Can You Name at Least 18/23 Disney Animated Movies That Were Released After 1980?


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With a legacy dating all the way back to the release of "Sleeping Beauty" in 1937, Disney has captivated the world with their animated features. Creating lovable characters and adorable misadventures in animation form has always been Disney's specialty. Some even say that the films released after 1980 were some of the studio's best work. 

Characters like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and Moana have kept Disney's long-running tradition of strong main characters becoming role models for people of all ages. Films like "Lilo & Stitch" have gained cult followings while some say that "Frozen" is Disney's best work in decades. No matter which animated Disney film you happen to love most, we want to put your knowledge of all the great features to the test. 

If you can name at least 18 out of 23 of these films that Disney released after 1980, you should get a special membership to the Mickey Mouse Club. As we go through this quiz, we will show you a picture of some of Disney's best characters, and it will be your job to identify them. Does your knowledge run deep into the lore of Disney? Take a look at the photo and see how you do! 

This Disney movie featured a genie who granted a man three wishes. Can you name it?

Although Aladdin was not what he seemed when Princess Jasmine first met him, his noble nature stole her heart. Released in 1992, "Aladdin" quickly became a favorite for children everywhere.


Which of these Disney movies features a mischievous alien who stole a little girl's heart?

2002's "Lilo & Stitch" was an unexpected hit for Disney. The adorable misadventures of Lilo and her alien sidekick Stitch appeals to both younger and older audiences. It grossed over $231 million at the box office.


What is the name of this crime fighting film?

Released in 2004, "The Incredibles" became an instant hit. Based on a dysfunctional family with superpowers who fights crime, "The Incredibles" has a giggle for every age group.


What's the name of this silly film?

Back in 1995, Disney decided that long-time character Goofy should have his very own film. Now a little older and raising a son, Goofy hasn't changed at all over the years. He is still full of misadventure and goofiness in this film.


What's the name of this royally titled film?

In the 2009 film, "The Princess and The Frog," there's a lot of hopping action going on. When Naveen kisses Tiana, all sorts of amphibious adventures take place on the way to find a Voodoo priestess. Eventually, Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana are returned to their human bodies.


What is the name of this courageous film?

1987's "The Brave Little Toaster" featured the sweet antics of household appliances looking to escape. Characters named Toasty, Blanky, Radio, Kirby and Lampy lead the way through all sorts of hilarious situations.


Which of these movies features a princess with magical long hair?

2010's "Tangled" tells the age-old story of Rapunzel. In order to escape a life of confinement, she must escape the tower she's been held in for years. As luck would have it, a prince comes along and lends his aid.


What is the name of this '90s classic?

When Disney released "The Lion King" in 1994, it took the world by storm. The beautiful story of Mufasa and Simba is played out using cutting-edge animation and songs that children will remember for decades.


What is the name of this fishy film?

"Finding Nemo" hit theaters in 2003 to wide audience approval. Pixar and Disney fans alike loved the adventures of Marlin and Dory, who were on a quest to find Marlin's son, Nemo. At the box office, it grossed over $940 million dollars.


What is the name of this Disney film that features a zoo of talking animals?

Disney's "Zootopia" was released in 2016 with critical acclaim. With a variety of lovable talking animals, fans loved the following the adventures of Judy the Rabbit, and her quest to become a police officer.


What's the name of this icy film?

Grossing 1.2 billion at the box office, Disney's "Frozen" stole the show when it was released in 2013. As Elsa desperately tries to reach her sister, icy and dark magic ensues. From talking snowmen to scary trolls, "Frozen" is an action-packed delight for Disney fans of all ages!


What is the name of this Hawaiian-based Disney movie?

2016's "Moana" tells the tale of Moana's journey towards self-discovery. As Moana retraces an ancient route to save her people, she discovers a lot of scary scenarios along the way. She also figures out exactly who she is with the help of her new friend, Maui.


What is the name of this animated sci-fi film?

Released in 2014, "Big Hero 6" tells the tale of robotics genius Hiro and his friend Baymax. When tragedy strikes, Hiro is forced to turn his friends into a technologically advanced brand of defenders.


What is the name of this popular Disney movie that features a forgetful fish?

With Ellen Degeneres providing the voice for "Finding Dory's" main character, success was all but guaranteed. Grossing over 1 billion in sales, "Finding Dory" rivaled its parent film, "Finding Nemo."


Which of these films features a talking dragon?

When she fears her father will be drafted into the military, Mulan pretends to be a man and takes his place. Released in 1998, "Mulan" was a gamble for Disney because her character was step in a new direction, and fans loved it.


What is the name of this film that predominantly features aircraft?

Released in 2013, "Planes" tells the story of Dusty Crophopper, a crop dusting airplane that aspires to be a racer. The film is a spin-off of Pixar's "Cars" franchise, and stars comedian Dane Cook.


What is the name of this ocean-based film?

"The Little Mermaid" was released in 1989 and instantly became a hit for Disney. The film follows the journey of a mermaid named Ariel, who falls in love with a prince. With catchy songs and an evil Disney villain, it's easy to see why it remains the favorite for children everywhere.


What is the name of this 2010 animated film?

Featuring Amy Poehler, "The Secret World of Arriety" was released in 2012 to critical acclaim. Sharing the world of a friendless girl named Arrietty, the film sees her blossom as she meets and interacts with others.


What is the name of this 1988 fantasy/crime film?

Released in 1998, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" follows the thrilling tale of a private eye detective who is looking to solve a crime. Popular characters includes Jessica Rabbit and Marvin Acme.


What is the name of this arcade action film?

2012's "Wreck-It Ralph" is the story of an arcade character named Ralph. Tired of always being the bad guy, Ralph sets out to change his image when hilarity and adventures ensues.


What is the name of this Disney film that features Greek mythology?

Released in 1997, Disney attempts to dip their toe into Greek Mythology with "Hercules." After being stolen from his family, the story centers around his struggles to prove his worth on Mount Olympus alongside other gods.


What is the name of this comedic Disney film that features a whole lot of driving?

"Cars" is a fun family film that features talking cars and the Piston Cup Championship race. The main character Lightning McQueen befriends other quirky cars in a town called Radiator Springs. The film was also released in 2006 and grossed over $462 million at the box office.


What is the name of this animated movie that features a talking llama?

"The Emperor's New Groove" was released in 2000 with high praise for its animation and writing. Fans also love the music and songs in this film, with "My Funny Friend and Me" as a notable featured song.


What is the name of this animal-adventure film?

Voiced by John Travolta, "Bolt" made $310 million dollars from box office sales. The film showcases the adventurous pup Bolt, who is accidentally mailed to New York City. Once there, he sets out to find Penny, his lovable owner.


What is the name of this 1991 classic?

With a theme song memorably sang by Celine Dion, Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" was an instant classic. The story follows the love between a beast and a beauty named Belle, who has a love for books!


What is the name of this star-studded Disney film?

Disney's "Fantasia 2000" picks up where the original film left off. Filled with colorful animation and heartwarming stories, the film features the musical likes of Bette Midler and Quincy Jones. Other celebrities include James Earl Jones and Penn and Teller.


What is the name of this heartwarming movie that features an unlikely friendship?

"The Fox and The Hound" was released in 1981, and features a strong friendship between a fox and a hound. Unfortunately, their masters disapprove of their friendship, which causes a rift that the pair must overcome.


What is the name of this film that features gargoyles and a gypsy?

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" includes stars like Tom Hulce and Demi Moore, who tells the tale of love and human understanding between two different characters. Released in 1996, the film grossed over $325 million and features two directors.


What is the name of this film that is set in the Australian outback?

"The Rescuers Down Under" features the voices of John Candy and Bob Newhart. Released in 1991, the film tells the tale of The Rescuers, a band of crime-fighter friends who embark on epic adventures.


What is the name of this Disney film, where a young boy is raised by wolves?

Mowgli is raised by a pack of wolves in a jungle, where he eventually comes face to face with a ruthless tiger named Shere. Released in 1967, fans love "The Jungle Book" for its music, adorable talking animals and action-packed adventures.


What is the name of this film directed by Hayao Miyazaki?

"My Neighbor Totoro" was re-released in 2006 by Disney, and features the fantastical story of a wood spirit who is befriended by two sisters. The film also grossed over $6 million at the box office.


What is this film with a mouse named Basil called?

When Professor Ratigan wants to take over the world, Basil springs to action in Disney's 1986 film "The Great Mouse Detective." Basil makes it his mission to save London's master toymaker, but must overcome his adversary first.


What is the name of this Disney film that features a man who is raised by gorillas?

Released in 1999, "Tarzan" follows the story of an orphaned boy, Tarzan, who learns how to fight, survive and swing on trees. He grows up to become a strong man and eventually falls in love with Jane. Their love for each other becomes a problem when a hunter named Clayton threatens to hunt down the gorillas who helped to raise Tarzan.


Can you choose the correct name for this film?

"Oliver & Company" is Disney's 1988 take on the classic "Oliver Twist" story line. Billy Joel and Dom DeLuise were among two of the stars that lent their voices to the movie.


What is the one-word name of this Scottish film?

Featuring Emma Thompson, "Brave" is the story of Princess Merida who is bored with life in her Scottish castle. She is eventually granted a cursed wish by a witch, which allows her to embark on a journey of self-discovery.


What is the name of this grizzly film?

Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the voice of Kenai, Disney's "Brother Bear" showcases the story of a Native American who accidentally becomes a bear. Set out to become human again, Kenai befriends a bear cub named Koda, who helps him find a magical mountain.


What is the name of this adventurous film?

Disney's 1995 release of "Pocahontas" was the studio's 33rd film. Following the love story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, this film captured the hearts of many Disney fans.


Which of these films features a pig herder?

Released in 1985, "The Black Cauldron" was the animated story of Taran the pig farmer. His quest is to find the evil black cauldron before the Horned King unleashes an army of the undead. Although "The Black Cauldron" didn't receive much critical acclaim, Disney enthusiasts still love it.


Can you name this SciFi comedy film?

When Lewis' invention was stolen in Disney's 2007 movie "Meet the Robinsons," he turns to a time traveler named Wilbur to help. Many hidden secrets are uncovered, as Lewis and Wilbur embark on timeless Disney adventures!


What the name of this 2002 film?

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island," "Treasure Planet," is an intergalactic update on the classic. When Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map of the universe, he embarks on a dazzling journey through planets, stars and asteroids.


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