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No matter who you are or what you do, one thing's for certain — you wear shoes. Throughout the ages, people have always needed something to cover their feet. Even Otzi the Iceman, a mummy from the Austrian Alps who lived more than 5,000 years ago, was found wearing leather boots with nifty matching leather laces. In fact, Erik Trinkaus, an anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis, thinks that humans have been wearing shoes for at least 40,000 years. Wow!

What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Do you live in sneakers, or is your shoe rack overflowing with heels, flats and slippers? Either way, today we're going to put your shoe knowledge to the test! In this quiz, you're going to be asked about an array of shoe types, from summer sandals to leather formal wear. You'll need to know all about women's shoes, men's shoes, kids' shoes and even inclement weather footwear. 

If you get even half of these questions right, we'll be incredibly impressed, because this quiz is as tough as an old pair of boots! So, are you ready to show off your style smarts? Then stop dancing around and take this quiz!

These sharp shoes are capable of elevating any outfit. What are they called?

Named after a type of Italian dagger, stilettos are a type of shoe with an extremely thin high heel. Typically at least 3 inches high, stilettos are difficult to walk in but are considered to be very chic.


Audrey Hepburn wore these in "Funny Face," making them wildly popular! Recognize this dainty shoe style?

Inspired by the pointe shoes worn by ballerinas, ballet flats are thin-soled leather flats. While not suitable for dancing, this type of shoe is often worn by women on formal occasions.


Irish in origin, these shoes are a menswear staple. Know their name?

A brogue is a low-heeled shoe, typically made of leather and featuring "broguing," or decorative holes. Originating in Ireland and Scotland, this shoe used to be used for outdoor activities but is now considered appropriate for wearing with businesswear, such as suits.


If you're spending a lazy Sunday lounging around the house, these shoes are king. Know their name?

These casual sandals come from ancient Egypt, but became common in Western culture in the 1960s, when they were known as "shower shoes." Worn today by people all over the world, they're not suitable for athletic activities but are considered comfortable loungewear.


A cute choice for active days, these sporty shoes are called ... ?

Tennis shoes were first invented for playing tennis; hence their name! Today, a "tennis shoe" is a synonym for any sneaker with a rubber sole. This sort of sole has superior gripping power, making it preferred for athletic activities.


Once these shoes started showing up in magazine editorials in 2012, they were the "It Shoe" for at least five years. What are we talking about?

Emerging as a wardrobe staple in the 2010s, booties are simply ankle boots that usually feature a heel. They can be worn with everything from dresses to jeans, making them a versatile footwear choice.


For some reason, these heavy shoes were considered very cool in the '90s. Know what they are?

Clogs are shoes that include a wood component. While they're associated with the Dutch, clogs have emerged in many cultures, from Japan to Sweden. They're traditionally worn while doing agricultural labor or dancing.


Well-suited for rompin' and stompin', these shoes are known as ... ?

Heeled boots originally worn by cowboys, cowboy boots may be made from leather, alligator skin, snakeskin or even lizard skin. Their unique design stems from riding safety needs, as the smooth sole allows feet to easily slide in or out of the stirrups while the tall heel prevents riders from getting caught in the stirrups.


Most '80s kids will recognize these shoes. Do you?

An inexpensive '80s footwear option, jellies are transparent shoes made of PVC plastic. Usually made in a sandal or ballet flat style, jellies often include whimsical design elements, such as embedded glitter.


A classic shoe style for men, these are called ... ?

Typically made from leather, Oxford shoes are a menswear favorite. A formal shoe, the Oxford is differentiated by other brogues due to its closed lacing. Fashion critics consider this shoe to be very elegant.


Once worn only by exotic dancers, these shoes are now mainstream. Know their name?

Most often worn by performers, platform heels are extremely high heels. Their name comes from the fact that they have very high soles, or "platforms," which may raise their wearer's height by as much as 8 inches.


Ideal for warm weather, these shoes are called ... ?

Hailing from Spain and the Occitania region of France, espadrilles are light shoes with fabric tops and esparto rope soles, which may be flat or high-heeled. Created as peasant footwear in the 14th century, the espadrille is now fashionable resort wear.


They used to be worn with zoot suits. What are these modish shoes called?

The favored footwear of both Teddy Boys and '70s punks, creepers first came into style in the 1940s. Designed primarily as men's loungewear, creepers have thick crepe soles that make them unsuitable for work situations but fitting for times when one wants to tread lightly (hence their name.)


This low-top style of sneaker is ultra-practical and comes in a rainbow of colors. What are they called?

Worn by punks and preps alike, canvas shoes have proven to have sartorial range. They're perfect for busy days of running errands. And some people are even wearing them with prom and wedding attire. Two of the most iconic styles of canvas shoes are Converse and Keds.


Designed for having fun outside, these shoes are considered incredibly tacky by some. What are they called?

Intended for use during outdoor activities (especially water sports), sports sandals are generally durable and waterproof. Sometimes decried as unfashionable, sports sandals are nonetheless becoming more popular every year due to their comfort and usefulness.


These shoes give their wearers a soft tread. Know what they are?

Invented by the Powhatans, moccasins are leather slip-on shoes with soft, flexible soles. While these soles make them comfortable for indoor use, moccasins are usually worn out-of-doors. Some pairs feature decorative beading or soft lining.


Perfect for doing work-related tasks, these shoes are called ... ?

Often worn by construction workers, steel-toed boots protect you from broken toes via their steel-reinforced toes. Often mandated in industrial settings, steel-toed boots also insulate feet from electric shocks, nails and other hazards.


Wow, these shoes are so cool! What are they?

Made popular by basketball players, high-top sneakers are athletic shoes that cover the ankle. This design allows for more ankle stability than other sneakers, making them more comfortable for those who want extra ankle support. Iconic high-top sneaker designs include Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and P.F. Flyers.


When it's cold outside, you'll thank your lucky stars for these shoes, which are known as ... ?

When you have to wade through several snowdrifts just to get to your car, you need snow boots! Tall, rubber-soled and waterproof, snow boots are intended to keep your feet dry even in intense winter weather.


Favored by both men and women, what are these shoes called?

As you've probably already guessed, these sturdy, traditionally waterproof sandals were invented for wearing in the water. Their high-coverage design offers more protection to the foot than other types of sandals, while their ventilation holes keep water from collecting inside them.


A flirty kind of footwear worn by most of the female cast on "Mad Men," these shoes are known as ... ?

A kitten heel has nothing to do with cats; it's merely a clever term for a low-heeled shoe! Considered modest and ladylike, kitten heels are easier to walk in than stilettos and make a less intense fashion statement than higher heels.


Associated sometimes with goths and punks, what are these tough shoes called?

Army boots, or combat boots, were created by the U.S. military to facilitate soldier safety. Their high height keeps ankles stable and protects the lower leg in dangerous environments, while their soles provide extra traction. They're usually made of leather but may incorporate special materials that enhance their suitability for extreme weather conditions.


Baby Boomers will recognize these shoes for sure! Do you?

Forever associated with '50s school kids, saddle shoes are low-heeled leather Oxfords which have a dark section in their middle (referred to as the "saddle"). The body of a saddle shoe is usually white, while the saddle is blue or black.


Whoa, these shoes definitely make a statement! Know what they are?

Currently associated with incredibly daring women, over-the-knee boots were actually first worn by men. Favored in the 15th century for activities such as horseback riding, over-the-knee boots give their wearers a dashing silhouette while also protecting the legs.


It takes years to learn how to be comfortable in these shoes. Do you know their name?

For ballet dancers to perform "en pointe," or on the tips of their toes, pointe shoes are needed. These slippers provide extra padding at the toes for dancers' comfort while increasing their stability by lacing up the leg.


Worn by preps in the '80s, this footwear is called ... ?

In essence, loafers are "dressy" slip-on shoes. Usually made from leather, they're most often worn by men, although some fashion designers, such as Kate Spade, have created bespoke loafer designs for women.


One of the few "activity" shoes on this quiz, do you know the name of this footwear?

Because golfers play on the grass, sometimes in wet conditions, they prefer shoes with excellent traction. Golf shoes provide that traction, via the tiny spikes on their soles. Generally, the top of golf shoes resembles a leather brogue, while the bottom is more like a soccer cleat.


When rainy weather hits, people reach for these shoes, which are called ... ?

First worn by Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, Wellington boots were originally made of waterproof leather for upper-class people engaged in outdoor activities. Now made from rubber, Wellington boots are used by all sorts of people whenever they're faced with rainy or muddy conditions.


Millennial men love these shoes! Can you recall their name?

Based off a design spotted at a Cairo bazaar by British Army officer Nathan Clark, desert boots have been worn by the British since the 1940s, when Clark first showcased them at the Chicago Shoe Fair. In the 2010s, the desert boot surged as a popular shoe choice worldwide for millennial men.


Favored by skaters, this type of shoe is called ... ?

Slip-on sneakers offer the functionality of athletic sneakers without the hassle of laces. Slip-on sneaker brands such as Vans first became popular in the 1960s, especially in warm states like California.


'70s babes loved these (so did '80s babes and '90s babes.) Can you remember the name of this shoe?

A high heel that offers more support than stilettos or pumps, wedges have a full but angled sole, usually made of rubber. A '70s staple, wedges have never entirely gone out of fashion, perhaps because they're incredibly comfortable.


Look at these clodhoppers! Do you know their name?

Lined with fleece inside and covered in suede outside, Uggs are a hyper-comfortable type of boot that hails from Australia. First worn by surfers, who needed something warm to thrust their feet into after riding the waves, Uggs are sometimes considered ugly. However, they continue to sell and have even been worn by models like Gigi Hadid.


Gigi Hadid seems to live in these. Do you recall the name of this shoe style?

Backless shoes which may be open- or close-toed, mules were originally worn in the boudoir only, as they are not practical footwear for vigorous activity. Popularized by starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, they're worn by stars like Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner today.


Here's a hard one: what are these shoes known as in the UK?

While some see the term "trainers" as merely being British slang for sneakers, in this case, the word "trainers" has a specific meaning. It refers to athletic sneakers which are worn for strenuous physical activities, such as running or aerobics.


Do you know what these comfy summer shoes are called?

An open-toed mule, slides are so-called because they're very easy to insert the foot in and out of. Usually flat rather than high-heeled slides generally consist of at least one wide strap, which connects to the sole horizontally.


A shoe style from across the pond, these are known as ... ?

An important part of the mod look in the '60s, Chelsea boots are a type of tight, high ankle boot for men. A cloth tab on their back rim allows them to be pulled on or off. This style made a comeback in the 2010s when both men and women began wearing them.


Lindsay Lohan used to wear these. So did Sarah Palin. What are these sultry shoes known as?

Associated with Old Hollywood glamour, peep-toes are pumps that have an open toe box. Popular in the 1940s, they had a moment again in the 2000s, when celebrities like Tina Fey, Sarah Palin and Lindsay Lohan often wore them.


Prim and ladylike (yet just a little bit naughty), these women's shoes are called ... ?

Available in both heeled and flat-soled forms, Mary Janes are (traditionally) black patent leather shoes with a low vamp and a strap across their middle. Invented for children, some shoe designers offer adult versions of Mary Janes that come in an array of colors.


These double-strap slide sandals were popularized in the '60s and '70s by a specific brand. Which one?

Birkenstock sandals became the unofficial shoes of hippies everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s. They've proven to have staying power and are still worn by many. The double-strap slide style is so popular that it's inspired many a knockoff.


Worn by every single '80s leading lady, these shoes are known as ... ?

Leather shoes with a low vamp and a high heel, pumps are a more formal, businesslike choice of a heel than the stiletto or the wedge. Close-toed and lower than platforms, pumps were actually worn by men and women alike in the 17th and 18th centuries.


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