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Sure, there are a lot of great shows on television, but if we're being honest, nothing has ever made us laugh quite as hard as "Parks and Recreation." Between Ron Swanson eating ALL the breakfast food to Donna and Tom's "treat yo' self," it's as if the show had a direct line to our funny bone. You too? We thought so! To commemorate one of the best shows EVER, we've put together a quiz to test your fan status. Can you match all theses "Parks and Rec" quotes to the character?

Even true fans will find this quiz to be as difficult as telling whether or not April is actually being serious. You may know which character said "Ovaries before brovaries," but who calls wine "crying juice"?  Is it Leslie or Ben who named their calculator "Dr. Buttons"?  We know you're itching to show off your "Parks and Rec" knowledge! 

Whether you've just binged the entire series or have been meaning to rewatch your favorite episodes for a while, take our quiz to see if you can match the "Parks and Rec" quotes to the character. Once you're done, pass it along to all your friends who've never watched Leslie and the gang because they love "The Office" so much. Show them what they're missing!

Which character said this: "Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I, too, will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously, That's impossible"?

Only Andy Dwyer would think there were multiple moons! Did you know "Parks and Rec" was originally supposed to be a spin-off of "The Office"? That idea didn't last long as showrunners cast it aside early on.


Ah, love it! Who said: "How do you make any event classy on a budget? Red carpet"?

In season 4, episode 11, Tom Haverford reveals his entire apartment is red carpet. As if that isn't enough, he has a second red carpet leading into his bedroom. The dude even has red carpet insoles in his shoes so everywhere he goes he's walking on red carpet!


Positively iconic! Which characters are responsible for: "Treat yo' self"?

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford taught us the importance of buying lavish things for ourselves just 'cause. Retta, who plays Donna, is a trained opera singer. Also, her aunt is the president of Liberia!


This one's a little obvious. Who said: "Thank god my grandfather just died, so I am fluh-uh-shed with ca-ah-ash"?

You can spot a Jean-Ralphio quote from a mile away. Ben Schwartz was, at one point, considered to play one of Leslie's love interests on the show. When that didn't work out, the writers promised to find another way to work him in because they loved him so much.


One of our favorites, which character said: "She's the worst person I've ever met. I want to travel the world with her"?

April is talking about Tynnyfer who is a former employee of Eagleton's parks department. When Eagleton merges with Pawnee, April spends a hilarious episode getting to know her Eagletonian counterpart.


It's hard not to love this character. Who said: “I’m putting myself out there, meeting new people, having some casual fun and it is...awkward”?

We'll never forget Ann's casual dating phase. The cowboy? Weird times. Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler could be BFFs in real life because the two share a strange obsession with miniature fake food such as little carved pieces of sushi.


A true fan will know this. Who said: “I’m just gonna stay angry. I find that relaxes me”?

Ron is so zen! Like the real Ron Swanson, Nick Offerman actually owns a woodshop. In fact, several "Parks and Rec" scenes were filmed there! When he was cast in the show, Offerman hired a manager to run it in his absence.


This one's out of left field. Which "Parks and Rec" character said this: "Oh Ann, you beautiful tropical fish"?

That's Leslie Knope talking about her BFF Ann Perkins. Rashida Jones, who played Ann Perkins, and Amy Poehler, who played Leslie Knope, were the first to be cast on "Parks and Rec."


Which "Parks and Rec" character said this: "I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes"?

Obviously, Ron Swanson wasn't one for close friendships! Nick Offerman, on the other hand, cared about his fellow cast members and gifted them all hand-crafted Pawnee baseball bats when the show was wrapping up.


Which character said this: "I really only listen to, like, German Death Reggae and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s. And Bette Midler. Obviously"?

April Ludgate is weird, but that's what makes her so awesome! The role of April was written specifically for Aubrey Plaza. After meeting Aubrey, one of the casting directors called Mike Schur and said, "I just met the weirdest girl I've ever met in my life. You have to meet her and put her on her show."


Which member of the "Parks and Rec" gang said: "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have"?

No, you didn't mishear Ron Swanson. He doesn't want a lot of bacon and eggs; he wants ALL of them. Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson, was originally up for a different role on the show. He was supposed to be one of Ann Perkins' many love interests.


Can you name the character that said this: "There's nothing we can't do if we work hard, never sleep and shirk from all other responsibilities in our lives"?

In the episode "Citizen Knope," Leslie organizes a group of citizens into the Parks Committee of Pawnee (PCP) during her two-week suspension from work. In this quote, she's telling the committee anything is possible...if they devote every waking second to PCP.


Such a goof! Who said: “Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have network connectivity problems”?

This is one of the most widely quoted improvised lines in the entire show. Nice work, Dwyer! The crew often made time for improvised lines and fun runs after the last takes of scenes.


Such a mood! Who said: "If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair"?

Chris Traeger just could not deal with the fact of his own mortality! No wonder he scheduled so many sessions with Dr. Richard Nygard. Due to the documentary-style filming setup, most "Parks and Rec" scenes were shot 15 to 20 times.


Who said this: "No, that's Buckingham Palace. Hogwarts is fictional. You do know that, don't you? It's important to me that you know that"?

In the season 6 premiere, it's really important to Ben that Andy knows Hogwarts isn't a really place. In the episode, Ben and Andy convince a British charity to fund their idea for an after-school music program.


You said it, girl! Which character said: “Ovaries before brovaries”?

That's Leslie Knope! Leslie treasured her female friendships, and even held an annual Galentine's Day party every February to celebrate them. Her BFF was Ann, but she also had close relationships with April and Donna.


Which character said: "We need to remember what's important in life. Friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. It doesn't matter. But, work is third"?

By saying "work is third," Leslie showed real signs of personal growth! This quote is from "The Fight" during which, you guessed it, Leslie and Ann get into the first fight of their friendship. Snake Juice is partly to blame.


Whose quote is this: "I totally hear you, but, erm, I also don't like what you're saying. So if you say no, I will start a fire in the bathroom"?

We think it's pretty safe to say Mona-Lisa isn't going to win any employee of the month awards. During the making of "Parks and Rec," makeup artists and hair stylists were instructed to let minor problems go in order to achieve a more authentic look.


Can you name the character that said this: “I have never taken the high road. But, I tell other people to ‘cause then there’s more room for me on the low road”?

Tommy Haverford gets credit for that quote. Aziz Ansari, who played Tom on the show, actually went to business school. No wonder he's able to portray Tom's entrepreneurial spirit so well!


Can you name the character this quote belongs to: "I wasn't listening, but I strongly disagree with Ann"?

Sweet, little April Ludgate! 😂 April and Andy's relationship wasn't initially planned, but their chemistry became obvious as the show progressed. Aubrey Plaza, who played April, said she saw their romance in a "fiery nightmare."


Can you name the character that said this: "Boss man, I wanna go home early. Ooh, hold on actually, hang on. Yeah, no, I wanna quit and never come here again"?

Everyone predicted it would be a disaster when Tom hired Jean-Ralphio's sister, Mona-Lisa, to work at Rent-a-Swag. Jenny Slate played Mona-Lisa, who was actually Jean-Ralphio's twin.


Can you match the "Parks and Rec" character to this quote: "Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot"?

There was definitely a point when we doubted any of Tom's business ventures would ever succeed. Amy Poehler's kids loved Aziz Ansari and nicknamed him "Turkey Sandwich" after they witnessed him eating one.


Who said this: "Oh my god! [catches calculator] Hey, Dr. Buttons! … I mean, my old calculator. It doesn't have a name"?

Ben is such a nerd! Adam Scott, who played Ben Wyatt, originally auditioned to play Ann Perkins' love interest prior to season 1. We're glad that didn't work out because he and Leslie were perfect for each other.


Can you name the character that said this: "If I had to have anybody tell me that I have cancer, I would want it to be me"?

We highly doubt anyone would ever tell Chris Traeger he had cancer! Rob Lowe played the super-fit city manager, who ultimately ended up falling in love and starting a family with Ann Perkins.


This one is tough! Which character said: "Jogging is the worst. I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?"

Ann Perkins had the habit of adopting the hobbies, attitudes and, even, style of dress of whoever she was dating. When she first started dating Chris, she committed to being super healthy.


Can you name which character said this: "I'm fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired"?

Woah, Andy, that's a little dark! Amy Poehler said Chris Pratt's audition to play Andy Dwyer was the absolute best she'd ever seen. Pratt was the very first actor considered for the role!


Who can we thank for this gem: "It's like I always say. When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelry and go clubbing"?

Jean-Ralphio uttered these iconic words in the first episode of season 6. Actor Ben Schwartz played Tom Haverford's ridiculous BFF. If only selling his grandma's jewelry to go clubbing was the craziest thing Jean-Ralphio did on "Parks and Rec"!


Who said this: “My Brita filter is older than their relationship”?

That's Ben Wyatt talking about April and Andy's decision to get married. NBC accidentally spoiled what was supposed to be a surprise wedding by running an ad telling viewers to check out April and Andy's wedding registry online.


Classic! Who said this: "Do I look like I drink water?"

The glamorous Donna Meagle! Donna and the rest of the "Parks and Rec" gang are right at home in Pawnee, Indiana, which has a map that is a flipped version of a map of Muncie, Indiana. The latter is a real city!


We can't even. Which "Parks and Rec" character said this: “Comic sans always screams fun”?

Oh, Jerry! The cast love Jim O'Heir, who played Jerry Gergich, so much that the only way they could deal with being so mean to him on the show was to give him a perfect family and home life.


Can you match the "Parks and Rec" character to this quote: "These dogs are so cute I want to throw up and kill myself"?

You're not dramatic at all, are you, Craig? Craig Middlebrooks, played by Billy Eichner, was one of the former Eagleton Parks employees. After the town merger, he joined the Pawnee Parks and Rec staff.


Truer words have never been spoken. Whose quote is this: “Stay away from wine. Wine is crying juice”?

Donna is so very wise! Before Retta was cast for the part, Octavia Spencer auditioned for the role. While we love Octavia, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Retta as Donna Meagle.


Can you name the "Parks and Rec" character responsible for this quote: "Everything hurts and I'm dying"?

Yep, that quote belongs to none other than Leslie Knope! But did you know that Amy Poehler, who played Leslie, and Nick Offerman , who played Ron Swanson, shot a makeout scene for the gag real of every season of "Parks and Rec." However, none of the scenes ever made the final cut because they were deemed "super disgusting to watch."


Too funny! Whose quote is this: "Put some alcohol in your mouth to block the words from coming out"?

Just another dose of Ron Swanson wisdom for you! At the end of the series, Nick Offerman kept the poster of the brunette woman holding breakfast food that hung on the wall in Ron's office.


You've got this! Which character said: "No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me. I'm like a white, male U.S. senator"?

Leslie's crush on Joe Biden is legendary and referenced throughout the show. In the episode she finally meets the former U.S. senator, the cast and crew shot multiple versions of the scene in case Obama and Biden lost their reelection bid in 2012. Spoiler alert: they won.


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