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As humans, we've basically been accessorizing since the beginning of our existence. Discoveries of crude jewelry made from bone, teeth and stone date back to prehistoric times, and the first signs of copper jewelry (the first metal used by man) began to appear thousands of years ago, during the 8th century B.C. 

Today, fashion accessories extend far beyond jewelry, though rings, bracelets, necklaces and the like are still accessory essentials. Now we also have covetable hats, designer bags, luxurious wraps and a never-ending stock of shoes, from pumps and stilettos to sandals and mules.

But here's the thing — do you actually know what a stiletto shoe is? Can you close your eyes and imagine what a mule looks like? (We mean the shoe, not the animal, of course.) If your answer is yes, then you must scroll down and take this quiz. It'll test your knowledge of all kinds of fashion accessories, from the trendy and well-known to the most obscure. We think it's safe to say that if you're a lover of fashion mags and/or an avid follower of style blogs and vlogs, you're gonna ace this fashion accessory quiz. So, go grab your most stylish thinker's cap and get started!

In the early '80s, we were obsessed with these bracelets. Do you remember what they were called?

Made popular by an up-and-coming pop star named Madonna, jelly bracelets were all the range in the '80s. They came in all the colors of the rainbow and were very inexpensive, which made it easy to stack as many you could from your wrist to your elbow.


This type of purse has a specific name. Do you know what it is?

A clutch is a small, flat handbag with no handles or straps. As its name implies, it's always handheld (i.e. clutched). Popular types of clutches include day clutches, evening clutches and envelope clutches.


Do you know what this kind of scarf is called?

Pashminas are named for the type of material they are made of, which is fine cashmere wool. While pure pashmina scarves and wraps can cost from $200 to $1,000, knock-offs are easy to find and often sell for less than $20.


What do you call this neck accessory?

Chokers have been worn for centuries and can be made of a variety of materials, including plastic, leather, latex and metal. Velvet and lace chokers were a big fashion trend of the '90s


Can you name this popular summer shoe?

The creation of the wedge shoe has been credited to Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo in the late 1930s. He reportedly came up with the cork-and-wood heel design because there was a shortage of rubber and leather.


What do you call this type of tie?

Also referred to as a hanker-tie, an ascot tie has thick, pointed wings and is usually made of patterned silk. It is appropriate for very formal occasions and was a popular business meeting accessory in the U.S. in the late 19th century.


How would you describe this style of handbag?

Large, slouchy and made of soft, flexible material, these bags got their name because their crescent shape resembles the makeshift bags carried by "hobos" (an outdated slang term for migrant workers) in the early 1900s.


What's the name for this type of high-heeled shoe?

Notoriously difficult to walk in, these extremely slender heels are named after the stiletto dagger, which is a centuries-old stabbing weapon. They're typically less than half an inch in diameter.


Can you tell us what this accessory is called?

A kind of necklace/tie hybrid, a bolo tie is a piece of cord or leather that's wrapped the neck and secured with a decorative sliding clasp in the front. They are very popular in the western U.S. and were dubbed the official neckwear of Arizona in 1971.


Do you know what this short-heeled shoe is called?

Kitten heels are a short type of stiletto heel that are usually no more than 1.75 inches high. They were first introduced in the 1950s as a type of "training heel" for girls who were too young for full-blown high heels.


How would you refer to this type of hat?

Typically made of woven wool, berets became popular in France and Spain in the 19th century. They lay flat on the head, can be shaped in a number of ways and are worn by both men and women.


What do you call this kind of belt?

Cinch belts were big in the 1950s. Made of flexible elastic material, they hugged the waist tightly but were much more comfortable and easier to move around in than restrictive leather belts of the time.


Do you know what this style of shoe is called?

Women's mules have open backs and closed fronts, which make them easy to slip on and off. They serve as a comfortable alternative to heels, while providing more support than flip flops or sandals.


This type of earring has a name. Do you know it?

Barbell earrings feature a metal bar with rounded spheres at either end, at least one one of which is detachable. They are so named because they resemble a barbell weight. They are also a popular tongue-piercing accessory.


What's the word for this pinned-on fashion accessory?

Usually made of a metal such as silver or gold, brooches have been popular for hundreds of years. The earliest examples date back to the Bronze Age (3,000 B.C. to 1,200 B.C.) and were designed to serve as decorative clothing fasteners.


How would you describe this type of hat?

In the U.S., beanies are slouchy, close-fitting caps that are typically made from a knit material seamed together around the sides. They originated in the early 1900s when the word "bean" was used as a slang term for head.


Can you tell us what this kind of bag is called?

Messenger bags have long straps and are worn over the shoulder. They're typically made of cloth and have a flap over the front. Sometimes referred to as courier bags, they were originally used by messengers to transport mail and other goods.


What's the name for this very modern type of glove?

Made from thin, stretchy fabric, these gloves are designed to make texting and other smartphone activities a piece of cake. Often, they're lined with silicone grips to prevent your phone from slipping out of your hand.


There's a name for this type of bracelet. Do you know it?

Bangles are stiff, inflexible bracelets made of rigid materials such as metal, plastic, glass or wood. Early examples of these accessories have been found in ancient Indian artifacts dating from as far back as 2600 B.C.


What do you call these casual canvas shoes?

Featuring a canvas or cloth upper and a flexible sole made from rope fiber, these shoes were the common footwear of peasants in 14th-century France and Spain. Today, they are fashionable around the globe.


This belt style is commonly referred to as which of the following?

By definition, an obi is a cloth sash used with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimonos and martial arts uniforms. As a fashion accessory, this type of belt resembles the traditional obi — it's wound around the waist at least two times and then tied into a knot or bow.


How would you describe this style of sunglasses?

This sunglass style was originally developed by eye care company Bausch & Lomb in the late 1930s. They were designed to help protect pilots' eyes from the sun while flying, which is why they are called aviators.


What's the name for this kind of bag?

Named for the durable leather bags used to carry bowling balls, bowler bags are dome-shaped and have short, rounded handles. They first became fashionable as non-bowling accessories in the 1950s.


Can you tell us what this sophisticated shoe is called?

Oxfords are dress shoes that feature a closed lacing system, which means that the shoelace's eyelets are stitched to the front part of the shoe (called the vamp). Sophisticated and formal, they first gained popularity among students privileged at England's Oxford University in the early 1800s.


This one's tough — do you know what this type of small evening bag is called?

A minaudière is a tiny clutch adorned with precious gems or glass rhinestones. More of a statement jewelry piece than a purse, it's big enough to carry only a few essential items, such as a lipstick, makeup compact or keys.


Can you identify this style of shoe?

These casual, low-heeled shoes feature a saddle-shaped decorative panel placed mid-foot. They are typically made of leather and are white with a black or blue saddle. They were a popular shoe for young school students in the 1940s, and worn frequently by Elvis Presley in the 1950s.


What would you call this kind of belt?

A cummerbund is a pleated, broad-waist sash that's worn inside formal wear such as a tuxedo or single-breasted dinner jacket. It's worn at the waist, over the shirt, and is meant to cover the stomach area.


There's a term for this type of earring. Do you recognize it?

As the name suggests, these earrings are designed to dangle below the ears from the earlobes. They can vary in length — some drop just below the lobe, while others reach all the way down to the shoulders.


Do you know the name of this style of hat?

Featuring a soft brim and indented crown, fedoras can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cashmere, cotton, linen or straw. They first became popular in the U.S. in the late 1800s.


How would you describe this shoe style?

As its name implies, peep toe shoes have a small opening at the toe. While they've been around for centuries, they became a trendy shoe in the U.S. during the 1940s, when pin-up models such as Bettie Page popularized the look.


What do you think the name for this tiny purse is?

A wristlet is a small handbag featuring a short carrying strap that's meant to be worn around the wrist like a bracelet (hence the name). They range in style and price point, from high-end designer versions to inexpensive knock-offs.


There's a name for these tiny pins typically worn on dress shirts. Do you know it?

Used to secure the cuffs of dress shirts that do not feature buttons, cufflinks can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, metal, precious metal, glass and stone.


The Apple watch is an example of this type of timepiece. Can you name it?

Touchscreen watches are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes more reliant on smartphones. Telling the time is perhaps the least interesting feature of this watch — you can also use it to track your workouts, set notifications, send and receive texts and emails and more.


What's the term for this popular kind of nose ring?

Also referred to as a bull-ring piercing, this type of piercing goes through the nasal septum, which is the part of the nose that separates the left and right nostrils. In South Asian countries such as India and Nepal, septum rings are more popular than earrings.


Do you remember what this hair accessory was called?

Banana clips pull hair back from either side and allow you to secure it into place in a number of different ways. They were a totally trendy fashion accessory in the '80s, and came all kinds of bright colors — even neon.


Here's another hat for you — what is it called?

A Panama hat (also called a toquilla straw hat or an Ecuadorian hat) is a brimmed straw hat that was originally created in Ecuador. Lightly colored, lightweight and breathable, they are often worn in the summer with silk suits.


This shoe is both fashionable and functional. Can you name it?

These shoes are also called boat shoes, as they were originally designed to help prevent sailors from slipping. Their non-slip rubber soles and comfy, hand-sewn uppers proved be fashionable as well as functional. Popular brands include Sperry Top-Sider and Sebago.


What's the name for these popular plastic shoes?

Made of PVC plastic, jellies are so named because their semi-transparent look gives them a jelly-like sheen. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, and were extremely popular with both kids and young adults in the 1980s.


Do you know what kind of bracelet this is?

Charm bracelets are designed to be affixed with charms that carry sentimental meaning for the owner. These can include things like pendants, trinkets, ornaments and name tags. In 1889, luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. introduced their first charm bracelet, which featured a dangling heart and is still popular today.


Can you tell us the term for this type of shoe?

A clog's defining feature is its thick wood sole, and some traditional pairs are made entirely of wood. In the '70s and '80s, Swedish clogs became fashionable in the U.S. and have been a popular (if slightly uncomfortable) shoe style ever since.


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