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On average, you can expect to spend $6,000 readying your life and your space for a new baby. From onesies to cribs, there's an endless list of things babies need. It may have been a while since you've had (or been) a baby, but there's no doubt that you know more baby brands than you realize. You've heard many of their slogans your whole life!

As you go through this quiz, you'll be asked to identify the brands of the most popular baby items on the market. Some of them have been around since 1815! Others have been making their mark for a shorter time, but there's a good chance that you know about them, too. Dial back your memory banks to making your baby shower registry and see how many you remember without having to ask Dr. Google for advice. 

Whether it's a little red wagon or something to make parenting less smelly, baby brands have wormed their way into your ever-developing brain. You'll have to be a "big kid now" to get them all right, but you'll "live, learn and then get" your score. How many will you remember? Put your knowledge to the test and find out!

Who is the maker of the "No More Tears" type of baby shampoo?

Johnson & Johnson are responsible for the baby shampoo we all know and love. Since 1953, it has been the most trusted baby product on the market. Pediatricians recommend its gentle and hypoallergenic formula.


What disposable diaper company wanted to you "Live, learn and then get" them?

For parents on a budget, Luvs diapers are still a dream come true. Luvs might not be as fancy as Pampers Swaddlers, but they do the job at a fraction of the price. They are the third most popular line of disposable diapers.


Are you able to pick the company that makes the popular Ice Gel Teether Keys?

When the baby is teething, and you don't have time for cleaning up after Zwieback toast, Nuby's Ice Gel Teether Keys are a perfect choice. The cooling sensation feels great on their gums. Plus, you can pick one up for under $5!


Busy babies love the Exersaucer! What trusted brand makes it?

The Exersaucer is yet another reason why Evenflow is so trusted. Before its invention, many parents used mobile walkers that allowed little ones to explore indoor spaces while strengthening their legs. The Excersaucer has the same benefits but eliminates the risk of dangers such as stairs.


Which one of these modern brands is responsible for putting technology into the hands of babies?

Since 1976, VTECH has been making the most technologically up to date toys for your baby. From mock smartphones to miniature and interactive computers, there's something to stimulate every stage of development.


What kind of freestanding chair would you use to help a young infant sit up on their own?

There are times when young parents need to have their hands free. If your baby can hold their head up and meet all the physical markers leading up to sitting, the Bumbo chair is perfect for them! It allows the baby to sit up in a safe and protected way.


You'll be a "big kid now" if you can name the brand of diapers with this slogan. What is it?

In other parts of the world, diapers are known as "nappies." Everyone knows about Huggies, though. They have been manufactured since 1968. Once primarily made in Australia, the company has recently switched to Korean and Chinese makers.


Can you choose the brand of baby food that has a famous baby on the label?

After a 90-year run as the Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook met her replacement. In 2018, she handed over the reins to the new Gerber baby named Lucas Warren. Lucas is the first baby of the year to have Down's Syndrome.


Do you know which of these companies makes the portable Pack 'n Play?

Whether you're on the move or you need a safe napping space for baby in your home, the Graco Pack 'n Play has you covered. Available with or without a changing table, the collapsible playpen gives your little one plenty of space to play or sleep.


If you wanted to pull your baby in a red wagon, which classic brand might you choose?

Chicago's Radio Flyer company has been in business since 1917! While there are new versions of their classic wagon that come with plastic sides and flashing lights, you can still purchase one of the original versions.


Out of all the diaper companies, which one is responsible for a line called Swaddlers?

When Pampers were introduced in 1961, many new parents did not want to pay the price. At the time, it was over three times the cost of cotton diapers. Pampers addressed the issue by creating more affordable versions. The Swaddlers line has been their most successful.


What company had success with the first portable car seat called the Rock 'n Ride?

Since Kolcraft first put out the Rock 'n Ride, safety standards have changed a lot. You wouldn't want to use it now, but it was quite innovative for its time. It allowed parents to take a sleeping baby out of the car and continue to rock them once inside without removing them from the seat.


Do you know which of these earthy cosmetics companies has branched out with a full line of baby clothes?

Over the years, Burt's Bees has gone from being a mom and pop business lip balm business to the Clorox owned giant that it is now. During their growth, Burt's has become a significant player in the baby clothing game.


Which trusted cookie company makes Zwieback toast for teething babies?

Sweetened toast is twice baked to form nearly solid bricks of edible teething biscuits that babies love. Nabisco recommends that babies are at least five months old before being allowed to have them.


Since 1972, Happy Apple has been made by which company?

Both babies and adults love the Fisher-Price Happy Apple. A multi-sensory toy, the apple rolls and jingles when baby shakes it or moves it across the floor. The adorable smiling face makes it impossible to put down.


The patented drop-in liner made what brand of baby bottles famous?

Any parent can tell you that washing and sterilizing baby bottles is an enormous task! Playtex worked to make the chore easier by inventing a bottle that used plastic drop-in liners. Although the design has changed, the drop-in style bottles can still be purchased.


Which one of these inexpensive clothing brands caters to babies?

Founded by William Carter in 1815, Carter's brand of clothing is a favorite amongst new parents. Durable materials in cute patterns are used for everything from onesies to jeans. Parents love that they make great hand-me-downs when the next child comes along.


If you wanted to buy a Cozy Coupe, which baby brand's website would you visit?

Some adults wish they could own a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, but they are designed specifically for little bodies. Their signature red and yellow construction allows toddlers to motor around on their own.


What manufacturer's Learning Baby Tad jumps off of shelves and into carts?

For over a decade, LeapFrog's Learning Baby Tad has been adding a touch of sensory excitement to cribs. Lights, buttons and jingles make it perfect stimulation for babies who haven't yet started walking.


If you think back to your childhood, can you remember who made the Glo Worm?

Since 1982, Playskool's Glo Worm has been a trusty nightlight for babies and children of all ages. These days, you can buy the classic model or a newer version with fun extras. Either way, the Glo Worm would be a big baby shower hit!


When babies come home from the hospital, which rubbery brand of pacifier comes with them?

The Nuk One-Piece Silicone pacifier has been voted a favorite for several years in a row. It's so popular that it's the preferred pacifier of hospitals everywhere. As part of a welcome to the world kit, it's usually sent home with parents.


What stylish baby clothing brand makes mixing and matching easy?

Creating coordinating baby outfits is a breeze with Gymboree's line of baby clothes! From size zero all the way up to elementary school, Gymboree is a popular choice for parents who want the biggest bang for their buck.


Which of these jewelry making companies produces a solid silver rattle?

If you have a baby shower coming up and you're looking for the perfect keepsake, Tiffany & Co. has you covered. Starting around $165, each silver rattle is guaranteed to become a family heirloom.


Nursing mothers are crazy about which brand of feeding pillow?

For both feeding and cuddling, mothers everywhere recommend the Boppy Feeding & Infant Support Pillow. It's been voted the most popular brand of nursing pillow for the past three years and counting.


Storing soiled diapers would be a more pungent ordeal without which of these brands?

Think of it like a trash compactor for diapers! The Diaper Genie allows parents to drop soiled diapers into a container that individually wraps them in bags. Babies might be cute, but the Diaper Genie helps your house smell fresh.


Do you remember which company makes the SleepSack Swaddle?

HALO might be one of the newer brands on our list, but they are making waves in the baby market. At $22.99, their SleepSack Swaddle is a bargain! Its enveloping, womb-like nature promotes longer sleep times!


What toymaker was founded in the '80s and is still loved for its brand of wooden toys?

Founded in a garage in 1988, Melissa and Doug's brand of wooden toys has become a favorite of parents everywhere. Durable and safe wooden toys can be used for years, and they make great keepsakes to have around when you're a grandparent.


Behind Gerber, which brand of baby food is the second most popular?

Gerber has held the title of most popular baby food for decades, but Beech-Nut is a close second. Beech-Nut specializes in food needed for all four stages of infant development, and they have recently released an all-organic line.


Can you remember which company makes the classic Chatter Telephone toy?

Originally called the "Talk Back Phone," Fisher-Price's Chatter Telephone has been popular with parents since 1962. Walking is made fun when the Chatter Telephone is pulled behind a toddler. It makes all sorts of cute noises to motivate little feet.


Since 1996, which brand started with videos and has been working to make babies smarter?

Now owned by Disney, Baby Einstein began at a small company named Clarks. The brand's Take Along Tunes Musical Toy has been voted one of the best travel toys in both 2018 and 2019.


Are you able to figure out which brand makes the popular diaper rash cream named Desitin?

Both diaper rashes and sunburns are made more comfortable with the use of zinc oxide creams. Johnson & Johnson's Desitin brand boasts the highest concentration of the ingredient on the market. It's a must-have for any changing table.


Nursing mothers love which British brand of breast pumps?

Owned by Cannon Rubber, Avent's line of breast pumps and baby feeding accessories have been a favorite of nursing mothers since 1984. Although the company is located in England, its products can be found all over the world.


If you ordered a SafeMax car seat, which brand would you be buying?

Known for its price and its safety rating, Evenflo's SafeMax car seat is one of their most popular sellers. Evenflo is well known for their line of strollers, cribs and all the necessary accessories any baby could need.


Which company makes the Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Training Toilet?

Potty training is an exciting time in a baby's life! For a Disney fan, it can be even more exciting with the Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Training Toilet. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but little ones love it because everyone's favorite mouse is involved.


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