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Alright baseball fans, you had better lace up your cleats a little tighter and make sure you've gotten a good night's rest, because we are coming at you with some of the most difficult baseball questions you could possibly think of. Can you handle the pressure, or will you crumble when the heat ramps up? Here's your chance to find out.

With over 100 years of knowledge to pull from, MLB certainly has a rich history with a ton of major events that have both defined the game and left the general fan in awe. It might be easy to recall many of these events, like when Sandy Koufax threw a perfect game or the Yankees won their 27th World Series, the most of any team. But what about some of the lesser known moments or small details that have defined players and teams? That's exactly what you're in store for.

In this quiz, you're going to have to recall information from personal stats to franchise accomplishments. Are you going to know who won the 1960 World Series MVP or who sits behind Joe DiMaggio on the record list? 

There's no more time to wait. Get started with this MLB quiz and see if we can finally stump you. 

Which of these players has been left out of the Hall of Fame for gambling accusations?

No one can take away what Pete Rose did on the field during his time as a player in the majors. With 4,256 career hits and 15,890 career plate appearances, Rose clearly left his mark on the game. Still, baseball has its rules, and Rose won't see the Hall of Fame, at least not anytime soon.


How many home runs did Roger Maris hit in 1961 to beat Babe Ruth's single season record?

Roger Maris competed against teammate Mickey Mantle throughout the 1961 season, as they both sought to surpass Babe Ruth's record of 60 home runs. Mantle suffered an injury late in the season and finished with 54 homers, while Maris knocked his 61st homer in the last game of the season.


Fenway Park is known for the large wall located in left field which is painted what color?

The Green Monster is one of the lead attractions in a park that is the oldest currently used in baseball. The wall was originally built out of wood, but it has since been renovated with concrete and plastic, as most of Fenway Park has.


Named the Expos before moving, where did the Washington Nationals play before relocating to D.C.?

The Montreal Expos were members of the National League's East Division from 1969 until their relocation in 2004. The team had very little success in Montreal, however, winning only one East Division title.


Ken Griffey Jr. played on the Mariners with which of his family members?

Ken Griffey Sr. was a star in his own right with three All Star appearances and two World Series under his belt. However, his son was a legend on both offense and defense, finishing his career with 630 home runs and ten Gold Glove Awards.


Ernie Banks never won a World Series, but he was loved by the city he played for, who gave him which nickname?

"Mr. Cub" was loyal to his team in Chicago, spending his entire career from 1953 until 1971 with them. To honor what Ernie Banks brought to the team, the Cubs retired his No. 14, the first number retired by the franchise.


How many times have the Tampa Bay Rays appeared in the World Series?

Though they are a fairly new team compared to most franchises in MLB, the Tampa Bay Rays have had little playoff success. The team has made the playoffs four times but are usually knocked out in the first round.


Fans will certainly remember that the Red Sox blew the 1986 World Series, but who did they lose to?

Two times during Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, the Red Sox were one strikeout away from sealing the victory to win their first championship since 1918. However, the Mets refused to lay down and scored three runs in the tenth inning to win the game.


The Yankees might have the most championships in MLB, but do you know which team has the most titles in the National League?

The St. Louis Cardinals were established in 1882 as the Brown Stockings, making the franchise one of the oldest in MLB. The team received its current name in 1900 when fans recognized the cardinal coloring they used on their jerseys.


Playing both baseball and football, Bo Jackson was one of the most gifted athletes the sports world had ever seen, but what injury took this star's career from him?

Bo Jackson was named to the NFL Pro Bowl in 1990, the same season that his hip injury occurred during a playoff game. The injury took away his football career immediately, but he continued to play baseball until 1994.


After 18 years with the New York Yankees, which team did Yogi Berra last play a game for?

Yogi Berra joined the Mets as a coach in 1965 after spending one season as the Yankees' manager. Berra made a few appearances for the Mets on the field while serving as a coach, but the height of his playing days were long behind him.


In the modern era of baseball, which team stumbled through 1962 on their way to the most losses in a regular season?

During the 1962 season, the New York Mets struggled through several lengthy losing streaks at 17 games, 13 games and 11 games. On the flip side, the most wins in a row the team had that season was three.


Arguably the greatest home run threat of all time, Hank Aaron helped what city win a championship in 1957?

Hank Aaron made the transition with the Braves from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966, nine years after winning a title in Milwaukee. In his first season in Atlanta, Aaron hit 44 home runs but had a .279 batting average, the worst of his career up to that point.


During their inaugural season in 1969, the Kansas City Royals defeated which team in their opening game?

The Kansas City Royals only won 69 games in their inaugural season, including the win over the Minnesota Twins. However, through some smart offseason moves, the Royals quickly put themselves in playoff contention and had their first winning season in 1971.


Despite a decorated career, which accolade did Ted Williams not earn during his time in MLB?

Ted Williams is widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball players to ever step on the field, especially when he took the plate to bat. However, he only had the opportunity to compete in the 1946 World Series, which his Red Sox lost to the Cardinals in seven games, leaving Williams without a championship.


Led by players like Roberto Alomar and Jack Morris, which team won their first World Series in 1992?

Added to the league in 1977, the Blue Jays struggled to find success on the field until the mid '80s. In 1989, they brought in Cito Gaston as their manager, and he quickly turned the team into a championship contender. Behind his leadership, the Blue Jays won the only two titles in team history.


The Boston Red Sox assigned what nickname to the New York Yankees after they signed Jose Contreras?

With 27 World Series titles and more former legends than one could count, the Yankees have clearly been at the forefront of baseball, as they've earned many nicknames including "The Evil Empire." Yankees' fans don't care about the negative connotation, though. They just care about winning.


Losing out to his teammate, Craig Kimbrel, who came in second place in the 2011 NL Rookie of the Year voting?

Freddie Freeman's rookie season displayed this first baseman's promising future. Not only did he have a 20 game hitting streak, but Freeman was also named the NL rookie of the month in July after putting up a .362 batting average.


In an MLB first, Aaron Judge hit a home run on his first at bat for the Yankees right after which other Yankees' player did the exact same?

With young home run threats like Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin, the Yankees were named the "Baby Bombers" in reference to the "Bronx Bombers" from previous decades. It was a fitting title, as Judge by himself slammed 52 home runs in just his rookie season.


Willie Mays made a record 24 All Star Games despite missing which full season due to a military draft?

Without Willie Mays, the New York Giants posted a 70-84 record in 1953 and watched from home as the Yankees and Dodgers advanced to the World Series. The Yankees won the series in six games to give them their fifth straight championship.


The Cincinnati Reds dominated the 1970s behind a team known as "The Big Red Machine." When did this version of the team win a title?

The Boston Red Sox gave "The Big Red Machine" all they could handle in the 1975 World Series. The Reds lost Game 6 to the Red Sox in 12 innings by a single point, but they made a miraculous comeback in the second half of Game 7 to win 4-3.


Do you know who the Arizona Diamondbacks received back when they traded a future star in Max Scherzer to the Detroit Tigers in 2009?

Despite a lengthy career, the highlight of Edwin Jackson's time in the majors was a no hitter he threw for the Diamondbacks in his one season in Arizona. In comparison, Max Scherzer has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the past decade with two no hitters, six All Star appearances and three Cy Young Awards.


Prior to winning the 2016 World Series, the Cubs went how many years without a title?

At 108 years, the Chicago Cubs held the record for the longest championship drought in MLB. They passed that title over to the Cleveland Indians, the team they defeated in the 2016 World Series, who haven't won a World Series since 1948.


No one expected who from the losing team to win the 1960 World Series MVP?

Bobby Richardson wasn't even considered the best player on his team when he won the 1960 World Series MVP. That honor would probably go to Yogi Berra or Mickey Mantle. However, if you can help 12 runners score while batting a .367, then you probably deserve the award.


With 56 straight games with a hit, Joe DiMaggio holds an MLB record that might never be broken. Who sits behind him on the list?

Willie Keeler played in a completely different era of baseball when home runs weren't common but loading a baseball with spit was. Keeler was one batter who found a way to star as a hitter during this pitcher friendly period, winning two NL batting titles that helped him earn a trip to the Hall of Fame in 1939.


What year was the last current American League team founded?

1998 was the last year that MLB expanded, giving the league the full 30 teams that it's comprised of today. Since then, there have been a few divisional realignments, but for the most part, baseball has preserved its traditions and rivalries.


The Cubs have been playing at Wrigley Field since 1916, two years after the ball park opened. What was the name of the park when it first opened?

Weeghman Park was opened in 1914 to house the Chicago Whales of the Federal League, another baseball league that competed against the National League and the American League. However, the Federal League folded by 1916, which left the ballpark without a team until the Cubs took it over.


During which game in the 1989 World Series did an earthquake hit San Francisco, causing a 10-day delay?

Earthquakes are not uncommon in California, and the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 was just one example of how destructive they can be. The earthquake destroyed much of the city of San Francisco and even damaged Candlestick Park, forcing a Game 3 delay.


The consecutive games played streak held by Cal Ripken Jr. will probably never be broken. Do you know what year it ended?

Cal Ripken Jr.'s career would last until 2001, but his streak ended voluntarily on Sept. 20, 1998. Before a game against the Yankees, Ripken took himself out of the Orioles lineup because he wanted to end the streak on his own terms before injuries took it from him.


Greg Maddux has the most Gold Glove Awards with 18, but how many did he win consecutively?

Greg Maddux tore through baseball in the 1990s, putting up ridiculous numbers that earned him a slew of awards. Aside from ten of his 13 consecutive Gold Glove Awards, he also earned four straight Cy Young Awards and helped the Braves win the 1995 World Series. That's quite the decade for the star pitcher.


How many strikeouts did Roger Clemens rack up in Game 4 of the 2000 ALCS against the Mariners?

Roger Clemens 15 strikeouts in the 2000 ALCS is an MLB playoff record. As a credit to Clemens' ability and proof that it wasn't a fluke, Clemens also holds the MLB regular season record for strikeouts in a game at 20.


Who was not part of the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame class in 1936?

Cy Young wouldn't miss out on the Hall of Fame for long as he received the honor in 1937. Young deserved his place in the Hall, after all, setting multiple MLB records including career wins, innings pitched and consecutive hitless innings pitched.


Where was the first All Star Game held in 1933, pitting the best players in the game against one another?

Comiskey Park was filled with legends on July 6, 1933, including Babe Ruth, Lefty Gomez, Frankie Frisch and Carl Hubbell. In the game, the American League took the lead early and never gave it up, winning with a score of 4-2.


Prior to his trade to the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton signed a deal with the Marlins for how many years?

When Giancarlo Stanton signed his 13 year contract with the Marlins, it was the richest contract in baseball at the time, though it has since been passed. Hoping to clear their books and rebuild the team, the Marlins sent Stanton to New York with 10 years left on his deal.


Babe Ruth was the annual home run leader every year throughout the 1920s except for 1922 and 1925. Which slugger led the league in 1922?

Babe Ruth might have revolutionized baseball, launching the sport into the live ball era, but that doesn't mean he was the only power hitter to emerge during the '20s. Ken Williams put his own mark on the era by sending 190 balls into the far stands between 1920 and 1929 when he retired.


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