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Welcome to North America, where the wildlife ranges from cute to downright scary! There are animals soaring high above the ground, others that lurk in shadowy forests and the ones that spend their lives at sea. Each one is important to the overall ecosystem and they're all incredible to see in real life. There's nothing like getting to witness the haunting presence of a wolf pack or the calming feeling of watching white-tailed deer. So, you think you know all of the North American wildlife?

If you've ever learned or studied wildlife, then you know the many incredible things that happen in their lives. Some species are born with incredible abilities while others lack in some departments, but find other ways to make up for what they lack. Some animals are cute, while others are better described as cool. From the wooded forests to the plains and deserts, there are a whole lot of species to remember. There are often multiple types within a species of animal as well.

If the animal world doesn't overwhelm you and you think that you know your stuff about North American wildlife, then what are you waiting for? Take the quiz to prove that you know a beaver from an otter!

You might catch one of these animals in your garbage can. Which animal is it?

Very intelligent, raccoons are an animal that many in North America can get a glimpse of now and then, as they love to make their way into our backyards. They come in even though they may not always be welcome!


A symbol of the United States, which animal is pictured here?

The bald eagle is known as a symbol of the United States and is often found on the emblem of the country. They're birds of prey who swoop down and eat small animals like fish off of the ground and water.


Which animal shown here is one that you might mistake for an animal that should be at a barn?

Mustangs are wild horses, but we wouldn't advise trying to ride them! While they live in North America now, they haven't always been there. They arrived on the continent with explorers and have lived here ever since.


One of Canada's national treasures, which animal is pictured here?

If you look above, you might catch a group of these birds flying over your head in a V formation. There are a few reasons that they do this, with one being that they are trying to keep coordinated with the other birds in the group.


If this animal is hiding in the snow, you might not see it. What is it?

The arctic fox is found in the most northern areas of North America and as their name suggests, in the arctic. While we know them best as having white fur, they actually change colors with the seasons.


You'll probably smell one before you see one. What is it?

These black and white animals are often feared, not for being scary, but because they can leave a pretty bad smell on you if you scare them! Fortunately, as long as you keep your distance and don't scare them, you'll be just fine.


Which animal with poor eyesight is shown here?

Moles are very talented at digging, which is why they spend so much time underground! Though many believe that the mole is blind, they actually just cannot see well, and rely on other ways to navigate.


Their eyes can always be on you thanks to their necks! Which animal is it?

A barn owl does many unique things that most animals can't. For example, after eating their food, they regurgitate it. However, they don't regurgitate every part of the animal, but rather just the bones and fur. The result is known as an owl pellet.


Able to roll themselves up, do you know which animal is pictured here?

Though they might seem like a herbivore, they are actually omnivores. The cute little critters have become an official animal of Texas, where they are commonly found. They love to live in areas where there is lots of sand!


Commonly associated with Canada, this large animal is the largest of the deer family. What is it?

Moose are large animals that love to stay in the woods away from people. They're quite solitary, but did you know that there is only one province that you can't find them in? It's on the east cost in Prince Edward Island.


Known for sliding around and enjoying their lives, can you name the animal shown here?

Watching an otter at play can be pretty endearing. One of their most favorite things to do is to slide down a hill of mud and land in the water. Imagine the fun that they would have if they could get into water parks!


This animal that looks very similar to a dog is which of the following?

The red fox is one that you've probably seen before, as it lives in more places than the arctic fox. Although the red fox favors forests, it can be found very far north as well. Both types of foxes live alongside each other in some areas!


A national animal in one North American country, can you name this animal shown here?

If there's any animal that can chop a tree down, it's the beaver! In fact, a beaver never has to worry if they lose a tooth, because they are always growing. Their work on trees and dams keeps the teeth short enough for them to keep working.


The name of this bird of prey is what?

No, these aren't the birds that are associated with Thanksgiving and they don't eat them, either! Despite not being able to kill their own food, they're pretty picky about what they eat. If it's been there for more than 24 hours, a turkey vulture won't touch it.


One of North America's big cats, can you name the one shown here?

Getting a glimpse of these animals is an awesome experience, though it can be difficult, since they would rather live away from people. They spend a lot of their time on the ground, but they are also capable of climbing trees.


Their name explains them perfectly. Which animal is this?

This animal is known for its signature horns that curve over its head. While they aren't found all over the continent, if you want to get a glimpse of them, a good place to visit is the Rocky Mountains.


North America is no stranger to snakes. What kind is this?

The bold colors stand out well on this little snake. Despite its small size, it's not a snake that you want to come face-to-face with. It has one of the strongest venoms in any snake that can be fatal to humans.


You won't find a bigger animal in North America than this one! What is it?

The bison is found grazing in fields or meadows most commonly. Found in both the United States and Canada, they have a strong presence in Yellowstone National Park, which has been their home for thousands of years.


These noisy creatures are known as what?

When you think of a woodpecker, the bird pecking on a tree is likely what comes to your mind. There are many reasons why they spend their day pecking away, some of which include that they're looking for food, or using their noises as communication with other birds.


What animal here is one that you just don't mess with?

The badger is an interesting animal. It prefers to live in solitude, rather than run with a crowd. Did you know that the badger is a carnivore? Smaller animals are food for this very independent creature.


One of the larger of the big dogs on the continent, can you name the animal pictured here?

A beautiful member of the dog family, the gray wolf usually travels and lives within its own pack. In their packs, they have a social hierarchy that all of the wolves are part of. There's an alpha who leads every group!


This animal can be many different colors. Do you know what it is?

Carnivores at heart, a coyote eats a variety of smaller animals. This means that their senses are also impeccable so that they can sniff out and find their food. At the same time, there senses are great in warning them of danger.


It's cute and cuddly and associated with Easter time. Do you know what it is?

The Eastern cottontail only lives a short life of just three years. In their short time, they like to hide and look for food, two things that they spend majority of their life doing. You may find one in your garden, where they'll usually get their food from!


Coming face-to-face with this animal could get you in a pinch. Can you name it?

A snapping turtle can be violent if you bother it, but if you leave it alone, then it will do the same for you. New York considers the snapping turtle to be the official state reptile because it was a favorite at the time of a vote.


What animal pictured here is part of the deer family?

Mule deer look very similar to a white-tailed deer, but there are some key differences. The mule deer is a little darker, while a white-tailed has a little more white to it. Did you know that a mule deer is sometimes called a "muley?"


Living in the coldest conditions in North America, can you name this animal?

While a polar bear is known to have white fur, their skin underneath is actually black. Unfortunately, the population of the polar bears could be much better, as there are only about 20,000 in the world. This puts their status as vulnerable to become endangered.


Deep in the lakes and rivers lives this animal. Can you name it?

Found in many different colors, catfish are a species that many fishermen love to catch. But did you know that some catfish are poisonous? Certain species are able to produce a poison that can even affect humans.


An animal of this species is known for their large horns. What animal is it?

Part of the deer family, you may also think of the caribou as a reindeer. One interesting fact about them is that unlike the other animal in the deer family, both males and female can grow horns!


One North America country has this animal on one of their coins. What is it?

The loon is quite a unique bird. One thing you might have never noticed about them is the fact that their eye color can change. When they're in the colder months, they have a gray colored eye, while hotter months bring a red color.


If you took a trip to the swamp you'd be sure to hear or see a few of these animals. Do you know what they are?

You might not have thought that this was possible, but bullfrogs can eat small birds. In fact, they eat all kinds of small creatures, including others of their own species. But if another animal tries to eat them, they let out a toxin to fend off their predators.


A look from this animal could strike fear in you like no other. What is it?

Alligators are quite similar to crocodiles, but a look at their mouths can tell you which you're looking at. The shape of the alligator's mouth is much softer. While we all know alligators as notorious carnivores, they also love to eat fruit!


Intelligent and cunning, the animal shown here is known as what?

Dolphins are gentle giants of the ocean that are much smarter than most think. While you may not have thought they were found in North America, you can catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific oceans.


Can you name the animal shown here that many fear?

One fun fact about a black bear is that the only place that they are found in the world is in North America. They also have quite a long life span which can be as high as 20 years, or even longer in captivity.


It's hard to miss these animals, but can you name them?

The tusks of a walrus might seem inconvenient to us, but there are many purposes for them. Considering their icy habitat, their tusks can help them out a lot in keeping their grip by digging into the terrain.


You might have never guessed it, but this animal has a very long life span. Do you know what it is?

As their name suggests, they are large and brown. Like the bat species as a whole, the brown bat uses echolocation as a way of navigation in the world. They also boast a long lifespan of 20 years.


Do you know which cute animal this is?

Spotted seals are found in many oceans around the world, including the Arctic Ocean in the north. They're also carnivores and love to have a good snack of fish or other small animals. Their babies are also known as pups!


Somewhat easy to mistake for another North American animal, which animal is pictured here?

Badgers have black and white markings which are somewhat similar to a skunk. But they are also very similar in other ways. One example is that both animals are nocturnal and like to prowl around during the night time.


It might sound like something in the water, but it's not! Which animal is pictured here?

Retreating in the forests, it can be hard to catch a glimpse of a fisher. They like solitude and conduct most of their activity and hunting at night. They're small and they can be easily confused with a marten.


One look at the ears is a dead giveaway on what animal this is. Which animal is it?

Bobcats may look cute and cuddly, but they aren't as friendly as a house cat. You may think that a bobcat and a lynx are the exact same animal, but there are key differences between the two.


It may not seem like it, but these animals are part of the squirrel family. Can you name them?

A woodchuck is an animal you've heard in the famous tongue twister, but did you know that it's just another name for a groundhog? These famous animals have been used for years on Groundhog Day to predict the spring season.


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