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By: Heather Cahill

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About This Quiz

What was the last video game that you played? Chances are that no matter which game it was, it left a lasting impact on you. Games have a way of not only letting you relax or enjoy the moment but also of challenging you, and sometimes, even tugging at your heartstrings. Even if you consider yourself to be a casual gamer, there's a game out there for everyone. You just have to try them to find out which one is for you!

With so many games available, there are many different characters to remember also. From evil villains to the heroes that stop them, they're all unique in their own way. Often, they'll even appear in more games than one. One example is the "Super Smash Bros." franchise where many characters from other popular games appear as fighters. Sometimes, their universe will also show up as a stage! 

This quiz calls on the most hardcore gamers to see if they can remember the franchise that these iconic main characters or supporting characters are from. Consider yourself to be the Mordin Solus of the video game world? Then you'll have to prove you know them all by putting your matching skills to the test in this quiz!

Rosalina is almost never without her buddy, Luma. These two are from which of the following?

A keeper of the stars in the most literal sense, Rosalina knows her job and does it well. She's made an appearance in countless Mario games, such as main titles like "Super Mario Galaxy" and as a playable character in other titles like "Mario Kart."


A cowboy who is in both installments of this game, which of the following is John Marston part of?

There's no better cowboy experience than that in "Red Dead Redemption." John Marston is an outlaw that was part of the Van der Linde Gang and rode closely with Arthur Morgan, important in the second installment.


No stranger to a sword, what is the name of the world that Cloud Strife is from?

Almost every gamer has played "Final Fantasy" and encountered Cloud Strife at some point. A master of the Broadsword, the player often is in control of this memorable character. He's so iconic that he's also made appearances in "Super Smash Bros."


If you're looking for entertainment in these games, K.K. Slider is your guy. Can you guess which universe he is in?

The sole musician and entertainer in the "Animal Crossing" universe. Almost never found without his guitar, he has many different songs of all genres, and you can often find him on Saturday night in Club LOL.


Pictured here is Trevor Philips who is known for his many crimes. Can you guess where he is from?

"Grand Theft Auto" is one of those video games that never gets old. Countless installments make for so many characters, and Trevor has really cemented his place within the game. He killed many people who challenged him throughout the games.


Ciri is a princess of Cintra but do you know where you'd find her?

Ciri is an important person to Cintra as the princess. She is skilled in many aspects such as magic, and with a sword, she can definitely hold her own. However, she went through much tragedy with the death of her mother.


Ridley is a dragon-like creature who comes from outer space, but do you know what galactic universe he is from?

The ruthless Ridley is a strong extraterrestrial that can turn himself into many forms. Always up against Samus, he defends his base and does his best to stop her. Samus always gets down to business to get past Ridley and save the day.


One of the most popular girls at school was Rachel Amber who is from what video game world?

Despite never encountering Rachel in person during the game, she is quite important to the overall story. She unfortunately disappeared within the game and was found dead, showing how strange and sad life really can be sometimes.


This is Professor Oak, a knowledgeable member of a certain universe. Do you know where he is from?

Professor Oak is the Pokemon professor of the Kanto region. He's important to the story of "Pokemon Red/Green/Blue" because he provides a starter Pokemon to Red and Blue. There wouldn't be a journey to go on without this important character!


Which game series all about vampires had the character Simon Belmont as part of it?

If you ever have a vampire problem, Simon is the person to call. In the "Castlevania" franchise, there's no better vampire hunter than this character who wields a chain whip. You can even play as Simon in the Nintendo title, "Super Smash Bros."


Cyberdemon is a villain that you definitely don't want to face. Where is it from?

This ruthless villain is a hybrid of a demon and robot and has one main objective: He’s out to get you. The only way to get out alive when this villain is around is to grab a Soul Cube and hope that it works!


The main character of these games is Nathan Drake, who goes to the ends of the Earth to unlock secrets. What series can you find him in?

It's hard to find a more dedicated treasure hunter than Nathan Drake, who has a thirst for knowledge and secrets. In each installment, Nathan's life at home advances and his life overseas only gets more and more exciting.


A host and musician, Marina is found in what universe?

Appearing in "Splatoon 2," Marina and her friend Pearl were the hosts of "Inkopolis News" where they reported the current stages and events taking place. Did you know that Marina is a huge fan of comic books?


Alive at the time of the Renaissance, Ezio Auditore belongs to which of the following?

Ezio lived at the time of the Renaissance, where even Leonardo da Vinci made an appearance alongside him in the "Assassin's Creed" games. Appearing in many games involving Italy at this time, he is an important and main character of many games in the series.


A representative of the series, Marth is a character from which of the following?

This young prince is important to the Fire Emblem franchise as he has a strong will which allows him to successfully command his people. He’s not only a great fighter in his own game but also holds his own in “Super Smash Bros.” titles.


With the powers of the watch, Nate can see a certain someone. Which world is Nate found in?

The character that you play as in the games, Nate is found in almost every single title within the Yo-Kai franchise. Nate is someone who so many characters love being friends with because of his infectious personality. How else would he have become such great friends with the Yo-Kai?!


Garrus Vakarian is a trained military figure from what game world?

Appearing in many of the "Mass Effect" games, Garrus was known for his heavy military background. Did you know that it was thanks to the fans that Garrus became an option for romance within the game?


This marine is known as Jack Ryan, but what universe is he best known to be from?

The Tom Clancy games have brought forth many memorable characters, and Jack Ryan is just one of them. This marine has done more than just serve his country in this way but also worked on behalf of them as the President of the United States!


We're not talking about the song! Taki is a character from which of these options?

Taki is found in almost every single “Soulcalibur” game, making her a main character of the franchise. Did you know that she was the tallest character in the games for a long time? The character that stole her spot was Ivy Valentine!


JB Markowicz might remind you of a certain Disney character. Where is he from?

While JB is his real name, he is more commonly known as Default. Not only is he a talented DJ, but he’s even more talented when it comes to hacking. Loving his anonymity, it's rare to catch him without his signature mask on.


Knuckles is one memorable character who is an echidna. Can you guess which games he's from?

Knuckles has a tough job to do within the Sonic universe, as he is the keeper of the Master Emerald. Despite living on the island with no hope of ever being able to leave, he does leave for short periods of time when he's needed most.


Papyrus is a wacky character that can always make a situation light-hearted. He's part of which universe?

There aren’t many characters as wacky as Papyrus is. The skeleton is the brother of the famous Sans who is one character you don’t want to upset. Remember, in this game every choice is yours and every choice matters!


Another dragon who fell in love with the main character of the series is named Cynder. Where is she from?

Cynder started out her life influenced by evil, but she overcame it by a desire that she had to be good. She's one dragon that you don't want to mess with, as she has some extreme power that can really do some damage.


It's hard to think of this world without Steve coming to mind. Where is he from?

"Minecraft" is one of the most iconic video games ever made with a character that has had an extreme impact on pop culture. Steve is a playable character within the game, but he's not the only one. You could choose Alex also.


Made of swords, Blade Man is considered to be a swordmaster. Can you name the series that you can find him in?

You could say that this character is a professional when it comes to throwing swords. In fact, Blade Man can also talk the talk, knowing all there is to know about weapons. Most often, Blade Man is the enemy of the player.


Raiden made his first appearance in the original game as a fighter. Which of the following is he in?

Though "Mortal Kombat" is known for its combat, the fighters behind it all have stories of their own. A guardian, Raiden got his start in the tournaments through an invitation by Shang Tsung. He is well trained in the style of jiu-jitsu.


This evil villain doesn't really look so evil after all. King Dedede is from which of the following?

Throughout the years, King Dedede has had many different motives throughout the many games that he has appeared in. Almost all of them have ended with a confrontation with Kirby where the two engage in an epic battle.


Rico Rodriguez also known as Scorpio is part of which of the following?

Though he’s nicknamed “Scorpio,” that’s not his star sign as he was actually born in January. It was a long way up to the top for Rico, but his hard work paid off since he is now at the top of his game. You won't find a more skilled agent around.


Handy when it comes to mechanical challenges, Slippy Toad is part of which of the following?

Often on the sidelines but important to the main characters, Slippy is great at building things. With a wrench in his hand, he’s always ready to get down to his repairs or invent something new to help out the team.


Mumbo Jumbo is best friends with the main characters of this series. Which of the following is he from?

Resembling a skeleton, Mumbo Jumbo is not a villain, but a friend to Banjo. Despite being friends, Mumbo is a magician who can transform others, especially Banjo. It never seems to hurt their relationship, however.


Albert is known to be a lawyer, but where is he from?

Set in the future, Albert is one of the few people that the player can choose to play as. While the player can control him, Albert does have some of his own personality traits and thoughts. For example, he's great at persuasion!


Tina Armstrong's name isn't just a fluke because she's a wrestler. What world can you find her in?

Not only was Tina a wrestler herself, but she was also the daughter of one. She also goes by many names, with just one of them being "Superstar of a Thousand Dreams." She always had bigger plans than wrestling, but her father didn't approve.


Captain Price is in charge, but what universe does he appear in?

Captain Price is a character who the player gets a chance to control on two occasions. He is a main character in the "Modern Warfare" games especially. There's no stopping this captain, as he's a force to be reckoned with.


Dante, a character who has a name that appears in many of the titles in this game world, is part of what one?

There are no tears here! Dante is no stranger to demons, after all. In fact, he is part demon because of his father's side of the family. If one Dante wasn't enough, you might be interested to learn that he has a twin, but he's not much like him.


The Boy With the Earring is pretty mysterious, but do you know what you can find him in?

Called the “Boy With the Earring" most times, this character goes by many names depending on the game you are playing. In some games, the character does not even appear but is often mentioned by other characters.


Suffering from a terrible case of memory loss at one point, can you name the games that Kyoko Kirigiri is from?

This detective is also a schoolgirl that changes her look as she grows older, unlike many other video game characters. She's tough as nails, and it takes a lot to phase her, but she has many emotions under her cold facade.


Making an appearance in the second installment of the games, Alyx Vance is part of which of the following?

Important to the main character Gordon in "Half-Life 2, " Alyx plays the role of someone who is always there for him. She was often a savior in many situations where Gordon could have been in big trouble.


A member of the Air Force, Chris Redfield is one person you don't want to go up against. Do you know what series he belongs to?

Starting out as a pilot, Chris has held many different and important positions throughout the years. While doing some investigations, Chris contracted a virus that was going around the town. Thankfully, he was saved and was around for even more.


This cook gets to travel with some of the greatest people around the world. Jonah can be found in which of the following series?

Hailing from New Zealand, Jonah has been around the world more than a few times. Always acting as a loyal friend to Lara, he's proven that he can survive in some of the harshest conditions as well. Remember that plane crash in "Shadow of the Tomb Raider"?


The main character of one of the installments of this series is Randi. Do you know where he is from?

Randi had a big job to do, as he was entrusted to be the keeper of the Mana Sword. It wasn’t something he asked for, but rather something that he fell into when hanging out with a few friends. You can also catch Randi in another franchise, "Final Fantasy"!


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