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It's official — America loves looking good! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), close to 18 million people in the U.S. underwent surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in 2018. That's nearly a quarter of a million more procedures than were performed in 2017, which means this self-esteem-boosting beautification trend is clearly on the rise.

One of the reasons why professional beauty procedures have risen in popularity in recent years is because technological breakthroughs have made them more effective, less painful and much easier to recover from. Instead of checking into a hospital for a facelift, for instance, people can simply pop over to their dermatologist's office for a quick shot of Botox. Or they can visit their local medspa for some nonsurgical body sculpting rather than take a week off of work for liposuction. While the costs are still high (elective cosmetic procedures are not for the frugal), it's easier than ever have a professional help you improve your appearance if you're willing to fork over the dough.

Whether you take advantage of plastic surgery yourself or simply like to read about the latest beauty enhancement trends, this tricky quiz will challenge your nip-and-tuck knowledge. It's filled with one-sentence descriptions of common cosmetic procedures — how many can you correctly name?

When fat deposits are removed from various areas of the body via a hollow metal suction tube, what's it called?

Sometimes referred to as lipoplasty or surgical body contouring, liposuction is most frequently used to remove fat from areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, calves and neck.


A low-energy laser beam is passed through a patient's skin and down the hair shafts, disabling hair growth. What is this cosmetic procedure called?

Laser hair removal works by heating hair follicles, which puts them in a dormant state for a significant period of time. While the procedure is often touted as permanent, the hair will grow back eventually, but not as quickly as it would with waxing or shaving. Additionally, when they grow back, hairs are typically lighter, finer and fewer in number.


How about this common procedure — can you name it? A protein is injected into the face to relax muscles and smooth skin.

In addition to cosmetic purposes, Botox (which is the brand name for the botulinum toxin protein) can also be used to treat muscle spasm disorders, ease pain caused by chronic migraines and stop excessive sweating.


What's it called when a minimally abrasive (i.e., non-surgical) instrument is used to remove the outer layer of skin on your face?

While this facial exfoliation technique delivers results similar to those achieved from dermabrasion, it's not same thing. Dermabrasion is an invasive surgical procedure that's performed by a medical professional and involves the use of anesthesia.


This skin-tightening procedure uses radio-frequency energy to heat the skin, prompting the body to make collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Can you name this beauty procedure?

A non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures such as face lifts or tummy tucks, Thermage can be used to smooth and tighten many areas of the body including the face, eyelids, hands and neck.


Overly prominent or misshaped ears are surgically pinned closer to the head to reshape the cartilage and improve the ears' appearance. What is this cosmetic procedure called?

Also known as cosmetic ear surgery, this procedure can be performed on anyone with fully grown ears, which is typically after age five. In addition to being used on adults, it's sometimes performed on children with misshapen ears due to injury or birth defects.


Soft tissue is injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles and plump the face and/or lips. Does this technique sound familiar to you?

There are a number of FDA-approved products that are used as dermal fillers, many of which are substances that naturally occur in the body, such as hyaluronic acid. Because these substances are eventually absorbed by the body, dermal fillers provide temporary results that typically last from six to 18 months.


Short, fine needles are inserted into the skin to generate new collagen and other beneficial skin tissue. What's the name for this facial procedure?

Also called skin needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT) and percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), this procedure creates microscopic punctures in the skin to improve skin texture, fix pigment issues, remove acne scars and more.


This beauty procedure, which is performed under local or general anesthesia, is used to reshape the nose. What's it called?

Commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty was the third most popular cosmetic procedure in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Breast augmentation and liposuction took first and second place respectively.


When a chemical perming solution is applied to a person's eyelashes, what's the procedure called?

Performed on the upper eyelashes only, this semi-permanent treatment curls and lifts lashes so there's no need to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. The results typically last six to eight weeks.


A small handheld tool made of tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Can you tell us the name of this beauty procedure?

This semi-permanent tattoo-like technique is used to fill and shape sparse, thinning eyebrows. Results are instant and the procedure requires no recovery time. The pigment typically lasts up to two years before fading.


Specific areas of the body are frozen to kill fat cells and reduce fat deposits. Do you know what this nonsurgical procedure is called?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cryolipolysis is one of the most popular nonsurgical fat reduction treatments, with more than 450,000 procedures performed each year.


Can you tell us the slang term for this creepy-sounding procedure? A person's own blood is slathered onto their face to stimulate cell turnover and improve skin tone and volume.

Officially called the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facial, this procedure begins with a blood draw that is run through a machine to separate the blood cells from the platelets, which are rich in factors that stimulate tissue regeneration. The face is then microneedled with a special tool, and the PRP is applied to the skin immediately afterward.


This surgical procedure involves the transfer of fat from areas like the hips, stomach or thighs to the buttocks. What's it called?

Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) are performed under anesthesia. A cosmetic surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from one area of the body, then purifies it and injects it into the buttocks to make them look rounder and fuller.


Do you know what this facial procedure is called? High-intensity light is used to penetrate the lower layers of skin and target damage caused by sun exposure.

Sometimes referred to as photoaging, this process is most often used to remove age spots, lighten freckles and treat broken blood vessels on the face. It can also minimize hair growth.


Can you tell us which cosmetic surgery procedure this sentence is describing? Excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen to give the stomach a smooth, toned look.

Commonly called a tummy tuck, this procedure has been practiced for more than 100 years. The first ever was performed by two doctors in 1890 in France in 1890, while the first abdominoplasty in the U.S. was carried out by a gynecologic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland in 1899.


Low-voltage electrical currents are concentrated onto the face to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. Do you know what this type of facial is called?

Sometimes referred to as a non-surgical facelift, a microcurrent facial uses mild pulses of energy (called galvanic electrical currents) to reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and revitalize the skin by increasing blood flow.


This surgical skin planing technique uses a rapidly rotating blade to remove the outer layers of skin on the face. What's it called?

More intense than microdermabrasion, this invasive exfoliating procedure is used to treat fine lines, sun damage, acne scars and more. Before the procedure, the face is numbed with anesthesia.


A solution is injected into varicose and spider veins to minimize their appearance. Can you name this procedure?

The solution that's used for this procedure scars and shrinks the varicose vein, which forces blood to reroute through a healthier vein. The collapsed varicose vein then fades when its reabsorbed into local tissue.


What about this procedure — do you know it? Biodegradable sutures are inserted into the skin to temporarily lift sagging areas of the face.

A less invasive alternative to the traditional facelift, this procedure is used to tighten moderately saggy cheeks, jowls, brows and necks. The results typically last one to three years.


False eyelashes are glued onto natural lashes, hair by hair, to enhance the look of the eyes. What's this semi-permanent procedure called?

Because each lash extension is attached to a natural eyelash, it will fall out naturally according to the lash's growth cycle. For this reason, eyelash extensions typically need to be touched up every three to four weeks.


Can you guess the name of this minimally invasive beauty procedure? A tiny, vibrating microblade is inserted into the skin to divide the connective tissue that causes cellulite dimples.

Approved by the FDA to treat dimple-type cellulite in the thighs and buttocks, Cellfina is a nonsurgical procedure that typically reduces the appearance of cellulite for up to two years.


High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy eliminates fall cells and triggers contractions in the abdomen to strengthen and tone the muscles. What's this breakthrough treatment called?

After just four 30-minute treatments, this body contouring technique claims to produce results similar to the toning and fat-burning effect of performing 20,000 crunches. The noninvasive procedure involves being strapped to a vibrating device while lying down flat.


When sagging skin, muscle and/or excess fat is trimmed and removed from the eyelids, what's it called?

In addition to giving the face a more awake and youthful appearance, blepharoplasty can help improve vision in some patients. It's often done in conjunction with another procedure, such as a face or brow lift.


Can you name this beauty procedure? An acidic solution is applied to the face, hands and/or neck to reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin.

There are three basic types of chemical peels: Superficial, Medium and Deep. Each uses a different strength of (skin-safe) acid to penetrate and exfoliate the middle and/or outer layers of the skin.


Ultrasound energy is focused on the face, neck and/or chest area to firm and smooth skin by stimulating collagen and elastic tissue. Do you know what this noninvasive procedure is called?

This FDA-approved technique is used to firm sagging skin, erase wrinkles and lift drooping eyebrow areas. It's performed by a physician or laser technician and typically takes 30 to 90 minutes a session.


A laser beam removes the thin outer layer of skin and heats the underlying skin to stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers. What's this beauty procedure known as?

Both ablative laser and nonablative laser resurfacing techniques target skin issues such as age spots, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Ablative lasers are more invasive and require more recovery time (but are also more effective) because they remove the top layer of the skin, while nonablative lasers leave the top layer of the skin intact.


How about this technique? Gas is converted into plasma via radio frequency, then applied to the skin to improve elasticity.

During this procedure, the heat generated by the plasma causes collagen fibers in the skin to contract, which firms and tightens the skin. The treatment is typically used to minimize deep wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.


This technique uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to tighten skin and remove excess fat. What's it called?

Originally used to relieve pain, Mesotherapy was developed by a French doctor in 1952. It's used to improve skin and remove fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms and face.


Through a tiny incision on the inside of the mouth, a small suture is placed between the cheek's muscle and its surrounded skin. What procedure is this sentence describing?

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with dimples. If you wish your face had this adorable feature, dimpleplasty is the beauty treatment for you. On average, the procedure costs about $1,500.


Excess skin and fat are removed from the area between the armpit and elbow, then repositioned to give the arms a more toned look. What's this surgical procedure called?

While regular workouts and weight training can help tone arms naturally, it's very hard to get rid of the sagging skin underneath the arms that appears due to age, weight loss and/or genetics. Also referred to as an arm lift, Brachioplasty is a popular solution for this problem.


Used most frequently by men, this surgical procedure adds bulk and definition to the upper arm. What's it called?

In addition to being used for cosmetic purposes, deltoid augmentation (a.k.a. shoulder implants) can help patients in need of shoulder reconstruction due to deformities, illness or injuries.


What's this procedure called? A naturally occurring pad of fat located in the cheek is removed to create a thinner, narrower-looking face.

This surgical procedure is generally requested by people who believe their round, full faces make them look chubby or overweight. A cosmetic surgeon typically won't perform the procedure on patients with thin, narrow faces.


When excess skin is removed from around the belly button to make it appear hollow and more vertical, what's the procedure called?

This plastic surgery technique is most often used by women whose bellybuttons have changed after pregnancy, or by people who have scarring or other abnormalities from an old belly button piercing.


When the small triangles of skin at each corner of the mouth are surgically raised, what's the procedure called?

This cosmetic procedure literally turns a frown upside down. However, this is a downside. Some people have reported getting a permanent scar from the folds that form in the corners of the mouth.


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