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Nobody ever said that beauty was easy. To get the look you want, you've got to have money, time and tools, tools, tools! Yes, we're talking about beauty aids, which run the gamut from combs to acne LED-light-therapy kits. The purpose of some of these pieces of equipment is pretty obvious. The purpose of others, not so much. Truth be told, some of the most common beauty aids look crazy AF. For instance, your average alien (or straight man) would probably guess that an eyelash curler was a torture device, not a prettifying instrument.

We think the weirdness of common beauty devices is hilarious, so we've come up with a WILDLY CHALLENGING quiz all about it. Seriously, if you get just ten of these right, we'll know that you practically live at Sephora. Don't take that as shade, either. This is a collection of gimmicks and gadgets would mystify even the most extra of beauty influencers, from facial rollers to foot files.

So, do you dare to put your beauty knowledge to the test? Or are you too busy practicing the perfect cat's eye? Put down the eyeliner and get off beauty YouTube — it's time to get quizzing!

Don't be shook: This is not a medieval torture device. In fact, millions of people use this tool every day. Can you identify it?

Eyelash curlers look sort of scary, but they're an old and well-established beauty tool. Eyelash curlers were invented in the 1930s and are used to make eyelashes appear thicker and longer. Users squeeze their eyelashes in the eyelash curler's clamp, resulting in a temporary change in their shape. Some eyelash curlers are even heated!


It takes a sharp-AF tool to keep YOU looking sharp AF. What's this spicy boy called?

Yep, this is a nail file. You use it to sand down the edges of your fingernails and toenails (or your manicurist does, if you're lucky enough to have one!) Most are made with emery paper, but some are made of crystal!


What's this bougie beauty aid?

Facial cleaning brushes came out a few years ago and are now insanely popular. According to Allure Magazine, facial cleansing brushes give you tighter skin by powerfully exfoliating your face so that you produce more collagen.


Don't get it twisted: This is a real beauty tool. Can you name it?

A pick is used to groom curly hair. Used mainly by African-Americans, picks are dope because they detangle without breaking hair. They're also great for building volume because they lift hair from the roots.


No, this is not an alien's hat. Instead, this tool is a ... ?

A blow-dryer diffuser is an attachment for your blow-dryer. People with curly hair use these because they minimize frizz and keep curls forming evenly. For folks with wavy but not totally curly hair, they're ridiculously helpful, according to Good Housekeeping.


Staying cute takes serious technology. What's the name of this piece of equipment?

It might sound ominous, but a dermaplaning tool is just a device for removing dead skin. It helps you take off the top layer of skin cells on your face, as well as any peach fuzz you'd like to get rid of. The result? Smooth, glowing skin.


Raging hotties know what this is. Can you identify it?

Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow uses this. So does Tracie Ellis Ross — because the first step in dry skin body brushing is to get a dry skin body brush! Celebs swear by this ritual, which involves brushing all of your skin with a hard-bristled brush right before you shower. Supposedly, it boosts circulation and can even get rid of cellulite.


Want to look flawless? You need this beauty aid, otherwise known as a ... ?

Egg-shaped make-up sponges can be bought in any drugstore in the United States. They're popular because they make liquid make-up go on more smoothly. Users are supposed to get the sponge wet first, then add product before "sponging" it across their face.


Fact: This inexpensive tool is the key to looking fly. Know what it is?

You wouldn't think the mere act of shampooing would require a beauty tool, but you'd be wrong! The shampoo brush gets your scalp cleaner by manually massaging it. It also boosts circulation in your scalp, which can lead to better hair growth. Hey, if it works, it works.


If you want to be on point, don't sleep on this tool, which is a ... ?

Yeah, this tool is gross. After all, it sucks admitting that you even have nose hair that needs to be trimmed. But since you do, don't you want it out of the way? Mmm-hmm. We thought so.


This beauty aid might look scary, but the results are anything but. What is it?

Blackhead-remover tools are used to dig out stubborn zits. Some are topped with loops, while others are more pick-shaped. Use these buddies with caution, as improper blackhead removal can lead to permanent scarring.


Nah, that's not office equipment. Instead it's a ... ?

Magnifying make-up mirrors show you EVERYTHING. They're for brave-AF people who want to confront their skin flaws so they can solve them (or at least get make-up on them). If you're courageous and don't mind gazing into the depths of your pores, they're A+.


This piece of paper packs a big punch! Can you name this disposable beauty tool?

Wax hair-removal strips can be used at home or in a salon. They work by pulling hair up by its roots. While they're ideal for tough skin, such as the skin on your legs, they can cause ingrown hairs in more sensitive areas, so test these first before applying them you-know-where.


Want to impress us? Great! Can you tell us what the heck these are?

Exfoliating mittens help you get rid of dead skin while you're showering. All you have to do is scrub, scrub, scrub! Folks with delicate skin may want to skip these, as they can lead to broken capillaries.


The purpose of this beauty aid mystifies us. Can you give us the lowdown on what it's for?

If you want long, luxe lashes, mascara is essential ... but it can also be messy. There's nothing worse than getting mascara flakes all over your face AFTER you've spent 45 minutes making it up. That's where a quality mascara shield can help, protecting the rest of your face during your mascara application. #Goals


You've been missing some obvious ones, but you can't miss this question. The name of this piece of equipment is a ... ?

One-inch curling irons are perfect for creating realistic waves, according to Allure Magazine. While larger curling irons can add volume to your hair, curling irons with smaller barrels are needed to deliver natural-looking curly looks.


Help us out! Can you identify this scary thing?

Cuticle pushers seem creepy, but their results are the opposite. Basically, they push your cuticles back so that your nails grow back healthier. If you want major claws, these are essential.


This confusing piece of plastic is a ... ?

Teasing combs are used for back-combing, a technique used by straight-haired people to increase their hair's volume. In essence, hair is "teased" by combing it up and then down, which mats it together and makes it stand on end. The famous beehives of the '50s were created via teasing combs (and a lot of hairspray).


Ready, set, go! Can you name this small beauty aid?

Facial razors remove peach fuzz (and, usually, dead skin as well). Although a long-standing beauty practice used by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, the Huffington Post reports that facial shaving can be harmful for people with sensitive skin.


Hey, you! What the heck is this?

Big brows are all the rage, which means they need a lot more grooming. Brow combs help by letting you decide how your brows are shaped. They're also useful for trimming your brows.


No, that's not a robot. Instead, it's a ... ?

Hard-hat dryers are usually only found at the salon, although some home versions are sold. They help people to quickly dry complicated hair styles, such as spiral curls. We're getting futuristic vibes!


You may have seen this one over at grandma's house. Know what it is?

Handheld epilators are an old-fashioned way to remove hair. In essence, they're electronic threading machines which rip unwanted hair out by the roots. Kinda painful? Yeah. Effective? Also yeah.


We don't know the name of this wild-AF apparatus. Do you?

Airbrush make-up kits work on the same as regular airbrush kits: They spray pigment at surfaces, resulting in a remarkably smooth and even appearance. That's why the bridezilla in your life probably opted for airbrush make-up for her big day. If it works, it works!


An oldie but a goodie, the name of this dope tool is ... ?

Pedicure stones are just rough-AF stones that you use to get rid of dead foot skin. Sorry to get so real with you, but that's what they are. Oftentimes, pedicure stones are pumice stones, a type of highly textured volcanic rock. Crazy!


Once you start using it, you'll realize this tool is the best-kept beauty secret of all time. It's a ... ?

Water flossers get rid of plaque by flushing it out of your teeth. According to Self Magazine, if string flossing is like sweeping your teeth, water flossing is like hosing them down. Seems wild, but it's just another way to get an unpleasant job done.


This savage tool is the first step toward a beat face. What is it?

Microneedling tools aren't nearly as painful as they sound! They're just little rollers with tiny needles on them, which you run all over your face to induce more collagen production. In theory, this helps minimize scars, fine lines and big pores.


It looks like some dumb kitchen tool, but this is actually a ... ?

Make-up brushes are actually hotbeds for bacteria since you use them every day to apply a mixture of wet and dry products. Cleaning your make-up brushes regularly is recommended for this reason. Silicone brush-cleaning mats make that process less annoying by helping you brush the gunk out of your make-up tools. Yay!


Of all the beauty tools in this test, this one may be the craziest. Can you identify it?

Ever burn your hands while using a curling iron or flat iron? Yeah, so have we! Heat-resistant hair gloves are intended to prevent that mishap. They may make you look a little like Darth Vader, but who cares?


Some beauty aids are wild. Like this piece of equipment, otherwise known as a ... ?

According to Elle Magazine, steaming your face opens up your pores and helps moisturize dry skin. You could probably get the same effect by boiling spaghetti, but facial steamers work by directing a clean, focused stream of steam directly at your face. Whatever floats your boat, we guess?


If you're young AF, you might not know this one, but beauty bloggers swear by it. What's its name?

According to Marie Claire Magazine, jade facial rollers were invented during the 17th century in China. Fans say that these rollers reduce puffiness, boost circulation, reduce acne outbreaks and get rid of wrinkles, but a dermatologist interviewed by the magazine said that only the first two claims are true. Sorry!


Seems goofy, but this beauty aid is actually SO USEFUL. What's it called?

Eyeliner stencils help people achieve difficult eyeliner effects like cat's eyes or winged eyeliner. Since eyeliner involves basically drawing on your face with paint, it's easy to understand why this product would have an audience ... Clean lines are so hard to achieve!


This specialized tool is hardcore. Can you name it?

A hot comb, or pressing and styling comb, is an electrically heated metal comb that is used to straighten curly or coarse hair. Invented in the 1800s, hot combs are effective but can damage hair.


Nah, that's not a ocean plant. It's a ... ?

Here's the thing about loofahs: They're not really sponges. They're actually dried-out fruits! Weird, right? But thousands of them are sold every year. People use them in the shower as a natural alternative to a wash cloth.


We know you own one or two of these! What are they?

Sheet masks make you look like a S P O O K Y ghost when they're on, but many influencers swear by them. That's because sheet masks are soaked in serums infused with trendy ingredients, such as aloe, Vitamin C and chamomile.


Yeah, this is a comb. But what kind of comb is it, bruh?

If you have long hair, eventually it's going to mat a little, especially if you don't braid it or wrap it up before bed. That's where detangling combs come in. Their specialized shape helps you get out knots without ripping your hair up by the roots.


Calling all "big hair, don't care" girls! What's this?

Blow-dry clips are used to give curly hair bangin' volume. After showering, hair is clipped into small sections and allowed to air dry. This gives the hair more lift at the roots and can also help with curl development.


It's sharp, it's freaky, it's ... ?

Brow scissors are teeny-tiny scissors that keep your brows on point. They help you tame those eyebrow hairs that are being a little too extra. To use, simply comb your brows up, then trim away!


Great hair is #goals, and this tool makes it easier to achieve. What is it?

It's counter-intuitive, but hair-thinning shears are ideal for making thick hair look thicker. That's because thick hair can be very dense and heavy, which causes it to lay flat. Hair-thinning shears remove bulk while keeping length, resulting in a fluffier mane.


It looks wicked, but it's harmless. What's the name of this beauty tool tho?

It might sound weird, but a foot file is basically a nail file for your feet. Foot files get rid of old calluses so your feet look their cutest. Just don't leave yours around when you have a date coming over!


Nope, that's not a robot. It's a ... ?

According to Healthline, acne LED-light-therapy tools combat acne via blue LED wavelengths. The blue light reduces the amount of oil produced by your skin, leading to fewer breakouts.


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