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If you're a '90s kid, then you were lucky to grow up during the Disney Renaissance, a period of renewed success for the animation company. Disney put out a string of commercially and critically acclaimed films, including "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King" and "Mulan." A factor in the success of these Renaissance films was Disney's return to classic stories and fairy tales. Audiences could once again see their favorite fairy tale princesses (and princes) come to life on the big screen, with catchy music to boot!

The 1990s were also the decade that Pixar came bouncing on the scene. In 1995, it had its first major hit with "Toy Story," which became an instant classic and spawned three sequels over the next 24 years! "Toy Story" wowed audiences not only with its charming story and beloved characters but also with its stunning computer-animated graphics, which were groundbreaking for the time.

Disney didn't limit itself to animated films, though. It also released a number of live-action films, such as "Heavyweights," "Hocus Pocus," "The Mighty Ducks" and "The Parent Trap." Without a doubt, Disney remained the number-one source of successful, family-friendly entertainment throughout the '90s! Now it's time to see how much of the films you remember by naming the characters. Let us take you on a magic carpet ride to relive the best of the '90s!

Glenn Close played what infamous villain in a 1996 live-action remake?

Disney remade "101 Dalmatians" in 1996 with real actors (and dogs), and cast Glenn Close as the nefarious Cruella de Vil. She steals Pongo and Perdita's puppies, intending to make coats out of their fur!


You can always count on this enchanted lady for a friendly ear and a nice cup of tea. Who is she?

In "Beauty and the Beast," Angela Lansbury voices Mrs. Potts, the housekeeper who turns into a teapot when the castle is cursed. Mrs. Potts makes sure Belle settles into the castle in no time! She can always provide a spot of tea to make any situation better!


Don't call this character a spud or he'll put his angry eyes on! Who is he?

Don Rickles made the Mr. Potato Head toy popular again for a new generation of children. The grouchy character always has some wisecrack to add to the situation, but he comes through for his friends.


Do you remember this lady, who swings through the trees with an intriguing new love interest?

Jane Porter may look like a prim and proper English lady, but she's actually an eccentric, open-minded woman who accepts Tarzan and quickly develops feelings for him. Together, they explore the jungle!


When he's not playing evil Dr. Porkchop, he's known by which name?

One of Andy's favorite toys in "Toy Story" is Hamm, a piggy bank who doubles as a criminal mastermind in Andy's imagination! Hamm joins Woody and Buzz on many of their zany adventures.


Hercules and this winged creature are best buds. Can you name him?

Poor Hercules is exiled from Mount Olympus as a tyke when he loses his god status. However, his dad, Zeus, sends Herc his winged horse, Pegasus, to help him on his quest to regain his immortality.


Yes, he's tiny, but Mulan's dragon sidekick can still breathe fire! Who is he?

Eddie Murphy provides the comic relief in "Mulan" as Mushu, a guardian spirit who helps Mulan on her quest. He's not who the ancestors had in mind to protect Mulan, but he fills in the role nicely.


This red-billed hornbill keeps a young king in line. What's his name?

Zazu, voiced by Rowan Atkinson, is King Mufasa's majordomo in "The Lion King." The prim and proper bird frequently loses his patience with the impertinent young Simba and his wild antics.


A lonely hunchback falls for this young woman. Can you name her?

Esmeralda is the young gypsy woman who catches the attention of three men in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame": Quasimodo, Frollo and Captain Phoebus. But what she desires most is peace for her people. She has a very smart goat named Djali.


You can always get the time from this fellow. What's his name?

When the Beast's castle was put under a spell, Cogsworth, the majordomo, was turned into a clock. The fastidious Cogsworth frequently spars with his best friend, the carefree Lumière.


Do you remember this flatulent warthog?

Pumbaa and Timon rescue and raise Simba after the young lion cub runs away from home, convinced he caused his father's death. The carefree duo teach Simba to forget about his past.


He may look frightening, but he's really a gentle dreamer. Can you name this Disney hero?

Quasimodo is the title character of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Disney's 1996 adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel. The young man lives in the church tower and rings the bells while dreaming of love.


Do you remember Belle's eccentric father's name?

All the villagers in "Beauty and the Beast" think of Maurice as a loony old man, but the quirky inventor is actually pretty sharp. He's also utterly devoted to his daughter, Belle, and vice versa.


Jasmine's pet tiger always has her back. What's his name?

Although he has a fearsome physique and threatening growl, Rajah the tiger is just a big kitty cat at heart. He is protective of Jasmine, going so far as to rip one of her suitor's pants!


Belle's faithful horse goes by what name?

In "Beauty and the Beast," Belle has a white Belgian horse named Philippe. He dutifully carries Maurice's cart through the woods, but they get sidetracked by some wolves and end up at Beast's castle.


Will Huck and this character ever stop getting in trouble?

"Tom and Huck" features the adventures of Tom Sawyer (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Huckleberry Finn (Brad Renfro), two famous literary characters. They must clear an innocent man's name!


This grumpy elf helps the new Santa learn the ropes. What's his name?

Bernard the Head Elf (David Krumholtz) is very busy at Christmastime and needs Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) to get on board with his new role as Santa Claus quickly. He also keeps all the other elves on task.


Woody launches a rescue mission to save this toy from a yard sale. Who is he?

In "Toy Story 2," Woody finds an old penguin toy, Wheezy, high up on a dusty shelf. Wheezy's lost his squeaker, and Andy's mom takes him out to the yard sale. However, Woody won't let his friend be sold!


Whatever you do, don't call this bug a lady! Who is this circus ladybug?

In "A Bug's Life," Francis is part of a troupe of circus bugs headed by P.T. Flea. If there's one thing Francis can't stand, it's other insects assuming he's a lady just because he's a ladybug!


Who is this little duck, who first rescues the magic lamp?

In "DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp," Webby Vanderquack asks Scrooge if she can keep a lamp they found on their adventure. He agrees, not knowing the lamp's magic powers.


Max Goof pines for this girl. Do you remember her name?

In "A Goofy Movie," Goofy's teenage son Max has a major crush on Roxanne. His little fib to her ⁠— that he knows the rock star Powerline ⁠— sets off a zany cross-country road trip with his dad.


Will this American bulldog and his companions make it back home?

Voiced by Michael J. Fox, Chance is the mischievous pup from "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey." Along with Shadow and Sassy, he sets off on a perilous journey to find their humans.


Pocahontas' dad wants her to marry this guy. Who is he?

Pocahontas is reluctant to marry Kocoum, the stern warrior of whom her father approves. She is drawn to John Smith, an English settler, leading to a deadly face-off between John and Kocoum.


Every villain needs a wisecracking sidekick! Can you name this one from "Aladdin"?

Iago the parrot, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, helps Jafar carry out his evil plot to take the throne from the Sultan. In particular, Iago helps steal the magic lamp back from Aladdin. He was so popular he made it to the direct-to-video sequels, too.


Make the angels proud and name this pint-sized character from "Angels in the Outfield"!

J.P., played by Milton Davis Jr., is Roger Bomman's foster brother and best friend. The young boy can't see angels like Roger can, but he never doubts that one day, "It could happen."


This hunter can't be trusted! Who is he?

William Clayton leads Archimedes Porter and his daughter Jane on an expedition through the jungle. However, Clayton has ulterior motives: to capture the gorillas! It's up to Tarzan to stop him.


Will Tarzan ever earn this gorilla's respect?

Kerchak is the leader of the gorillas deep in an African rainforest. When his mate, Kala, brings home an orphaned baby boy, Kerchak reluctantly lets her keep him, but he struggles to accept Tarzan as a son.


Quit monkeying around and name this best friend of Tarzan!

Voiced by Rosie O'Donnell with a strong Brooklyn accent, the gorilla Terk is Tarzan's cousin and best friend. When they're young, she alternately protects and teases her hairless playmate.


Can you identify Governor Ratcliffe's dog?

In "Pocahontas," Percy the pug is initially as unpleasant as his owner, Governor Ratcliffe, who seeks to exploit the new world for its riches. But by the film's end, Percy's made some new friends.


She's Mufasa's wife and Simba's mom. What's her name?

Sarabi is the queen of Pride Rock, alongside the mighty Mufasa, the king. She maintains her dignity even when the wicked Scar takes over the throne and forces the lionesses to hunt for his hyenas.


We ain't lion ... this hyena is trouble! What's her name?

Shenzi (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) is one of a trio of hyenas who do Scar's bidding ... most of the time. They neglect to carry out Scar's order to murder Simba, which comes back to bite them later!


Can you name the bumbling goalie of the Mighty Ducks?

Goldberg, played by Shaun Weiss, is the wisecracking goalie of the ragtag Pee-Wee hockey team, the Mighty Ducks. Once Goldberg gets over his fear of flying pucks, he's actually a decent goalie!


Sure, you know Annie and Hallie from "The Parent Trap," but can you name their trusty butler?

In the 1998 remake, Annie's butler drops her off at summer camp with all of the essentials — in his words, "Sunblock, lip balm, insect repellent, stationery, stamps, photographs of your mother, grandfather, and of course, your trusty butler, me."


Want some Flubber? This kooky professor can make you some!

The 1997 comedy "Flubber" was a reimagining of the original film "The Absent-Minded Professor." Robin Williams starred as Professor Philip Brainard, who invents a super-bouncy green goo!


Tim Allen's son grew up in a jungle. Do you remember his name?

In the 1997 comedy "Jungle 2 Jungle," Tim Allen's character discovers he has a 13-year-old son, Mimi-Siku, who comes to New York City to visit him. Too bad he doesn't leave his pet tarantula at home!


Quasimodo has three gargoyle friends. Can you name this one?

The hunchback Quasimodo spends his days in the bell tower of the Notre Dame Cathedral with three gargoyles who come to life in his imagination. Two are named Victor and Hugo, after the author of the book.


Will this inventor dad ever stop shrinking or blowing up his kids?

In "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid," Wayne Szalinski's invention backfires again: This time, it makes his toddler grow to gargantuan heights! Will Wayne be able to shrink Adam before he destroys the city?


It can't be easy having Sid for a brother! Who is this "Toy Story" character?

Hannah Phillips has the misfortune of being Sid's younger sister and victim of his cruel pranks. However, she gets back at him for destroying all her toys when she realizes he's now afraid of them!


Will Miss Bianca fall for this kangaroo mouse? Bernard hopes not!

Bernard and Bianca, members of the Rescue Aid Society, head to Australia to help a kidnapped boy, Cody. Their guide Down Under is a dashing kangaroo mouse, Jake, who is instantly taken with Bianca.


He's the best adoptive father a superhuman hero can have! What's his name?

After baby Hercules loses his immortality, he's adopted by a farmer named Amphitryon and his wife, Alcmene. They raise him as a normal guy, despite his superhuman strength, before telling him the truth.


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