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The Disney Channel was home to many classic shows that are remembered fondly by those who watched them growing up. In fact, a whole new group of kids are making memories today watching their current shows. The Disney Channel has everything you could want from a kids' show. They're funny, often wacky and have touching moments that make you feel for the characters. If you grew up watching these shows, you can probably name more than a few of their characters!

Many of your favorite Disney stars went on to get their own spin-off shows. One good example of this is "That's So Raven," where Cory, played by Kyle Massey found himself moving to the White House in his own spin-off show, "Cory in the House." A few of the characters also moved along to this new show, but there were also brand new characters brought in as well. Both shows were enjoyable in their own ways and it's fun to get to see your favorite characters in a new light!

So, think you know enough about these classic Disney Channel shows to have your own wand-waving commercial played between them? Then show you're a true Disney Channel fan by matching the characters to their show!

Grunkle, Dipper and Mable are all family members that star on which of the following?

Summer vacation is always an interesting one when you visit Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mable were twins who are really interested in the many mysteries the area has to offer. It's called the Mystery Shack for a reason!


Bertram cooks and cleans for Emma and Ravi. Do you know which show this is?

Jessie found her dream job caring for a family of children who had famous and busy children. Did you know that Ravi had his own lizard that he named Mr. Kipling? He later found out that he was, in fact, a Mrs. Kipling!


Nick, Kevin and Joe are a trio in the show and in real life. Which series are they part of?

Following the real Jonas Brothers who are acting as fictional versions of themselves who are part of a band called JONAS. Did you know that originally the show was going to have the brothers leading a double life as spies?


Candace is known for tattling, while Perry is busy on secret missions. Baljeet often pops in to see his friends also. Can you name the show?

Every day was an adventure for Phineas and Ferb who were always hard at work building something and making their summer awesome. Meanwhile, Perry was always putting on a face of being your average platypus, all while fighting Dr. Doofenshmirtz!


Kira and Craig have a unique family of crime fighters, while Marisa gets in on it too. What's the name of the series?

Being a spy isn't easy, especially when you're still a student in school who likes to keep up with friends, but K.C., played by Zendaya, really had it covered! In fact, she still knew how to get good grades all while keeping the world safe at the same time. There's nothing she can't do!


Meena and Newt hang out with their friend who just moved in, while Sophie causes trouble for them. What is the name of this series?

One thing most kids don't expect in their childhood is to live in the White House, but Cory got to experience this for himself. His father, a talented chef was specifically chosen to serve the President in this spin-off from "That's So Raven!"


Alex and Justin were siblings who often argued, but still had love for one another, while Harper was Alex's best friend. Can you name this magical Disney show?

Alex Russo was one of three siblings who all had magical powers due to being born wizards. While this magic was often helpful, it could get her into some trouble, too! The struggle of competing to see who would become the family wizard was something that kept everyone on edge.


Dr. Jumba is a scientist like no other who sticks by Pleakley as Gantu likes to cause havoc. Do you know which of the following shows we're talking about?

Taking place after the events of the popular movie, Lilo and Stitch went on adventures together even longer in this animated series. The two were in charge of finding as many experiments as they could in order to convert them back to being good again.


Bea, Milo and Oscar go on adventures together every day. Can you name the show they're in?

While most fish live in the sea or in other bodies of water, these three fish call a fish tank in a pet store their home. Despite this, they know how to have a lot of fun, always finding a new adventure to go on.


Teddy is a vlogging genius while her best friend Ivy always knows how to have fun. Amy, on the other hand, is a mother of 5 on which series?

There's no better big sister than Teddy who always records the things that she learns in a video for her little sister Charlie. It wouldn't be a complete video without Teddy wishing Charlie "good luck," of course!


Trish and Dez always make a point to stop by and hang with their friends at Lester's shop. Can you name the show?

Anyone who loves music would have loved this musical show which followed superstar Austin Moon and his best friend Ally Dawson. While Ally is the talent behind writing the music, Austin is the performer.


T.J. leads this group of 6, including Spinelli and Mikey. You'll find them on the playground in which of the following classics?

Every kid loves to go out for recess, but recess at Third Street Elementary School is especially fun. Sometimes the kids are out having a good time while other times they're bowing down to the king of the playground.


Avery, Stan and Tyler are all living under the same roof since the joining of the Jennings and James families. What is the series called?

You've never met a dog that can do the things Stan can do! Not only can he speak like a human but he also has his own blog that he updates. This secret is known by only Stan and the kids, and they vow to keep it from everyone.


Harley is a skilled inventor, Georgie is sporty and Tom loves camping. Can you name it?

Harley is the main character of this show, and she is the middle child in a large family of seven. Being the middle child has its challenges for Harley, but she knows how to make the best of it for herself and her other siblings.


You may remember the hilarious hotel manager, Mr. Moseby, Arwin the janitor and London, the daughter of the hotel's owner from which swanky show?

At the Tipton Hotel, something was always going on. If it wasn't an event that was happening, you could count on Zack and Cody to be up to something! Most of the time, it was Mr. Moseby or Carey who had to find out what they were up to.


Riley and Maya are best of friends who often have run-ins with Farkle, who they go to school with. Can you name the series?

This show was a spin-off of the popular '90s show, "Boy Meets World." Cory and Topanga make their return to the small screen with their two children Riley and Auggie, who are the main characters in this Disney classic.


Parker, Joey and Karen are all part of a family with twins, who are the main characters of which of the following?

Twins may look alike, but Liv and Maddie prove that they each have their own personalities! The girls are polar opposites, with Liv being a star who loves her glam and Maddie being more laid-back and sporty.


Rufus is a fun-loving naked mole-rat and Dr. Drakken always comes up with a plan to rule the world alongside his sassy sidekick Shego. Do you know which classic cartoon this is?

Many kids dreamed of fighting crime like Kim Possible, who was a cheerleader by day and crime fighter by night. With her best friend Ron Stoppable by her side, there was no stopping her, even if you were Shego!


Buffy is a best friend to the main character, Bowie is her father while Jonah is her ex-boyfriend. Which show is it?

One of Disney's more dramatic originals, Andi Mack deals with quite a bit of heavy stuff throughout the show. One example is that her sister actually turned out to be her mother, which she had not known previously.


Fu Dog and Luong help out someone with powers, while Rose also has some. Which series is it?

Being able to turn into a dragon was a power that Jake Long held. Honing his power was another important step in mastering it. One interesting part of the show is a secret that his crush had, which would put them both at odds.


Frankie and Paige are famous web stars who also star alongside Dirk. Do you know the name of this series?

In an age where so much video is being consumed online, there's no doubt that "Bizaardvark" is centered around posting online videos. Being a web star isn't always easy, but there's no doubt that Frankie, Paige and the gang have fun.


Kronk and Melina were best friends with Kuzco who often had things go south for him. What is the name of the show?

Nothing is ever as it seems for Kuzco. When he's not being turned into a llama, he's subject to taking a lot from Yzma. Being the emperor is no easy task, especially when Yzma wants to take over the throne!


CeCe and Rocky are best friends while Tinka is one in a pair of twins. Do you know which series this is?

Any kid who loved dancing looked up to CeCe and Rocky who were part of the popular dance show "Shake It Up, Chicago!" The two earned themselves a spot on it where they regularly dance alongside Gunther and Tinka.


Louis and Tawny started off as friends, which eventually led to something more, while Ren was always busy achieving her goals. Do you know which original series these characters are from?

The subject of this hilarious show is the Stevens family, which is made up of two parents and three children. Each of the kids is known for something, like Donnie who is all about sports, Ren, the intelligent and hard-working one and Louis who is ... well, Louis. Shia LaBeouf got his start on the sitcom.


Tawni, Nico and Chad are all part of a show within a show. Can you name it?

Making a move isn't easy, but when you're moving to star on a TV show, then it can be so much easier — unless your cast members aren't very fond of you! Fortunately for Sonny, they all warmed up to her eventually and became friends with the newcomer.


Miley had a lot of talent, Jackson was known for his humor and Lily was an amazing sidekick and friend. So, which show were they part of?

Hannah Montana was Miley Stewart's alter-ego who made her into a famous pop-star. Of course, this always came with a little bit of trouble now and then and often led to Miley struggling to keep her big secret. Being able to take off her wig and go back to being Miley was something that she really valued. Miley Cyrus got her start on the show.


Xander finds himself in charge of Zuri and Ravi in which Disney Channel classic?

After the events of "Jessie," three of the Ross children went off to experience camp together. The camp was an important one for the Ross family as their parents had met there long before. The kids got to experience it for themselves and learn much more about it, too.


Lindy and Logan are twins who are friends with Jasmine. Can you name their series?

A few Disney shows have been the subject of flashbacks, but this one took it even further, with each episode being told via flashback until that concept was changed in Season 2. Starting while the kids were in high school, the show lasted just two seasons before being canceled.


Suga Mama is the head of this fun household with a set of twins named BeBe and CeCe who all star in which of the following?

It's never a dull moment in the Proud household where Penny Proud is the main character who deals with everything from relationships, to friends and family throughout the series. Did you know that Destiny's Child sang the theme song called "Here Comes Penny Proud?"


The main character's brother is Matt and she's got two best friends named Miranda and Gordo. What's the name of the show?

Starring Hilary Duff as the main character, Lizzie, the show followed her as she went through typical teen troubles. One fun part of the show was a tiny cartoon of Lizzie who often popped in to tell the audience exactly what was on her mind.


The main character's hilarious brother Cory and her two best friends Eddie and Chelsea are from which of the following Disney classics?

Many people dream of being able to see the future, but Raven got it done for real! Getting visions of things that would happen in the future wasn't out of the ordinary for her, and they could be a mix of good or bad things. Her visions were rarely wrong.


Bailey, Marcus and Woody are all best friends to the main characters who are part of which show?

A spin-off show from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," this show took the twins on the deck of a cruise ship where they lived and learned. A few characters came along with them, such as London and Mr. Moseby.


Olive and Chyna are the best of friends, while Fletcher has a crush on Chyna, of course. Which of the following are they part of?

Chyna is the star of this show who goes to a prestigious talent school with many other talented kids. Her talent, in particular, is being gifted in music, with everything from being able to play all kinds of instruments to singing and dancing.


Lloyd and Barbara are parents to two children, one of them is named Pim. In which show would you find these characters?

Phil Diffy comes all the way from the future along with his family who can't get back after time traveling and having their machine breakdown. Forced to live in the past, they find it hard, but eventually, they figure it all out.


Olive and Leo serve as friends to the main characters, while Judy is related to the two stars. Which show is it?

The perfect father-daughter show is "Sydney to the Max," which focuses on both Sydney and Max figuring things out in life. With whatever Sydney was going through, it was likely that Max had been through it all before her.


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