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If you have children or are exposed to children, you've probably run into this problem. A horrible case of strep throat has broken out in your child's class. Notes have been sent to parents, and you're crossing your fingers that the strep throat doesn't make its way to your home. Unfortunately, your child is ill, and even worse, it has transferred to you. And to add a little more drama to the situation, this infection came just as you need to create a presentation for work. The silver lining to this situation is that you knew the warning signs and saw a doctor as soon as the strep throat reared its ugly heads. But which medication would you need to take?

The fact of the matter is, there are several different drugs available for the same ailment, each with its own role in treatment. On top of this, some of the medicines on the market may deal with the same issue but have a different method of treating it. Some of the things that doctors look for in dispensing medication to patients include the severity of the condition, known medical allergies and possible reactions to other drugs that their patient is taking.

So do you think you could identify what someone has if they told you a medication they are on? If so, go ahead and don that stethoscope and take this quiz!

Do you know what a doctor would recommend to someone with high cholesterol?

Two different kinds of cholesterol reside in the body, HDL-C (the good kind) and LDL-C (the bad kind). If you need help remembering which is which, you want to keep your LDL-C LOW and your HDL-C HIGH.


Ahh! You've just been around the cutest fluffiest kittens and are suffering from an allergic reaction! Which medication would you take to counter it?

The active ingredient in Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) is usually associated with allergies, but it has another purpose as well. Many hospitals will dispense it when patients are having trouble sleeping.


Erectile dysfunction; no one wants to talk about it, but how do you treat it?

If you're in a rocky relationship, just had a major argument and found that you can't get or hold an erection, don't assume you have erectile dysfunction right away. You should consult a doctor only when you have this as a chronic problem.


Which of these medications would a doctor prescribe to a patient with hypertension?

There are two numbers associated with measuring blood pressure: the systolic number, which counts the number of times the heart moves blood from the chambers of the heart, and the diastolic number, which measures time the heart rests between beats.


After a trip to the pediatrician, you find out that your child has strep throat; what would your doctor prescribe to cure it?

If you're ever prescribed antibiotics, you want to make sure you take the full amount that your doctor has prescribed; even though you feel better, if you stop treatment, reinfection can occur.


Can you tell us what treats ADHD?

While many people associate attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder with children, it can occur in adults as well. In some cases, ADHD can be from early childhood; however, in other instances, behaviors don't manifest until adulthood.


If you've run out of sheep to count and can't sleep, what drug would work best to catch some zs?

Trazodone is commonly prescribed to treat insomnia because it's not addictive. However, if you are someone who has insomnia but doesn't want to deal with adding chemicals to the body, taking melatonin (a chemical that the brain produces) may help you sleep.


Which of these medications is a brand of asthma inhaler?

When it comes to asthma, you don't want to mess around; if you have chronic attacks, a doctor's visit may be necessary. One way you can combat attacks is by identifying and avoiding triggering agents.


While on a camping trip, you fall into some poison oak; what lotion would you apply to your inflamed skin?

Many of us may have had our first exposure to calamine lotion when we were kids; it is commonly used to help kids stop the itching associated with chickenpox. Other uses include insect bites, sunburns, and pretty much any kind of mild skin irritation.


Can you tell us what a doctor would provide their patient who has COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (or COPD) in many cases is caused by exposure to harmful gases, including cigarette smoke, which adds COPD to the many diseases that can be caused by smoking such as emphysema and in some instances, cancer.


Do you know which of these medications is used to help diabetics keep their blood sugar level?

If you get prescribed metformin after taking a trip to the dermatologist, don't freak out! You do not have diabetes; metformin is also used to combat acne, psoriasis, hirsutism and, in some cases, skin cancer.


One of your coworkers has been battling something nasty all week, and it has managed to latch on to you; what pain reliever is best for fighting a fever?

If you don't want to mess around with a fever, there are two things you can do. First, take some Tylenol. Then cool yourself down by either taking a lukewarm (not cold) shower or applying cold compresses.


Can you tell us what to take if we have a toothache?

There are many reasons why a toothache can occur. If you are feeling congested, this could be a sign that your sinuses are inflamed. The sinus cavities reside right above the teeth, so when they get upset, they add pressure to them.


Which of these medications is an antidepressant?

If you find that you have depression, don't think you are alone; the leading cause of disability in the United States is depression. On top of this, aside from family loss and stress, depression can take its toll at the workplace.


Ugh, no one likes menstrual cramps; what would you take if they strike?

When a woman gets menstrual cramps, contrary to what some believe, it isn't because the fates have turned against them; cramps are the uterus contracting, the same action that women experience during childbirth.


What baby product can be used to help prevent heart attacks?

While many think about taking aspirin for daily prevention, you shouldn't do it without direction from a doctor; doctors usually recommend this therapy to patients who have had a heart attack or are at risk of having a heart attack.


Ow! You've got some wisdom teeth that may need pulling; what will your dentist prescribe for after your surgery?

Z-Pak (also known as Zithromax) has many different uses, but in the case of tooth extraction, it prevents the infection of newly stitched gums. With its unique dosing, patients start by taking 500 mg, but then it progresses down to 250 for the remaining time.


Do you know what medication a doctor would recommend to a patient with severe arthritis?

If a patient has chronic pain, their doctor may try prescribing many medications before Oxycontin. The reason why is that it is habit-forming and if addiction occurs, you may end up in more trouble than it is worth.


Can you tell us which of these syrups is specifically designed to treat a cough?

When it comes to cough and cold syrups, there are two different types: cough suppressant and cough expectorant. Cough suppressants quiet down a nasty cough, and expectorants loosen congestive mucus.


Which of these items would you use to cure athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot is a fungus that tends to start between the toes and is usually caused by the skin being exposed to excess moisture. Treatment often happens outside of a dermatologist's office, and ways to avoid it are numerous; rotating shoes and avoiding wet socks are a couple.


Which of these is a type of birth control pills?

In addition to pregnancy prevention, women take birth control pills for various reasons, including regulation of menstrual flow, to clear up severe acne, PMS, hormone replacement therapy and endometriosis.


Do you know which of these lozenges is used for smoking cessation?

When it comes to smoking cessation, many of the products are for curbing that nicotine craving by giving smokers just a little nicotine. However, there are other ways not to fall back into the habit; chewing gum, exercise and avoiding triggering situations.


You've got a nasty sinus headache; what pill is best?

If you have a headache that stretches over your nose and up near the temples, you've probably got a sinus headache. If you don't have medication, you could use heat to try to take away some of the sinus pressure.


What medication would you take if you had back and joint pain?

If you work in an office, you may be used to sitting at a desk and working straight through the day. But your body may be rebelling if you have back pain; when people toil away hovering over a computer, it creates poor posture and in turn, back pain.


Can you tell us what a neurologist would prescribe to a patient with epilepsy?

Even though Depakote is a drug commonly associated with epilepsy, it has a couple of other uses — to help treat manic episodes for patients with bipolar disorder and in migraine headache prevention.


After a patient steps on the scale, a doctor prescribes a pill for weight loss; what pill would it be?

Orlistat is the only prescription medication on the market that is safe for kids over the age of 12. However, because the side effects of these medications can be harmful, many doctors encourage obese patients first to change their lifestyles.


Can you tell us what a gynecologist would recommend to someone with a yeast infection?

If you just finished a round of antibiotics and find that you have a yeast infection, don't be surprised. When antibiotics are used to cure an ailment, they flush the system of all bacteria, both good and bad.


What would you take if you had a horrible case of heartburn?

If you're out and about and you get hit with heartburn, you are in luck. Tums is available in different flavors and even better, it comes in small rolls that you can store in your car, office and bag.


You've just had a burrito for lunch and now have gas cramps; which medication could you take to ease the cramping?

If you ever find that you have gas cramps and don't have anything to take to remedy it, check to see if you can find a peppermint. Peppermint is excellent at soothing digestive tracks.


Do you know what your doctor would recommend if you are struck with diarrhea?

If you have a bout of diarrhea that seems to have sprung from out of nowhere, you may want to explore what you have eaten before it all happened. It may be a case of food poisoning.


Can you tell us which of these items treat constipation?

Many of the prescription pain medications for post-surgery patients have a pretty nasty side effect. While they help kill whatever pain the patient may have, they may also cause constipation.


You've got a horrible cough that won't stop; what might your doctor prescribe?

Even though Tessalon Perles look like they should be chewed, it is not the case. These petite pearls are designed to numb the lungs and throat and chomping into them could result in injury.


Congratulations on finding out you're pregnant! What would an OBGYN prescribe to the new mom?

When it comes to prenatal vitamins, there are four essential minerals to look for; folic acid, which helps prevent defects in the spinal and brain cords, iron to aid in overall development, calcium and vitamin D.


Which ointment would you apply to your foot to remove a plantar wart?

Because plantar warts are viruses, they are extremely easy to pass from one person to another. Another tricky fact about plantar warts is that it is nearly impossible to figure out when the initial contact occurred because incubation could last from a couple of weeks to years.


What kind of eye drop is specifically designed to soothe dry eyes?

The causes of dry eye include contact lens use, age, air contaminants and poor diet. If your dry eye isn't severe, check out your local drug store where there are eye drops for many of these symptoms.


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