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The 1980s was the golden age of slasher films. Horror movie icons jumped from the screen and gave us everything we were looking for in tension and sheer terror. The slow walk of your favorite killers as teenagers screamed and hid may be a cliche, but audiences loved seeing it over and over again. 

From the rise of Stephen King films to the rumors of the "Poltergeist" franchise curse, audiences of the 1980s loved the horror films of the decade for their amazing makeup and jump scares with piercing music. If you're a horror enthusiast, there is no doubt that you have spent a lot of time reviewing the movies of the '80s and understanding the formula that made a great scary movie back then. Wes Craven, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg must hold a special place in your heart.

Writers, directors and slashers aside, if you grew up in the 1980s, you definitely know a thing or two about horror movies. We dove pretty deep to find some of these films, but we finally narrowed our quiz down to 40 of the craziest horror films of the decade. Do you think you can name all of them from a screenshot?

Do you remember this movie about the Freeling family?

There are a lot of rumors flying around that the "Poltergeist" films are cursed in some way. However, this film doesn't require any additional hype, because it is terrifying enough when a five-year-old contacts evil spirits in the television set.


Our first introduction to this crazy slasher was in 1984. What is the name of this movie?

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" was released in 1984. The Wes Craven classic brought fear to our dreams and kept it there. There was nothing like teenagers doing everything they could to stay awake and not die.


A famous slasher's mother kills everyone in the first movie of which franchise?

Few people realize that the "Friday the 13th" franchise began with Jason's mother murdering camp counselors because her son drowned in the lake. Jason Voorhees doesn't kill anyone until the second movie.


Which Stephen King film is all about the slow fall into insanity?

When "The Shining" was released in 1980, people were appalled by what they saw. It wasn't necessarily a movie about murder and slashers — the storyline could happen to anyone. It was all about cabin fever and a haunted hotel that took over your mind.


Can you name this terrifying movie where a doll comes to life?

In 1988, we were introduced to the horror industry's smallest slasher: Chucky. In "Child's Play" we see that a terrible criminal has put his soul into a child's doll. The doll comes to life and things get pretty chaotic.


In which film do attractive teens turn into vampires?

"The Lost Boys" (1987) included some teen heartthrobs of the '80s. With both Coreys and a young and buff Jason Patric, who could forget this iconic teen horror movie? If you're thinking about this movie right now, you're probably not going to eat rice for a week.


Do you remember this horror film about a kind of pet that came with strict rules?

"Gremlins" is often looked upon as a horror film with a light twist. There are some comedic moments in the film that give you the sense that everything is going to be just fine ... that is, until the gremlins appear.


Which sequel was made in 1981 and includes a survivor from the original film?

After the success of the first "Halloween" movie in 1978, it only made sense to bring the characters back for another slash-tastic film. When the film begins, we see Laurie in a mental institution, which shows that the events from the first film truly affected her.


In 1981, this movie that includes the "Necronomicon" was released. What is it called?

Anyone who has seen "The Evil Dead" (1981) probably did whatever they could to stay away from the woods and old books for a while. This movie is all about awakening the dead when reading certain words aloud. It teaches us not to mess with the Latin language ... ever.


What is the name of this classic space thriller?

"Aliens" (1986) was the sequel to the 1979 film "Alien" that started the franchise. In this second film, we don't just see a single alien terrorizing a ship; we see hundreds of them, making us think that this crew will never see their home planet again.


Can you name this movie about a brutal killing machine?

The majority of early-1980s horror films were about being secluded, far away from anything that could help you. "The Thing" (1982) shows us what happens when a creature can take on the form of its prey.


In which psychological thriller do we see a man experiencing grief and a ghost at the same time?

Not to be confused with "Changeling" (2008), starring Angelina Jolie, "The Changeling" (1980) is about a man who lost his wife and daughter. He retreats to a secluded area and learns that there is a ghost living with him. He then tries to figure out how the ghost died.


What is the name of this Stephen King film about a town with no adults?

While there were sequels to this film later on, nothing was more terrifying than seeing children go absolutely crazy in the original "Children of the Corn" (1984). Unlike most Stephen King stories, this one is set in the Midwest instead of Maine.


Can you name the film from the "Halloween" franchise that doesn't include Michael Myers?

The original concept of the "Halloween" movies was that each of them would be different and have different antagonists (or slashers). However, with the success of Michael Myers as a character, it was hard to keep that original concept.


Which film has a little bit of supernatural mystery mixed in with the horror?

"The Fog" (1980) is a John Carpenter classic that shows us that things aren't always as they seem. As strange things start happening in a small town, a fog settles over everything, and people start dying.


What sequel includes a possessed girlfriend?

"Evil Dead II" has the same main character as the first film. This time, the main character Ash Williams hears a tape of voices reading from the "Necronomicon," and his girlfriend gets possessed. Suddenly, he has to kill more demons.


Animals come back to life in which Stephen King movie?

While the actual spelling is "cemetery," we have to remember that in both the book and the film, the name of this magical place is the "Pet Sematary," which King addresses in his novel. We all seem fine with the incorrect spelling, as the place was created by children.


Do you remember this film that scared kids away from camp?

If you weren't afraid of going to camp before you saw this movie, everything changed as soon as you hit the play button. The movie shows a stabber who likes to kill teenagers in their bunks and showers while they're at camp.


In which film does a teen believe his neighbors are vampires?

"Fright Night" (1985) could be considered the first horror film that is a little self-aware. It starts out about a teenage boy that absolutely loves horror films. After he notices his new neighbors are a little weird, he finds out he's right about them.


Can you name this '80s horror film about a prank gone wrong?

"Night of the Creeps" (1986) was about a couple of fraternity pledges who wanted to make a name for themselves. They get a frozen body and try to play a prank. Unbeknownst to them, they accidentally set a plague of slugs onto campus, and chaos ensues.


What is the name of this werewolf movie from 1981?

Its special effects weren't necessarily the best thing to hit the big screen. However, "The Howling" did some different things with horror creatures than any other movie of its time, showing the creature in closeups and full-length shots.


This movie was five short horror films in one. What was it called?

"Creepshow" (1982) gave us five terrifying stories. With every concept, from the boogeyman to monsters to revenge plots, "Creepshow" is all about getting creepy on a Friday night with friends.


This horror movie shows what happens when people from different walks of life are facing the end of the human race. What is it called?

"Day of the Dead" (1985) gets to the heart of the human reaction to chaos. As the zombie apocalypse is upon them, a team of scientists and soldiers argue over the best ways to salvage the human race.


What is this monster movie from 1988?

This movie includes witchcraft, a terrifying monster and a revenge plot. Though it was a low-budget film, it essentially encapsulated everything that a 1980s horror movie fan could ever want.


This movie is about a parallel universe. Do you know what it's called?

"From Beyond" (1986) was adapted from an H.P. Lovecraft novel and directed by Stuart Gordon. It is about a scientist who is obsessed with reaching a parallel universe. This movie shows what happens when obsession and terror meet up.


Can you name this movie about reaching people on the other side?

If you're into teen horror movies, this one is a must. It's about a couple of crazy teenage girls who want to scare their friends. On Halloween night, they go to an old funeral parlor and hold a seance. Then things get ugly.


Do you remember this movie about killing campers?

If you took Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees and made them into one slasher, you'd have Cropsy from "The Burning" (1981). He carries around shears, stalks campers and kills them out of vengeance. He's a classic slasher who has sadly been forgotten.


Can you name this horror film about an out-of-control dog?

In another Stephen King classic film of the 1980s, we see a dog that has gone off the deep end. In "Cujo" (1983), a St. Bernard is bitten by a bat and starts getting a little crazy with the people around town.


This "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie takes place in a psychiatric ward. Do you know the name?

There were some intense moments throughout the Nightmare on Elm Street series, but when you are supposed to be in a safe space like a psychiatric ward, things get a little crazy. Luckily, a member of the original cast comes along to help.


Can you name this movie about a man who tries to teleport?

When a scientist believes that he has solved the mystery of teleportation, something terrible happens. He doesn't realize that a fly was in his transporter with him, and he takes on the characteristics of said fly. That's when things get weird.


In 1985, we were given a movie that was clearly a warning against consumption. What was it called?

Of course someone is going to capitalize on a sweet dessert-like treat that magically oozes from the Earth. However, when it turns people into addicted zombies, things take a turn for the worse.


Do you recognize this movie about the separation of conjoined twins?

In 1982, horror movies didn't necessarily need a great plot — they just needed a memorable terrorizing element. With "Basket Case" (1982), that element was a man carrying around his twin who had been surgically separated from him.


In which movie do we see a man fall in love with a vampire?

"Near Dark" (1987) shows a love story between a cowboy and a beautiful woman. However, that woman turns out to be a vampire, and things get complicated when she bites her boyfriend and changes him.


This movie will make you never eat hot dogs again. Can you name it?

If you ever stop at a small-town motel for the night, you should probably ask what's in the food. In this movie, we see motel guests being ground into sausage and cooked for patrons and travelers.


Can you identify this movie about opening the gate to hell?

Anyone who has watched the horror movies of the 1980s knows that when you see a teen having a party, things are about to go south. In "The Gate" (1987), we see just how far south, as the teen's little brother discovers something evil in a hole in their backyard.


Do you know which "Friday the 13th" installment made us think the movies were over?

A total of eight "Friday the 13th" movies were released in the 1980s, including the fourth one, "The Final Chapter," which was released in 1984. This led to audiences not believing that there could be four more films with Jason in the coming five years, but they were wrong.


This film is all about man versus nature and man versus self. What is it called?

As horror films transitioned away from monsters, we did get to see the internal struggle of a man who is turned into a werewolf while abroad. When director Edgar Wright was asked about creating a remake, he said, "It's a perfect movie as far as I'm concerned, and I have nothing to add to it."


We first see the iconic slasher Jason Voorhees actually slashing in this movie. Do you remember the name?

As if the stigma of Friday the 13th wasn't enough, director Sean S. Cunningham brings a little more terror to the night with his memorable slasher film series Friday the 13th. Starting with Part 2, Jason was one of the original slashers that brought buckets of blood to the big screen.


In which sequel do we see Leatherface again?

A full 12 years after the original movie, Leatherface and his band of maniacs are ready to go on another killing spree. Let's not forget Chop Top's role in all of this; after all, he was just as crazy as Leatherface.


Can you name this movie about a man who opened a naughty box?

"Hellraiser" (1987) is the first installment of the series. It shows a man named Frank who accidentally unleashes hell when he messes around with a toy. As with a lot of horror films of the time, the main character is a sexual deviant.


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