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Quick! Who sang "District 9," "My Pace" and "Double Knot"? Nope, it wasn't Twice or Red Velvet, but rather, the Stray Kids boy band. And if you think that was hard, just wait until you take this tricky K-Pop music quiz! So here's the deal. We're going to give you three songs that the group is known for, but it's your job to guess who they are. But be careful, because there are hundreds of K-Pop groups out there. You've got popular girl groups like Blackpink, Girls' Generation and EXID, as well as all-male groups like Super Junior, BIGBANG and NCT. 

But what's the appeal of K-Pop music? Well, maybe it has to do with the charming vocalists, or perhaps there's something about those catchy Korean tunes that are full of energy and life. And even if you don't speak or understand the language, music is a fun way to connect people from all over the world. It's also a great way to boost an unhappy mood, so if you're ever feeling stressed out, it's time to turn up a K-Pop music video! Whether you dream about these songs "Every Night" or mainly during the "Holiday" season, it's time for you to take this catchy quiz now!

Which group sings "Go Go," "Not Today" and "Save Me"?

BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop groups of all time, and it's easy to see why with other hit songs like "Boy With Luv," "Fake Love" and "Blood Sweat & Tears." There are currently seven members in the group.


One of these groups has been "Playing with Fire" with songs like "Forever Young" and "Kick It," but which one is it?

With songs like "Kill This Love" and "Don't Know What to Do," it's no wonder that the Blackpink group has won numerous awards. Some of these include the Shorty Award for Best in Music and the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best of Next.


If you want to "Clap" your hands, then can you name this group that also sings "Don't Wanna Cry" and "Home"?

Seventeen is also known for hit songs like "Very Nice," "Oh My!" and "Call Call Call!" Currently, the group is made up of 13 members who specialize in different aspects of music, some of which are vocals and performance units.


Some songs like "Wow" and "Pray" are "Blowin' Up," but who sings these?

If names like Seo Eun-kwang and Im Hyun-sik sound familiar, then you probably know some of their other popular songs like "Movie," "You're So Fly" and "Remember That." They also have several albums out, including "Complete" and "Brother Act."


This group knows how to give a "Beautiful Goodbye" after singing songs like "Paper Heart" and "Jet," but can you name them?

Luna, Victoria, Amber and Krystal all make up the f(x) group, and they've sang hit songs like "Rum Pum Pum Pum," "Electric Shock" and "Hot Summer." They've also received the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance: Female Group.


"Sorry, Sorry," but we're going to make this one hard: Which group sings "Oops!!" and "Mirror"?

You might know Super Junior as the group who also sang "Sexy, Free & Single," "Mr. Simple" and "No Other." The group currently consists of 10 members, some of which are Ryeowook, Siwon and Kyuhyun.


"Would U" mind guessing the group that's known for "La Rouge" and "Automatic"?

The Red Velvet group is made up of five members: Irene, Wendy, Joy, Yeri and Seulgi. They're also known for their vibrant and colorful music videos, with other hit songs like "Power Up" and "Bad Boy."


Can you "Remember" songs like "U You" and "Five" from _______________?

Apink has many hit songs under their belt, such as "Love Story," "Secret" and "Good Morning Baby." They've also received several awards, like the Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award and the Golden Disc Award Song Division.


Which of these groups is known for "My Type," "Beautiful" and "Apology"?

With popular albums like "Return," "New Kids" and "Welcome Back," it's no wonder that iKon is such an "icon" in both South Korea and Japan. The group is also known for songs like "Rubber Band" and "B-Day."


Can you "Follow" your heart and pick the correct K-Pop group from songs like "Hero" and "No Exit"?

Monsta X has many studio albums, extended plays and singles under their belt, and several of their songs have appeared in movies, a mobile game and a web reality show. The group currently consists of six members.


Which of these groups is "So Cool" for songs like "Loving U" and "How Dare You"?

Unfortunately, this band disbanded in 2017, but the previous members were Yoon Bora, Soyou, Hyolyn and Kim Da-som. They were also known for songs like "I Swear," "I Like That" and "Ma Boy."


Three of their hit songs are "Heartbeat," "Again & Again" and "My House." Which group is it?

The 2PM group has won many awards, including the Golden Disc Award Album Division and the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Music Video. They are also known for albums like "01:59PM" and "Hands Up."


Which of these groups sings "Happy Happy," "Candy Pop" and "Heart Shaker"?

There are nine members in the Twice K-Pop group, some of which include Nayeon, Mina, Momo, Sana and Jihyo. They are also known for their vibrant "Likey" and "Feel Special" music videos.


"Excuse Me," but can you guess the group from songs like "Get Out" and "Short Hair"?

If you're familiar with songs like "Miniskirt," "Heart Attack" and "Good Luck," then you probably know a thing or two about the AOA girl group. Some of their members include Cho A, Mina and Seolhyun.


Which of these groups seems "HIP" with songs like "Age Gag" and "Taller Than You"?

One of Mamamoo's best known songs is "gogobebe," but they're also known for "Starry Night," "Yes I Am" and "Um Oh Ah Yeh." There are four members in the group, and they've won a collective six awards.


If you're ready to "Party," then can you name this group that sings "Flower Power" and "Divine"?

This eight-member group also goes by the name "SNSD," and they're known for hits like "Gee Japanese," "Lion Heart" and "The Boys." They've also released many albums, including "Oh!" and "Holiday Night."


Will you be the "Lucky One" and correctly name the group who sings "Wolf" and "Monster"?

This South Korean-Chinese boy band is known for hit music videos like "Ko Ko Bop," "Call Me Baby" and "Growl." They've also received a total of 26 awards, including the World Music Award for World's Best-Selling Korean Artist.


Which of these groups has sung "Countless" songs like "Winter Wonderland" and "View"?

SHINee has been shining in the K-Pop world since 2008, especially with hit songs like "Tell Me What to Do," "Good Evening" and "Lucifer." They have also earned the nickname "Princes of K-Pop."


Do you have "The Eye" to name the group behind songs like "That Summer" and "Clock"?

The Infinite group is known for many hit songs, like "The Chaser," "Be Mine" and "Man in Love." They've also won nine awards, including the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Male Group and the Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award.


This group was on "Fire" with songs like "Go Away" and "I Don't Care," but can you name them?

The 2NE1 group disbanded in 2016, but their previous members were Minzy, CL, Dara and Park Bom. Before their split, they were known for "Gotta Be You," "I Love You" and "I Am the Best."


Which of these groups is known for "Lovey-Dovey" songs like "Cry Cry" and "Sexy Love"?

This four-member group is known for dance-pop music, as well as songs like "Sugar Free," "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "Don't Leave Me Alone." The group also received the Golden Disc Award for Rookie Artist of the Year in Digital Music in 2009.


Can you "Tell Me" which group sang "So Hot" and "Like Money"?

The Wonder Girls disbanded in 2017, but some of their songs, like "Be My Baby," "Irony" and "The DJ is Mine," still remain popular. They've also released several albums, including "Reboot" and "Wonder Party."


Can you name the group behind these three songs: "Fever," "Love Whisper" and "Summer Rain"?

Did you know that the GFriend group has won eight awards, including the Seoul Music Awards for Best New Artist and the Golden Disc Award for Best Group? They're also known for other hits, like "Rough" and "Glass Bead."


This group has been a "Funny Hunny" with songs like "One Love" and "Abing Abing," but can you name them?

This group was formed in 2010, and is comprised of three vocalists: Raina, Lizzy and Nana. They also specialize in bubblegum pop and K-Pop music, especially with songs like "Bubble Bath" and "My Copycat."


Which band would say "Thank you" to you for liking "Critical Beauty" and "Shine"?

Pentagon is made up of nine members, some of whom are Yeo One, Wooseok and Kino. Some of their more popular songs are "Humph!" "Pretty Pretty" and "Like This." The group has also released several albums, such as "Positive" and "Five Senses."


"If You," "Loser" and "Haru Haru" are some of __________'s hit songs.

If you thought BTS was popular, wait until you hear about BIGBANG. The group has won 21 awards, including the Golden Disc Award Album Division and the Seoul Music Awards Record of the Year in Digital Release.


This next one is about to be a "Mental Breaker." Which group sings "Let Them Know" and "Jackpot"?

Block B's songs have been featured on "Phantom" (a TV series in South Korea) and "All My Love For You" (a South Korean sitcom). The group is also known for charted hits like "Action" and "LOL."


This group proves that it's a "Brave New World" out there with songs like "Must Have Love" and "Wonder Woman," but can you name them?

JeA, Miryo, Narsha, and Ga-In make up the Brown Eyed Girls, or B.E.G., group. Some of their other hit songs include "Time of Ice Cream," "One Summer Night," "The Letter" and "A Common Love Story."


Which group is known for "Icy," "Dalla Dalla" and "It'z Summer"?

If you're a fan of ITZY, then maybe you can guess how many awards they've won so far (which is ... four)! Some of these include the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Female Artist and the Golden Disc Award Song Division.


This group has made quite a "BAAM" in the K-Pop world with songs like "I'm So Hot" and "Wonderful Love." Do you know who they are?

This girl group was actually formed from "Finding Momoland," a South Korean-based reality show. They're also known for hit albums like "Fun to the World," "Chiri Chiri" and "Welcome to Momoland."


"Saturday Night," "Dancing Queen" and "Bing Bing" all belong to which of these groups?

Crayon Pop has released several hit albums since 2013, which includes "Revolution," "Crayon Pop" and "The Streets Go Disco." They're also known for songs like "Vroom Vroom" and "Hey Mister."


"Rumor" has it that you know the group behind "Hola Hola" and "Dumb Litty," but is that true?

B.M, Jiwoo, J. Seph and Somin all make up the KARD co-ed K-Pop group. They also specialize in dance hall, K-Pop, tropical house and electronic dance house music, among several other genres.


"Very Very Very," "Dream Girls" and "Whatta Man" are some of _________'s most popular songs.

This girl group once consisted of 11 members, but they split up in early 2017. They've also released several charted singles, music videos and albums, including "Miss Me?" and "Chrysalis."


"If You Heard" of songs like "Cactus" and "Savage," then can you name the group behind them?

Some of A.C.E.'s songs have appeared in several South Korean TV series, including "The Game: Towards Zero" and "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life." They've also collaborated with artists like Hcue and So, Chan.


Which group is known for these three songs: "No Playboy," "News" and "Sleepless Night"?

Star Empire Entertainment created this girl group in 2010, but they disbanded in early 2019. Some of their previous members were Ryu Sera, Sojin and Hyemi. They've also released singles like "Wild" and "Dolls."


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