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Summer days can get hot, and there's nothing more exciting than hitting the beach and catching some rays or taking a dip. Of course, if you don't live near an ocean or a beach, you may find that it's best to just sit in the air conditioning and watch a movie set on a beach. At least if you're watching the movie, you don't have to worry about getting a bigger boat or figuring out which wave you're allowed to ride when a rival gang is near.

Beach movies have been around for decades, and they're popular for a lot of reasons. First of all, they show off a culture of sunshine, passion and oceanic adventure. Secondly, they show off skin ... and lots of it. And finally, they all have an all-around solid cheese factor that no one can deny. These films call people to the ocean, like mass-produced summer sirens. Here is the sun, and you can have it ... if you're willing to solve a mystery or stop bank robbers or fall in love (over and over again).

If you love everything about the beach, especially the movies about it, this quiz is right up your alley. Let's see if you can name all of these beach movies if we give you just one image.

Can you name this 1975 beachy horror film?

If you think horror films would be the same without music, "Jaws" is the perfect example of why you're wrong. At times, the score was more terrifying than the mechanical shark that was eating people.


Which 2017 beach hit calls back to a television show from the 1990s?

Who wouldn't want to see Dwayne Johnson take over David Hasselhoff's role in "Baywatch"? The Hoff does make an appearance in this film as well ... both of these hunks can be named Mitch for all we care.


Keanu Reeves stars in which 1991 film about bank-robbing surfers?

Seeing Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves on the same screen was enough for most fans, but when you add action, intrigue and criminal activity, you have the perfect movie ... for 1991.


Do you recognize this 1980 classic starring Brooke Shields?

"The Blue Lagoon" is the story of teens stranded on a desert island, learning how to fend for themselves while they fend off their hormonal urges. Although the film didn't do well with critics, many remember its cheese factor.


After a plane crash, Tom Hanks starts talking to a volleyball in which film?

Few actors could carry an entire movie without any other characters to work off of. Tom Hanks did just that in his 2000 hit film "Cast Away," which showed just what it's like to discover fire when there aren't any matches.


What is the name of this love story that includes Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?

A woman who suffers from short-term memory loss might be the perfect person to help a playboy find some stability. Although everyone wants Lucy to remember in the end, something much better happens.


This film is about a special needs dolphin. Can you name it?

A young boy strives to help a dolphin that suffers a horrific injury. The dolphin's entire tail is gone, taken by a crab trap. However, the boy becomes friends with the dolphin, and magic comes next.


What is the name of this film about treasure hunting?

When a treasure hunter is so obsessed with a specific hunt that he loses his marriage and his boat, things can't look worse for him. That is, until he finds a clue that could change everything.


Do you recognize this 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

When you have nothing better to do with your life, you search for meaning, beauty and paradise. That is what the main character in "The Beach" did, and he got more than he bargained for.


This drama documents a decades-long friendship. Do you know what it's called?

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey star in the 1988 film, "Beaches." It's about two friends from completely different lives getting together and learning and growing over the years, and always being there for each other.


What is the name of this film about a plane crash?

Harrison Ford and Anne Heche team up as an unlikely duo who ends up crashing on a deserted beach. They despise each other, but after about a week of being stranded together, they fall in love for some reason.


Blake Lively stars in this beach thriller. Can you name it?

When you've been told time and again that surfing and swimming alone is a death sentence, you should probably listen. Of course, Nancy doesn't do that in "The Shallows," so she ends up getting attacked by a shark, but her story doesn't end there.


In which animated film do you see a little girl fall in love with an alien?

It's all fun and games until you realize that the dog you adopted is actually an alien. While it explains a lot of his behavior, it can still be troubling. But for sisters Lilo and Nani, that little alien might be just what they need.


Which movie combines horror, teen films and beach parties all in one?

The 2000 genre mash-up parody film, "Psycho Beach Party," brings together everything from horror slashers to psychological thrill rides to "Beach Blanket Bingo." It's a feat few directors would take on, but the indie film did make waves.


Can you name this movie about the Rip Masters surf competition?

Practice makes perfect, and if you have a dream, nothing should get in your way. That's how Anne Marie feels when it comes to preparing for a surf competition. She is determined, but when love comes along, something else happens.


Can you name this film about a dog and his dolphin?

A marine biologist with a dolphin friend finds a man with a dog, and the rest is history. The dog and the dolphin become best friends while the dog's owner and the marine biologist fall in love.


Mark Harmon stars in what film about how a teacher spends his summer?

Dragged into teaching a summer school course, Mr. Shoop finds himself dreaming of the beach rather than wanting to teach. Luckily for his students, things change and victory is possible.


Paul Walker and Jessica Alba star in this action thriller. Can you name it?

If you enjoy diving, and you enjoy your life, you should always ignore sunken treasure, because chances are it belongs to a drug lord. Always remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.


On the shores of Cape Cod, two young lovers spend their summer. What is the name of this film?

When a woman of wealth meets a baseball player in a summer league, it seems like it's all meant to be. Not everything is perfect for them, but love does have a tendency to triumph over all else in this film.


This 1964 Frankie Avalon film includes Annette Funicello and a specific article of clothing. Can you name it?

Having fun on the beach is totally groovy and totally easy ... until Harvey Huntington Honeywagon comes along. He wants to turn Frankie's favorite beach into an old folks home, and that just cannot be tolerated.


Amanda Bynes stars in this film about a woman meeting her rock star crush. Do you know the name of the movie?

While "Lovewrecked" may seem like a far-fetched plot, it does have some interesting moments. In the film, a young woman is stranded with the rock star she has a crush on. She wants to spend more time with him, so she hides the fact that they are pretty close to their resort.


Can you name this movie that was filmed in Hawaii?

Peter Bretter loves Sarah Marshall, but she doesn't love him back. He does what he can to stop her from breaking up with him and wants nothing more than to get back together with her, but then he meets another girl.


Adam Sandler stars in this film about a man who just keeps lying. Can you name it?

If you're ever in a situation where the girl you like finds a wedding ring in your pocket, the first thing you should do is make up a fake wife that you're about to divorce. That's what Adam Sandler does, anyway.


Can you name this beach film about a girl sent to live with her father?

Can a young, angry girl reconnect with her father? Sometimes, the love of music is all it takes to bring two souls together ... even if times were really, really tough. In "The Last Song", you can watch Miley Cyrus do just that.


Do you recognize this movie about two girls who find a mermaid in their beach club?

In case you need a movie you can connect with, consider "Aquamarine." It's a film about two teenage girls who realize that a mermaid lives in the pool of their beach club. They experience one crazy summer.


Do you know the name of this film about two young surfers?

Rich and Mike only want one thing in life: summer. Luckily for them, they can chase the endless summer by vacationing in places where it's warm. They look for great waves and beautiful beaches, and who could blame them?


This was a beach movie, a musical and a teen film all rolled into one. Can you name it?

The 1960s brought a lot of great beach movies, but none so memorable as "Beach Blanket Bingo." This film had just about everything a pre-teen girl could ask for, including Frankie Avalon and his gang of "rowdy" '60s teens.


Do you know the name of this film about a man bonding with his son?

When you rebuild a house with your father, your goth attitude can change pretty quickly. This film is all about bonding and getting together and realizing how much you care about the people around you.


In which '80s horror film do we see the ghost of a criminal seek revenge?

If you're looking for a good, cheesy '80s horror film, you need look no further than "Nightmare Beach." In this film, you get a little of everything you're looking for: teens, ghosts and death on the beach.


Hawaiian survival is the premise of this slasher film. Can you name it?

When newlyweds Cliff and Cydney take a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their nuptials, they never consider the possibility that something can go wrong. In their case, it goes so terribly wrong, nothing can make it right.


Do you recognize this comedy with John Candy?

Not every vacation is perfect, but John Candy's character in this film just can't catch a break to save his life. After a series of mishaps while he's on vacation, Jack Chester keeps on kicking, looking for the positive at every turn.


Do you recognize this movie about loss and gain?

Trying to get over your wife's death while attempting to win a sand castle contest can be a little much for one movie. However, if Michelle Pfeiffer is trying to help, you might have an easier time.


What is the name of this film that claims to be a "major ocean picture"?

In a world where the Penguin World Surfing Championship actually exists, there is no one more excited to compete than Cody Maverick. He might be new to the games, but his heart is all in.


This 2015 horror film didn't do well with critics. Do you know the name of it?

You can party all night, if you'd like, just makes sure you get off the beach after the sun rises. If you don't, it just might get hungry and eat you ... that's the plot of this not-so-great horror film.


Can you name this beach movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen money train kept on chugging through the 2000s. In this film, the sisters play twin sisters who go on vacation and stumble upon a smuggling ring that they have to stop.


What is the name of this George Clooney film set in Hawaii?

When his wife is incapacitated after a boating accident, Matt King learns some hard truths about their marriage. While attempting to solve a mystery, he's being hounded by his family to sell land that has belonged to his bloodline for generations.


This odd film is a cross between "Grease" and "Epic Movie." Do you think you can name it?

It's difficult to tell whether or not this movie takes itself seriously, but if you're into films with cheese factor and random dance breaks, it has potential for you. The 2013 film tells the story of two surfers who find themselves at a beach party where everyone is singing.


What is the name of this film that plays out like a deathbed confession?

There's no better way to spend your dying days than to tell the story of your life to your children. That is what Ann Grant does in "Evening". The 2007 drama didn't get a lot of attention, but hits home for those who watch.


Do you recognize this coming-of-age beach house film?

It's not easy dealing with your parents splitting up, but when you have to spend the summer with your mom and her new boyfriend, things can get annoying. Luckily for Duncan, he found new friends and even overcame fears.


Do you recognize this 2017 melodrama?

Nearly two hours of a couple getting together, getting married and then arguing over consummating the marriage is what's in store for you when you tune in to "On Chesil Beach." It's an interesting take on sex education, for sure.


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