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A visit to the Kanto region would never be a dull moment. The 151 Pokemon who inhabit the region are known for their many different looks, personalities, and abilities. In some ways like pets, they can make a trainer or any person in the regions life much more enjoyable. With your favorite Pokemon by your side, you might just feel like you can do anything.

Pokemon are useful in many ways, from taking trainers where they need to go and working in Pokemon Centers to assisting in day-to-day life around the region. While these are all important parts of Pokemon, the most important aspect is their companionship with their trainers. It's a bond that is difficult to break. If you saw the Charmander episode in the anime, then you know just how strong a bond can be with a Pokemon. Of course, it's important that it be reciprocated, as well. With so many Pokemon to choose from, it can be difficult to find out which one you have that special bond with. Your personalities have to be quite similar. But if you know them all, it's that much easier.

Think you know all there is to know about the first generation of Pokemon? Prove that you're up there with Professor Oak by acing this quiz!

A mascot of the franchise and especially important in the game "Pokemon Yellow," this Pokemon recently added "Detective" to its long resume. Who is it?

Pikachu is a great Pokemon that has a lot of time to shine in both the games and anime. Ash's Pikachu is a great example of how loyal and important a Pokemon can be in a trainer's life. You never know when your little buddy can help you out in a big way!


Known to be the last Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex, almost never spotted in person and able to embody many aspects of any of the 151 Pokemon. Can you name it?

Mew closely resembles a cat, but it has the ability to fly around. Did you know that Mew was hidden in the game "Pokemon Red and Green" by its creator, Shigeki Morimoto? Somehow, the Pokemon still made it into the final game and has become an important part of it.


This Pokemon is unable to breed and when evolved to this form, it will always be female. It also has retractable horns. Which Pokemon is this?

Nidorina is evolved from the female Nidoran. The females within the Nidoran evolutionary line are all blue while the males are purple instead. This can really help when trying to identify them, if you don't have your Pokedex, of course!


It's a Pokemon that was a human creation, it's a psychic type and it was born Feb. 6. Can you name it?

Mewtwo was the creation of an unfortunate attempt at cloning the legendary Pokemon, Mew. While they don't look identical, they do share some of the same features. This is one example of the dangers of cloning Pokemon.


As a fairy Pokemon, it is often kept as a pet. You're most likely to find them at Mt. Moon. Which Pokemon is it?

Clefairy isn't a legendary Pokemon, but they're still very hard to find. Did you know that lefairy was almost the mascot of Pokemon instead of Pikachu? It's hard to imagine any other Pokemon as the face of the franchise than Pikachu.


Holding two spoons, this Pokemon is all about the supernatural. It can have an incomprehensible IQ like no other. Can you name it?

With a name like Alakazam, it's no wonder that this Pokemon is a psychic type. Any Alakazam that you encounter has been psychic all its life, since it was once an Abra and a Kadabra. You won't find a Pokemon that's any more magical than these three!


If this Pokemon is female, then you'll notice that its whiskers are short. It never stops looking for food, no matter the circumstances, and it is known for always attacking with a bite. Which Pokemon is it?

Just as we have real rats, they exist in the Pokemon world as well. However, they're technically known as Mouse Pokemon within the universe. Rattata was purple and resembled a regular mouse in the Kanto region, but later got a makeover for its appearance in the Alola region as well!


It looks like a snake, it sheds its skin and it resides in the water. Can you name that Pokemon?

Dratini evolves into another snake-like Pokemon, Dragonair and later into Dragonite. Nearing the end of the Pokedex, these three Pokemon sit at the numbers 147, 148, 149. In the original Pokedex, the numbers go up to 151.


This legendary Pokemon can be found flying over Kanto. It is an ice type and it can even create snow. Who is it?

One of the three legendary birds, Articuno is an ice type. Did you know that you can't find Articuno in the original anime? The Pokemon can even be a sign if you're lost in the icy mountains, so you don't want to see one there.


It's a bug-type Pokemon that is known for being very cocoon-like. It was involved in an intense battle with the move Harden in the anime. Who is it?

Metapod is the first evolution of Caterpie, later turning into Butterfree. Fans of the anime will remember the battle between Ash and Samurai where they both sent out their Metapods for the never-ending "Harden" battle.


This Pokemon becomes part fighting type when evolving to its final evolution. It can swim better than a human can and it is known for its spiral belly. Can you name it?

Poliwrath is the evolution of Poliwhirl, which is similar in look. Not only is this Pokemon strong, but it is a strong swimmer as well. A battle underwater with this Pokemon would probably be in favor of whichever side has a Poliwhirl!


Which Pokemon is made out of rocks, looks like a snake and was often found alongside Brock in the anime?

There's no Pokemon like Onix! Just like the gemstone, the rocks that Onix is made of smooth out as it gets older. The Pokemon is also known for its ability to create large tunnels underneath the ground.


This Pokemon is always female, is known for having an egg in its pouch and one that you'll always find working at the Pokemon Center. What Pokemon is it?

Though you can almost always find one in every Pokemon Center, these Pokemon are actually very rare. Don't get Chansey confused with Clefairy, they have similar names and looks, but there are a few distinct differences. Consult your Pokedex if ever in doubt!


Great at tasting anything and everything, which Pokemon also has a great memory and evolves into Lickilicky?

No one has better taste than Lickitung, who has a tongue as good as a dog's nose. In fact, according to the Alola Pokedex, this is not a Pokemon that you want to be licked by, unless you're fine with getting a rash afterward.


Most disregard this Pokemon for its most famous move, "Splash." Though it may not be powerful, it evolves to be quite powerful. Which fish-like Pokemon is it?

What's better than a Magikarp? A shiny Magikarp, of course! You can tell a shiny Magikarp from a regular one by the color. There was even one in the anime in the episode "Battle Aboard the St. Anne!"


Evolving from Ekans, this Pokemon was used by Jessie very often in the anime and has markings on its body used as warnings. What is its name?

Arbok is unique in many different ways. One example is that its markings can be one of six designs. Just as Ekans backwards spells "snake," Arbok backwards spells out "kobra," like the real life animal that it resembles!


It's a police dog, fiercely protective of its own territory, and its colors resemble a tiger. What Pokemon is it?

In the anime, it was very common to see Officer Jenny alongside her loyal Growlithe. Just like our dogs in real life, Growlithe are talented when it comes to sniffing things out and know how to serve and protect.


What Pokemon is an amalgamation of three others, puts on a stylish wig in its Alolan form and is able to create an earthquake?

Dugtrio is a powerful group of triplets that can do some serious damage underground. You'll want to check the Richter magnitude scale when this Pokemon is around because the numbers will be off the charts.


A keeper of a pendulum, this Pokemon is able to easily put anyone into a deep sleep and recognizable by the ring of white fur around its neck. Which Pokemon is it?

Hypno knows a thing or two about doing just that — hypnotizing people! That's why the Pokedex advises that you should never look into the Pokemon's eyes for your own safety. Even a gaze can put you into a trance.


What Pokemon can put you to sleep after only one song, has incredible lung capacity and could be easily confused with Clefairy?

Jigglypuff can float, but it can also flatten itself right out. This might be why it's called the balloon Pokemon! Its soothing voice is so beautiful, that it can put anyone within earshot into a deep sleep. This can be dangerous at times.


This Pokemon is so mysterious that the Pokedex in the anime rarely brings up information about it. It is quite weak when faced with dark type moves and it also has piercing red eyes. Can you name it?

It's hard to miss Gengar's big smile and eyes. It's said that if you pass Gengar in the dark, you'll feel a shiver. Look around if you dare! Maybe you can catch yourself one of these unique and interesting Pokemon.


This Pokemon loves a good fight and it is especially skilled in kicking. You'll never find a female, either. What Pokemon is it?

Hitmonlee packs a powerful kick with its legs that can extend to great lengths. This Pokemon could win against even the most skilled human fighters, but its real test of strength comes in the form of Pokemon battles.


Team Rocket includes this Pokemon. It is mostly nocturnal and in the anime, there is one that can speak. Who is it?

The Meowth that is part of Team Rocket in the anime is very interesting. He has a sad backstory where he was alone and later tried to change for a girl Meowth that he liked. This is why he learned how to walk and talk, unlike the many other Meowth that inhabit the Pokemon world.


Known for always sleeping, there's only one way to wake this Pokemon. You need a Poke flute. It can eat up to 900 pounds. Who is that Pokemon?

If you think you get a good sleep at night, you haven't met Snorlax. In a competition, this Pokemon could give even the deepest sleepers a run for their money. Often, they block roadways while sleeping due to their size and nature.


This Pokemon is made of sludge, a poison type and it can maneuver itself into smaller spaces. What Pokemon is it?

Though it appears to be a pile of sludge, Grimer needs love, too! This Pokemon is able to keep its form, but it can also maneuver its body to fit in other places. You never know when that ability might come handy!


A giant who isn't always so gentle, this Pokemon also thinks very highly of itself. It is quite similar to a bodybuilder. Who is that Pokemon?

Machoke is always up for some bodybuilding. It has very high self-esteem and prides itself in its ability to stay fit. They can be especially helpful when it comes to hard labor involving heavy lifting.


Later evolving into Marowak, this Pokemon wears the skull of a dead parent. It can also do some damage through its skills with bones. Who is it?

This dinosaur-like Pokemon has lived a tragic life with the loss of its mother. This tragedy only makes Cubone stronger, however, as it learns how to defend itself using bones. Cubone is a master with weapons.


Looking just like it sounds and found in cold areas, it's easily recognized by the horn on its head. Who is that Pokemon?

Looking just like a real-life seal, this Pokemon is also known as Seel. If you'd rather catch a glimpse of one rather than catch one, Cerulean Gym has a few different Seels. It even resembles real-life seals for their thick skin in freezing temperatures.


Able to pinch with great strength, this Pokemon has claws that are so heavy that at times it can't lift them. It's also #99 in the Pokedex. Who is it?

Looking just like a crab, Kingler lives by the ocean and soaks up the sun. Communication is key when it comes to Kingler as they talk with their hands — or should we say claws? Be careful when approaching these Pokemon.


Living in the ocean, this Pokemon can be revived without the medicine, if it's thrown back into the water. It can leave you with a nasty poison sting, however. Do you know which Pokemon it is?

Similar to a jellyfish, Tentacool is found within oceans and other water bodies in the Pokemon universe. While as humans our bodies are made of approximately 70% water, Tentacool is almost entirely water at about 99%!


Which Pokemon needs a Fire Stone to evolve, is white when in its Alolan form and born with a single tail?

Vulpix has six tails until it is evolved into Ninetails, when it gets nine tails instead as its name suggests. You can tell how old a Vulpix is by both the number and color of the tails that it has. The more tails it has, the older it is. If the tails are white, it's still quite young.


This Pokemon is a fire starter in more ways than one. Putting out its flame can be quite devastating and it most commonly lives within a pack. What is its name?

Charmander is one of the Pokemon that you can choose to start your journey with in the Kanto region. It's more likely that you'll have a male Charmander, as the females are a little rarer. If you have a Charmander, it's very important to keep an eye on its tail. This is because it can tell you a lot about its health and well-being.


It's the first Pokemon ever created, has a drill on it and it has no trouble living in the hottest of climates. Who is that Pokemon?

Remember the battle between Pikachu and Rhydon? It's one memorable battle from the anime that is noted for Pikachu, an electric type winning against Rhydon, a ground type. Any trainer can recognize how off-balance this battle was!


Basically two Pokemon in one and a lover of peace, it can also devolve. Can you name the Pokemon?

Slowbro is the evolution of Slowpoke, with the addition of a Shellder attached to its tail. If the Pokemon loses the Shellder, then it will also revert back to its status as a Slowpoke. However, you can always just go on a search for another Shellder!


Though it might look like your ordinary Pokeball, this Pokemon is found near your closest power plant. It is also capable of self-destructing. Who is that Pokemon?

Voltorb is just like your average Pokeball, except that it's alive. This Pokemon will make you look twice before picking up a Pokeball, since they are able to self-destruct. Keep a watchful eye out and make sure that you know the differences between them.


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