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Robert De Niro may have one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood ... and he definitely has one of the most recognizable voices. His mannerisms, facial expressions and piercing eyes give him away in every role he plays. Yet, despite the fact that you can spot him on the screen the second he comes into view, Bobby D has quite a bit of range. You may know him only from his work as a gangster in some of his bigger hit films, but he's also been in psychological dramas, mysteries and comedies. With 120 actor credits on IMDB, De Niro has touched nearly every genre Hollywood has offered, and the 76-year-old actor still has the juice to make top billing on the movies he plays in.

With a career that has spanned over seven decades, one thing is clear: everyone wants to see him on screen, and his popularity only grows with every performance he plays. 

If you consider yourself a Robert De Niro fan, you probably jumped at the chance to ace this quiz. Do you think you have what it takes to name 40 of his best films (Spoiler alert: Many of them also star Joe Pesci)? Take this quiz to see just how big of a fan you really are. 

De Niro won an Oscar for his role in this film. Can you name it?

The story of a crime family that spans generations continues with "The Godfather Part II," which shows the story of Vito Corleone growing up. It got De Niro an Oscar for his performance and was the first sequel to actually win the Academy Award for best picture.


Jimmy Hoffa's friend is the star of this film. Can you name it?

"The Irishman" is the latest in the long line of De Niro's mob classics. It may also be the first (and only) movie in which Joe Pesci plays a character that is described as the quiet one.


What's the name of this movie in which De Niro plays a retired CIA agent?

"Meet the Parents" was another of De Niro's comedy films. He plays Ben Stiller's worst nightmare: an overprotective father who can tell if you're lying just by looking at you. Luckily, Stiller does his best to impress.


Do you know the name of this film about Henry Hill?

"Goodfellas" is one of the most memorable mob movies out there. It isn't long and drawn out, and it's rather easy to follow (the voice-over helps). It's the story of a man who had the life, and gave it up for the sake of freedom.


The memorable character Travis Bickle is the lead role in which De Niro film?

"Are you talkin' to me?" Alright, we all know you can't see the title of this film without replaying that entire scene in your head. This movie was all about the descent into madness and how the world affects us.


De Niro plays a boxer in which film?

Not every boxer has the confidence he needs to get the girl he wants. In some cases, he just spirals out of control in the ring, the only place he knows. This is what happens to Jake La Motta in "Raging Bull".


In one of De Niro's most famous roles, he plays a man with the nickname Ace. Do you recognize this movie?

"Casino" is less of a movie and more of a commitment. You get to see the rise and fall of a casino owner in Las Vegas. Of course, he has ties to the Mafia and has to appease everyone, but he's in the wild, wild west, and things get a little crazy out there.


Do you recognize this film about a man who's bored by retirement?

When it comes to dramas, De Niro is always a delight to see on the big screen. When his character decides that being retired isn't for him, he gets an internship at a techy place, taking him completely out of his element.


This Scorsese film made Robert De Niro skyrocket to fame. Can you name it?

When a man aspires to be in the mob, he doesn't realize that it takes more than just waving guns around and going to parties. "Mean Streets" is a critically acclaimed film that turned a lot of heads in the '70s.


In which DC film will you see De Niro play a talk show host?

A man who is taunted for most of his life is bound to do something a little out of the ordinary. "Joker" is all about the descent into madness and the people who helped Arthur Fleck get along the way. De Niro plays a talk show host who mocks Fleck and helps trigger his break.


Do you recognize this movie in which De Niro plays a character named Noodles?

While this 1984 film isn't necessarily De Niro's most memorable, it does show us that there is more to mobsters than what we see in the movies. This one is about what happens when someone takes the time to reminisce on his life of crime.


What's the name of this comedy that stars De Niro and Billy Crystal?

Bobby D really showed his range when he broke into the comedy scene. While he had done a lot of dramas in the past, no one thought they'd ever see him as a mobster who just needed someone to talk to.


De Niro plays a man trapped in his own body in which 1990 film?

"Awakenings" starred Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, two actors who brought more drama to the screen than any other could. The movie is about a group of catatonic patients who suffered from encephalitis. They get a miracle drug that brings them back, but only for a time.


Can you name the film about an ex-convict who taunts his lawyer?

The 1991 Scorsese film about a man who taunts his lawyer, making him paranoid, is full of tension and suspense. As the audience watches a man's life go down the drain, they fear for his family. This is De Niro at his craziest.


Do you recognize this movie that has some of the biggest names in Hollywood?

Not only did "Cop Land" have Robert De Niro, it also starred Harvey Keitel and Sylvester Stallone. The film is about a small town in New Jersey where all of the NYC cops live. When the sheriff realizes things are amiss, he does what he can to end corruption.


Can you name this film in which De Niro plays an obsessed baseball fan?

Some people cling to what they love when times get bad. Gil Renard is no different. His love for baseball and one player shows explicitly that he will go to any lengths to ensure the game is as pure as it's meant to be.


In which movie does Robert De Niro play a bus driver?

While we may be used to seeing De Niro in gangster films, we rarely see him in a role in which he is not a gangster. In "A Bronx Tale", De Niro plays the straight-arrow father who doesn't want his son to get involved with nearby mobsters.


Which of these movies put De Niro up against Pacino?

"Heat" is the movie about a group of bank robbers who are getting investigated. The gang is run by De Niro and the investigation is being run by Al Pacino. You couldn't ask for a better cast.


Father Bobby is the name of De Niro's character in this film about boys who go to prison. What is it called?

While "Sleepers" might be a tough movie to watch, especially toward the end, it does have a lot of great and memorable moments. It's about a group of kids growing up in Hell's Kitchen who end up having something terrible happen to them.


Can you name this film about faking a war?

As if the population didn't distrust the media enough, this movie is about a man who knows how to spin everything. He hires a movie producer to fake a war, so the American public will gain more trust in their president.


In which film does De Niro play a firefighter?

There's a dangerous arsonist on the loose, and it has to be someone who knows a lot about the physics of fire. Not only do we learn how fire works, we also get to see the drama between brothers in this film.


De Niro plays the one and only Al Capone in this film. What is the name of the movie?

If you think that Al Capone was scared about a little FBI agent here and there, you'd be wrong. However, he should have been, as they found out that the wasn't paying his taxes, landing him in the worst prison imaginable. The cast of this movie was amazing, including Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in a dream role as an Irish cop.


What's the name of this film about the impact of the Vietnam War?

Returning from war is not simple thing. And the Vietnam War showed us that post-traumatic stress disorder was a real thing, even if people wanted to deny it. "The Deer Hunter" gives us insight into how the war changed an entire town.


Can you name this movie that was directed by Quentin Tarantino?

What happens when you find yourself in one heck of a dilemma? You just have to figure out the best way to get rich without dying, which is what Jackie Brown had to accomplish in this film.


Do you recognize this movie about a suitcase that everyone wants?

He isn't necessarily loyal to anyone, but he does like to be alive. In "Ronin", we see De Niro as a former US intelligence agent who is looking for a package that everyone seems to want.


Do you know which movie had De Niro voicing a character named Don Lino?

If you think that vegetarian sharks are completely unheard of, you probably missed out on this movie. It's about the world of sharks ... as told from their own perspective, of course.


De Niro is talked into one last heist in which movie?

Few actors can go toe-to-toe with Robert De Niro, but some feel that Edward Norton did a pretty good job of it in "The Score". This movie is filled with tense moments and some great actors.


Can you name this movie in which De Niro hires John Cusack for a job?

De Niro always does so well in movies that have a little mystery and a lot of crime. "The Bag Man" is no different in this respect. He hires a man to deliver a bag, and everything just seems to go wrong all at the same time.


What is the name of this film about rogue NYPD officers?

It doesn't take long to learn that your dreams of changing the world as a police officer can be crushed by the reality of the streets. For the young character in "Freelancers", he learns the hard way about his father's life ... and death.


"Raging Bull" meets "Rocky" in which film?

If you've never heard of this movie, you're not alone. However, the 2013 film is all about two rival boxers who come out of retirement just to fight each other ... 30 years after they were in their prime. Yes, it's real.


What is the name of this movie about older gentlemen throwing a bachelor party?

There is no shortage of bachelor party films shot and set in Las Vegas, but this one has a special twist: All of the men involved are a little older than you might expect. Why wouldn't they deserve a trip to Sin City?


Do you recognize this movie about the witness protection program?

It doesn't take long for the Manzoni family to learn that life outside of crime isn't as easy as it looks. As a matter of fact, being in the Witness Protection Program doesn't stop them at all.


What is the name of this comedy sequel that starred De Niro?

"Analyze This" was such a huge hit that it spawned a sequel. Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro return to get a little deeper into the psyche of a mobster who just needs someone to talk to.


Can you name this movie in which De Niro plays a bounty hunter?

De Niro doesn't have to play fair, even if he knows the rules. When he plays a bounty hunter after an accountant, things get a little funny. With everyone after the accountant, this will be no easy job.


De Niro plays a control freak in which movie?

Dwight starts off like any other wholesome nerd. He's the kind of guy any widow would want to marry and any angry teen wouldn't want as a stepfather. When things get a little crazy as Dwight tries to control every situation, it's time for the mother to figure out whether they should stay or go.


This drama takes a horrific twist. Do you know what it's called?

After his wife dies, David Callaway decides to bring his daughter to a rural area. There, she meets a new friend who is not real ... in the sense that you'd think. When people start dying, it is clearly Charlie who is to blame.


This movie is a clash between conservatism and a liberal experience. Can you name it?

A conservative police officer has a stroke. In order to fully recover, he has to get dance lessons from the gay community that lives nearby. When you're put into the middle of a world, you have no choice but to learn about it.


De Niro has a small part in this film about a magic pill. Can you name it?

Imagine being able to access the entirety of your brain, including your memory. In "Limitless", we see a man taking on the world with the help of a pill that changes everything, as long as you know how to use it.


He's in the Navy in which film?

Playing Master Chief Billy Sunday, De Niro has no qualms with fighting against an African American taking on diving school. Of course, he also has no qualms with hurting every recruit he has.


De Niro opens up the doors to Hollywood in which 2008 film?

What happens when you get Bruce Willis for one of the biggest roles of the year? Well, he shows up overweight and with a very terrible beard. De Niro plays Ben, a producer who has to get a lot of aspects of his life together in order to succeed.


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