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It's only been a few weeks since Harry and Meghan announced they were taking a step back from their duties with the British royal family to go after their own pursuits and become "financially independent." Since then, the couple has been spotted in Miami and on Canada's Vancouver Island. But, they have long been fond of travel, both separately and together.

Meghan, born and raised in the United States, had quite an extensive assortment of stamps in her passport long before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Those memories, captured on her Instagram, included her favorite shopping spots in Turkey, the best tapas in Spain and snaps from her best friend's bachelorette party in Greece. 

Thanks to his worldly mother, the late Princess Diana, Harry also got an early start exploring the world. His first "official" visit as a royal was to Italy with his parents in 1985. Since then, he has amassed a travel log to make anyone jealous: Belize, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, France, Barbados ... just to name a few.

When the couple married in May 2018, they not only became partners, but co-travelers! Together, they have dated in Botswana, seen the northern lights and traveled to Ireland on official royal business. Add in son Archie, born one year after the couples' nuptials, and their travel party has not slowed ... only gotten larger!

All this travel talk got us wondering: Can you identify all the places these two have been, both separately and together? See if you're a "royal" travel expert in this list of destinations fit for a would-be king and queen!

The newlyweds are splitting their time between this Canadian locale and the United Kingdom. Where are they calling home?

Vancouver Island is located off Canada's Pacific Coast, just north of Seattle in the United States. When the couple announced they were stepping back from their royal duties, they added that they would split their time between North America and the U.K.


Harry participated in an elephant conservation project in this east African locale back in 2017. Where was he?

The former Duke of Sussex embarked on a three-week journey in the eastern African country of Malawi to assist with the movement of an elephant population. The move was part of an attempt to repopulate certain areas after poachers created a shortage.


No bull! Meghan recommended this spot for a quality Turkish bath experience. Which is it?

If you're after a quality Turkish bath, then you need to be in Turkey — duh! Meghan's solo trip to Istanbul included shopping recommendations (Grand Bazaar!) and a new love of Turkish baths, a business that offers bathing and massage packages.


What a date! It's been reported Harry and Meghan enjoyed a trip to this country that's home to the Kalahari Desert on their third date. Which of these is it?

The Kalahari Desert is in Botswana ... and so were Harry and Meghan very early in their relationship. Harry later told the media that the trip to Botswana was one of the first times he and Meghan were alone together.


The couple visited this island nation in 2018 and even wished them well on Waitangi Day, an important holiday there. Do you know what country we're talking about?

In New Zealand, Waitangi Day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the country's founding document. Harry and Meghan visited New Zealand during a tour of Oceania in 2018.


We don't know if he wore wooden shoes, but Harry traveled to this country twice in 2019, including once to mark the start of the 2020 Invictus Games. What country are we talking about?

In The Netherlands, wooden shoes are customarily worn by workers because of the protection they help provide to the feet. No word if Harry wore them on either of his 2019 trips there — in May and again in September.


Markle's great-grandmother was from this tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea. On her visit, she called it a "remarkable place." Which of these is it?

Meghan visited her great-grandmother's home place of Malta in recent years and called the trip "breathtaking." Malta is an island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy.


In his pre-Meghan days, Harry traveled to this location, the largest country in South America. Which of these is it?

Brazil is the largest country in South America by far, covering more than 3.2 million square miles and incorporating more than 200 million residents. Not only is it South America's largest, but it's in the top 10 of all countries for both size and population.


This borough of New York City is famous for a bridge that shares its name and is a favorite of Meghan's. Do you know which it is?

Meghan has been a long-time fan of Brooklyn, despite being raised a California girl. Brooklyn is home to the famous Brooklyn Bridge, a structure that stretches between Manhattan and, well, Brooklyn.


A trip to this country wouldn't be complete for anyone, let alone Harry and Meghan, without a stop at the Sydney Opera House. Where is it?

While in Australia, do as the Australians do? Well, that's not an official saying, but the couple did visit Australia in 2018 as part of a royal tour. The visit happened just after the couple announced Meghan's pregnancy.


The transatlantic couple found themselves in the company of the king of this country, which shares its name with a brand of bottled water. Can you guess?

2018 was a busy year for Harry and Meghan, who made a stop off in Fiji, where they attended a dinner hosted by Fiji's president. Apparently, Markle later tried to do a bit of shopping, but was inundated by crowds at a local market.


Meghan took in the sights, including the Prado Museum, in this capital city of Spain. Which is it?

Meghan toured Spain with friends during a month-long trek across Europe. While there, she took in the Prado Museum, which houses more than 20,000 drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.


This country, situated in the Himalayan Mountains, drew a visit from Harry where he participated in rebuilding a school. Do you know which it is?

Located in south Asia in the midst of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal received a visit from then-Prince Harry who helped reconstruct a school and also visited a hydropower project in the central part of the country.


Meghan called this island nation "pretty" and "really nice" on her IG. Which country, home to Reykjavík, is it?

Iceland, whose capital city is Reykjavík, hosted the duchess-to-be to ring in the New Year in 2016. It's at least one stamp on Meghan's passport that even the well-traveled Harry can't claim!


This country, which is encircled by South Africa, has hosted Harry multiple times, including his most recent trip in 2015. What is it?

Harry has been traveling to Lesotho, known as an enclaved country, one completely surrounded by another, since the early 2000s. During his last trip there, he participated in a charity polo cup event.


An Oceania country, this Polynesian kingdom was part of an October 2018 tour by the couple. What is its name?

Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom made up of nearly 200 separate islands that earned a visit from the couple in October 2018 as they were visiting Australia and New Zealand. Hey, they were already in the neighborhood!


It was supposed to be a joint trip to this locale, home to famed Victoria Falls, but Meghan bailed at the last minute. What country is it?

Zambia, located in Africa, is home to the massive waterfall known as Victoria Falls, which sits on the country's shared border with Zimbabwe. Harry made the trip solo after Meghan opted to stay behind.


Meghan hosted a big, fat ... bachelorette party in this country, home to dishes like baklava, moussaka and tzatziki. Where did it happen?

You better know your Greek cooking! These dishes and more were likely enjoyed by Meghan and company at her best friend's bachelorette party, held in Hydra, Greece. Hydra is an island, part of the Saronic Islands, in the country.


Coliseums, Leaning Towers and Trevi Fountains, oh my! Which country did Meghan visit in 2016?

Meghan was in Italy in 2016; more specifically, she was traveling in the region of the Amalfi Coast. It's a popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful beaches and colorful fishing villages.


Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, sits in this United Arab Emirates city that Harry visited in 2013. What is this city's name?

Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, a massive skyscraper that reaches heights of 2,700 feet, making it the tallest structure in the world. Harry visited Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in 2013 for a charity event.


Are you a fan of waffles? If so, you might be acquainted with this European country Harry visited in 2014. Which is it?

Maurice Vermersch of Brussels, Belgium, gave America its first taste of Belgian waffles all the way back in the early 1960s and for that ... we love him. Belgium is located in western Europe.


We associate this country on the couple's travel list with rainbows, gold coins and leprechauns. Care to wager an o'guess?

With a clue like that, how could you NOT guess Ireland? Harry and Meghan traveled to Ireland in July 2018 shortly after they were married. Among the stops on their itinerary? The Irish Famine Memorial.


This birthplace of reggae music was a destination for the couple in 2017, where they attended a wedding in Montego Bay. Do you know the name of the country?

When Harry's friend got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in March 2017, it seemed a likely trip for Harry and Meghan, who did attend. Jamaica is widely regarded as the birthplace of reggae music, a genre that combines elements of jazz and R&B.


It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Harry visited this two-island Caribbean commonwealth on behalf of the queen in late 2016. Which pair are we talking about?

Harry took off for the islands of Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of his grandmother, the queen, in late 2016. The former British empire has left friendly contacts all over the globe.


It may not be the biggest, but it's definitely the longest country in the world. Which nation in South America did Harry visit?

As part of a joint trip to also visit Brazil, Harry stopped off in Chile in June 2014. The trip, according to Kensington Palace at the time, was strictly to strengthen the relationship enjoyed between the South American country and the United Kingdom.


Did you even visit this city without making a mention of Robin Hood? (We hope not.) Which location did the couple travel to before their wedding?

Nottingham is home to the fabled outlaw known as Robin Hood and is one of the places Harry took his bride-to-be in the run-up to their 2018 wedding. The trip was part of a World AIDS Day awareness tour.


Meghan has been to this Africa nation at least twice to do humanitarian work. Which is it?

Meghan has frequently referred to her volunteer efforts in Rwanda as some of her favorite travel moments. She has been to the African nation at least twice and, if we're guessing, there will be more stops there in the future.


Luanda, this country's capital, is known as the "Paris of Africa," perched on the Atlantic Ocean. Where is it that Harry visited?

Angola sits on the ocean on the west side of the continent of Africa. Harry has visited the country at least twice, with the last stop coming in late 2019 when he walked the same former minefields his mother once walked.


Meghan headed south of the border (the U.S. border, that is) to take in some Mayan culture. Which country was she in?

Meghan has spent time in Mexico, specifically Tulum, enjoying Mayan facial treatments and boning up on her knowledge of historic sites like Chichén Itzá. The trip took place in 2016 and Markle shared photos from the vacay on her Instagram.


You'll find the only jaguar preserve on the planet in this Central America country, where Harry visited as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Which country are we referencing?

We don't know if Harry popped in to see the jaguars at the world's only jaguar preserve in the Central American country of Belize, but we're sure he had a good time. The visit was part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating the 60th anniversary of her ascension.


This country is home to Kabul, its capital, and Kandahar Air Base, which Harry visited in 2014. Do you know which it is?

Harry's trip to Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan included a stop at a Remembrance Sunday Service, a tribute to those who have perished in wars throughout the years. He was there as Queen Elizabeth II's representative.


A hop, skip and a jump from Harry's native U.K., this couples' trip included a stop in Nice and a visit to the Riviera. Where were they?

Harry and Meghan rang in 2018 in France with stops in Nice and along the French Riviera. The trip came roughly a month after the couple announced they would be married, which happened in May of that year.


It sounds hard as a rock, but this country earned a visit from Harry, who made a stop in its capital, Tallinn. Which of these is it?

Hard as a rock ... stone ... Estonia ... get it? Estonia is a small country in northern Europe that sits south of Finland and to the east of the Baltic Sea. Fun fact: The first Christmas tree is believed to have originated in Estonia.


Meghan kept up with her physical fitness on a trip to this city, running alongside the Danube River. Do you know where she was?

The Danube, which runs through 10 countries including Hungary, was a source of inspiration for Meghan during a visit there. In remembering her trip, she described running along the river in the mornings.


Harry visited this Florida town in 2015 with then-first lady Michelle Obama by his side. Where was he?

Harry's visit to the United States in 2015 included a stop in Orlando to help kick off the Invictus Games Orlando. Michelle wasn't the only Obama he met on his trip, though; he visited the president in the oval office during the same trip.


The northern lights were on the agenda when Harry and Meghan made a stop in this country. Do you know which of these it is?

Reports claim that Harry planned the getaway to Norway for Meghan and included the right time and location for the pair to gaze at the northern lights. The northern lights are also sometimes referred to as Aurora Borealis.


We hope Harry said, "Here's looking at you, kid," when he and Meghan were in this country. Which one is home to Casablanca, the city that shares its name with the movie?

Morocco's largest city is Casablanca, the namesake for the 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Morocco was one of the couple's last foreign visits before their son, Archie, was born.


Harry hit the mark on a trip to this country, where LEGOs were invented. Where is it?

Hit the "mark?" We hope you guessed Denmark, the country where LEGOs originated. Harry traveled to Copenhagen in 2017 ... but probably not to play with LEGOs. Copenhagen is Denmark's largest city and also its most populated.


Mount Fuji is this country's highest point, but it was Yokohama that drew Harry in 2019. Which country is it?

Ever the sports fan, Harry visited Japan in 2019 to attend the Rugby World Cup Final. The match pitted England against South Africa at International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan.


It has more bridges than Venice, but it's the capital of The Netherlands. Which of these is it?

Amsterdam has a lot of canals which, of course, requires a lot of bridges ... more than even the watery city of Venice can claim. Harry and Meghan are believed to have traveled together to Amsterdam in September 2018.


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