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Think you know everything about '90s and 2000s cartoons? Prove it! If you consider yourself an expert on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network cartoons, this quiz was designed for you. Flex your "Adventure Time," "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Codename: Kids Next Door" knowledge by taking this 🔥 screenshot quiz, which will push your Saturday morning memory to the limit!

We don't care if you were the biggest cartoon stan ever — if you can't remember the names of characters from shows that you didn't even like, then you haven't got a chance of beating this quiz. Old millennials, young Gen Zers and everyone in between will be challenged, since we've included a few cartoons from the '90s as well as ones from current shows like "Rick and Morty." Whatever animation style you prefer, we've got folks from it ... as well as some people from booty shows that you probably can't stand. 😆

So, do you dare to take one of one of the toughest cartoon quizzes on the internet? Don't dip out— stand up to the challenge! In return, we promise to give you pots and pots of cash 🥇 ... or at least our undying respect. Are you ready to play, fr? Come on, let's do this!

She's a geek with a passion for exploration and has the (amazing) ability to speak to animals. What's her name?

A Nickelodeon cartoon that aired from 1998 to 2004, "The Wild Thornberrys" was about a family that traveled the world making nature docs. Its star was Eliza Thornberry, a young smartie who can talk to animals. Sometimes her gift helps her save the day; other times it leads her into danger.


He sails around the suburbs on his ship, the "Sweet Revenge" (#bigmood). What's his name?

Remember "Codename: Kids Next Door?" Stickybeard is their biggest enemy because he's thirsty for their candy. His arch-nemesis is Numbuh Five, although he respects her enough to offer her a job. Needless to say, she dips out on that!


This sweet and athletic skater is also known for her giant red dog. What's her name?

Remember the "Clifford" books, about a big red dog the size of a house? Well, there's also a Clifford cartoon — PBS aired it between 2000 and 2003. It was about Clifford and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, a girl whose love transformed Clifford from undersized to dummy enormous!


This genius lives in NYC, is cute as heck AND has a magical dragon! What's his name?

The main character of "American Dragon: Jake Long," Jake Long is a teenage boy/magical dragon with a crush on a dragon-slayer. And you thought your love life was complicated! Kind yet cocky, Jake is a pretty great guy, but balancing his magical nature with his regular life high-key stresses him out.


His nickname is "Prince of Relaxation." (So chill!) But what's his real name?

Are you down with Caillou? The star of a cartoon that shares his name, Caillou is an imaginative little boy who daydreams around the clock. He loves rocket ships, airplanes and stuffed dinosaurs. If we were toddlers, he'd be #goals.


A fighter trapped in a dystopian future, he must battle a shape-shifting demon before he can return home (#mood). Remember who he is?

The star of a cartoon that's also named after him, Samurai Jack is ageless, cunning-AF and extraordinarily skilled at martial arts. A prince trapped in the future by the evil demon Aku, he has the ability to connect emotionally with animals, who are sometimes his only allies (same!).


He's deadly; he's cranky; he's Jamaican; he's ... ?

"The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" had no more relatable character than Grim, a grim reaper who's forced to be best friends with two odd little kids. Because they won a bet with him, he's forced to put up with their nonsense, but that doesn't stop him from being hilariously savage.


She's blonde, she's high-key peppy and she loves destroying her brother's lab. Who is she?

On "Dexter's Lab," an Emmy-winning cartoon that ran on Cartoon Network from 1996 to 2003, Dee Dee is Dexter's older sister. A heckin' curious ballet dancer, Dee Dee messes up many of Dexter's experiments. She doesn't do it on purpose; it's just that she's a normal kid while Dexter can't stop adulting.


Do you recognize this crime-fighting bae?

A Disney show from the 2000s, "Kim Possible" was all about Kimberly Ann Possible, a high-school kid who spends her free time saving the world. She's helped (and sometimes hindered) by her sidekick Ron Stoppable, a cutie who's unfortunately mediocre.


She's a salty, tough-talking tomboy. Surely you can recall her name?

Tiny and fierce as heck, Spinelli is the toughest kid on the "Recess" playground. Her parents (especially her mom) try to force her to be more feminine, but Spinelli is Not. Interested. She has a huge crush on T.J. because, well, who wouldn't?


This cutie saves the people of Cincinnati from danger by fighting his enemies, the body of evil. Can you guess who he is?

If you watched the long-running Nickelodeon show "Fairly OddParents," you remember the Crimson Chin! Voiced by Jay Leno, the Crimson Chin has tons of superpowers but is vulnerable to Chintonite.


This precious lil angel speaks fluent Spanish. Can you recall their name?

Tico, from "Dora the Explorer," is a purple flying squirrel. He's got a fresh-to-death stripey vest and can drive virtually any vehicle. For fun, he likes driving his tiny car around the Nutty Forest (relatable!).


This adorable goofball only manages to solve crimes through the help of his dope friend Velma. Who are we talking about?

Generations of kids know who hippie Shaggy is because "Scooby-Doo" shows have been in production since 1969. Baby Boomers know him from the original series, while younger kids know him from "Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!," which ended in 2018. Wherever you know him from, Shaggy is relatable as heck!


This pre-school teacher is usually clad in white and red. Who are we talking about?

Were you a little in love with your pre-school teacher? If she was anything like Miss Martin, we bet so! On "Caillou," Miss Martin is a lovely and cheerful pre-school teacher. Since she works with kids, she gets to wear overalls every day. Can you say #goals?


You'd think it would be extra, but the way this character worries too much only makes his antics cuter! Who is he?

Chuckie Finster, a redheaded lil imp, is Tommy Pickles' best friend. Together, they're the main characters of "Rugrats," which follows their post-punk baby adventures. Although Chuckie usually thinks Tommy's ideas are bad, he goes along with them anyway. (We can relate!)


Adults love this bully because they don't understand his true savage nature. Who is he?

Dash Baxter is a villain from "Danny Phantom." He bullies Danny and the other students but gets away with it because he's good at football. However, he's sort of tragic because he seems to know that his high school years will be the best ones of his life. Sad!


The opposite of a spoiled brat, she often ruins thirsty Angelica's plans. Who are we referring to?

One of the best characters on "Rugrats," Susie protected the younger kids from Angelica, one of the show's main villains. Angelica's bullying never slowed Susie down. Smart, talented and multi-lingual, Susie has many friends and few enemies.


A princess, she has D O P E martial-arts skills. Who is she?

"Dave the Barbarian" ran on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s. One of its most fire characters was Candy the Barbarian, a Valley Girl who can't even. She's great at fighting monsters but would rather be shopping.


This #blessed redheaded teacher is also a mom. What's her name?

Tommy and Dil's mom on "Rugrats," Didi is a low-key icon. Her style is fresh, she holds down a job as a Home Economics teacher and she's a loving, conscientious mother. We're impressed!


This cute gamer is also a skilled fighter. Can you guess who we're discussing?

A young monk who becomes a Xiaolin Warrior, Kimiko Tohomiko is currently the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire. Bae and brave, she's kind but also has a hot temper. Don't sleep on Kimiko — she may be short, but she's dangerous!


This precious grandpa LOVES telling stories about monsters. What's his name?

"Rugrats" character Boris Kropotkin is Tommy and Dil's grandpa (and Didi's father). He's a Russian immigrant of Jewish extraction, and he tells killer stories and behaves caringly toward all the children.


Some people say this salty scientist is an evil genius, and others claim he's got a heart of gold. Who are we talking about?

Oh, Rick. There would be no "Rick and Morty" without mean grandpa Rick Sanchez, and yet he's difficult-AF to like. Rude to his daughter as well as his grandchildren, Rick is A LOT. On the other hand, he does know how to bend space and time, so ... props?


This strong bro would rather knit than fight evil. Can you guess who he is?

Although he's a war prince, Dave (of "Dave the Barbarian) is a lover, not a fighter. Tremendously powerful, he'd rather cook or do crafts than engage in battle, since he's very sensitive to pain. My dude, we can relate!


Feral and fun, he loves eating bugs. What's his name?

One of the main characters on "The Wild Thornberrys," Donnie was raised by orangutans after his parents were killed by poachers. Even though he lives with humans now, he's still majorly high-key. Reminds us of our brothers!


We bet you remember her catchphrases "Squeak-a-doodle!" and "Hoop-dee-doo!" But do you know her name?

One of the protagonists of "Angelina Ballerina," Alice Bridgette Nimbletoes is a darling mouse who digs gymnastics. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite food is cheese pie (same!).


This green-eyed cutie has the power to turn into ten different aliens (#mood!). Know his name?

The star of the "Ben 10" sequel "Ben 10: Alien Force," Ben Tennyson is now a 15-year-old. After his Grandpa Max disappears, he has to put back on the Omnitrix and assemble a rag-tag team to save him. We stan a grandpa-rescuing hero!


Although this older gentleman is frail AF, he's always plotting evil biz. Luckily, most of his schemes don't work out. Know who we're talking about?

Mr. Burns might be the most dangerous Big Bad on "The Simpsons," if it weren't for his hilarious weakness. Without his assistant Smithers' help, could he even cross the street? Nonetheless, we stan the time that Mr. Burns got booed but Smithers told him that the crowd was actually saying "boo-urns."


He can't bend water (or air), but he's an incredible fighter with killer hair. Who is he?

The Nickelodeon series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is full of memorable characters. One of the best of them is Sokka, a warrior and master strategist who lacks magic. Hilarious and practical, he's definitely #boyfriendgoals.


Although he looks tough, he's actually quite emo about loud noises. Remember this soft boi?

Clifford the Big Red Dog's buddy T-Bone is a darling lil bulldog. Although he likes to pretend to be a superhero, he's easily shook by stuff like fireworks and is afraid of the dark.


A sweet and occasionally irritating little sister, this pre-schooler has a #girlboss streak! Can you recall her name?

D.W. Read is Arthur's little sister. Like all the aardvarks on "Arthur," she has a human appearance. Because she hates her full name, she forces everyone to call her by her initials. As she's fond of singing songs over and over again, she drives Arthur crazy, but we stan.


Lisa didn't choo-choo-choose him, but this boy is always cheerful anyway. Do you know who we're talking about?

"The Simpsons" wouldn't be "The Simpsons" without Ralph Wiggum, son of Police Chief Clandy. Hopelessly dorky, Ralph is famous for his amazingly daft catchphrases, such as "Me fail English? That’s unpossible" and "Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a Viking."


His wild grandpa is always dragging him off on interdimensional adventures. Who are we talking about?

Morty (of "Rick and Morty") has gone on a hecking wild journey. At the beginning of "Rick and Morty," he's an innocent high school freshman, easily manipulated by the brilliant Rick. By Season 3, he's raised a Gazorpian son, lived in a microverse and survived a Purge, making him a savage adversary.


His real name is Garfield Mark Logan (oof!) so he goes by a nickname instead. Who is he?

Garfield Mark Logan of "Teen Titans" is known as Beast Boy because he can turn into any animal. Although he fights crime when he has to, he'd rather be sleeping or eating. Same, Beast Boy!


She's a thousand years old, she loves the color red and she can SHRED on guitar. What's her name?

Hailing from "Adventure Time," Marceline the Vampire Queen is a kinder, gentler vampire than you might be used to. Instead of drinking blood, she eats the color red. Passionate about music, she plays the electric bass.


She loves to read; she's bougie; she's ... ?

Prunella Deegan is a poodle from "Arthur," a PBS cartoon that's been on the air since 1996! Prunella is a poodle who goes to school with Arthur. Although she's in fourth grade, most of her friends are third-graders, perhaps because she's kind of a Felicia.


A natural-born leader, he's chill AF. Can you identify him?

T.J. Detweiler was the head of the "Recess" crew. He slays at coming up with pranks and plans and is looked up to by virtually every kid on the playground.


A fire actor with a Shakespearean accent, this character's talents are kind of wasted on his day job. Remember his name?

Sideshow Mel (of "The Simpsons" fame) is Sideshow Bob's replacement. After Sideshow Bob got caught framing Krusty the Clown and was sent to jail, Sideshow Mel took over as Krusty's sidekick. Educated at Cornell, Mel is overqualified for his position, which makes him bitter AF (is he a millennial?).


This bae is a cheerful medical specialist and also in charge of diversionary tactics. Recognize her?

A character from "Codename: Kids Next Door," Kuki Sanban is also known as Numbuh 3. Her low-key nature is surprising, given that she is a powerful operative with firebending powers.


This lil cutie dreams of being a ballerina! Know her name?

Like all dancers, this lil mouse can be messy, but Angelina Mouseling is overall a delight! The star of British cartoon "Angelina Ballerina," she strives for success in the world of ballet, alongside her friends Alice Nimbletoes and William Longtail.


She's goth, she loves cats and she won't eat anything with a face. Who are we talking about?

Sam Manson (of "Danny Phantom") is SUCH a queen. A goth with purple eyes who loves Nine Inch Nails, she swoons over monster movies and thinks everyone should stop eating meat. We stan.


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