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Sha la la la! What happens when two former flower children find themselves middle-aged and raising kids? There ain't nothing they can't love each other through! Test your "Family Ties" knowledge with this quiz.

"Family Ties" is about a family with which last name?

"Family Ties" is about the Keaton family.


What's the name of the oldest kid?

Michael J. Fox plays Alex P. Keaton.


Where does Steven Keaton work?

Steven works at WKS, a local public television station.


Alex P. Keaton is a feisty young man who is an unapologetic and proud follower of which political party?

Alex was a fan of Reaganomics during the '80s.


What is Elyse Keaton's job?

Elyse is an architect.


"What would we do, baby, ________ ________?" Can you finish this lyric from the theme song?

"What would we do, baby, without us? And there ain't no nothing we can't love each other through. What would we do, baby, without us? Sha-la-la-la."


What's the name of the second Keaton kid, often portrayed as an airhead compared to Alex?

Mallory is the second oldest Keaton kid.


What are Steven and Elyse's politics?

The show was actually pitched to TV networks as “hip parents, square kids."


Who plays Steven and Elyse?

Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter play the parents.


What's the name of the third Keaton kid?

Jennifer is played by Tina Yothers.


Which president does Alex especially admire?

Alex admires Richard Nixon. He has a framed picture of the former president on his bedside and even had a lunch box with him on it.


What's the nickname of their nerdy neighbor?

Keaton friend and neighbor Irwin Handelman's nickname is "Skippy".


Where does the Keaton family live?

They live in Columbus, Ohio.


Being a young Republican, Alex dresses conservatively, often sporting which of these trademark items?

Alex also tries to influence his younger brother to dress and think the same way he does.


What character does Tracy Pollan, Fox’s real-life wife, play on the show?

Contrasting with Alex’s conservative beliefs, Ellen is a feminist artist.


Which future "Friends" actress had a recurring role as Lauren Miller, Alex's other serious girlfriend on the show?

Courteney Cox played Lauren Miller, who like Ellen, also had feminist leanings.


What does the "P" in Alex P. Keaton stand for?

Alex's full name is Alex Peace Keaton. His parents were Peace Corps. members.


Tom Hanks plays Alex’s uncle. Which serious problem does he have?

Ned botches a job interview because he's drunk.


What's the name of the youngest addition to the Keaton clan?

Andrew is played by Brian Bonsall.


During the 1980s, the show was brave enough to present controversial issues like sexual harassment. Which kid gets harassed by an older man?

A family friend they call Uncle Arthur kisses Mallory against her will.


In "A Keaton Christmas Carol," the show puts its own spin on the holiday classic. Which character is the Scrooge of the story?

In the episode, Jennifer is the Ghost of Christmas Past and Mallory is the Ghost of Christmas Future.


Jennifer does a book report on a classic that her school banned. What's the book?

Jennifer gets suspended for writing the book report. The school board reconsiders her suspension, though.


What newspaper does Alex read?

He reads "The Wall Street Journal."


During the first two seasons, Alex really wants to attend which college?

Alex opts to help Mallory with a personal issue instead of finishing his Princeton interview.


Where does Alex go to college?

Leland University is a fictional school.


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