Do You Remember These Iconic Twists From “The Twilight Zone” Well Enough to Ace This Quiz?


By: Katie Ormsby

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"The Twilight Zone" has transported viewers to the fifth dimension ever since it premiered in 1959. The original series is full of tragic twists and shocking final moments. See how well you remember five of these reveals! In the words of Rod Serling, your next stop: "The Twilight Zone."

What tragic twist befalls bookworm Henry Bemis at the end of "Time Enough at Last"?

"Time Enough at Last" is about bookworm Henry Bemis, a man whose love of reading tends to get in the way of his work as a bank teller. When an atomic blast strikes, Henry survives because he spends his lunch breaks reading in the bank's vault. He has time enough, at last, to read ... until his glasses break. 💔


When Janet's bandages are removed in "Eye of the Beholder," what does she look like?

Janet's been through surgery in hopes of conforming to society's beauty standards. As doctors cut off her bandages, we hear one of them say, "No change, no change at all." It's then revealed that Janet is a beautiful woman by our standards while the doctors and nurses have pig-like snouts. Beauty, it turns out, is in the eye of the beholder.


Cryptographers struggle to decode a book aliens bring to Earth beyond its title: "To Serve Man." Do you remember what the book is?

In "To Serve Man," an alien race called the Kanamits arrive on earth. They promise to solve all of humanity's problems, including war and famine. When cryptographers get their hands on a copy of the Kanamits' book, they struggle to decipher it. It isn't until the end that we learn "To Serve Man" is a cookbook and humans are on the menu.


In "The After Hours," what does Marsha discover when she tries to return a gold thimble that she bought at a department store?

When Marsha's told the floor she bought the thimble on doesn't exist, she becomes hysterical and is taken to an office to calm down. She falls asleep and accidentally gets locked in. That night the store's mannequins remind her that she's also a mannequin. One month out of the year, mannequins get to live as humans and her month is over.


A woman is terrorized by tiny aliens in "The Invaders." What's the twist?

This episode has almost no dialog. Through only pantomime, shrieks and grunts, Agnes Moorehead gives a memorable performance as a woman under attack by tiny invaders. Before she destroys the spaceship, we hear one of the invaders send a warning to avoid this planet of giants. It's then revealed that the invaders are from Earth.


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