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Co-stan-za! Some sitcom characters are more memorable than others because they were developed with personalities that perfectly play off of the other characters to create the ultimate comedic moments. There are a lot of attributes that can make a sitcom character great, from a funny catchphrase that you've heard over and over to the way they enter a room, each attribute sticks with us as we watch the characters every week. From Kramer to Joey Tribbiani to Stewie Griffin, these characters have made us laugh for decades, and their faces are burned into our memories. 

After our favorite sitcoms end, we still look back at the funniest characters, and we even see pieces of them written into new sitcom characters over the years. 

Even if remembering names and faces isn't your strong suit, you probably remember some of your favorite sitcom characters from over the years, but if you were a sitcom-a-holic, chances are you'll be able to identify some of the most famous characters that entered your living room every week. We've chosen 40 of the most famous sitcom characters of all time. Do you think you have what it takes to name them if we show you a picture? 

Everyone loves her, but do you know her name?

Even if you weren't around when the show aired on television, chances are you've seen a few episodes of "I Love Lucy" in your day. Who could forget when Lucy and Ethel try to work at a chocolate factory?


Do you know the name of this government employee who hates the government?

He loves steak and cigars and he isn't about to change for anyone. If he can't find a good steak, well, just give him all the bacon that you have ... and don't misunderstand him; he means all the bacon that you have.


He'd burst into Jerry Seinfeld's apartment without announcing his presence. Who is he?

"Seinfeld" was such a popular show because the characters were unique and rather unlikable. In one episode, George goes on a rant about how Kramer's life is so random and lucky that it kind of makes him jealous.


Can you name this character who has a favorite spot to sit?

It's rare to find someone who has never seen a single episode of "The Big Bang Theory," but even if you do, they can probably still tell you a little bit about Sheldon Cooper. This character was so popular, that there was even a spinoff of his younger self.


Do you know the name of this primetime cartoon dad?

"The Simpsons" has been on for 30 years and counting. The show gained popularity with a rude son named Bart, but it wasn't until they tapped into the mind of Homer that the show really took off.


All he ever wanted was to be the best boss ever. Can you name him?

In the first season of "The Office", you might think that Michael Scott is one of those bosses just waiting for a lawsuit. However, in the second season and after, his redeeming qualities show and we learn that he just wants to find love and friendship.


She might not be perfect but she's a great writer. What's her name?

When you think of the sitcoms of the mid-2000s, you probably think of "30 Rock." The main character, Liz Lemon, might have a mess of a personal life, but she takes everything in stride as she caters to the talent around her.


His character gained popularity trying to kill his mother. Who is he?

"Family Guy" may have been inspired by "The Simpsons" but it evolved to so much more. In the beginning, Stewie was focused on killing his mom, because he thought she was the source of all of his problems.


Which golden girl is this?

"The Golden Girls" was a show about four women living together in Miami, trying to make it through their golden years. Together, they had to learn how to grow with each other and face some of the toughest topics of the time.


Can you name this character who does stand-up in New York?

"Seinfeld" was considered a groundbreaking show because it didn't have one consistent theme running through it at all times. Though it claimed to be a show about nothing, it was really a show about how a stand-up comedian got his material.


She could turn the world on with her smile. But do you remember her name?

Mary Tyler Moore played two iconic TV characters: Laura Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and later Mary Richards on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." The latter broke new ground on television as a single career woman who wasn't that interested in finding a husband.


Do you know the name of this shoe salesman who changed sitcoms forever?

Not only was Al Bundy the type of guy who didn't care what anyone thought, but he was also the type of guy who wanted to enjoy the little things. He constantly complained about his wife, but he still loved her very much.


Can you tell us the name of the character played by Courtney Cox on "Friends"?

Monica Geller was the kind of character a lot of women could connect with. She liked things a certain way and had a knack for cooking well. She also wanted to start a family and have it all.


This character owned his own bar in Boston. Do you know his name?

Sam Malone was a player and everyone saw it. However, he did have a good heart and he always made sure his regulars and his employees were well taken care of. That is what made "Cheers" such a successful show.


Even though he was nerdy, he was one of the most popular sitcom characters of the 1990s. Can you name him?

Urkel was a sensation in the 1990s. In the show "Family Matters," we see Urkel as the neighbor who is in love with the starring family's daughter Laura. He seems pesky, but we learn that he has a big heart and wants to help those around him.


This witch has cast a spell on audiences since her show premiered in 1964. What's her name?

Samantha Stephens is a witch who falls in love with a mortal and vows to become an ordinary suburban housewife. Of course, things often go haywire, especially when her mother Endora visits and much to her husband's chagrin, she must use magic.


Do you recognize this character who was an aspiring magician?

It's safe to say that "Arrested Development" was a show that was ahead of its time. The comedy was difficult for people to wrap their minds around, but those who revisited it loved it so much, they pushed for a comeback, which arrived years later on Netflix.


Who was the deputy sheriff of Mayberry?

Barney wasn't always the smartest deputy, but he was one of the funniest. Played by Don Knotts, this character had a unique voice as well as a unique way of solving crimes in the small town where he worked.


He may have been a little uptight, but he was very memorable as a character. What is his name?

Alex P. Keaton was such a successful character because his attitude completely clashed with his parents, who were hippies. His intelligence and drive showed teens of the '80s that it was possible to succeed with hard work.


Can you name this odd but hilarious character from "The Office"?

At first, it's fun to watch Jim torture Dwight, but soon you realize that Dwight is very much like the younger brother in their relationship. When Dwight saves Jim from Roy, you realize that their relationship goes deeper than putting items in Jell-O.


Which rough and ragged mom told people how it was in the '80s and '90s?

Back in the '80s, "Roseanne" was a new kind of show. It was unapologetic and showed the struggling middle-class lifestyle that most big television studios ignored at the time. This made the show a hit from day one.


Can you tell us the names of these two characters who were roommates?

It was finally time to have a show that highlighted the LGBT community and "Will & Grace" was that show. It was about a corporate lawyer and an interior decorator who moved in together and helped each other through relationship troubles and other life issues.


What is the name of this character who loved sitting in his chair?

Archie Bunker represented the ignorance of his time. However, the character himself did learn and grow, even if he had a smart-mouthed comment to go along with his understanding of each situation.


He's not a great dancer, but he loves doing it. What's his name?

In "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," we see Will Smith move into his aunt and uncle's house in a very rich neighborhood. His cousin, Carlton tries to teach Will but also learns something in the long run.


Everyone loved hanging out at whose house in "That '70s Show"?

Eric's house was the place to be on the show, and everyone knew why. His parents were pretty good at leaving them alone and they could always get into their "inspiration circle" to talk about important things.


This Colombian is married to a much older man. Do you know her name?

"Modern Family" is a new-age show that puts a spotlight on the fact that no family has to be perfect to love each other. Sofia Vergara plays Gloria, the wife of the family patriarch. She is tough and hot-headed, and everyone loves to see her on screen.


He's the star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Do you know his name?

Larry David is the name of the actor and the character on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." His character seems pretty unlikeable, but in the end, you realize that he is just being as honest as he can with those around him, which often makes him enemies.


Can you name this playboy who cares about his friends?

Barney is definitely a player and he's always looking for a high five, but he's one of those characters that you love to see because he is always there to help his friends when they need him most.


Do you know this character from the hit series "M*A*S*H*"?

Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce is his full name, but everyone just calls him Hawkeye. He's the Chief Surgeon in the M*A*S*H* unit. Few actually realize that this character is based on a character in the novel "The Last of the Mohicans."


What is the name of Danny DeVito's character in "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"?

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is a show that has very few likable moments with its characters. They are all pretty bad people who do some pretty bad things. However, audiences enjoy it in attempts of looking for a gray area with characters like Frank Reynolds.


She's a mother that doesn't have very many maternal instincts. Do you know her name?

Although many of the characters on "Married With Children" are relatable, they aren't always the best people you see. However, that was the entire point of the show: to explain that no one is perfect, but they can still get along just fine.


This doctor's rants were epic and memorable, but do you remember his name?

No matter how many times J.D. seeks the approval and attention from Dr. Cox, Cox always has something else in mind. His character is angry, bitter and disenchanted, but in the end, he loves being a doctor.


She was an overbearing mother and a rude mother-in-law, but everyone loved her. What is her name?

Marie played Raymond's mother on "Everybody Loves Raymond." She also lived next door and constantly wanted to help Ray ... sometimes at the expense of his wife Debra. Marie was played by Doris Roberts, the perfect mother figure for a sitcom.


Here's a blast from the past. Do you know the name of Judd Hirsch's character from "Taxi"?

Although most of the drivers in the show "Taxi" think of their jobs as stepping stones to the next job, Alex Reiger is one of the only ones who admits that this is the rest of his life, and he's pretty dry about it.


He's a good detective but bad at paperwork. What's his name?

For fans of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," you know Jake Peralta as a smart-mouthed detective who doesn't do his paperwork very well, but he's great at his job. The comedy show gives us love interests as well as the dark humor we're looking for.


What is the name of the chiropractor on "Two and a Half Men"?

"Two and a Half Men" didn't seem like a catchy premise for a show, but it ran 12 seasons, including a major character change. This is because the characters in the show played off of each other perfectly, and Alan's neurotic life clashed with Charlie's wild one.


Which male figure in "Full House" had no biological relation to the young girls?

Three comedians together in one house seems like a funny show. Throw in three young girls, and it's a heartwarming show. The only character that was a comedian, however, was Joey, a guy who made rated-G jokes and was successful.


Jackie Gleason played this wild husband. Do you know his name?

"To the moon, Alice!" The hot-headed bus driver for the Gotham Bus Company may be one of the most memorable sitcom characters from his time. The character himself inspired Fred Flintstone.


Tim's assistant on "Home Improvement" went by what name?

Although Al started as the butt of all the jokes on "Home Improvement," it soon came out that he had a big heart and wanted nothing more than to fall in love and start a family. This added depth to his character.


Which roommate left the show early in "Three's Company"?

When a known horn dog moves in with two young ladies, you can bet things are going to get hilarious. Chrissy Snow was the ditsy blonde roommate for awhile, until something went awry with Suzanne Somers's contract.


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