel to Malta is that if you plan to visit Mdina, you'll need to know someone who lives there and owns a car. Only residents' cars can be on the roads here.


Narva and Tartu are two of the biggest cities in this place, but Tallinn takes the cake as the largest. Do you know the name of the country?

Bordering Latvia, Estonia is unique from the other European countries in many ways. One different thing is that there are fewer people that inhabit the country than others in the region. They also take on the convenient act of conducting their votes online.


Pakse and Vientiane sit along the border of Thailand while Phonsavan sits farther north. Do you know where they're located?

Bordering Thailand, it's not uncommon to find that both countries share a lot of the same things. One of those things is their language, as both speak Thai. If there's one thing that is unique about Laos, it's that it's home to the Patuxai.


You can touch down in the cities of Zarqa, Amman and Madaba in a relatively short time if you want to experience which country?

In Jordan, there's so much history to experience. A trip to Amman would mean being among some centuries-old structures and streets. The city itself is one of the oldest you'll find in the entire world.


Norsup, Luganville and Port Villa are all located on different islands, but can you guess the country they're in?

Vanuatu is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the heat and sun, but if you're traveling there, it's a good thing to be aware that the area is prone to natural disasters. Earthquakes are quite common here.


Cordoba, Rosaria and Buenos Aires might all look different, but they're located in which of the following?

Of the three cities here, the capital is Buenos Aires. There's so much beauty to behold in the country, with colorful buildings, scenic countrysides and wildlife like you've never seen before. Each city has something unique to offer.


The cities Anse Boileau, Beau Vallon and Victoria are all part of which country?

This tiny country has even tinier cities, with Victoria being its biggest. Less than 100,000 people live there, but if you looked at it on a map, you might never guess it! Made up of a few islands, it's a perfect tropical getaway.


Built along the Caribbean Sea are the cities Valencia and Caracas while Guayana City is further from the coast. Can you name the country they're in?

Venezuela is known for its rich oil reserves, but unfortunately, it's also known for corruption and poverty. If you value natural beauty, the country is full of it. Angel Falls is one incredible place to check out in this country.


Port Moresby, Lae and Mount Hagen are the only cities that you'll find in which of the following?

Only three official cities are located here in Papua New Guinea, which means it's the perfect place for anyone who doesn't consider themselves to be a city person. However, there are plenty of beautiful little towns scattered throughout as well.


The cities of Prishtina, Gjilan and Mitrovica are all tightly knit within which of the following?

Kosovo is considered a country by its own means, and Prishtina is its capital city. In fact, Kosovo is one of the world's newest countries, only officially taking this status in 2008. Before this, it was part of its now-neighbor, Serbia.


Miskolc and Debrecen might not have songs named after them, but Budapest sure does! Do you know which country they're in?

If you ever plan to visit Hungary, it would be wise to bring some forints. That's the name of the currency used in the country. Did you know that in Hungary, public baths are still quite popular?


The country that Al Khor, Al Wakrah and Doha are located in goes by which name?

Did you know that Qatar is the richest country in the world? It's home to many resources that add to its value. One example is that it is known for its huge export of natural gas, which is always in demand.


Meknes and Tangier have beautiful blue skies while Casablanca is more than a movie in which of the following?

In the case of many countries, their capital cities are often the most populated. This isn't true for Morocco, with Rabat being its capital city, but Casablanca being the most populated. In fact, Casablanca outnumbers it by more than 2 million people.


While Tocumen and Colon are opposite one another, Santiago is located a little farther out. Can you name the country they're part of?

Despite not being named above, Panama City is one place you don't want to miss if you're ever in Panama. You can get all the benefits of living in the city as you venture into the rainforest that is located there as well!


Some of the biggest cities in this country are Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger, which are in the south. What's the name of the place they're located in?

Anyone who has won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize has made a trip to Norway to accept this award. If Norway was ever a place that you considered living in, you should also know about the publishing of income that is mandatory for all residents. There is a layer of privacy to it, however.


You can visit Sur, Nizwa and Muscat if you go to which country?

This Middle-Eastern country is not the place to go if you are a lover of Coca-Cola! Coke's rival, Pepsi, is the more popular choice in this country, so you'll have a much better time finding this alternative.


It's a far drive from Kigali to Huye and Kibuye, but if you were to make the trip, which country would you be in?

Rwanda is often considered to be one of the most progressive countries in Africa in areas such as business and living standards. If you're looking for a good internet connection somewhere in Africa, Rwanda would be the country to go to.


Traveling from Ndola, to Lusaka and later Livingstone is a 12-hour trip. Where would you go in order to travel to all three?

Zambia is the place to be if you're a fan of scenic waterfalls. One beautiful place to visit is Victoria Falls, which is not for anyone who is afraid of heights. When you're done there, the country has many wildlife reserves that you can enjoy as well.


If you've heard of Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka, then you might guess that they're from which of the following?

As the capital city of the country, Tokyo is a place where a lot of fun happens. For example, it has already been the host of one set of the Summer Olympics in the 1960s and will also host the 2020 Summer Olympics.


Located in a line, Dhamar, Sana'a and Aden are cities in which of the following?

Yemen is a beautiful country, but unfortunately, it has been under conflict for quite a while. Sadly, many of its inhabitants have hard lives without access to their basic needs, such as clean drinking water. Thankfully, many charities are hard at work to help as many people as they can.


The cities of Umea, Stockholm and Gothenburg are all along the water. Do you know what country they're in?

Sweden is home to these beautiful cities, which all provide a great place to live. In fact, Sweden is often recognized as having a high quality of life for its many services and benefits. There's no doubt that Swedish folks live long, happy lives!


Despite there being 76 cities packed into this country, Jelgava, Liepaja and Riga are just three of them. Can you name it?

While a big chunk of Latvia is filled with blooming forests, you'll find some beautiful cities scattered throughout. The biggest, however, is Riga, where a large number of Latvians reside. One fun fact about the country is that hockey is its national sport. Watch out, Canada!


Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland are all part of which country?

Rainforests meet big cities in New Zealand, making for a good mix between the two. It's no secret that New Zealand has some beautiful waterfronts, but did you know that you can visit the clearest lake in the world there?


The cities Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai are all lined up along the Persian Gulf. Which country are they located in?

If you ever want to travel to the United Arab Emirates, there are a few things you'll want to know. This country works as a monarchy, but a different family rules each of the emirates. Aside from this, they also have a president and a prime minister.


Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara are a few major cities that are relatively close to one another. Where are they?

If you've never heard of a shrinking lake, then Uzbekistan might be a place that you want to visit. Over the years, the lake has continued to dry up, causing it to shrink more and more, leaving desert exposed.


Forming a "T" on a map, Point Fortin, Port of Spain and Arima are all cities that are part of which of the following?

In Trinidad and Tobago, there's always something amazing to see. One example is the vast nesting site of the leatherback turtle, which is a magnificent sight to see. There's also so much more to explore in the country, such as the rainforests that it is home to.


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