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The people of the Bible lived in a much different world than our own. There was no modern technology: no cars, computers, machines, et cetera. Knowledge of science was limited. Medicine was primitive. Lepers were turned away by society. People who might have had mental illnesses were thought to be possessed by evil spirits. Many people lived simple lives as farmers or shepherds. 

Given this type of environment, it makes sense that many biblical stories revolve around basic things like clothes, food, animals and natural objects. These are the objects that biblical people would be most familiar with. Often, a simple object comes to represent much more than it appears to be. For instance, the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, often portrayed as an apple, becomes a symbol of illicit pleasure, because it's the one thing that Adam and Eve are told not to eat. But, thanks to human nature, they go ahead and eat it anyway. 

Because of its length and complexity, we'll be impressed if you can name more than 11 of these things from the Bible. To everything there is a season, and now is the season to rock this quiz!

According to Genesis, God creates Eve out of what?

After deciding that Adam should not be alone, God takes one of Adam's ribs and uses it to create Eve. She is to be Adam's helper and companion — and, in a way, his partner in crime!


Which being tricks Eve into eating the forbidden fruit?

The Bible calls the serpent a clever animal, and indeed it manipulates Eve into tasting the fruit from the tree of knowledge. After that, she and Adam can no longer stay in Eden, their paradise.


See the weather forecast? What does God commands Noah to build?

Fed up with humanity's wickedness, God decides to flood the earth, sparing no one except Noah, his family and two of each animal. So he tells Noah to get to work building a giant ark, or ship.


To show his love for his son, Joseph, what does Jacob give him as a gift?

Jacob gives his favorite son, Joseph, an ornate, colorful coat, which makes Joseph's brothers crazy with jealousy! Who knew an amazing technicolor dream coat could cause so much trouble?


Joseph dreams that these things bow down to him. What are they?

Joseph dreams that his brothers' sheaves of grain bow down to his sheaf of grain. When he shares this dream with his brothers, they naturally don't take it well and begin to plot against him.


According to Exodus, the Israelites store the 10 Commandments in what object?

The Book of Exodus describes how God gives Moses specific instructions on how to construct the Ark of the Covenant in which to keep the 10 Commandments. Moses makes it out of shittim wood and covers it in gold.


When God first appears to Moses, what does he instruct him to remove?

Moses is tending his flock when he first encounters God. Before God tells Moses about his mission to free the Israelites, he commands Moses to take off his sandals. He's standing on holy ground, after all!


In what form does God appear to Moses?

Moses notices that while the bush is on fire, the fire is not consuming it. Then the Lord calls to Moses and tells him that he has been chosen to lead God's people out of slavery.


What object does Moses turn into a snake to display the power of God?

God reassures Moses that he will be able to show signs of God's power to the Egyptians, to convince them to free the Israelites. For instance, Moses can throw down his staff, and it will become a snake.


The three wise men bring gold, myrrh and what other gift to baby Jesus?

No, they couldn't bring the baby Jesus a box of diapers, but they brought gifts fit for a king: gold, frankincense and myrrh. The last two are resins taken from a tree and used in perfumes.


What did the tax collector Zacchaeus climb to see Jesus over the crowds?

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus visits Jericho, where Zacchaeus longs to see him. Because he is short, he climbs a sycamore tree to see Jesus. To his and everyone else's surprise, Jesus invites himself to Zacchaeus' house.


Elisha sees Elijah go up to heaven in what object?

God sends a chariot of fire pulled by horses of fire to collect Elijah and bring him to heaven. Elisha witnesses this event and takes Elijah's cloak, thereby gaining Elijah's powers.


"Let him who is without sin cast the first _________." Can you complete this quote from Jesus?

Pharisees bring a woman guilty of adultery before Jesus, asking if they should stone her. Jesus says that the person who is without sin should throw the first stone. Everyone walks away.


When Jesus is born, his mother Mary lays him in what?

Because there's no room in the inn when they arrive in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph stay in a stable, where Mary gives birth. She lays Jesus in a manger, which is a feeding trough for the animals.


When Jonah disobeys God's orders to go to Nineveh, he finds himself in what unusual place?

Rather than preach in Nineveh, Jonah tries to flee on a ship. But God sends a great storm and Jonah ends up in the sea, where he's swallowed by a big fish. Lucky for him, the fish spits him out after three days.


What type of food does God provide for the Israelites in the desert?

If the Israelites are going to wander the desert for 40 years, they'll need some food! The Lord provides something edible in the form of manna, which comes each morning with the dew.


When Lot's wife looks back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, what does she become?

Lot and his family must flee Sodom before God destroys it for its wickedness. Lot's wife disobeys God's warning not to look back, and she's turned into a pillar of salt as a consequence.


David defeats the mighty Goliath armed only with what?

No one thinks the young shepherd boy, David, has a chance against the giant Philistine warrior, Goliath. But with God's help, David strikes Goliath in the temple with a shot from his slingshot and kills the foe.


While Jesus is nailed to the cross, the soldiers cast lots for which of his belongings?

Jesus is led to Golgotha, "the place of the skull," to be executed. After crucifying him, the soldiers gamble for his clothes. They also put a sign on his cross that says "King of the Jews."


While Moses is on Mount Sinai, the Israelites make a gold idol in the form of what?

With Moses up on the mountain for 40 days, the Israelites get anxious and decide to make an idol to worship. So they collect all their jewelry, melt it down and form a golden calf. Moses is not pleased.


The Lord gives Moses the 10 Commandments written on what objects?

God sent Moses down the mountain with the stone tablets, but when Moses saw the Israelites worshiping an idol, he broke the tablets in anger. Hey, there's a commandment against worshiping other gods!


According to Matthew, Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus for what reward?

Judas agrees to turn over Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. After Jesus is arrested, Judas is filled with remorse and tries to return the money. But it's too late; the wheels have been set in motion.


Jesus puts what substance on a blind man's eyes to make him see?

Jesus tells his disciples that the blind man was not born blind through any sin, but so that God can show his powers. He then mixes dirt and saliva to make mud, rubs it on the man's eyes and gives him sight.


What is the second plague that God unleashes upon the Egyptians?

When Pharaoh refuses to let the enslaved Israelites go, God sends a plague of frogs on Egypt. Thousands of frogs come out of the Nile and swarm over the people. Sounds like God has a jump on the Egyptians!


To signal to the Lord to pass over their houses, Moses tells the Israelites to put lamb's blood on their what?

The last of the 10 plagues of Egypt is the death of the firstborns. Moses tells the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb and put the lamb's blood on their doorposts, so the Lord will pass over their homes.


King Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a large idol with feet made of what material?

Nebuchadnezzar dreams of an idol with a gold head, silver arms, brass body, iron legs and clay feet. Daniel interprets the dream to mean that the Babylonian empire will fall due to this weak clay.


Jesus uses a parable to compare the Kingdom of Heaven to what small thing?

Jesus often uses parables to teach lessons. In this case, he describes the Kingdom of Heaven as a mustard seed, which starts out smaller than other seeds but grows into a great tree.


In one of Jesus' parables, he compares a lost sinner to what other lost thing?

In the parable of the lost coin, a woman with 10 coins searches the entire house when she loses one. When she finds it, she rejoices with all her friends. The lost coin represents a sinner who comes back to God.


When Daniel refuses to stop praying to God, into what does King Darius throw him?

Babylonian ruler Darius reluctantly throws Daniel into the lion's den for breaking a law by praying to God. But Daniel's faith in God prompts an angel to seal the lions' mouths shut.


In the first plague of Egypt, God transforms the water of the Nile River into what?

In the first demonstration of his might, God has Aaron hold his staff out over the river and turns all the water into blood. The Egyptians can't drink it, and all the fish die.


What does King Belshazzar see that signals the end of his rule?

The arrogant king has a party with cups from the Lord's temple. He then sees the "writing on the wall." Daniel informs him that the message means he will soon lose his kingdom — and he does.


Jesus points out that no one places this object under a bushel. What is it?

In one of his parables, Jesus explains that no one would place a lamp under a bushel, or bowl. In the same way, people who have the light of Jesus' message should not try to conceal it, but let it shine.


Jesus says that a person who leads a child astray should have what placed around their neck?

A millstone is a heavy rock used to crush grain. If a person has a millstone hung around their neck and goes for a swim, they will drown. Jesus says this is an apt punishment for someone who harms a child.


Ecclesiastes 10:1 warns that this will make an ointment smell bad. What is it?

The well-known expression "fly in the ointment" comes from this Bible verse. Just as a dead fly will stink up an aromatic ointment, so will people's folly overpower their wisdom and honor.


God's first words, according to Genesis 1:3, are "Let there be _______." Can you finish the quote?

Genesis shares the creation story. In the beginning, there is only darkness until God says, "Let there be light." Therefore, he creates light and dark and assigns them to day and night.


Jesus compares false prophets to what in sheep's clothing?

Jesus warns his followers of false prophets, who are like ferocious wolves disguised as harmless lambs. The biblical expression "a wolf in sheep's clothing" is used to describe an enemy in disguise.


Ecclesiastes 1:9 states that there is nothing new under what?

The Book of Ecclesiastes presents the philosophical musings of a king of Jerusalem. In the first chapter, he proclaims that people's actions are meaningless because everyone dies in the end.


What do the wise men follow to find the baby Jesus?

As the Book of Matthew explains, the Magi follow a star to find baby Jesus in Bethlehem. They do not tell King Herod where to find Jesus because God warns them in a dream that Herod means him harm.


After Jesus is baptized, the Spirit of God appears to him in the form of _________.

Jesus asks his cousin John the Baptist to baptize him. John thinks that Jesus should baptize him instead, but Jesus insists. Then the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus in the form of a dove.


To help King Saul relax, David plays what instrument for him?

Saul is plagued by an "evil spirit," so he seeks someone to play the harp for him. David fulfills the job nicely, and his harp playing helps soothe Saul when he's feeling troubled.


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