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On "How I Met Your Mother," Barney balanced his friends and lovers with the help of a little thing called the Bro Code. Take our quiz to see how much your remember about this hilarious, yet oh-so-wrong moral code designed just for bros.

In which episode do viewers first spot "The Bro Code" book?

After Barney sleeps with Robin in "The Goat," viewers are introduced to the "The Bro Code" for the first time.


Who does Barney hire for help analyzing the code?

Barney takes advantage of Marshall's legal experience to justify his night with Robin, who used to date his bro Ted.


Who wrote "The Bro Code"?

After the founding fathers couldn't find time to draft the code, the great Barnabus Stinson took on the task.


Where is the original volume of "The Bro Code" stored?

The original volume of the code is in an undisclosed location, within a vacuum-sealed, bulletproof box, two-stories beneath the sea.


True or false: Only dogs of a certain size are acceptable per "The Bro Code."

A bro may only own a dog that is as tall as his knee or taller when fully grown, according to Article 3 of the code.


Who is a bro permitted to scream at?

A bro must be nice to everyone but may vent his frustration to anyone located beneath him on the Pyramid of Screaming.


Who has a stronger bond?

A bond between bros is always stronger than any bond involving a woman. That's just science — and it's also Article 1 of the code.


Who is Barney unable to bed because of the code?

Article 19, which prevents a bro from sleeping with another bro's sister, keeps Barney away from Heather Mosby.


What is the youngest age that a bro should marry?

According to Article 32, a bro must never tie the knot before he hits the big 3-0.


True or false: A bro should wait three days before calling a woman.

Forget the old three-day rule — a true bro waits a full four days before dialing those digits.


Who has dibs on a hot woman?

The bro who calls dibs first gets first the first shot — or if dibs are called at the same time, the bro who counts to 10 the fastest gets the girl.


Who should you avoid dating, according to "The Platinum Rule"?

According to the "Platinum Rule," it's never a good idea to love thy neighbor — or anyone else you have to see regularly.


Who causes Barney to break the Platinum Rule?

Barney violates the Bro Code when he dates Wendy, a waitress at MacLaren's.


True or false: Moms are always off limits.

A bro never goes after another bro's mom. Stepmoms are fair game as long as they initiate the action — or wear at least one item of leopard-print clothing.


True or false: Girls can be bros too.

A girl who upholds the code can enjoy equal bro status with the guys, especially if she sets a bro up with her hot friends.


Where is the ideal spot on the hot/crazy scale?

A women located right on the hot/crazy scale line balances her hot and crazy well. If a girl is situated above the line, a bro should get ready to run.


Which of these songs is not on the "Get Psyched" playlist?

The "Get Psyched" playlist helps a bro gets psyched up for a night out but does not include any Michael Jackson songs — although it does include the second half of "Free Bird."


What's the maximum bail you should spend on a bro you've known for five years?

Always bail out a bro unless bail is crazy expensive or set at more than $100 times the number of years you've known your bro.


True or false: A bro must always know the reigning Super Bowl champ and U.S. president.

A well-versed Bro will always know the current Super Bowl champs, World Series winner and, of course, the reigning Playmate of the Year.


True or false: Bros should never wear baseball caps.

A bro may don a baseball hat as long as the brim is set at 12 or 6 o'clock. Any other angle is reserved for nonbros.


What is the ideal number of tattoos for a bro?

A bro should never get a tattoo, especially if it involves a woman's name.


How long does the average bro relationship last?

The average bro relationship lasts just 83 days — even more reason to never tattoo a woman's name on your body.


What type of girl should be avoided at all costs?

A bro should never interact with a girl on Rollerblades, because these girls are just too fast for bros to keep up with.


True or false: A bro must always wear jeans to a strip club.

Jeans are a bro-no at strip clubs, partially because it's tough to fit a wad of cash into tight pockets.


When is Desperation Day?

Bros must spend all bro holidays, including Feb. 13 — aka Desperation Day — with other bros.


Which bro is the exception to the "no mustache rule"?

A mustache is an absolute don't for any bro — except Tom Selleck.


How many Bros should you bring with you to a party?

A bro should never bring more than two other bros to a party; three is cool, four is lame.


Which of these ranks among the top bro movies?

A bro must drop everything and settle in front of the TV if "Die Hard" comes on. The same is true of other bro movies, including "Top Gun" and "The Shawshank Redemption."


True or false: A bro is obligated to return anything loaned to him by another bro.

A bro should never expect to get items back after he loans them out, unless the loanee leaves the item to the loaner in his will.


What does the Lemon Law give bros the right to do?

Article 140 of the code covers the Lemon Law, which allows any bro to bail on a date in the first five minutes without giving a reason.


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