Can You Name All of These Powerful Female Characters From the “Star Wars” Universe?

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"Star Wars" is certainly known for its iconic music and revolutionary special effects, but the characters drive the franchise as much as any lightsaber duel or spaceship battle. Whether they are Jedi Masters, fighter pilots or Sith Lords, the characters in "Star Wars" have as much depth and complexity as those in any major franchise — movies and beyond. These characters include unlikely heroes, conflicted double agents and villains who think their actions are justified. They combine to make the "Star Wars" universe a captivating and diverse place.

The female characters represent this diversity as much as any males in the franchise. While the original film trilogy did not feature as many powerful female leads as some of the others, they certainly weren't lacking, and these women have only gained a more prominent place in the galaxy as the universe expanded. Like their male counterparts, they play pivotal roles on both sides of the Rebellion. When it comes to the Force, they refuse to let their voices be silenced or their actions ignored.

See if you can stand up against this quiz by identifying the most powerful females in the "Star Wars" universe. When you're ready, get started, because the adventure awaits.

Not even Darth Vader could intimidate this "Star Wars" legend. Who is she?

Fans rarely get to see the full power of Princess Leia's connection to the Force in the films, even though she is the daughter of Darth Vader. However, when the "Star Wars" universe extends into the comics, Leia has immense power that allows her to see into the past.


Do you recognize this character whose time in the deserts of Jakku turned her into a fearless warrior?

Rey was never one to sit around, and she became gifted at many skills by teaching herself. One skill she taught herself was how to fly by building a speeder while living on Jakku. Constructed of salvaged parts, the speeder became her primary method of transportation.


A powerful queen turned senator, what's the name of this female character from the franchise?

As the Queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala was never too proud to do what was right for her people. In the struggle against the Trade Federation, who held a tight grip over her planet, Padme agreed to unite with the Gungans, whom she had previously been in conflict with, to defeat the Federation.


Once forced into a life of crime, this character overcame her past to lead one of the most important missions against the Galactic Empire. Do you know her name?

Though she doesn't seem as imposing as some of the other heroes and heroines in "Star Wars," Jyn Erso isn't one to back down when the moment calls for bravery. That moment arrives in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," as she gives everything, including her life, to bring down the most powerful weapon the galaxy has ever seen.


When push comes to shove, which character depicted in this image will do anything to survive?

Raised in a cave on Parnassos, Phasma developed a toughness at a young age, learning to survive in the harshest conditions. Her childhood led her to become ambitious, and she eventually turned against her own family in her quest for power.


Is this character, recognized as the Pirate Queen of Takodana, familiar to you?

Despite not having any known Jedi abilities, Maz Kanata is very much in touch with the Force: she has plenty of knowledge she's willing to pass on to others. She actually helps Rey accept her own Jedi gifts, showing just how tuned in Maz is to what's going on in the galaxy.


What's the name of this technician who uses her talents for tinkering to serve as an engineer for the Resistance?

Though Rose Tico is modest about her engineering capabilities, the Resistance would not be as formidable without her. As a mechanic, she engineered a system on bombers used by the Resistance to make them harder to locate, giving the Resistance a strategic advantage in their struggle.


Can you identify this Resistance officer who was willing to sacrifice everything for her cause?

Amilyn Holdo often hid her incredible intellect and strategic mind behind a quirky personality that not everyone initially understood. However, when push came to shove, her plans helped shape the Resistance in their struggle against the First Order.


As the Republic fell to the Galactic Empire, which "Star Wars" character shown here continued to oppose Supreme Chancellor Palpatine?

The daughter of a governor from Chandrila and a general in the Galactic Republic, Mon Mathma was destined for greatness. Her connections helped her become a member of the Galactic Senate at a young age, as she went on to become one of the first senators to stand up against Emperor Palpatine.


A gunner who gave her life for the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, which character is this?

Paige Tico's fight against the First Order started on her home planet of Hays Minor, where she tried her best to stop the First Order from mining ores that harmed the planet. She initially failed in this attempt but later proved to be invaluable as a gunner for the Resistance. They eventually brought down the First Order.


Luke Skywalker might not have risen up to defeat Darth Vader if not for the character depicted here, who risked her own life to raise him. Who is she?

Beru Lars always served as a figure of encouragement to those who relied on her. She even pushed her husband to allow Luke Skywalker to leave home and receive an education with the Imperial Academy, though her death would force Luke into a different journey.


Can you identify this character who overcame her time as a slave to help Han Solo in the raid on Kessel?

Qi'ra and Han Solo were childhood friends, but life took them in completely different directions. Han became a smuggler, while Qi'ra became a slave and then a prominent figure in the criminal organization Crimson Dawn. She eventually became the leading public figure in Crimson Dawn, working directly under Maul.


The brave nature of which character shown here was put on display when she was forced to protect her family from members of the Galactic Empire?

Lyra Erso's knowledge of crystals made her a valuable asset to both sides of the Rebellion. However, her knowledge died with her after her husband Galen got caught up in a project, working for the Galactic Empire, and she chose to sacrifice her life for her family.


How well do you know this character who is the mother of Darth Vader?

The institution of slavery was a common obstacle that characters in "Star Wars" had to overcome, and Shmi Skywalker is an example of a woman who survived slavery to start a new life. Her new life took her to Tatooine, where she became a moisture farmer.


Few characters in the entire "Star Wars" universe are as skilled at hand-to-hand combat as which warrior shown here?

After receiving significant military training, Cara Dune took part in the Galactic Civil War on the side of the Rebel Alliance. When peace came to the galaxy, Cara left the military, finding her role in it unappealing, and became a mercenary.


A bounty hunter with a deceptive approach to her craft, who is this?

Zam Wesell was able to deceive many of her adversaries because of her body-altering ability as a changeling. This ability allowed her to take a human form and ambush her targets, who never saw her coming.


Are you familiar with this Jedi warrior who was one of the toughest and most courageous fighters during the Clone Wars?

The headdress Ahsoka Tano wears shows just how powerful she is as a Jedi because it includes the teeth of a deadly animal from her homeworld. According to tradition, only the person who defeats this animal is allowed to wear the headdress.


Can you identify this warrior who uses her elite fighting skills to serve the dark side of the Force?

Asajj Ventress went through quite the journey in her adventures throughout the "Star Wars" universe. Once a slave, she went on to become a Jedi Padawan before turning to the dark side, where she was a deadly Sith assassin.


One of the most gifted pilots in the galaxy, who is this spirited character?

Hera Syndulla's inventive nature helped get her out of some tough predicaments in her adventures across the galaxy. During her relief mission to Ryloth, Hera had to take the lead after Krysiant Rheden, the captain of the mission, was wounded. Hera successfully created a new plan that involved an alternate route.


Can you name this Mandalorian who learns to master the Darksaber, a weapon unique to her people?

Once loyal to the Galactic Empire, Sabine Wren joined the Rebellion once she realized the wicked ways of those she had previously served, which ultimately meant she had to turn against her family as well. However, she never lost touch with her ties and returned to her home on Mandalore to help her people stand up against the Empire.


The Force is strong in this Jedi General. Who is she?

Aayla Secura comes from a group of people known as Twi'leks, who were commonly imprisoned and sold throughout the galaxy as slaves. Aayla didn't let her heritage bring her down, though, as she became a prominent Jedi General during the Clone Wars.


Do you recognize this former Jedi Padawan who proved to be as cunning as she was powerful?

An avid reader, Barriss Offee obtained an understanding of the Jedi Order that few others had. However, her knowledge turned her against fellow Jedi Knights, as she came to believe the Jedi Order had grown corrupt and no longer understood their original role in the galaxy.


Are you familiar with this Jedi Master who was always calm, even in the face of immense danger?

Luminara Unduli spent her life honing her Jedi skills, particularly with a lightsaber. Her skills in battle were so superb that she became a Jedi Guardian, responsible for protecting those who couldn't protect themselves.


This Jedi Master is regarded so highly that she became a general in the Grand Army of the Republic. What's her name?

Known for her wisdom, Shaak Ti was given a place on the Jedi High Council after Jedi Master Yaddle left the role, following the Battle of Naboo. However, her role on the council didn't keep her from battle, as she was instrumental in rescuing captured Jedi during the Battle of Geonosis.


Is this bounty hunter, who used her knowledge and skills to train Boba Fett, familiar to you?

Aurra Sing's ruthless nature made her a lethal bounty hunter who wasn't afraid to kill an opponent at a moment's notice. She did show a more sensitive side around Boba Fett, but even their relationship wasn't enough to eliminate her selfishness, as she was willing to leave him behind when he was captured.


What's the name of this fierce Jedi Master who fought many battles alongside her fellow Jedi Knights?

A key part of becoming a Jedi Knight is building a lightsaber unique to each Jedi. Initially, Adi Gallia chose a green lightsaber, followed later by a red. However, she later changed her lightsaber to blue, when the Sith became prevalent again near the end of the Galactic Republic, thus signaling her loyalty to the Jedi Order.


Even the most dire situations couldn't throw this soldier off her game. Who is she?

Originally a loyal member of the Galactic Empire's military, Iden Versio saw the error of her ways when her actions threatened her homeworld of Vardos during Operation: Cinder. To correct her mistakes, she redeemed herself by helping the New Republic combat this threat.


Do you know this character whose strategic mind made her a valuable asset to the Resistance?

Despite her promotion to lieutenant in the Resistance, Kaydel Connix was conflicted when Captain Poe Dameron launched a mutiny against Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo and ended up siding with the mutineers. When the mutiny was suppressed, she was allowed to keep her position because she had always been a trustworthy member of the Resistance.


Are you familiar with this character who led the Nightsisters on the planet Dathomir?

Mother Talzin was a powerful wielder of the technique known as magick, a power connected to the dark side of the Force. She and the other Nightsisters used this power to rule over Dathomir and even rented out their services as assassins to the highest bidders.


This feminine droid advocated for the rights of her fellow machines. What's her name?

L3-37 is a self-made droid, quite literally. She constructed herself from an assortment of astromech and protocol parts. After her construction, she went on to become one of the best pilot droids in the galaxy, helping Lando Calrissian in his exploits during the time of the Galactic Empire.


Can you identify this character who was a sharpshooter with a blaster rifle?

Val, who received her name from a musical instrument, the valachord, grew up as the daughter of a musician on Solarine. However, she eventually left her home planet to join the outlaw Tobias Beckett. They made a formidable duo who launched some of the greatest heists across the galaxy.


The ruler of Naboo during the Clone Wars, who is this?

Jamillia was elected Queen of Naboo after losing a previous election to Reillata, and she never let the loss affect how she chose to rule her home planet. A staunch defender of democratic principles, Jamillia worked hard for her people, especially as cracks in the Galactic Republic began to show.


If a Jedi needed information during the Clone Wars, they went to which Jedi Master, displayed in this image?

The archives in the Jedi Temple were of extreme importance to the Jedi Order, as they held lore dating back centuries. That's why only someone like Jocasta Nu, who had previously traveled the galaxy in search of important records, could serve as the gatekeeper of the temple's knowledge.


Select the correct name of this character who is a lethal bounty hunter, despite only doing it as a side gig?

Despite carrying out high-level bounties, like assassinating Ziro the Hutt, Sy Snootles' true passion was singing. Living during the time of the Galactic Civil War, she served as the lead vocalist for the Max Rebo Band and even used her career as a singer to carry out bounties.


How well do you know this Jedi Master who showed promise even at a young age?

After training under Jedi Master Mace Windu and becoming a Jedi Master herself, Depa Billaba joined the Jedi High Council and eventually took on a Padawan of her own, Caleb Dume. When Order 66 was initiated by Emperor Palpatine, Depa sacrificed her own life to save her disciple.


Is this character who served as an aide and bodyguard to the Queen of Naboo familiar to you?

Dorme served as a handmaiden to Padme Amidala during her time as Queen of Naboo. As a handmaiden, Dorme was a master of deception, often becoming a decoy when the queen was in danger.


The Queen of Alderaan, one of the first leaders in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, is shown here. What's the name of this powerful female?

Serving as the Queen of Alderaan, Breha Organa was an influential figure not only on her home planet but also throughout the galaxy. That's why she was entrusted to raise Leia, the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, after the latter's death.


Recognized as one of the greatest rebel heroes from the planet Onderon, which character is shown here?

Following the lead of her brother Saw, Steela Gerrera led rebel forces on her home planet of Onderon against the Galactic Empire. She eventually became the leader of the rebel forces herself until she was killed in a battle against a garrison of droids.


Are you familiar with this character who used her political knowledge to position herself high in the Galactic Senate?

After the death of her father, due to clan warfare on the planet Mandalore, Satine Kryze traveled to the planet to unite the clans and bring peace. Though she accomplished her goals, she was often criticized for her pacifist approach to politics, but that's not to diminish her role in saving Mandalore from destroying itself.


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