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The TV show Seinfeld, based on the stand-up comedy of Jerry Seinfeld, is one of the most popular shows of all time. The show aired for nine seasons between 1989 and its final episode, which aired on May 14, 1998. There is never an easy way to end a show as popular as Seinfeld, and the final episode surely rankled hardcore fans. Many call it simply a quintessential Seinfeld episode with all the attributes that made the show great. Subtle references to the show's quirkiness were sprinkled throughout the episode, but they can be easily forgotten. The cameos of memorable characters from past episodes, however, were definite highlights.

The show revolves around the lives of its four main characters: Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. All nine seasons feature magnifications of each characters quirks, weaknesses and neurotic shortcomings. As with the fictional show that Jerry and George tried pitching to NBC, the show about nothing, Seinfeld often pokes fun of everyday trivial nuances of life. Fans of the show will no doubt reference characters and incidents from Seinfeld for years to come. Let's see if you are the master of your domain. Show us how much your remember about the final episode of Seinfeld!

Elaine is admonished by Jerry and George for making a cell phone call to her friend to inquire about what?

Elaine makes a call to her friend inquiring about her friend's father who is ill. Jerry and George both give Elaine a hard time saying it's inconsiderate to make such a call regarding such a sensitive topic from a cell phone.


What is the name of the new NBC president who decides to pick up Jerry and George's TV show?

There is a new NBC president who decides to make the show created by Jerry and George that they pitched five years ago. The new NBC president, James Kimbrough, loved the pilot and signed it up for 13 episodes.


NBC lets Jerry use their private jet to take a trip anywhere he wants with his friends. Where does the gang decide to go?

After mulling over places to take a trip, including suggestions of Japan, Russia and Switzerland, the gang decides it would be best to all go to Paris. The decision scene takes place in the coffee shop.


Which character begs Jerry to tag along on their trip to Paris?

Before the gang leaves, Jerry's nemesis and neighbor Newman tries to beg his way onto the trip. He tells Jerry he is part French. Jerry says no and Newman says he will be there when an evil wind brings Jerry down.


After a scary incident in the air, their plane makes a landing to get checked out. Where do they end up?

After the gang thinks their plane is going to crash, they land in Latham, MA to get it checked out. They end up walking around town while the plane gets fixed.


While in town, the gang witnesses a crime. What crime occurred?

While standing on the sidewalk, the gang witnessed a man being pulled from his car and robbed. The criminal then drove off in the stolen car while Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer watched. Kramer filmed the incident with his video recorder.


After witnessing a crime, the gang are arrested for breaking what law?

The gang are arrested for failing to help the man getting carjacked. The police officer informs them they broke the Good Samaritan Law, which states it is illegal to not help someone during a crime.


Who is the lawyer the gang hires to help with their case?

Jackie Chiles is brought in to help fight the case for Jerry. Chiles was previously a lawyer for Kramer. She helped him win a lawsuit against a coffee company when he burned himself with hot coffee.


What TV news personality has a report on his show about the "N.Y. Four," as the gang was called?

Geraldo Rivera had a TV show on at the time called "Rivera Live." In the Seinfeld episode, Geraldo has a report on the upcoming trial of the gang for breaking the Good Samaritan Law.


What does Jerry's mom pack for him to bring to the courthouse?

Jerry famously loves cereal. Before his parents leave Florida to come to the trial, his mother stuffs a suitcase full of cereal. He and Kramer are shown eating cereal before meeting with their lawyer.


What is the name of the judge who presides over the trial?

The judge in the case was Arthur Vandelay. George famously used this moniker several times in the show as a fake name when applying for jobs, etc.


One witness in the trial claimed that she was accosted by Jerry in a deli and he stole something from her. What did he steal?

Mrs. Choate bought the last marble rye loaf at the deli. Jerry needed to get the bread to George for his dinner party with Susan's parents. Jerry ends up taking the bread from the elderly woman.


According to a library investigations officer, how long was Jerry's library book overdue?

When Jerry learns that a library book he checked out in the 70's is overdue, he goes down to the library to see what is going on. The librarian informs him the matter has been turned over to the library investigations officer because it had been overdue for 25 years.


Who did George fight with over a disputed answer during a game of Trivial Pursuit?

George ends up playing a game of Trivial Pursuit with the bubble boy. When bubble boy answers incorrectly, they see that the answer card was misprinted. George does not relent and a tussle breaks out, causing a puncture in the boy's bubble.


During the trial, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner accuses George of being what?

During the trial, the owner of the Yankees says a few nice things about George as a former employee of the Yankees, but reveals one of his biggest complaints: that George is a Communist. This is probably based on a previous episode where rumors around George being a communist lead him to travel to Cuba and meet Fidel Castro to recruit players.


What main character from the show is responsible for bringing down the Soup Nazi, as he proclaims at the trial?

At the trial, the Soup Nazi is called to testify. He explains how he had to go out of business and move to Argentina because Elaine published his soup recipes that she found.


Who did Jerry accidentally get deported?

At the trial, we see the return of Babu Bhatt. He came all the way from Pakistan to testify. He was deported after he moved into Jerry's building and never received his immigration renewal papers.


What used item did Kramer sell that later came up in the trial?

Kramer falls in love with a woman who was injured due to George being parked in a handicap spot. He agrees to buy her a new wheelchair, but opts for a cheaper, used one. The wheelchair turns out to be faulty and causes her to roll uncontrollably down a hill.


Who sneaks into the judge's chamber and tries to persuade him to go easy on the gang?

George's mom, Estelle, sneaks into the judge's chamber and offers him and undisclosed favor if he goes easy on the gang. The judge implies that it was highly inappropriate then delivers his verdict.


How much jail time do the four characters get?

The judge admonishes the four before handing down a sentence of one year in jail. He is appalled at their behavior and shows no sympathy.


Sitting in a jail cell after the verdict, what do George and Jerry talk about?

In the final scene, George and Jerry are talking about the misplacement of a shirt button. It is nearly identical to the conversation the two had from the very first episode.


The character "Soup Nazi" reappears in the final episode. What was his real character name?

In the final episode, we witness the return of the Soup Nazi. His character name is never revealed until the final episode. On the witness stand, he declares his name to be Yev Kassem.


What does Elaine claim she said to Jerry when she thought the plane was going to crash?

When they think the plane is going down, Elaine starts to exclaim something to Jerry. She gets to, "I always..." before she is cut off. She later tells Jerry that she "always loved United Airlines."


What does George confess when he thinks the plane is going to crash?

In a previous episode, the gang holds a contest to see who can go the longest without self pleasure. George proclaimed himself the winner, but later confessed to lying about it.


In the final episode, we revisit a character known as the quiet talker. What is her connection to the trial?

The quiet talker famously made the puffy shirt that Jerry wore on the Today Show. He agreed to do so because he couldn't understand her due to her speaking volume.


What was going on in the very last scene of the finale during the credits?

The final scene we see during the credits is Jerry in his orange jumpsuit doing a stand-up comedy routine. George and Kramer are in the audience also with orange jumpsuits.


Which four characters are playing pool in a bar while waiting for the trial verdict?

While waiting for the trial verdict, we see the four characters of Keith Hernandez, Mickey Abbott, Kenny Bania and J. Peterman all playing pool for money in a bar.


What are Jerry's parents and Frank Costanza doing while waiting for the verdict?

We see Rabbi Glickman reading something from a book, presumably a Torah. The parents and Frank are sitting on a porch swing.


What is David Puddy doing while waiting for the trial verdict to come back?

David Puddy was a former boyfriend of Elaine. He is seen sitting under a tree with a tanning mirror trying to tan his face.


What does Newman do when the verdict is read?

When the guilty verdict is read, we see Newman temporarily choking on some food, as he had been eating during the whole trial. We can assume he was alright afterward.


What do we see Mr. Ross, Susan's father, purchasing while waiting for the trial verdict?

In a weirdly bizarre scene by Seinfeld standards, we see the father of Susan, George's former fiancé, buying a gun. It is presumed he may be wanted to shoot George if the verdict came back innocent. Only speculation.


Where are Jerry and George going to live after they start making their T.V. show for NBC?

While it only says George and Jerry are moving to California, we can presume they meant Los Angeles. Whether any other characters move with them to California is never discussed.


Why does Kramer stumble into the plane cockpit while flying to Paris?

Most of the episode, Kramer is banging on his head trying to get water out of his ear after he goes to the beach. He stumbles into the cockpit after doing so again, and the plane suddenly starts to plummet.


While complaining about the quality of the private jet, George bets they wouldn't give that plane to which T.V. star?

George constantly complains that the private jet is junk. He is sure that NBC lets Ted Danson fly on the better plane. Later, he makes Jerry call NBC to try and get a new plane.


Which famous celebrity passed away while the final episode was airing on T.V.?

Unfortunately, the world lost Frank Sinatra during the exact time when the final episode of Seinfeld was airing. The famous crooner was 82.


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