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After coming home from a day at work and doing chores like shoveling or dishes, television is probably something that crosses your mind. Being a great way to unwind from the day, it's often something you use at night or in the morning, and a little on the weekends as well. A TV wouldn't be as fun if it weren't for the shows that made it that way. While you've probably watched many American channels, Canada has quite a few excellent channels as well. Living in Canada, you're bound to have watched a few of these now and then!

Canada has had many oldies that people look back on fondly today. There were comedies and sitcoms that made you laugh, dramas that always had you on the edge of your seat and even game shows to enjoy on a regular day. Some classic like the "Degrassi" series are still being aired to this day. Not all Canadian shows are on CBC, but many of them have called that channel home.

Did you spend countless hours watching the best of Canadian television as a kid and even into adulthood? If you think you're an expert in these oldies, let's see if you can prove that you watched them all with this quiz!

Living life in the Arctic can be tough but rewarding. Can you name this show that follows RCMP officers as well as indigenous peoples?

A weekly show depicting the northern region of Canada, "North of 60" was all about life as an RCMP officer and the way indigenous persons were living and working. It dealt with much of what indigenous peoples still deal with today, despite being a show created in the '90s.


Before "Heartland," this series took over the airwaves. What is it called?

Starting his own ranch, Michael Terry is the famed Neon Rider. He spends many episodes helping out young people who have been dealt a bad hand. What could be a more fitting place for the ranch than the Rocky Mountains?


Based on a series of books, this show brings life back to basics. What is its name?

The "Road to Avonlea" is long and new for Sarah Stanley, who finds herself leading a completely different life upon her arrival. She does learn to love her new life in Avonlea alongside her nanny.


A show of variety, it first started airing in 1966. Do you know its name?

This French-language show catered to an audience that loved a little variety with segments involving concerts or documentaries. Translating to "Beautiful Sundays," it aired later on Sunday nights, making it a great way to relax before Monday and the rest of the week.


It's not about your regular high school experience, but it is a cool one! What's the name of this program?

Canada's retro answer to Disney's "The Suite Life On Deck" was "Breaker High." The kids of this show set out to sea where they studied up and did their high school years. It was more of a lighthearted show but still dealt with a few tougher topics.


This early 2000s show follows regular teenage lives in BC. Do you know its name?

"Edgemont" follows many teenagers and their daily struggles in life. While problems often involve school, they also include relationships and family problems at home. Despite being successful, it ended after four years.


Starting in the late '80s, this program was ended in the early 2000s. Do you know its name?

Aimed at teens, the show often told the news and was known for having different segments to break up the show. Did you know that this show was almost known as "Money Penny?" It makes sense for a show with characters named for currency!


You might have watched this as a kid or even with your kids. What is it called?

Loonette and Molly were a staple on many Canadian TV screens in the late '90s. The clown and her doll live life together and solve problems. They're also known for singing songs about tidying up, making it that much more fun!


Getting back out on the water was easy with this show known as what?

"Danger Bay" became a Canadian classic, taking place in Vancouver. It was a show that focused a lot of the time on activism and being environmentally friendly, and many of its themes are still relevant today.


Working on set can be a fun time as this series proves, but do you know what it is called?

"The Newsroom" is all about exactly that — working inside of the newsroom. There were three seasons of this popular show, but a few spin-off type series with a character or two were also produced after its end.


Following an adorable dog who is always on an adventure, can you name this lovable series?

"The Littlest Hobo" is the name of the show, but many also refer to the pup as "Hobo." The breed of the pup was a German Shepherd, but two different dogs portrayed him throughout the two different series.


Each day of the week meant something in this show that was called what?

"Polka Dot Door" was a Canadian TV show aimed at kids that was both fun and educational. Many kids probably remember the fun character named Polkaroo, who often stopped by to visit a host, as he proved to be quite popular!


Banking is something that many people don't enjoy very much, but which show made a bank the main subject of the series?

"Traders" made working at a bank an entertaining task with this series. Being a drama, there were lots of issues that the group had to tackle throughout the show. One of the more relatable ones was that they were a small business often being threatened by larger corporations.


If you know the Midnight Society, then you know this TV show! What is it called?

This will take you back to the days where you're hanging out with friends telling each other scary stories. Did you know that this show premiered on October 31, 1990? There's no more fitting day for a show like this!


The title may suggest it, but this series is not about direction! Can you name it?

Before this ever became a TV show, it was instead a movie! Because it was so popular, it was brought back as a series for everyone to enjoy, and it lasted four seasons. It finished just before the 2000s, leaving a lasting legacy on Canada.


Part of a series of different TV programs, what's the name of this teen drama?

The "Degrassi" shows have always been a popular group of series throughout the years. This one, in particular, followed the kids as pre-teens in junior high as they went through all types of situations in their lives, from friend problems to relationship problems.


If you saw this booth while out in Toronto, then you knew that you could be on which of the following?

"Speaker's Corner" was a different type of Canadian TV show where it went to real people for content. Walking up to the booth would allow you to record a video on whatever you wanted. After this, you would have the chance to spot yourself on national TV!


Together, music and TV can make the show more powerful. Do you know the name of this one?

Fulfilling dreams as a band was what this show was all about. It followed fictional band members as they worked together to make it big. The series also spawned a catchy soundtrack called "Catwalk: Music From the TV Series."


This program ran for just three years in the late '90s, following students in a sitcom. Do you know what it is called?

When it comes to newspapers, there were two different ones in town at this high school. The main character worked as a cartoonist for one of them, with much of the show revolving around his cartoons speaking on behalf of him.


If you love comedy, you probably enjoyed this one as a teen. Can you name it?

"You Can't Do That On Television" was a sketch comedy that aired for 10 seasons. There have been a few famous names on the show, including Alanis Morissette and Les Lye, just to name a few.


There were a few Canadian game shows throughout the years, but this one was meant for kids. Which of the following is it?

"Kidstreet" became a hit with kids who played it with their siblings. You'd want to make sure that you know your sibling well, as that's one of the main things that you'd be tested on!


If you know the Persephone, you know this series known by which of the following names?

A popular drama series, this program was all about a logging boat. There was no more perfect place to film a show about this than British Columbia! Despite lots of time spent on the water, there were many times that the characters were around town, too.


A popular Canadian drama, can you name this show that always brings justice?

"Street Legal" is a show that Canadians will always hold close. The drama was very popular, starting in the '80s and running for nine seasons. Did you know that it was brought back to Canadian TV screens in 2019?


Canada's answer to Mr. Rogers, you probably saw this show as a kid. Can you name it?

Mr. Dressup was a kind man who taught and sang with children around the country. He became a huge hit and spent just shy of 30 years on Canadian television. He's also recorded music to release on albums as well.


The subject of this series was a man who owned a popular convenience store. Do you know the name of the program?

Set in Toronto, Larry King had different customers visiting his store every day. He also had his regulars who were considered friends, of course! Spanning five seasons in the '70s, the show ended with Larry selling the store.


Every kid dreams of having powers, but this one received them for real! Which of the following shows are we talking about?

This show starred Starring Jerry O'Connell, whose character unexpectedly finds himself with special powers. While they're nice to have, they can be a big responsibility for him as well. Luckily, he had a great bunch of people around him, including a scientist, to get him through it.


This teen sitcom brought on laughs but also dealt with more serious topics. What is it called?

Being a teen can be hard at times, but luckily, the teens in this show had access to some good counseling. While it often focused on the funny and more light-hearted things, there are some more serious topics within the show as well.


Fans of crime programs would have loved this Canadian classic called what?

Despite being made in Canada, this show got its big break in America as well. It only aired for a few years in the '80s but managed to pull in many viewers in its early years. Did you know that because it was filmed in Canada, but also aired in the United States, the show had to refrain from showing certain buildings or areas?


This show for children was filmed in Canada's capital city of Ottawa. What is its name?

Living a quiet life in a home in Ottawa, the umbrella tree is inhabited by puppets who live alongside a human companion. The puppets go through some problems, but they always work their way through them no matter what.


One of Canada's many famous musical programs for kids, do you remember the name of this one?

A talented kids entertainer, Fred Penner created this TV show to do just that. He brought his skills in music, puppetry and fun to living rooms across the country and filmed 900 episodes for the show in total!


The Muppets were brought back again in this series known as what?

"Fraggle Rock" is one fun place to be, and what's even better is that the show was filmed in Toronto. Many people might wish that they had the same schedule as the Fraggles, who only work 30 minutes per week!


Starting out as a radio program, can you name the show that featured a creature living in a castle?

"The Friendly Giant" was a radio program that got its start in America until a copy of it was sent to the CBC. Once they listened to it, they decided to turn it into a kids' program in Canada. With over 3,000 episodes, it's safe to say that it was a good decision!


The little elephant in this show touched hearts around the country. What 's the name of the series?

Babar started out in a book but quickly found himself on television as well. Babar was a king who had a heart bigger than his own kingdom. The show began in the late '80s and finished in the early 2000s.


Trips around the country were easy when you were traveling with Wayne Rostad. Do you know what this show was called?

Many Canadians might not get the chance to travel across the country, but with Wayne Rostad hosting this show, Canadians could get a little taste in their living rooms. It was on air for just 20 years before being canceled.


Going undercover wasn't a difficult task for the star of which of the following?

Even though the show tells all about the life of a coroner, this wasn't always his job. Before that, Da Vinci was known as an RCMP officer, not a painter like you may have imagined! The popular drama series ran for just seven seasons before being cancelled.


It's easy to relate to the star of this show if you're a Canadian. Do you know the name of this series that gets down to business?

"The Red Green Show" is all about the hardworking citizen, with Red always trying to fix or make something for himself. While it doesn't always go as planned, it's still charming and relatable, making the show very successful.


Created by a group of Canadians who loved sketch comedy, what's the name of this show?

The Kids were a funny group of individuals who got together to produce a sketch comedy to fill the void for other shows like "SCTV." The show got its start four years after "SCTV" went off the air.


Based on the novels of the same name, can you guess which of the following this TV show is?

Emily is an orphan who lost her father. The show revolves around her life as an orphaned child who is taken in by a new family. It only aired for two years, but four seasons were ultimately produced before its end.


Everyone wants a guardian angel, and that wish is granted in this series called what?

"Twice in a Lifetime" was a unique show in many ways. For example, in each episode, you would never see the same star twice. Each episode had a different star that included names like Michael Cera and Jackee Harry.


Grocery stores are usually for shopping, but this one is unique. Can you guess which of the following is it?

A kids' show that ran for seven seasons, it was all about what goes down in the stores after they close for the night. One of the main characters is a mannequin who stands on display during the day but comes to life at night.


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