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From a boy with a pituitary problem to the captain of a ship, Tom Hanks can take on any role that is thrown at him. The best part? He does it with grace, professionalism and, of course, his unique and iconic Tom Hanks charm. He's an Academy Award-winning actor, producer and director, and the kind of actor fans love to see in every role he plays. Not only do fans love him, but they're also excited when his name pops up in a film's credits. Whether he's playing a historical figure or a guy whose best friend is a volleyball with a bloody handprint on it, Hanks is a treasure on the big screen.

With a career that has reached its 40-year mark, Hanks doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. He is lined up for projects for years to come, many of them documentaries. If your heart melted when you found out he is playing Mr. Rogers in "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," you're going to love this quiz. It's all about the man, the myth and the legend ... well, his movies anyway. We're going to give you 35 one-sentence descriptions of Tom Hanks movies. Do you think you can name them?

A boy who wants to be taller and gets his wish is the plot of which Tom Hanks film?

Although the plot of "Big" might be a little different now, it is a classic "be careful what you wish for" story. A short boy wishes to be big, but he doesn't specify that he simply meant he wanted to be tall. He turns into an adult overnight, and chaos ensues.


Can you name the Tom Hanks movie about a man trying to get off a deserted island?

"Cast Away" is a little more than a man trying to get off a deserted island. It's about a man obsessed with being on time, who is forced to let go of time while he works to save himself from the loneliness and death that will come from being on the island.


Do you know which movie follows toys that come to life?

"Toy Story" was a groundbreaking animated movie that included 100% computer-generated imagery. The film made waves at the box offices, and Tom Hanks played the role of Woody the cowboy for nearly 25 years.


In which Tom Hanks movie does he almost get lost in space?

Any Tom Hanks fan will tell you that he's obsessed with two things: World War II and outer space. It's no surprise that he would jump at the chance of playing an astronaut in one of the most beloved space films ever made.


Tom Hanks won an Academy Award for his role in this movie about a lawyer who contracts the AIDS virus. Can you name the movie?

When a lawyer is diagnosed with AIDS, he does his best to hide it from his firm. However, the partners find out, and he is fired shortly after. What comes next is an emotional roller coaster of a trial during which we watch the main character slowly succumb to the virus.


Do you know which movie follows a group of women playing major league baseball during World War II?

The all-star cast of "A League of Their Own" includes Madonna, Geena Davis and Tom Hanks. In an effort to keep American spirits (and profits) high during the war, candy maker Walter Harvey opens the women's baseball league.


Hanks solves crimes with a dog in which of these movies?

When an uptight detective inherits a dog from his dead friend, he can't be more unhappy. However, when the dog leads him to evidence that his friend's death was not an accident, the two bond and together they solve the crime.


Which movie features two people obsessed with sending emails?

Based on the 1940 film "Shop Around The Corner," "You've Got Mail" gave a modern twist to the old classic ... well, modern in 1998. The story is about two people who own rival companies and meet on the internet, not realizing they are communicating with their competitor. Naturally, they fall in love.


Do you know which movie is about a magical train that picks up children in their pajamas?

"The Polar Express" is based on the famed children's Christmas book by the same name. The story is all it takes to believe and find that the truth is a little bit of faith. Can you hear the bells ringing?


This World War II film about a group of soldiers stars Tom Hanks. Do you know what it's called?

When three out of four brothers are killed in action on the same day, Captain John Miller (played by Tom Hanks) is tasked with rescuing the fourth brother from behind enemy lines. In the intense war film, we watch as all of the men sent to save one man are killed in horrible ways.


In this film, a simple man does extraordinary things, like join the Army and buy a shrimping boat. Which movie is it?

Few people realized just how far the 1994 hit was going to go, but "Forrest Gump" grossed nearly $678 million at the box office worldwide. The film also won Best Picture and Tom Hanks received the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the title character.


Leonardo DiCaprio writes bad checks in which movie?

In yet another movie that is based on a true story, Tom Hanks plays the role of Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent who is tasked with finding Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) and stop him from stealing money across the United States.


Can you name the Tom Hanks film about the rise and fall of a '60s rock band?

Not only did Tom Hanks play a big part in this movie (as record producer, Mr. White), he also wrote and directed the film. Although it only made just over $35 million at the box office, it did give us a hit song that gets stuck in our heads whenever we see the title of the film.


Can you name the film in which a character named Viktor is trapped at JFK airport?

"The Terminal" shows us what happens when a man cannot enter the United States but is not allowed to go back to his home country. Tom Hanks plays tourist Viktor Navorski, a man who is stuck at a terminal at JFK airport in New York after he arrives from Europe.


Do you know which movie is a love story fueled by a little boy's wish to see his father happy?

In the 1990s, there was no better romantic comedy duo than Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. They were both kind-eyed actors who had adorable little quirks. Their on-screen chemistry began with "Joe Versus the Volcano," but "Sleepless in Seattle" was their first Nora Ephron movie together.


Michael Clarke Duncan plays a magical being who is on death row in this Stephen King film. What is it called?

Charged with the brutal murder of two young girls, John Coffey is sentenced to death. Before his execution, he meets Paul Edgecomb, a death row guard with a severe urinary tract infection, and things take a supernatural turn.


A man falls in love with a mermaid who saved his life in which Tom Hanks film?

Twenty years after he almost died by drowning, Allen Bauer (played by Tom Hanks) meets the mermaid who saved him. Before they can spend the rest of their lives together, Allen must save her from the scientists who want to do experiments on her.


When a middle-aged man gets turned down for a promotion, he decides to go back to college. Do you know the name of this movie?

"Larry Crowne" is a movie that is all about making the best of your situation. Julia Roberts plays a disenchanted communications professor, but when she meets Larry Crowne (played by Tom Hanks), things begin to change.


Do you know which film is about the emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549?

Based on a true story, "Sully" is about US Airways Captain Chesley Sullenberger, played by Tom Hanks. When the flight he is piloting hits a flock of birds, he makes an emergency landing on the Hudson River. However, it doesn't stop there. The captain then faces an investigation that can ruin his career.


A journalist writes a profile of Mr. Fred Rogers. Can you name the movie?

Who do you get to play the most wholesome man the world has ever known? The most wholesome actor around, that's who. Tom Hanks encompasses the character of Fred Rogers and reminds us how important it is to love ourselves and our neighbors.


Can you name the movie where a dying man is offered glory by jumping into a volcano?

"Joe Versus the Volcano" is a dark comedy that has a little bit of romance and a little bit of fantasy mixed into it. The film is about one man's journey to figure out the meaning of life after he learns that he's going to die.


In which movie does a young couple have to renovate a house?

When a young couple finds their dream home, they want to put an offer down right away. Never mind the fact that no lights are on and no water is running when they do a walkthrough. Once they move into the home, shenanigans ensue, and life gets a little crazy as they try to fix up the lemon of a home they just purchased.


This 1984 movie is about a man who is about to get married but finds out his future father-in-law is plotting against him. What movie is it?

There is no doubt that Hanks has range as an actor. In his early years, you can find him in a long list of comedies, including this obscure one that few people know about.


In this 2015 film, Hanks plays a lawyer who is recruited by the CIA to broker a deal for the release of a prisoner. Can you name the movie?

Set during the Cold War, "Bridge of Spies" is the story of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a lawyer who gets in a little over his head when he is tasked with going to the Soviet Union to broker a prisoner exchange.


The rag-tag team of a politician, a socialite and a CIA agent work together to stop the Cold War in which movie?

Julie Roberts and Tom Hanks team up again for the dramatic comedy, "Charlie Wilson's War." Set in the 1980s, a group of people get together to ensure the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.


Seeking revenge for his murdered wife, Depression-era mobster Mike Sullivan plots to kill the son of his boss. What movie is this?

This 2002 drama starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Daniel Craig shows a different side of mobsters in America in the 1920s. It examines an odd family dynamic as well as what happens when a son doesn't get enough attention from his father.


Walt Disney attempts to get P.L. Travers' go-ahead on the rights to "Mary Poppins" in which film?

For decades, Walt Disney worked to get the rights to "Mary Poppins" based on a promise he made to his daughters. It proved to be a little more difficult than he bargained for when he finally met the author of the story, P.L. Travers.


Which movie is the story of Katharine Graham, the publisher of an American newspaper who wants to uncover government lies?

The first female publisher of a major newspaper wants to give Americans exactly what they deserve: the truth. However, when she attempts to publish the Pentagon Papers, things get a little shaky for her.


In which movie does a young boy with autism try to solve a mystery about a key he finds among his dead father's possessions?

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" was released 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. Though Hanks isn't in the movie much, it's clear that his essence follows the boy on his journey through New York as he attempts to solve a mystery.


Tom Hanks returns as a cowboy who is about to be sold to a Japanese museum in which film?

"Toy Story 2" gave us all of our favorite characters from the first film, and it introduced us to several more characters that we fell in love with. Woody finds his roots and meets his partner, Jessie the cowgirl.


A new family moves into the neighborhood, and residents go to extreme lengths to figure out what's happening at the house. Do you know which Tom Hanks film this is?

In this odd 1980s comedy, Tom Hanks plays a man who has a little too much time on his hands. He begins to think that his neighbors are a family of murderers, but he might not be crazy after all.


A gentlemen rents a room from an old lady who hears about his plan to rob a casino in which film?

"The Ladykillers" is a Coen brothers film, and like most Coen brothers films, it's a little difficult to figure out the time period during which the story takes place. Additionally, the characters in the film are both interesting and mysterious, including Hanks's character, Professor G.H. Dorr.


Do you know which movie includes a large social media company and the invasion of privacy?

Although "The Circle" was released after everyone decided it was cool to give up their privacy, the movie raises a lot of questions and suspicion about how large tech companies use our information against us.


Can you name the movie in which souls are reborn over and over again and have to meet up with each other again?

"Cloud Atlas" is a movie like no other. Several actors play multiple roles through time to complete a story about how souls are intertwined, no matter how many lifetimes they have to go through.


In this sequel, we find a symbologist trying to figure out clues about the medieval poet, Dante. Do you know the name of the movie?

"Inferno" is the third movie in the "Da Vinci Code" series. Once again, we see Robert Langdon take on some of the most difficult physical feats while he tackles a mystery from long ago.


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