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Lana Del Rey's music speaks for her and allows her to tell stories in her own way. She's released six albums, filled with hits that have touched people all around the world. When it comes to her delivery and writing, you'll always know Lana when you hear her soft voice. If you're a fan of her music, then you're sure to be able to sing a few of her lyrics!

Lana may have sung, "I feel free when I see no one and nobody knows my name," but now she is a household name. Bringing her talent around the world on her tours, it's clear that Lana doesn't just stick to the "West Coast." Often singing about relationships and how deep her love for her partners is, it's hard not to feel the deep emotion she conveys. One example of this is in her song "Video Games" — she describes a relationship where her partner quite literally played video games a lot of the time. Despite this, it was a time that she truly valued.

Do you think you're a "Ride or Die" for Lana and her unforgettable songs? If you consider yourself to be her biggest fan, show how much you "Love" her and her music by acing this quiz!

"I got my red dress on tonight/ Dancin' in the dark in the pale moonlight" are lyrics from a hit that took over the radio when it was released. What is the name of this song?

Most people think of summer as a time for fun, celebration and happiness, but for Lana in this song, it's a time of sadness. With her lover no longer by her side, she finds feelings of sadness are taking over.


Fun and bittersweet, can you name the song that the lyrics "Singing in the old bars/ Swinging with the old stars/ Living for the fame" appear in?

Being one of the first songs to really put Lana on people's radar, "Video Games" was released as a single from her album "Born to Die." The song is all about a love that Lana had with someone, but he had other interests.


"I will love you 'til the end of time/ I would wait a million years" These are lyrics with a lot of meaning behind them, but which equally meaningful song are they from?

All about a bad-boy boyfriend that Lana had, "Blue Jeans" details what their relationship was really like and how much she loved him. He eventually got into things that became more important to him than Lana, and the two drifted apart.


Lana sings, "You get ready, you get all dressed up to go nowhere in particular," in which song?

On this beautiful track, Lana sings about the youth of the world and the things that they, as well as she, deal with on a day to day basis. Her lyrics touch on how times have changed and, most of all, how we all need love.


In which song do you hear these lyrics? "Money is the reason we exist/ Everybody knows it, it's a fact/ Kiss kiss."

The music video for "National Anthem" was highly inspired by Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. The video itself was a story of the three, highlighting the Kennedys' relationship.


"Cause we're the masters of our own fate/ We're the captains of our own souls" are lyrics to which song?

There's nothing better than having a "Lust for Life," which Lana communicated through this song and her album of the same name. She and The Weeknd belted out a magical chorus that is hard to get out of your head.


Lana sang these lyrics, "Tried to take what I could get/ Scared that I couldn't find/ All the answers, honey," in what song?

Falling in love with the wrong person is something that many experience, but Lana put all of those emotions into this song. She deals with the pain of pretending that she is happy, but deep down she knows that her partner is wrong for her.


"Summertime, and the livin's easy/ Bradley's on the microphone with Ras MG" are lyrics from a song that Lana covered. Can you guess its name?

This 2019 Lana song is a cover of a 1997 Sublime song. That Sublime song is a loose cover of a song called "Summertime," from an opera called "Porgy and Bess." Lana had a captivating music video for the cover, in which she towers over the city.


"I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast/ I am alone at midnight" are lyrics in which song?

Everyone is in search of happiness, and in this song, Lana is too. If she can ride away, then she might escape everything that is holding her back. This song was released on her EP, titled "Paradise," and later re-released on "Born to Die: The Paradise Edition."


Lana sings the lyrics, "Think about it, the darkness, the deepness/ All the things that make me who I am" in which of the following?

Inspired by a conversation with her partner, Lana wrote this song that mentions the apartment complex that they were standing near as they talked. She and her sister Chuck, a mixed media artist, brought the dreamy song to life in a music video.


"Packing all my things for the summer, lying on my bed it's a bummer" are in which Lana song?

A white Mustang might make you interested in someone, but as Lana finds out in this song, the person driving that car might not be right for you. She expresses the struggle of hoping that the driver would change for her, but he had other plans.


"I'm your little scarlet starlet/ Singing in the garden" are lyrics about love that appear in which classic?

There's no secret that Lana takes inspiration from many places when writing songs or crafting music videos, and this song is no exception. It was inspired by the book "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov — she even borrowed a few lines to add to the story.


Referencing bright lights are the lyrics "All the lights in Miami begin to gleam/ Ruby, blue and green, neon too." Do you know what song they're from?

"Salvatore" is a song that appeared on Lana's album, titled "Honeymoon," and it gained her lots of praise. One person who praised it was fellow recording artist Adele, who told Vogue that she adores the song and its ability to take her to magical places.


Lana sang the beautiful lyrics "Hot summer nights, mid-July/ When you and I were forever wild" in which of the following?

Starting off low and quiet, Lana builds this song up to a powerful chorus, filled with emotion. Did you know that it was used for the 2013 film "The Great Gatsby," but Lana had already written it as a song for her EP "Paradise"?


Lana has a way with words, and the line "Pink flamingoes, always fascinated me" touched those who listened to which song?

Lana released this song in 2015 as a single and on her album "Honeymoon." She considered the song to be one of her favorites on the album, and the song title was also one that she had considered using as an album title prior to its release.


Everyone needs a little variety in their life, and Lana said it best with this lyric: "I can't survive if this is all that's real." Can you guess which of the following it is from?

There's no better song to sing when you're in need of an escape from everything. Desiring to be away from everything for a little while and living for herself is what Lana evoked when she wrote this single.


"Sun and ocean blue/ They're magnificent/ It don't make sense to you" are from which song?

Despite first appearances, Lana isn't singing about the famous stunning horse in this song. Instead, she is mourning a partner who is in a dark place and can't change his ways. Although she loves him, she realizes that there's nothing she can do to help him.


All about loving someone who is broken, Lana sings, "He lives in California too/ He drives a Chevy Malibu." Can you guess the tune?

When you hear "Shades of Cool," you might think of someone awesome in many ways, but in this song, Lana refers to someone with flaws. Lana describes him in shades of blue. However, she notes in the song that this person is rarely affected by much, either.


In more of a laid back song, the lyrics "We could slow dance to rock music/ Kiss while we do it/ Talk 'til we both turn blue" are sung. Can you name the track?

Did you know that Lana is a director in her own right? She directed the music video for "Freak," which honored people who had starred in other music videos of hers as well. It was a staple song on her album "Honeymoon."


While not necessarily about the famous venue, "Grand Ole Opry, feeling all right" is a line from which tune?

Fans of Lana will know that this song is heavily inspired by a Walt Whitman poem "I Sing the Body Electric." Despite this, Lana puts her own twist on it, speaking of her own experiences and feelings.


All about the past are the lyrics, "The power of youth is on my mind/ Sunsets, small town, I'm out of time." What tune will you hear them in?

Looking back at all of the things that she accomplished in her youth, Lana tells a story about a woman who feels bittersweet about the good times. Lana was praised for her storytelling and vocals on the track.


In the lyrics, "But I don't really mind, I've got much more than that/ Like my memories, I don't need that" Lana speaks about what she needs. Can you guess the song?

Did you know that Lana recorded this song in just one take and released it like that? She proves that she has raw talent, and she isn't afraid to show it. This song was released on her album "Ultraviolence."


The ironic lyric, "I fell from Heaven, now I'm living like a devil" is from which of the following songs?

Teaming up with Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus for this powerful song, Lana puts her own touch on it when she steps in for her part. She can also be heard throughout the chorus of the song, telling everyone not to call her — or Ariana or Miley — an angel.


There's nothing that can stop Lana here in the lyrics "And my jazz collection's rare/ I can play most anything." Which tune would you hear it in?

This song has a whole lot to do with New York City, which is evident from the name. The confident lyrics are largely satirical and give the song much of its character, with Lana's voice delivering the words perfectly.


Dealing with struggles, the lyrics "She laughs like God/ Her mind's like a diamond" are sung in which Lana classic?

All about a girl struggling with fame, the song tells the story of a girl named Carmen. Lana considered this song to be extremely relatable for her, near and dear to her heart. It was released on her album "Born to Die."


In this dreamy song, Lana sings, "I lost myself and I lost you too/ And I still get trashed, baby/ When I hear your tunes." Do you know the name of this tune?

This song is heavily influenced by David Bowie. Lana pays tribute to him in the lyrics as well as through the instrumental elements. It was a single from "Honeymoon" — the song that she loved most on the album.


The lyrics "In the city, on a park bench/ In the middle of the pourin' rain" are from which of the following songs?

Teaming up with Sean Ono Lennon, Lana recorded this song which also includes references to Sean's famous parents. It was a dream for Lana to collaborate with Sean, and she even mentions him in the lyrics.


There's no more fitting way to finish off a beautiful verse than with the lyrics: "The culture is lit and I had a ball/ I guess I'm signing off after all." Which song is it?

A longing for the past — the way life once was — is an important part of this song. She reminisces about the good times and music from the past, including memories of the Beach Boys and "Kokomo."


"My baby used to dance underneath my architecture/ He was '70s in spirit, '90s in his frame of mind" are lyrics Lana sings in which of the following?

Before this song appeared on Lana's sixth album, it was actually a leaked song that was thought to be titled "Architecture." In fact, it was first meant to be part of Lana's album "Lust for Life" instead.


Moving on from the past is what the lyrics "Now it's been years since I left New York/ And I've got a kid and two cats in the yard" do in which of the following?

This is another one of Lana's songs that reminisces on the past. She also speaks of two men that touched her life in different ways. Did you know that Lana performed this song at an Apple Keynote?


In this heavy song, "He used to call me poison/ Like I was poison ivy" are just some of the lyrics. Can you name the Lana classic?

With the same title as the album that it was released on, this was an important track for Lana. It became a huge hit around the world, but Lana created a simple music video for it using her handy iPhone camera.


This unique set of lyrics, "There's a new revolution, a large evolution that I saw/ Born of confusion and quiet collusion of which I've mostly known," are from which of the following?

This song title may be long and lowercase, but it has a lot of meaning to Lana. It gives fans a glimpse into her introspective side. Before taking on its long name, this song was going to be called "Sylvia Plath," in honor of the famous poet Lana admires.


Preparing for a great time, the lyrics "Baby, put on heart-shaped sunglasses/ 'Cause we gonna take a ride" are from which song?

Released on "Born to Die," the song was all about a bad relationship that affected Lana. In contrast to many of her songs, this track on the album sounds cheery, despite having such a somber meaning behind it.


Showing her love for her partner and where they were, the lyrics "I can see my baby swinging/ His Parliament's on fire and his hands are up" are from what song?

It's no secret that Lana has a love for the West Coast, and she shows that love in this song, inspired by the area. It also speaks of a partner who she was in love with, and he reciprocated the love, making her feel amazing.


"Young thing on the downtown scene/ Rolling around at night" are lyrics that describe many young people who love going out. Can you name the song you'd hear this in?

This song speaks of teenagers who love a good party. It gives off the feeling of freedom — something that many teenagers love. Released on the "Honeymoon" album, it was a unique song that stood out from the rest.


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