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Did you know that the Canada-United States border is the longest international boundary in the whole world? At 8,891 kilometres long, the border runs across both countries from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Whenever geographically possible, the boundary is made up of a 6-foot "no touching" area. This quiz aims to get rid of that zone with the hopes that you'll discover a whole world of facts about the area of the United States that's closest to the Canadian border. Why the introduction? Thirteen states are bordering eight of Canada's provinces and one territory, each with there own cultural traits and distinct physical landmarks. In other words, a whole world of fun just waiting to be discovered!

Whether you know all about state mottos and state gems or you're more excited to show off your knowledge about distinctive landmarks and architectural accomplishments, these questions will test your trivia prowess while teaching you important facts (your state capital game will be off the charts by the time you're done.) After all, making the foreign into something slightly more familiar will help foster a stronger, more informed relationship between yourself and our American friends just across the border.

Which state bordering Canada should you visit if you want to learn how to speak Basque?

If you want to learn how to say "hello!" in Basque (that would be "kaixo!" for those wanting to know) then you should check out the Basque language program at Idaho's Boise State University — it's one of only two post-secondary institutions in the United States to offer classes in Basque.


What is the state capital of Montana?

The city of Helena is the capital of Montana, a state that borders British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Helena is a relatively small city for a state capital, with a population hovering just under 30,000 — it ranks in the bottom five in terms of state capital population sizes.


You can find these gardens straddling Manitoba and North Dakota — what is the name of this colourful symbol of international camaraderie?

Debuting in 1932, the International Peace Garden was created to symbolize a respectful and reciprocal relationship between Canada and the United States. Spread over an area slightly larger than 9 kilometres, the garden contains waterfalls, two lakes, hiking trails and campsites.


Can you guess which state you'd have to visit to see the Twin Cities?

You'll want to visit the state of Minnesota if you're interested in seeing the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Despite the fact Saint Paul is the smaller of the two cities, it lays claim to being the state's capital city.


Both Washington and Idaho share ownership of the deepest gorge in the United States. What is it called?

Hell's Canyon runs across the borderlands of Washington and Idaho. It was forged during the last ice age and is the deepest gorge in the United States, measuring just shy of 2 1/2 kilometres deep and winding through 120 kilometres of land.


This state is all about the rockin' robin, its official state bird! Can you guess which of the following options is the right choice?

Thanks to a vote by the Michigan Audubon Society in 1931, the American robin was designated as the official state bird of Michigan. The reason? The robin redbreast is "the best known and best loved" of all the birds in the state, according to the state legislature.


Do you know which of the following states is known as the "Buckeye State"?

The state of Ohio's nickname is the "Buckeye state" — a fitting name, considering the fact that Ohio's state tree is the buckeye tree. The term "buckeye" comes from the nut-like seed of the tree, which, although mildly toxic, is edible if the skin is removed and the inner flesh is roasted.


Chocolate lovers unite! Which state is known for its super-sweet history?

If you consider yourself a chocolate aficionado, you'll definitely want to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania, also known as the "chocolate capital" of the United States. Hershey chocolate founder Milton Hershey created the town with his employees in mind, filling it with affordable homes and a beautiful parks system.


New York, New York! Is this the state's capital?

Although New York City is the city most people think of when they think of New York state, it's actually Albany — which is 220 kilometres away from New York City — that is the state's capital.


Which state is known as "The Green Mountain" state?

When French explorer Samuel de Champlain first saw Vermont's sprawling mountain ranges in 1647, he called them "Verd Mont," which translates to "green mountain" — a nickname that still appears on Vermont license plates to this day.


If someone tells you that they like to, "Live Free or Die" where are they most likely from?

"Live Free or Die" is the official state motto of Vermont — it was originally written as part of a statement by the Revolutionary hero of the Battle of Bennington, General John Stark.


If you love lobster, then you probably know that 90% of the country's supply comes from _____. What is the name of the state the question referring to?

The state of Maine is the biggest source of lobster in the United States, with 2018 statistics showing a yearly state-wide catch weighing 54 million kilograms with a worth $484.5 million (out of the total $637.1 million for all seafood revenue.)


Do you know the names of the province and territory that border the state of Alaska?

Alaska, which officially became a state in 1959, is bordered by the province of British Columbia and the Yukon territory. Although sparsely populated, Alaska is the largest state in terms of geographical area.


If you want to see the Space Needle, where should you go?

Standing at 184 metres high, the Space Needle can be found in downtown Seattle in Washington state. Because Seattle is in an earthquake zone, the Space Needle has been engineered to withstand quakes with up to a 9.0 magnitude.


This state borders Canada — and is the largest producer of blueberries in the entire world. Which state fits this description?

Watch out, Violet Beauregarde! Maine can take credit for being the top producer of blueberries in the whole world — it grows 10% of all the berries in North America. The remaining 90% is grown over many states and provinces, including Michigan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Oregon.


Planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail? If so, you'll want to know about the terrain in this state, as it's considered the most difficult to hike. Do you know the name of this state?

The portion of the Appalachian Trail that runs through New Hampshire is considered the most difficult to navigate, even for experienced hikers. It includes the White Mountain Region, the Eastern New England Update and the Coastal Lowlands.


Do you know the name of Vermont's famously tiny state capital?

Vermont's state capital — the city of Montpelier — is so small it has a population of less than 7,500 (according to census data from 2019.) During daytime working hours, the population almost triples thanks to the presence of commuters from nearby towns.


There's a Niagara Falls in Ontario and a Niagara Falls in a bordering state. What is the name of the state?

Look across the Niagara River from Niagara Falls, Ontario, and you'll see Niagara Falls, New York. With a population of just over 50,000 people, Niagara Falls is considered a part of Buffalo's official metropolitan area.


This famous city park is the biggest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Can you guess the name of the park?

Covering an impressive 2,052 acres, Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is the city's largest park and is made up of East Park and West Park, with the Schuylkill River running between the two sections.


Ohio is bordered by the province of _____. Do you know which area of Canada the question is asking about?

The state of Ohio is bordered by Ontario and Lake Erie, the fourth-largest Great Lake by surface area but the smallest in terms of volume. Lake Erie is the shallowest of all the Great Lakes, with a maximum depth of 64 meters.


Which Canadian city is located directly across the river from Detroit, Michigan?

The city of Windsor, Ontario, is situated directly across from Detroit, Michigan. Ths is one of North America's busiest border crossing points, and travellers must drive under the Detroit River through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel to commute between the two countries.


Do you know which state celebrated American author F. Scott Fitzgerald is from?

Author of the "The Great Gatsby" and "Tender is the Night," F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1896. While in St. Paul, fans of Fitzgerald can visit the F. Scott Fitzgerald House (formally known as Summit House) to get a glimpse of the inner life of the young writer.


Talk about a sweet spot! This state is well-known for being a bit of a bee haven — do you know which state this is?

How sweet it is! North Dakota takes home the prize for being the number one honey producer in the United States. As of 2019, statistics show that the total value of honey in North Dakota was up by 12% and was worth $71.7 million.


You're planning a trip to Glacier National Park with your family and need to know which state you're travelling to — which state does this impressive park call home?

Bordering the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, Glacier National Park is located in the state of Montana. Covering an expanse of over 4,000 kilometres, the park contains two mountain ranges and at least 130 named lakes.


You might not even have any skills, but do you know where the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" was filmed?

Lions and tigers and ligers, oh my! The 2004 indie comedy "Napoleon Dynamite" was filmed in Preston, Idaho. To commemorate the filming experience, residents of Preston throw a yearly Napoleon Dynamite Festival complete with a tetherball competition and a tater tot-eating competition.


The state of Montana is the home of the original Boeing factory. Is this true or false?

Washington state, not Montana, is where the original Boeing company was founded. In 1916, William Boeing founded Boeing, a corporation that continues to engineer and manufacture airplanes, satellite technology and rockets (among many other products.)


Is the state of Vermont the home of ice cream company Ben & Jerry's?

Much to the delight of ice cream lovers everywhere, the very first pint of Ben & Jerry's was packed in Burlington, Vermont, in 1980. The following year Ben & Jerry's opened their first franchise in Shelburne, Vermont.


The first-ever Starbucks opened in Washington state; do you know which city takes home these honours?

If you're interested in enjoying a hot cup of coffee from the original Starbucks location, you'll have to travel to Seattle's Pike Place Market. Open since 1976, the shop has been providing tired commuters with quality coffee for decades (and, as a tourist attraction, has continued to do so ever since.)


The University of Maine is located in the state capital — what is the name of the city?

If you have plans to study at the University of Maine, you'll want to find a place to live in Augusta, the capital city of Maine. While you're there, be sure to visit the Maine State Museum, the Viles Arboretum and the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine.


Can you guess which state motto belongs to Alaska?

If you guessed that Alaska's state motto is "North to the Future," then you would be correct! Alaskan Richard Peter, a news reporter and citizen of Juneau, created the motto so that Americans would view Alaska as a land of opportunity.


Montana's official state motto is "Oro y Plata" — do you know what this Spanish phrase means in English?

Montana's official state motto is the Spanish phrase "Oro y Plata" — when translated into English, it means "Gold and Silver." The state of Montana played a pivotal role during the gold rush era, and during the latter half of the 19th century, it was one of the wealthiest states in the country.


Known as the Gem State, this state is known for its lustre and sparkle — do you know which answer is correct?

Idaho's official state nickname is the Gem State, and with good reason! If you're looking for precious metals and minerals in Idaho, you'll find silver, gold, lead, zinc, copper, jasper, opal, jade, topaz and star garnets — the state gem of Idaho.


Can you name the city where the University of Michigan is located?

The University of Michigan was moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 1837, becoming the university's permanent home. While it has smaller satellite campuses in Dearborn, Flint and Detroit, the main campus — consisting of a Central Campus and a North Campus — is located in the picturesque city of Ann Arbor.


You may think you know everything there is to know about Alaska, but can you identify the state's most populated city?

The city of Anchorage has a population of just under 300,000, making it the largest city by population in the entire state of Alaska (it is estimated that approximately 40% of Alaskan citizens live in Anchorage.)


North Dakota is the only state to have a national park named after a single person. What is the name of this park?

North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park is made up of three distinct badlands — the Elkhorn Ranch Unit, the North Unit and the South Unit — all of which are connected by the Maah Daah Hey trail.


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