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When it comes to love stories set during World War II, few films can compete with the iconic and beautiful "Casablanca." It's a film that would jumpstart many illustrious careers, create a fantasy of adventure, intrigue and true love, and provide iconic quotes and one-liners that would become some of Hollywood's most remembered. 

Though no one expected much from the film when it was first produced — as Hollywood had begun creating movies at an incredible rate — the movie made a statement at the 16th Acadamy Awards. It was nominated for Outstanding Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing (Screenplay) Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, and Best Music (Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture), and won several of the categories.

The film was first based on a stage play called "Everybody Comes to Rick's," which was written by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison and was never produced. But as a movie, it took on a life of its own, enchanting film fans, young directors, and inspiring actors for decades after its release. 

How much do you recall from one of Hollywood's favorite movies? Put your knowledge to the test and take this "Casablanca" trivia quiz today! 

Can you complete this iconic line? "Here's looking at you, __________."

"Here's looking at you, kid" is one of the most famous lines in "Casablanca" and has been named one of the iconic movie lines of all time. In fact, Bogart and Bergman's off-screen poker game contributed to its number of appearances in the film.


What famous actor has his first romantic lead role in Casablanca?

Humphrey Bogart had become a household name the previous year as the star of the 1941 film, "The Maltese Falcon," but "Casablanca" was the movie that would solidify him as a romantic lead. In 1999, he was named the Greatest Male Star of Classic American Cinema by the American Film Institute.


Where did Rick and Ilsa first meet?

Rick and Ilsa first met in Paris two years earlier where they engaged in a wild affair. At the time, Ilsa had believed her husband had been killed in a concentration camp, but when she found out he was alive, she left Rick without notice.


With what iconic line does "Casablanca" end?

While each of these lines has gone down in Casablanca history (even the misquotes) it is Rick's last statement to Captain Renault as they walk into the foggy night that leaves audiences with a sense of hope for Rick Blaine and his future adventures.


Who is Victor Laszlo?

Victor Laszlo is Ilsa's husband, the one she presumed dead when first taking up an affair with Rick in Paris. Much of the film is spent in empathetic indecision with Ilsa's character, who clearly still has feelings for both men.


"Of all the _____ in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine." What's missing?

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine" is one of the most famous lines in cinema history. It is loaded with heartbreak and longing, and only Humphrey Bogart could ever deliver it so well.


What song did Rick ban from the bar?

It is due to this song that Rick first realizes his former lover, Ilsa, is in his cafe. He has banned his pianist and friend, Sam, from ever playing the song again because it reminds him of her, and is furious when he hears it. He goes to yell at Sam for playing it, only to find Ilsa standing there.


How does Rick reply when Ilsa asks, "But what about us?"

"We'll always have Paris" is one of the most iconic lines from a film chock full of them. In it, Rick is trying to persuade Ilsa to get on the plane with her husband and also forgiving her for leaving him during their affair.


Which of these famous quotes never actually appeared in the film?

The line "Play it again, Sam," has taken on a life of its own, but it never actually appeared in the film. There are several quotes that come close, which likely contributes to its fame, but Rick never specifically says this one.


What hot commodity item will help ex-patriots leave the country and serves a critical role in the film's plot?

Because the film takes place at the beginning of the war, it is becoming more difficult for Americans and other ex-patriots to leave the country. The letters are priceless to those refugees stuck in the city and play a crucial role in the plot.


What did Rick name his bar?

Rick Blaine is a American ex-patriot who is tending to a wounded heart during the war. It is fitting, then, that he names his bar for a place he no longer loves. The bar is the main set for the film.


In what year was the film released?

Casablanca is a film set during the early days of World War II and was produced during the same period. Hollywood was capitalizing on new technology and created hundreds of films that year, so no one expected much from the release, but they were pleasantly surprised.


What is the name of the cafe owned by Signor Ferrari?

Signor Ferrari is the competing cafe business owner in Casablanca, and he owns the Blue Parrot. He initially tries to buy Rick's cafe and the services of Sam as a pianist, which Rick refuses in the beginning.


What makes Rick a "citizen of the world"?

German Major Strasser goes to Casablanca in pursuit of Victor Laszlo. While seated with Captain Renault, he asked Rick what his nationality is, to which Rick replies, "I'm a drunkard," and Renault adds, "That makes Rick a citizen of the world."


Which country are Ilsa and Victor trying to get to from Casablanca?

Since Victor is a Czech resistance leader, he is under threat from many dangerous leaders during World War II. In fact, Ilsa believed he was killed in a concentration camp in the flashbacks of the film. In order to continue his work, they must get to America.


When Victor Laszlo finds out Rick is still in love with Ilsa, what does he do?

Laszlo, Rick and Ilsa play a series of dangerous games, lying and self-sacrificing to protect one another. Victor Laszlo confront Rick and tries to get him to use the letters to protect Ilsa.


What in Rick's past indicates that he might not be as neutral as he claims?

Rick and Renault have the following exchange, "In 1935, you ran guns to Ethiopia. In 1936, you fought in Spain on the Loyalist side" - "I got paid for it on both occasions" - "The winning side would have paid you much better." The conversation is meant to show that Rick stands up for justice despite saying otherwise.


What does the character Ugarte sell?

Ugarte originally leaves the letters of transit in Rick's cafe for safekeeping, which is how they come to be in Rick's possession after Ugarte is killed while in police custody. Other than the letters, however, Ugarte sells exit visas.


Which song does Rick instruct his house band to play after Strasser begins to sing "The Watch on the Rhine"?

"Casablanca" played heavily into American patriotism during the war, particularly in this scene. When the German official is trying to rouse his troops, it is the French national anthem that most of the cafe patrons sing with pride.


Who shares his suspicion that Rick has the letters?

Ferrari runs a rival cafe and he and Rick have been friendly business rivals for some time. He is the character that ultimately sets the events of the film into motion when Laszlo and Ilsa both approach Rick about the letters.


"Kiss me, kiss me as if _______."

Ilsa says this to Rick while they are still living in Paris during their affair. It is short-lived, and she leaves him without warning, prompting Rick to become bitter and heartbroken.


In the final scene at the airport, Captain Renault says Rick is not only a sentimentalist but a ________.

After Rick sends Ilsa and Victor on the plane out of Casablanca, Major Strasser appears and begins to call for backup, at which point Rick shoots him dead. Renault then says Rick is not just a sentimentalist for sending Ilsa away, but now a patriot for shooting a German major.


What does Captain Renault say after Rick shoots Major Strasser?

Though Captain Renault and Rick Blaine have a complicated relationship throughout the film, Renault comes through for Rick in the end after Rick shoots the German Major. Renault tells his policemen, "Major Strasser has been shot .... round up the usual suspects," though he is the sole witness to Rick's shooting of the major.


After finding out Rick has the letters, Ilsa does all of the following except ________________.

In this scene, Ilsa goes to Rick out of desperation. She needs the letters of transit to save her and her husband's lives. She threatens Rick with a gun, but ultimately ends up confessing her love and explaining why she left him.


When Rick agrees to help Ilsa, he also lets her believe ________________.

Ilsa is determined to help get a transit letter for her husband, and Rick allows her to believe, temporarily, that she will be staying behind with him when Laszlo leaves. Ultimately, she leaves with her husband.


How does Rick persuade Renault to let Laszlo go?

When Laszlo is arrested on trumped up charges, Rick is able to get him released by promising Renault a far greater charge — possession of the letters of transit. He lies and says that he and Ilsa will be going to America to help sell the story.


When Renault goes to arrest Laszlo, Rick stops him by _____________.

Rick has promised Captain Renault that he would be able to arrest Victor Laszlo for possession of the letters of transit, but when Renault actually tries to do so, Rick holds him at gunpoint until Renault aids in Ilsa and Victor's escape.


How does the quote, "If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him, you'll regret it" end?

Ilsa plans to stay behind with Rick in Casablanca and send Victor onto safety, but Rick knows it won't be safe for her there. He convinces her to get on the plane with her husband when he delivers this iconic line.


When Ilsa first asks Sam where Rick is, Sam says, ________________.

Sam is one of Rick's oldest friends and knows how Ilsa broke his heart. When Ilsa asks where Rick is, Sam tells her he has a girl at the Blue Parrot, another cafe, to which Ilsa says he used to be a much better liar.


At Strasser's command, Captain Renault orders the club to be closed down on what grounds?

This excuse led to the humorous interaction of Captain Renault saying, "I'm shocked! Shocked to find gambling going on here," at which point a croupier comes up and says, "Your winnings, sir."


How does Ugarte first come into possession of the letters of transit?

The letters of transit around which of the plot of the film is centralized were obtained by killing two German couriers. After giving the letters to Rick, Ugarte is arrested and killed while in custody.


Why is Rick no longer allowed in America?

The writers couldn't come up with a good enough reason for Rick to be exiled from America, so they left it up to the viewers' imaginations. When Captain Renault asks about the reason, Rick refers to the above answers and says, "It was a combination of all three."


Why does Captain Renault say he is going to miss Rick?

Captain Renault is notoriously corrupt, but it works out in Rick's favor on occasion. When he believes Rick is going to be leaving town, he declares "Ricky, I'm going to miss you. Apparently, you're the only one in Casablanca who has even less scruples than I."


What are Ilsa's last words to Rick?

In a devastating final scene, Ilsa and Rick make their goodbyes at the airport, Ilsa going with her husband and Rick staying behind. Tearfully, at Laszlo's side, she says "Goodbye Rick. God bless you."


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