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There's nothing better than gathering with friends or family around the fireplace to enjoy hot cocoa and a Christmas movie at holiday time. They're the de facto feel-good movies of the year. Christmastime simply isn't Christmastime without seeing at least one Christmas movie playing in the background. The classics like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story" play non-stop on a loop on multiple channels, so they're almost impossible to miss, but if you want a different type of Christmas movie, you don't have to look far.

Some of the best Christmas movies are actually non-Christmas movies. They may be set during Christmas, they may feature a Christmas scene, they may feature all the Christmas magic and family and love of your typical Christmas movie, but very few people define them as Christmas movies. Some would even say they're anti-Christmas movies. Nevertheless, they're fun flicks to watch during the holidays.

Put your knowledge of Christmas to the test. Do you know which "Rocky" film features a Christmas day fight? Do you know which Eddie Murphy film is recognized as one of the best comedies of all time? What should you do if you get dumped right before Christmas and do you know the loneliest Christmas scene ever?

Take a look at these images and match them to the non-Christmas Christmas movie.

Bruce Willis chases terrorists at the office party in this holiday classic. What is it?

The real-life Fox Plaza in Los Angeles portrayed the fictional Nakatomi Plaza in this action classic. Bruce Willis plays NYC cop John McClane as he chases terrorists at his wife's office Christmas party.


"No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight." What movie is this?

If you go Christmas shopping in underground stores in Chinatown, you might come across a mogwai. The kid in the movie doesn't follow the directions, and all hell breaks loose in this holiday classic from the '80s.


Eddie Murphy goes from small-time con to Wall St. big shot in this classic. What is it?

When two guys want to run a social experiment, Eddie Murphy gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He ends up trading places with a successful Wall Street banker in this comedy classic. The experiment ultimately backfires in a big way.


What movie is known for this "Jingle Bell Rock" talent performance?

This cult classic by Tina Fey is a typical study on high school life. One of the film's most famous scenes features the high school talent show where the school's most popular girls perform a rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock."


Can you name this film about four sisters growing up in New England during the Civil War?

This classic novel written after the Civil War has been adapted to film many times, and the 1994 and 2019 versions played into the holiday vibe with Christmas releases. The movie follows the story of the March sisters in Concord, MA while their father is fighting in the war.


Santa is a small-time crook in this black comedy. Have you seen it?

Billy Bob Thornton plays a small-time crook in this movie from 2003. He and his partner pose as Santa and an elf and rob department stores after everyone leaves. It's the perfect con until everything stops going perfectly.


A woman saves her secret crush on Christmas Day in this romantic comedy. Do you know it?

Sandra Bullock plays an everyday transit employee in Chicago when she saves a man's life one Christmas day. The man falls into a coma, and his family thinks she's his fiance. The predicament makes for a great holiday story.


What movie centers around the mythological monster that punishes bad kids during the Christmas season?

Anyone familiar with European mythology may have heard of the Christmas monster known as Krampus. The mythical beast comes to life in this film after a boy throws away his letter to Santa Claus and stops believing in Christmas.


You've probably seen this guy who has scissors for hands. What's this movie?

Johnny Depp stars as the title character in this Tim Burton classic from 1990. Edward has scissors for hands because his creator died before he could create Edward's hands. They turn out to be useful when he's carving ice angels during Christmas time.


Nothing says "Christmas" like pulling off the biggest heist in American history. What film is this?

The Christmas scene in "Goodfellas" comes after the guys pull off one of the biggest heists in the country. The movie heist was based on the real 1978 Lufthansa heist, which was the biggest in America at the time.


What's this film where Mel Gibson and Danny Glover bust bad guys during Christmas in LA?

Christmas in Los Angeles consists of drug busts and comedy in this buddy action classic starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The detectives overcome their differences throughout the film and ultimately spend Christmas day with each other.


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan unknowingly fall for each other in this NYC romantic comedy. Do you know it?

What happens when two people who clash in real life get along perfectly online? This movie is a heartwarming comedy that has all the feelings of a Christmas movie without it being a Christmas movie. It was released in 1998 when online dating just began taking off.


Woody, Buzz and the gang end their adventure on Christmas day in this classic. Do you know it?

There's nothing more magical than your childhood toys coming to life. The film isn't set during Christmas but has all of the holiday essence intertwined in its story. The movie even ends on Christmas Day as Woody and Buzz plan the arrival of the new Christmas toys.


In what movie do Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman attend a Christmas party?

Tom Cruise's character attends a few parties in this film. The movie begins with Cruise's character, a doctor, and his wife attending a Christmas party at one of his patient's homes. Things get out of hand pretty quickly.


Do you know this film about Inigo Montoya and his quest for vengeance?

"The Princess Bride" begins with a grandfather giving his grandson a gift and they're sitting in a room decorated with Christmas stuff. The story itself incorporates all the magical elements of the Christmas spirit.


Bill Murray stars as as selfish TV exec in this modern twist on the Dickens classic. What movie is this?

The Charles Dickens classic gets a quirky spin in this 1988 comedy. Bill Murray plays the president of a TV network who fires an employee on Christmas Eve and gets visited by three ghosts. He spends the night learning the meaning of Christmas.


In which film does Batman take on the Penguin and Catwoman in Gotham City during Christmas time?

Michael Keaton plays the role of the caped crusader in this 1992 flick. He's tasked with saving Gotham from the Penguin, who thrives in the cold. The story is set around the holidays, and Christmas decorations can be seen throughout.


Do you know the Christmas special featuring this anti-superhero?

The anti-superhero Deadpool has become so popular writers decided to create a Christmas special around the character. Not many fans felt it was justified, but the film paid homage to another non-Christmas classic, "The Princess Bride," by giving a cameo to Fred Savage.


Three friends reunite and search for the most epic Christmas Eve party in NYC. Do you know this movie?

Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie star as three friends in search of the most epic Christmas party in this comedy. All the debauchery is narrated by Tracey Morgan, making for a classic Christmas comedy.


Which "Rocky" film saw Rocky match up with Drago on Christmas day?

This might not be the best "Rocky" film, but it's one of the better ones. Rocky challenges Drago to a fight on Christmas Day, and after he wins, he even wishes his son a merry Christmas live on TV. It's one of the best holiday sports movies.


One family gets to celebrate Christmas Eve by being held hostage in this holiday film. What is it?

New England native Denis Leary plays a jewel thief who gets stuck in a couple's home during a robbery. When the homeowners arrive from marriage counseling, they get taken hostage, and it all goes down at Christmas time.


Do you know this film about a guy who gets dumped right before Christmas?

John Cusack would rather be dead in this 1980s romantic comedy about a teen who gets dumped right before Christmas. He meets an exchange student that helps change his outlook on life, and everybody lives happily ever after.


Robert Downey Jr. goes Christmas shopping by robbing stores in this mystery flick. Do you know it?

Robert Downey Jr. plays a local crook in this LA mystery thriller set during Christmas. His character goes Christmas shopping by robbing stores. His antics eventually land him deeper than he can handle.


What's the name of this crime mystery kicked off by the 1951 "Bloody Christmas" scandal?

This murder mystery set in Los Angeles won two Oscars in 1998. The story centers around the real-life "Bloody Christmas" incident that took place on Christmas day in 1951. The movie was adapted from a novel of the same name.


Nerd turns playboy and returns home for the holidays in the Christmas comedy. Have you seen it?

This is the classic movie about the ugly person in high school who moves away and becomes the hot person from the big city, and it's set during Christmas time. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart play lovebirds in this romantic comedy.


Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLain maneuver office romance during the holidays in this classic. What is it?

This 1960s Billy Wilder classic won five Academy Awards and is one of Hollywood's best. It centers around an employee who helps coworkers carry out extramarital affairs at a secret apartment. All the drama makes for a great office holiday party.


What's the name of this spy thriller set in Los Angeles over the Christmas holiday?

A suburban schoolteacher recovers from a car crash over the holidays to find out she has professional assassin skills. That's when she finds out she's a former government assassin. Her journey to discovery all happens over Christmas time.


Legendary holiday mascots come to life to save the world in this fantasy adventure. What is it?

Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and more come to life in this animated adventure film from 2012. The holiday heroes are tasked with saving the world from the Boogeyman, and Santa's elves even get in on the action.


The lonely life of a con man is on full display in this cat-and-mouse film. Do you know it?

One of the loneliest Christmas scenes in cinema history is when Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio spend Christmas by themselves on the phone with each other. The game of cat and mouse around the world wasn't a glamorous one.


Do you know this movie about a student who comes home from college to find all his friends have changed?

This movie is based on the Brett Easton Ellis novel he wrote while still a student at Bennington College. It follows a college student who comes home for the holidays and finds that all of his friends have changed.


This 1955 classic about a Cocker Spaniel and a mutt starts and ends with Christmas. Do you know it?

A high class pure bred falls in love with a dirty street mutt in this 1955 Disney classic. The magical story starts and ends on Christmas, and the themes of love and family are portrayed throughout. Disney released a remake of this film in 2019.


Tony Stark is tasked with fighting evil during the holiday season in this film. What is it?

"Iron Man 3" opens during a New Year's Eve party and then fast forwards to Christmas time several years later. Tony Stark has to battle his internal demons to fight off one of the world's most dangerous terrorists.


In which Harry Potter film do we get to see Christmas at Hogwarts?

Being that the Harry Potter series spans several books and several decades, Harry and his friends celebrate several Christmases, but his first one at Hogwarts might be the most memorable. It makes the first film a perfect holiday movie.


Sorority sisters get picked off one by one in this 1974 slasher flick set during Christmastime. Have you seen it?

No list of non-Christmas movies would be complete without a Christmas slasher film. A 2019 remake of this 1974 film is scheduled to be released around Christmas time. This horror movie is the opposite of your typical Christmas film.


A shyster and a strip club owner team up to rob a mob boss on Christmas Eve in this comedy. Do you know it?

John Cusack trades in his romantic comedy role to portray a slick lawyer in this holiday heist movie. He successfully steals $2 million from some powerful people, and all he has to do is get out of town. It makes for one wild Christmas Eve.


What's this black comedy about a wife who finds her husband murdered just before Christmas?

A suburban woman finds her husband dead during Christmas, and the more she digs into his past, the weirder things get. It's not the usual Christmas movie set during Christmas, and the anti-holiday themes make for a bleak film.


Christmas in Las Vegas is filled with sex, drugs and money in this crime comedy. Do you know it?

The only thing the characters in "Go" want to do is party. They spend the entire movie looking for the best party during the holidays, and nothing goes as planned. When the movie ends, they are making plans for New Year's.


Have you seen this film where thieves rob a casino dressed in Santa costumes?

Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron team up as partners in crime in this holiday crime flick. The movie ends on a happy note with a Christmas dinner, but if that's not enough holiday spirit, the crew also robs a casino dressed in Santa costumes.


You don't know what you'll hear on a crisis hotline during the holidays. Do you know this movie?

"Mixed Nuts" is a story about several strangers and their stories intertwining on one wild Christmas Eve. Steve Martin plays a crisis hotline manager who gets caught in the middle of everything. Through all the insanity and despair, Christmas themes manage to shine through.


Do you know this movie about stereotypes set during Christmas in LA?

"Crash" showcases people of different backgrounds clashing with each other during the holidays in Los Angeles. Throughout all the fighting, the morals of the movie story around family, friends and relationships.


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