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When you're a superhero who can defeat an enemy with a single punch, the thrill of life can be a bit, well, boring. That's exactly the setup for "One-Punch Man," which tells the story of a hero with a lethal punch that will take down even the most powerful foes. But no one character makes a show, and "One-Punch Man" certainly has a cast of fun and cool characters for fans of all kinds to enjoy.

Started as a webcomic in 2009, "One-Punch Man" has since launched both a manga and an anime to make the series one of the most popular superhero adventures of the past decade. Much of its popularity can be credited to its willingness to make fun of itself and other anime as it provides a comedic take on the genre in general. Part of its comedy can be found in the characters, who are depicted as traditional anime archetypes like overpowered beings, samurai who take themselves too seriously and heroes with complicated past.

It's time to find out how well you know the characters that make "One-Punch Man" so thrilling, despite their own bore at their job. Do you think you have the mental power to identify them all? Here's your chance to find out.

This is the main character of the series known for his devastating punch. What is his name?

With the ability to crush opponents with a single punch, Saitama has little interest in fighting because it has become a bore to him. He still decides to join the Hero Association, though he puts little effort into it as he's only a B-Class superhero within the organization.


Can you identify this young cyborg with a tragic past that shapes his views on justice and vengeance?

Driven by the desire to get stronger, Genos takes being a superhero very seriously, which is why he has earned an S-Class ranking within the Hero Association. As his abilities develop, he starts to realize that raw power isn't all it's cracked up to be and focuses more on tactics to achieve victories.


Do you recognize this S-Class superhero whose youthful appearances can be deceiving when compared to her strength?

Tornado has telepathic powers that surpass everyone else in the series, as she can easily lift and throw hundreds of boulders at a time. She even uses these powers on her own body to levitate and fly through the air.


Few characters in "One-Punch Man" are as experienced in martial arts as which expert shown here?

A martial arts master, Bang developed his own fighting technique known as Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Modeled after Tai Chi, this technique can be used to counter attacks and redirect them with twice as much power.


This villain wants to wipe out the human race because he sees them as a detriment to the planet. Who is he?

Vaccine Man was created by the waste and pollutants released by human beings through large industries. Believing himself to be the incarnation of the wrath of nature, he sets out to combat these industries by eliminating those who created them.


Are you familiar with this member of the House of Evolution who can drain other beings to become stronger?

In a fierce fight against Genos, Mosquito Girl gains the upper hand by absorbing the blood held by a swarm of mosquitos. Just when she is about to finish Genos off, Saitama shows up and defeats her easily with a swat of his hand.


What's the name of this character who is as deadly as they come when wielding a sword?

As a member of the S-Class of superheroes, Atomic Samurai holds his ranking very seriously, even refusing to shake Saitama's hand because he's a B-Class superhero. His pride gets him into trouble, though, as he often rushes into battle with the belief that brute force will be enough to win.


Don't let the youthfulness of which character depicted here fool you because he's actually a genius who can outsmart his opponents. What's his name?

Child Emperor uses his high intellect to create inventions to use in battle. One of the most common inventions he uses is a backpack that holds four mechanical legs, which sprout out to help him fight multiple enemies at once.


How well do you know this hero who has an entire faction working under her?

A powerful B-Class superhero, Blizzard leads her own group of heroes known as the Blizzard Group. With about 35 members, this faction of heroes relies on their numbers to achieve victories in battle.


A villain seeking to combat the corruptness of society, is this a character you're familiar with?

Lacking the desire to work, Hammerhead started a terrorist group known as the Paradisers in an effort to make work voluntary. However, his lazy attitude does little to gain support for his cause, which is why he uses terrorism to achieve his goals.


Will you be able to identify this S-Class hero who often receives credit for defeating opponents that he didn't actual beat?

Anytime King prepares for battle, he lets off a terrifying sound known as the "King Engine." This sound is so fierce that weaker opponents will immediately surrender rather than face off against King, who's known for his immense power.


The House of Evolution used which hero shown here as a test subject, giving him unique powers?

Because Zombieman has faced death on several occasions, dying and coming back multiple times himself, he has come to believe that life has no meaning. Despite this belief, he still holds an appreciation for other life forms and hates to see someone die.


Select the correct name of this mutant who was one of the creations of Dr. Genus.

Ground Dragon tends to rely on his ability to flee underground rather than to engage in a direct battle against opponents. When he fails on a mission to catch Saitama, Ground Dragon attempts to flee underground but is caught by Saitama and killed.


Can you identify this mysterious warrior whose origins are unknown?

While many S-Class superheroes charge into battle recklessly because of their raw strength, Drive Knight prefers to be tactical when engaging an enemy. Even when fighting enemies weaker than himself, he waits until he has enough information to launch an attack.


A former office worker turned superhero, who is this "One-Punch Man" character?

When Glasses first became a superhero, his confidence was at an all-time low because he realized he wasn't born with natural talent like many others in the Hero Association. However, Saitama helped him overcome his self-deprecation, as he realized that his negative thoughts were holding him back.


Do you recognize this villain who turned on the heroes to hunt them instead?

Once a disciple of Bang, Garou turned on his former master by attacking his fellow students. Much of his hatred towards his classmates was because he wasn't popular as a child, leading to jealousy and rage.


The fat that covers which hero depicted here gives him incredible durability against attacks?

In the manga, Pig God shows off both his strength and his appetite by defeating The Great Food Tub, who has an immense appetite himself. In a battle of hunger, Pig God defeats The Great Food Tub by swallowing him whole.


This character has enough courage to overcome her lack of confidence. Who is she?

Despite her lack of confidence, Swim desires to become a member of the Blizzard Group by reaching the B-Class rank. Blizzard acknowledges that if Swim continues to work hard and rise in rank, she will accept her as a member of the group.


Are you familiar with this character whose loyalty to his commander is unmatched?

Eyelashes is the second-highest ranked B-Class superhero, behind only Blizzard. His power is derived from his weapon of choice, eyelash curlers, which he transforms into claws for up-close fighting.


A skilled combatant with the three-section staff, how well do you know this character?

As another member of the Blizzard Group, Lily wears a black business suit like her fellow subordinates. However, she can be distinguished by the white lily in her hair and the three-section staff that she uses to fight villains.


Bodybuilding has turned this superhero into one of the best warriors in the series. What's his name?

In terms of pure strength, Superalloy Darkshine has been called the strongest of the S-Class superheroes. He has shown the ability to defeat powerful enemies like Carnage Kabuto when his power is at its max.


Is this character, known for his sadistic nature, familiar to you?

A member of the House of Evolution, Beast King is a powerful creature whose strength is amplified when he goes into a rage. His strongest attack is known as the Lion Slash, which can bring down an entire building.


Select the name of this character recognized by the other heroes for his incredible speed.

Arrogant of his own power, Flashy Flash believes that the only way to become truly powerful is to train endlessly. He reveals his attitude about training after defeating Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, who come to recognize his power.


An unstable mutant with a love for fighting, who is this?

Before his death, Carnage Kabuto was recognized as the strongest member of the House of Evolution. When he faces a threat, Carnage Kabuto transformed into his Carnage Mode, increasing his strength significantly, and went on a rampage that lasted a week.


Can you identify this character who's known for his love of sushi?

During the Monster Association Arc, Okamaitachi joins the other disciples of Atomic Samurai, along with their leader, to hunt for the Monster Association's hideout. When they finally find the hideout, Okamaitachi helps his fellow disciples defeat the Demon-level monster Devil Long Hair.


This character uses his immense strength to bring about justice where he sees fit. Who is he?

A powerful S-Class superhero, Tanktop Master leads his own group of heroes known as the Tank Topper Army. All the members of the army wear tank tops, which increases their arrogance because they view these tank tops as a symbol of strength.


Archery is how which superhero shown here chooses to combat the monsters throughout "One-Punch Man"?

Shooter isn't known for his raw strength, which is why he chooses to use a bow and arrows as his weapon of choice. To make his arrows more deadly, he dowses them in a poison that decreases the stamina of his enemies.


Do you recognize this superhero whose reckless nature often gets him into trouble?

Perhaps Metal Bat's greatest attribute is his endurance, which gives him the ability to continue fighting when other heroes would have fallen already. His endurance helped him in his brawl against several Demon-level monsters who drugged him during the fight, as he was able to fend them off in his weary state.


What's the name of this villain whose desire to fight leads him to put the lives of civilians in jeopardy to draw out an opponent?

Sonic is typically calm, but he does get a bit gleeful when fighting against gifted opponents, as a grin comes across his face if he considers an opponent worthy. However, his enthusiasm for competition sometimes leads him into situations that are more difficult than he initially assumed.


You won't find a better master of the Palm Bell Fist than which martial artists depicted in this image?

Lin Lin is one of the participants in the Super Fight Tournament during the Monster Raid Arc. However, she loses in the opening battle against Max when he knocks her out, forcing a stretcher to carry her out of the arena.


How well do you know this strong yet carefree warrior who believes fighting is the key to an easy live?

Known for his fighting technique, the Void Fist, Suiryu is one of the greatest champions of the Super Fight Tournament. Coming into the 22nd Super Fight, Suiryu was already a four-time champion.


An elite member of the Council of Swordmasters, is this a character you recognize for his swordsmanship?

Zanbai is present at the Council of Swordmasters when Atomic Samurai pleads with them to help him find Garou. Zanbai is sympathetic to Atomic Samurai's mission, as he understands the threat Garou poses.


Are you familiar with this character whose love for her brother often puts her in harm's way?

Despite her reckless nature, Zenko has a deep disdain for violence. In fact, she's gone as far as to jump in between her brother, Metal Bat, and the "Hero Hunter" Garou when they're in the middle of an intense battle, forcing them to stop.


A muscular martial artist with the strength to end battles quickly, who is this warrior?

In battle, Bazuzu is known for his incredible striking ability, as he has mastered the Bazuzu Nuclear Explosive Fist. However, he was unable to show off his technique during the 22nd Super Fight because he was eliminated early in the first round.


Name this S-Class superhero who no one wants to battle in close quarters because of his raw strength.

Puri-Puri Prisoner acknowledges that he isn't the strongest of the S-Class superheroes, but that doesn't mean he doesn't possess incredible fighting skills, as he's stilled an S-Class rank. He uses his powers to apprehend criminals who he then adds to his gang at Smelly Lid Prison.


As serious as he is wise, can you identify this disciple of Atomic Samurai?

The first half of Bushdrill's name is derived from the word "bushido," which is the code of honor that samurai had to follow. The second part of his name comes from the word "drill" because he uses his sword like a drill.


Despite his youthful appearance, this character is quite old. Who is he?

Using his otherworldly intellect, Dr. Genus created the House of Evolution, a group of artificial mutants who do his bidding. However, these mutants are defeated by Saitama during the House of Evolution Arc.


Do you know this martial artist who uses devastating combo attacks to battle opponents?

Gatlin shows off his strength in the first round of the 22nd Super Fight by defeating Hamukichi. However, he's severely injured in the fight, which carries over to the next round when he loses in a close match against Volten.


The power of which character shown here became so destructive that he lost his thrill for fighting?

After traveling the universe in search of a worthy opponent, Boros finally came across Saitama during his invasion of A-City. The two had a battle of galactic proportion that gave Boros the thrill he had been seeking his whole life.


What's the name of this character who can crush boulders with his bare hands?

When it comes to combat, Mountain Ape doesn't like to get too fancy, preferring to engage in hand to hand combat with enemies. Whenever he's in a difficult situation, he's able to increase his own physical strength.


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